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I miss talking to you frequently guys, it part of the reason why i’m on tumblr and i don’t feel good isolating myself like that

So do you guys have any question for me? Tell me about yourself too! -in my ask box, or even submission if you have something cool to show me-

I’m always open to discussion! if you want to share something with me i’ll always be happy, really!

“What I love about Meryl is I always feel like she sees me,” Davis said. “I never feel like the words she has for me are haphazard. I feel like they’re very specific and they’re well thought out and that makes me feel good. It makes me feel like she really is a friend, that she really takes me in. Besides the fact that it’s Meryl Streep, she really doesn’t have to give me anything, really. When she just sends me a text message, she doesn’t know I get so happy. I try to play it off, I really do. I’m like ‘Oh, OK, well, have a good day,’ but I’m really like, 'Oh, my god, she texted me back!’”

Hey my Followers!!! ((Miraculous Acts of Kindness PSA to Follow))

So, things have been really really bad for me lately. Along with my Aunt dying, my Uncle is now on suicide watch, because he is taking her passing….badly.

And I am not coping well… at all. So I want to do something that always makes me feel good— making someone ELSE feel good.

So it’s time for another Miraculous Acts of Kindness Day!!!

The targets: 

@fuckingchatnoir and @breeeliss

Over the weekend, flood them both with kind asks and messages of encouragement! Draw them fanart! Write them a story! Send them a fluffy headcannon! Just makes sure it is POSITIVE and HAPPY and UPLIFTING!

Poor @fuckingchatnoir has been getting a lot of angst delivered lately, and has been having their emotions wrung raw!

@breeeliss has been dealing with the negative side of fandom in the form of entitled and rude individuals who are so focused on tearing her and content creators down that they forget how much more powerful it is to lift them up!

Both of them need some love— so can everyone help me?

Become their lucky charm, become their miracle, and let’s make every day miraculous!!!

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hi sims mum (i'm british sry) this is probs overdramatic but starting a legacy stresses me out and i have no motivation to do it :(( any tips for a simmer who struggles with their creative process? will need ur talent also xoxo

hi!!!!! well!!!!!! u shouldnt feel stressed u silly!!!!……my tips r: make a sim u rly rly RLLLLY love and like watch that sucker like a hawk like zoom in on them…..2 see all the dumb faces they make….maybe just take pix casually and just play ur game normally uk??? if ur like?? stress???? tht no good!!!!! just play ur game n like !!! see what stuffs happen!!!!! usually when i playin my wild n crazy imagination brain is like thinking of things tht my sims r saying wow that sounds so bonkers but thts what i do!!!!!! maybe u could do one of those get 2 kno me character thingys abt ur sim??? so u kinda give them a lil personality?????then go from there!!!!!?!?! idk :-((((( i am a bad help im just a big dummy but i hope…………………….i……………………help a lil idk i tried My Best  good luck have fun pls ♡♡♡

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Hi!! Do you know any fics that make you personally happy?? Need a good pick me up :) so a lot of fluff I guess. Thanks so much!!!

here are the ones that i always go to yeah? 

we are the quiet ones (this one feels like a hug, i’m telling you)

Ring Me Up, Cash Me Out 

But the sun comes up instead

all i want is nothing more (smut, but is so cute, they giggle)

let your heart be light

Invisible (this is a series, I think part 2 is more like what you’re looking for)

You Never Give Up On Me

For All the Stars We Cannot See

The Underdogs

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*if u have the time*could you possibly make an imagine where 2d reacts to finding out his s/o has ocd? Like they keep doing rituals and trying to hide them but he notices?( Im having a bit of a rough time with it myself. N Thank u for existing love❤)

(You can always message me if you need someone to talk to, love.)

~ You’ve lived with your OCD for your whole life and you’ve gotten rather good at hiding it. You always check your phone three times to make sure it’s charging before going to sleep. You check that your front door is locked three times. Whenever you’re feeling particularly anxious, you mutter special words to yourself to calm down. You’re able to do most of this discretely but while living with 2D, it got harder.

~ He was always around you so you would make up excuses like, “Oh I just have really bad memory.” Or “I thought I heard my phone go off!” but he gets suspicious. 2D lets you perform your rituals because he knows it helps you but when you mutter things to yourself, he takes action.

~ “Wha’ was dat, love?” 2D asked without looking up. You tensed up, you didn’t know he had heard you. You coughed and said, “N-nothing! I just think I might be coming down with something.” You laughed awkwardly and turned around to see 2D staring at you. He wore a look of concern on his face. You looked away and started whispering your happy words to yourself. You felt the bed shift and 2D wrapped his arms around you. “I know ‘bout ya lil fings. Bu’ it’s oka’! I know dey help ya, bu’ ya coulda jus’ tol’ me. Deres no shame in dat.” He kissed your cheek and you sighed. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to worry with all the things I do.” 2D got off the bed and kneeled in front of you. He grabbed your hands and kissed them. “I’d be mor’ worried if ya didn’ tell me.”

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Hi Quang Trí. The Buddha said we should associate with the wise and avoid fools. But when I look around me, the majority of people are either toxic, have many misconceptions about life and overall make poor life decisions. I don't judge them, I think most people are nice and have good intention, but I don't want to become like them by being their friends. My only guidances are through books, but sometimes I feel lonely. Do you have any advice ? Peace and love

It’s true. The world is full of unwise and ignorant people. But the world is also filled with very wise, compassionate, and kind people. The Buddha does teach us to associate ourselves with likeminded people and avoid those that indulge in the five senses. That might seem like the most impossible thing to do nowadays, because the world is run by greed, power, and money, however, most people just try and want to live normal lives. 

As Buddhists, we are not judges of other people’s life decisions. We can’t control their actions just as much as we can’t control sneezing. We might think we are normal, independent people that don’t want much, but we are also ignorant to our own lives. In a way we are still greedy, and running after power and money. We still have to have a job to pay our bills and feed our families, and sometimes we strive for better jobs or promotions. If we were so content, then why are we chasing titles and recognition? We sometimes pay too much attention to other people that we forget to pay attention to ourselves. 

The Buddha also taught we the Middle Way. So this means we don’t have to settle for a job we hate nor run after fancy titles and recognition. We can be best friends with people who don’t always make great life choices. That doesn’t mean they’re bad people or unwise, we can only do so much as offer guidance and support. Buddhists are not perfect. We are still human, so we make mistakes and sometimes make bad decisions. I have a daily practice of meditation and chanting, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do the wrong thing every once in a while. 

We shouldn’t let what we think people should be doing affect our personal or social lives. We of course want to abstain from people or friends who are “bad influences” that deal with weapons, drugs, human trafficking, etc. But we should also accept people and pass no judgement. I have great friends that love to party and drink, but that doesn’t mean I have to go party and drink with them! 

Smile and be well!

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I'm awkward and running off an hour of sleep and coffee, so please spare me; how do you make a good in depth oc that doesn't feel like an oc, but feels like an actual 3 dimensional character. Something that isn't Mary Sue and that hasn't been done before?

EDIT: This reply turned out way too long, so imma just go ahead and put most of it under the cut

well, i’m by no means an expert, but what i find helpful for creating a character, is this:

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170427 winnercity ig update:

Kang Leader’s affection makes this WINNERCITY admin dance💃 This is… what… it feels like to feel like I can b-boy dance #but please don’t make me do it ☀️How was special DJ KKang DJ on Gayo Plaza at (the now warmer) noon? Kkang DJ’s voice that makes you feel good like a clear sky with soft clouds will be delivered every day until Sunday📻📦  
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trans by: chrissy96_ 

hey, Loon here! So uhm… I have been feeling down lately. Tired and like I’m just not enough. At school, at home, with friends… I could do so much more but I’m so exhausted. I miss being an energetic kid and staying up late reading or drawing, I miss it so so much. I’m always dozing off in class, and it used to be funny but now it just… feels wrong. I’m working on it, and somehow, even though I feel like I’m doing everything wrong, everytime I see my follower count raised, or everytime I read a nice comment, I feel like there is something I’m doing right. Thank you so much, because even if if I’m having a rough time, you are there, supporting me and making me feel good about the part of me I care the most, my artsy side. Thank you.

@aprilwitching said: from everything youve said, poetry grad school sounds like a really good idea for YOU PERSONALLY, even though it would be a really bad idea for a lot of other people. it’s clearly something you Actually Want, Like, A Lot, in any case. imo it’d be way better to pursue what you actually want– hard/risky though it may be– than to do something you don’t want to do, aren’t very good at, and might just fail at anyway, because it’s the safer or more conventional option. :/ 

honestly THANK YOU so much for saying so, it really helps to hear that from someone on the outside. makes me feel crazy.



-there are, like, seven different plans in motion at the moment. depending on where i decide to go to school (which i have to decide by this weekend like what in the fucking fuck dude) will determine which of these plans pan out and it’s making me excited about things again. nothing is solid yet but soon they WiLL BE

-Waking up at 5:30 for work every day is, like, absolutely killing me. I don’t even wake up once I’m at work. I just feel like I’m in varied levels of sleeping the whole day, but never quite awake

-I may or may not have just eaten this entire pint of icecream upon getting home from a long ass day at work

-85% of my life at the moment is spent empowering other people to do the best things for themselves and look out for their own interests, and it’s about time I do it for myself!! gotta make some good, solid life changes soon. it’s all pending

-I watched a really good foreign film “They Way He Looks” last night and honestly I’m still thinking about it

-I still need to call the tattoo artist I found to set up a consultation!!! I am so excited for a new piece

-I’m probably camping this weekend, which is SO necessary

that’s all!!!!! happy update as compared to last weekend lmfao

Been struggling a lot with, well, everything lately but today I ran a six hour workshop helping final year students with their dissertations and they were all so nice and said how helpful it had been and I had forgotten how good it feels when your job actually makes a difference to people so now I am super :) :) :) and even the train chaos and current hour long wait to get home isn’t bothering me too much

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I just found a review you wrote of Gone Girl and omg. You just. Perfectly summed up every facet of my feelings about that book, including the acknowledgement that the writing is actually pretty good and engaging, and that just doesn't make up for the other problems with the characters being so awful and the messed up story and. Thank you for saying that.

You’re very welcome! I had a lot of problems with that book, and none of them had to do with the writing. Honestly, it was weird to me how it got so popular and so few people seemed to acknowledge that nearly everyone in it was just… awful. Call me old-fashioned, but I like a character I can root for, y’know?

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What happens after shall we stream finishes ep 12? Start over? Do something else? Will it be finished?

Good question!!! Haha I’m afraid @forovnix and I didn’t think that far ahead when we first came up with the idea! I don’t think we’ll start over – but I’d love to replace Wednesday nights with something else! Maybe a movie stream once a week? Anybody else have any other suggestions?

Luckily, though, we have three more weeks! :D :D 

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your followers. SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

I also got this from an anon, so thank you both!! But rather than sit here and come up with 10 things, I’ll just do five.

1) My love of reading.
2) My newly found building inspiration (and the community’s warm reception of the houses which makes me feel very, very good).
3) My music taste.
4) The fact that I’m a Taurus. I always feel a sense of relation with other Tauruses.
5) My tattoos! And if I could afford more, I def would!

Thank you!!