... but for that to be their 'ship' name

when tary and lawrence meet in port demali, they’re basically meeting for the first time. 

taryon has changed so much since then, and let’s be real: the taryon darrington that lawrence knew was the same taryon darrington that struggled to bring himself to ask a question about someone else, there’s no way tary ever really knew that much about lawrence personally. there was definitely something between them but it was more of a thing of curiosity and intrigue, and a bit more infatuation than love

but when they meet again, a decade or so later, they’re both so different. taryon has grown so much, he’s become so much more mature and comfortable with being him, so much more caring for others. and lawrence has changed too of course. the man’s undergone some pretty drastic life changes since he last saw tary. he’s a bit more weary but he’s adapted, taken up a whole new trade, adjusted to a more rugged lifestyle (tary barely recognizes him beneath the beard, but he could never forget those eyes). both of them are so different from how they remember each other. they’ve missed so much of each other’s lives.

imagine the look of pleasant surprise on lawrence’s face when taryon insists that lawrence share his story first.

Ship names vary so much like sometimes its a combination of two names, sometimes its just both names stuck together, sometimes its like a symbolic word that represents them, sometimes the ship is actually named….. and then there are ship names where no one actually knows why the fuck they’re called that but don’t dare to argue.

It is clearly obvious in The Good Place that Eleanor is bisexual, what with her constant appreciation of Tahani, which begs the question: is Tahani also canonically bisexual?  I argue yes, absolutely.  My proof?  The brief scene in episode 2.2 where Tahani is introduced as Eleanor’s soulmate.  If you watch the scene, Tahani clearly sees Eleanor, and her response is to lean up against the door frame and do a sexy pose for her soulmate.  No surprise on her face, not even a brief widening of the eyes or flash of a frown.  Just immediate, “Oh hey there’s my soulmate, better look sexy and alluring for her.”  We know from 2.1 that she can’t hide her distaste when she’s not immediately attracted to her soulmate, therefore:

Undeniable proof that Tahani is also bisexual and has no issues with Eleanor at first sight.

stozier au where stan is sick
Richie’s a sweetheart when one of the others is ill, and Stan attributes it to spending too much time with Eddie. 

It’s not that Stan’s dying, or anything - he just has a particularly unpleasant cold and his nose is running so fervently that he’s made a fortress out of tissues, but Richie comes over anyway to tuck Stan into his chair under his blanket and make him hot cocoa and fetch the tub of ice cream out from the freezer for Stan’s scratchy throat. 

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Conversations in our household crack me up. XD

Me: Royal Merhartwin is def my thing.

Mary: Wait, more so than Royal Merwin?

Me: I mean, Merwin is my OTP, but Merhartwin is my main? Kinda?

Mary: Oh, right, you just prefer Merhartwin over…. crap, what is it? I just keep coming up with Galahad Squared.


TDBM drabble– A Flower by Any Other Name

Words: 414
Summary: Flowers are nice. Matthew has an idea which kind Alice would be.
Other: This is for lorelaigilmoure. It was intended as an askbox fic but somehow it got longer and well… now it is a drabble. I hope you like it, my dear. <3


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