... does he look poor

vader’s castle looks like a weird combination of a medieval prison, a steampunk rapunzel tower, and a dungeon. i’m sure the effect was intentional.

Why does Paul always get emotional when he does the long and winding road live? Like I swear he actually said ‘he left me standing here’ at one point…


“now, that’s takin’ it a step too far, bro.”
“guess you could say i’m taking my jokes to the next level.”

Has this been done yet?

SPNPHX 2016 SUNDAY, Richard Speight JR.'s Welcome

Lemme tell you this.

I’m sitting watching R2 talk, on Sunday of SPNPHX, and they’re being hilarious as usual and I kid you not. I kid you fucking not. They notice a deaf person struggling to follow their translator and the panel… So what do Rob & Rich do?




(He also started swearing so the poor translator looked crazy BUT THATS BESIDE THE POINT)

He hopped down. And helped the person.

How. Is. That. Not. Something. To. Admire.

I mean.


We could all learn from these fine folk and everyone who’s kind around us.

Something Other Than Anger

Edward Kenway x Reader

Request: Anonymous-  Could you maybe do a Jealous!Reader X Edward? Unless of course you’ve already done it!

Words: 2140

A/N: Ahh, I love Eddie! XD

You weren’t sure if her laughter or his was annoying you more, the happy sound floating over you like a storm cloud. Your hand was squeezing your glass tightly in its grasp, teeth bared as you looked over at them. Edward was smiling widely, his white teeth flashing flirtatiously. The woman to his right was draping heavily off his shoulder, her chest angled just right so he’d have an immaculate view of her cleavage through the scantily tailored dress. You wanted to scream in frustration, to punch someone, but more than anything, you wanted him to look at you that way. A quiet growl left your parted lips at your thoughts, your vision temporarily blurred as you knocked back the rest of your rum, the harsh liquid dripping down your throat. It did nothing to quell your anger.

Resting quietly beneath the ferocity was a deep-seeded sadness. Despite the amount of times you’d wanted to strangle the man, Captain Kenway had somehow snuck his way onto your good side. Hell, he was one of the only people you could stand to be around for long periods of time, even if he did make you want to kick his ass more often than not. It was the fun he exuded, the life he brought to your duties. No longer were you another Assassin dedicated to the Creed, instead being a free soul who helps others. He could make you laugh and cry and smile and feel. Your eyes closed against the spinning room, the woman’s loud exclaim of “Edward!” causing you to grate your teeth together. Had it not been for Adé’s hand resting lightly on your shoulder, you were sure you would’ve pummeled the girl.

“Dere is a problem on da ship.” He spoke lowly, wary eyes darting around the crowded pub to be sure nobody overheard.

“Shouldn’t you get the captain?” You asked, casting a glare in Edward’s direction. The hand that had been on your shoulder slipped off back to his side.

“It is best not to bother him right now.” He explained. Sighing to yourself, you nodded and followed Adéwalé through the throngs of people. He’d no doubt spent a time getting the lay of the land, seeing as he was easily pushing his way through, no hesitation present in his step. You shadowed him, sure to keep his tall, broad figure in view at all times. Why’d you have to care about Edward? Why’d you have to feel like this? And why in the hell did you have to deal with his ship?

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on or…?” You inquired, raising a brow as you stepped out into the cool night. It was a stark contrast to the warm, humid weather of earlier, the scent of alcohol and salt heavy in the dark air.

“A Templar was caught sneaking onto da ship.” He answered, his pace speeding with the lack of people. You were practically jogging to keep up with his long strides, your anger cooling with the wind. His gaze flicked to you for a second before returning to the horizon, the distant chatter of drunken men and women alike filling the silent void. He didn’t speak again until you were first stepping foot unto the sturdy dock, the creak of wood beneath your boot.

“You are angry.” He stated bluntly, not sparing you a look as he did so.

“I’m fine.” You mumbled, a spark of irritation reignited at the reminder of what had been going on in the pub.

“I know when you are lying.” He said calmly, walking up the gangway with graceful ease, despite what his larger build would suggest. You mirrored in a similar manner, one hand dragging its way roughly through your hair. You inhaled the familiar taste of the sea and wood with the slightest hint of gunpowder thrown into the mix. It was comforting, the familiar feel doing wonders.

“We’ve got bigger problems to worry about.” You argued, nearly running into Adé’s back when he stopped suddenly.

“You are an Assassin, as well as a dear friend. Do not think that your feelings are not important.” You gaze softened, a small, sweet smile on your lips.

“Let’s deal with the Templar first, then I’ll get around to telling you.” He looked back at you, observing you for a moment before nodding.

“After.” He dismissed, continuing his walk towards the hold of the ship. You followed him into the darkness, the whipping of the sails disappearing behind you. It was silent, save for the crashing of waves into the side of the ship, causing the wood to creak. Your breathing was shallow, expression stoic in preparation. You needed control if you were going to be able to pull of an interrogation. Unfortunately, any thoughts of a certain captain had your teeth grinding together, your jaw clenching, and your eyes blazing. By the time you actually made it to the Templar, you’d concealed your anger behind a thinly-veiled mask. 

He was a pathetic looking thing, his scrawny arms wrapped tightly around his knees, shaking at the fear rising in his dark gaze. His hair, limp and lifeless, was going in all directions, sticking to his forehead with a sheen of sweat. He swallowed heavily at the imposing figure both you and Adé cut, eyes darting back and forth like he couldn’t quite decide who was more menacing. That rapid gaze dropped to your leather boots as you took a step forward, a sharp inhale coming deep from within his throat at the smear of blood you’d forgotten to clean off your shoe.

“Why are you here?” You asked, bending over and leaning forward so you could look directly into his eyes. He tensed, unable to stop himself from meeting your stare. His lips were trembling, tears springing to his eyes at your curt and impatient tone. There was no way this was a Templar. He was not trained and barely looked to be a boy of 15.

“I didn’t mean to miss, I swear.” He held up his hands as best he could, the loose shackles restraining him from lifting them up any further.


“There you are!” Edward called to the two of you, a wide grin plastered on to his face.

“Adé.” You growled, jerking your head in the direction of Edward once. He got the message, but simply shook it off, inclining his head towards you so you’d take care of the drunken captain. Sighing loudly, you leaned over Adé, whispering in his ear.

“See if you can learn a thing or two, otherwise let the boy go. He’s not a threat.” He nodded once, encouragement in his eyes as you made your way towards the captain.

“Up we go, Kenway.” You said lowly, fisting the clothing above his chest in your hand. You dragged him away rather roughly.

“Easy, lass, we’ll get there eventually.” He slurred, stumbling behind you. You not-so-accidently shoved him into the wall as you tried to pull him up the stairs. He was singing a beautiful shanty, the song getting ruined entirely by his sloppy words and mispronunciations.

“Cabin, now.” You ground out when he tried to walk off the ship, nearly landing himself in the water.

“Who am I to deny?” He chuckled darkly, his husky voice laced with strong alcohol. You rolled your eyes, sending a forced smile in the direction of a few of the crew members who were still on board. They were either too drunk or too busy to care, paying no heed as you marched their captain into his quarters, slamming the door hard enough to rattle the wall behind you. You took a moment to calm yourself before turning around, only to get pushed up against the wall, Edward’s chapped lips running up and down your neck.

“What the hell, Kenway?” You yelled, shoving him back with brutal force. He nearly fell, his unfocused eyes going wide. “Bed. Now.” You pointed to the bed tucked in the corner of the cabin, moonlight casting an eerie glow over the sheets.


“If you finish that sentence, I’ll break your ribs.” You threatened seriously, still unable to get over the annoyance from earlier. His smirk did nothing to help it either. He took unbalanced steps towards his bed, dropping into it like he hadn’t slept in weeks. Eying the drunken man angrily, you pulled out a loose short and trousers from the cabinet by his door, throwing the clothing at his head. He muttered something under it, shaking it off so his messy, blonde hair was in view once more.

“I’m sensing anger.” He stated dryly, uncoordinated hands fumbling with his coat. You watched for a minute, silently fuming. It was pitiful how drunk he was, unable to get himself out of his own clothes. You heaved a sigh, dropping to your knees in front of the man.

“Not a word, Kenway.” You warned, easily unbuckling each of the straps. You pulled off the sash, setting it down next to him.

“My lips are sealed.” 

You weren’t reassured in the least as you gently placed his vast array of weaponry on the table located in the middle of his quarters. He had a shit-eating grin on his face when you turned back around. You bit your lip to stop yourself from cursing him out, instead choosing to softly ease him out of his heavy coat. It fell back on the bed with a thud, leaving him in a loosely-fitting shirt and a vest. You tried your damnedest not to let your hands tremble as you unbuttoned his vest, each one bringing you closer to his tanned chest. He was watching you closely, his breathing heavier than before. The blue eyes you knew so well were swallowed in a sea of darkness, lust in his gaze as he watched your dainty fingers move down towards his abdomen. 

The muscles beneath your hand flexed as you moved down, your eyes locked onto Edward’s. His tongue darted out to wet his lips, hands clutching onto the sheets tightly. Anger. You needed anger. You were mad at him. You were not aroused, not in the slightest. You repeated it like a mantra as you slid the vest down his arms, his hands lifting to make it easier. A ragged, steadying breath was drawn in as you placed the clothing down, turning your attention back to Edward. He was on the edge of his bed, looking for all the world like he’d never been more aroused. His lips were wet and full, eyes devoured by desire, hair mussed, and hands strained. 

Okay, maybe your plan of anger wasn’t working too well. This was what you wanted, wasn’t it? You asked yourself as you tugged the white fabric from out of his trousers, the smallest bit of tantalizing skin shining in the natural light. It was what you wanted. Well, sort of. You wanted him, but not like this. Clearing your mind free of the lust, you let go of the cloth that was bunched in your hands.

“You can get it from here.” You meant to sound more firm, instead sounding breathless.

“Lass.” He called when you turned around. You looked back at him, one brow raised. “The girl, the one in the pub,” he clarified, “I sent her away.” You furrowed your brows, not expecting such a thing from Edward.

“Why?” You couldn’t help but ask, the question out of your mouth before you realized it. He shifted his gaze up and down your form slowly, stopping when he made it back to your (Y/E/C) eyes.

“Because I want you.” He whispered gruffly. The earlier anger all but dissipated at his confession, your feet unconsciously bringing you back towards Edward. “I kn-”

You cut him off, roughly jerking his head down to meet yours in a fiery embrace. Teeth clashed against teeth, tongues battling for dominance as you scraped a hand through his messy hair, a groan rumbling deep within his chest. He tasted of alcohol and of mint and you took the opportunity with fervor, nipping at his bottom lip then laving over it with your velvety tongue. The breath was taken from you lugs when he hoisted you up, pinning you against the table with his hips. His skin was warm as he rubbed against you, holding you tightly against his chest.

 He dropped his lips from your own to your neck, harsh bites forcing a moan from you as you dropped your head back, eyes closed in pleasure. Your hands caressed down to his back, kneading with the flesh beneath his shirt. He was pulling at your clothing, trying his best to rid you of it while still keeping his teeth and tongue attached to your pulse point. The sensation of his lips sliding along your skin stirred something deep within you, something other than anger.

Daddy and Me

Genre: Fluff.

Pairing: Ravi x You

Warnings: This is a direct sequel to Secrets, though I think it can stand alone for the most part. 

AN: I managed to finish it! Again, this is Daddy! Ravi. If Secrets was Ravi finiding out about Hyunshik, this is purely just Ravi and Hyunshik. So in short, just pure fluff. I’m pretty sure I’ll just have any future installments relating to the Secrets AU will be under different names and complete one offs. 

For those that missed it, I’ll be taking a brief hiatus since I’ll be going back home and will be spending time catching up with family. 

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//I got this email yesterday

//I’m still laughing. Made my whole morning.

height difference

Every time I see “a foot taller than her” in Bellarke fic I start laughing internally because instead of Bellamy and Clarke all my brain sees is this:

“Damn our two-foot height disparity!”

What does a real disciple of Jesus Christ look like?  He’s poor in spirit; he mourns over sin; he’s gentle; he hungers and thirsts for righteousness; he’s merciful; he’s pure in heart (in the sense he has no undivided loyalties); he is a peacemaker; and he is marked by persecution.
—  Paul Washer / The Gift Nobody Wants

Went to my cousins engagement here in Kerala and, sure enough, everyone was dresses up except for all the 20 something year old guys here who seriously thought that wearing faded baggy jeans and t-shirts is not only the “latest fashion trend” but also completely acceptable to wear for a formal event.

bucky trying to sleep but steve won’t stop staring because he just can’t believe they’re together at last and also because bucky is so damn pretty and steve can’t find his chill