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Movie Nights At The Bunker

Summary: Just some Destiel movie night fluff!

Warnings: Guilty of some cheesiness and loads of fluff!

Word Count: 900ish

A/N: So I was inspired by this fanart to write this oneshot and I’ve really got @miithers to thank for the beautiful fanart that inspired this! I hope y’all enjoy! And if you wanna be tagged in future posts, just let me know!

It was just another typical Friday night at the Men of Letters’ bunker. Sam had turned in early for bed and Cas and Dean spent the night like every other. Watching movies. Usually Sam joined them, but tonight he was too tired after the Rugaru case that the boys had handled. 

Ever since Dean had got Cas back and Lucifer was put back in his cage, he got around to teaching Cas about the human ways. And that obviously started with introducing the angel to his favourite movie franchises. Tonight they were having a Star Wars marathon.

“Hey Cas?” Dean nudged the angel sitting next to him.

“Yeah Dean?” Cas’ eyes never left the screen.

“I’m bored buddy.”

“I’m your boyfriend, Dean. Not your personal entertainer.”

Dean smiled a little at the word ‘boyfriend’. Losing Cas yet again had made Dean realise that no matter how immortal they seemed to be, even angel’s lives can be fleeting. Even then it had taken Dean days before he told Cas how he truly felt about him. But finally, after a lot of exasperated and impatient sighs from Sam, Dean admitted to Cas that he loved him as more than a friend. Cas’ reply was simple. He told Dean that he already knew and that he had always loved Dean too. It was because of Dean that Cas had fallen in love with humanity.

Dean nudged Cas but the latter just slightly shoved him without taking his eyes from the screen.

“Cas?” Dean waved a hand in front of Cas’ face.


“I’m still bored.”

Cas just rolled his eyes. “Why did I ever fall in love with you, Dean Winchester?”

“You know you couldn’t help it. I’m irresistible,” Dean said with a cocky grin.

“Let me watch the movie Dean. Go find someone else to annoy.”

Dean was about to retort when his eyes fell on the television remote sitting next to him. A slow grin stretched the elder Winchester’s face.

“Fine,” Dean said as he got up. “I’ll go wake up Sammy. He snores too loud anyway.”

“Thank you De-”

But before Cas could finish, Dean lunged forward and grabbed the tv remote and paused the movie.

“Now you’ve got to pay attention to me Cas.” Dean had a huge grin plastered on his face as he held the remote out of Cas’ reach. 

“Dean! Give the remote here!” Cas got up and tried to reach for the remote, but in vain. Dean was a little taller than Cas.

Dean just laughed and held the remote even higher causing Cas to lunge for it.

“Dean Winchester! I am an Angel of the Lord and I will not be messed around with!”

“Well let me see you try to take back the remote then,” Dean teased Cas.

With a grunt, Cas leaped on Dean to try to take the remote back and both the hunter and the angel went crashing to the ground. Cas landed on top of Dean and both of them were blushing from the close proximity. As always in such cases, Cas’ eyes wandered to Dean’s freckles and Dean couldn’t tear his gaze from those sky blue eyes and the adorable frown plastered on Cas’ face. Cas soon came around and tried to grab the tv remote which was still in Dean’s hand, but the hunter was too quick for him. Dean quickly placed his feet under Cas’ stomach and lifted him up easily, making it harder for him to reach the remote.

“Dammit Dean,” Cas said, his face turning red. “Hand me the television remote.”

Dean just shook his head and grinned up at his angel.

“This is not funny Dean!” Cas’ tousled hair fell over his forehead as he tried to reach for the remote again but Dean just lifted Cas higher and stuck his tongue out at him.

“Why are you sticking your tongue out at me?” Cas legs dangled uselessly in the air.

“You can’t beat me Cas,” Dean said with a small smirk.

Suddenly Cas leaned forward and pressed a small kiss on Dean’s nose. Dean was momentarily distracted and Cas took this opportunity to finally get a hold of the remote. He got up with a triumphant grin. But before he could get to his feet completely, Dean pulled him by his shirt and placed a kiss on Cas’ lips. Cas tasted like salty popcorn and a bit metallic - the taste of angels. Dean loved it. Loved the taste of him. Soon Cas had deepened the kiss. The remote lay forgotten as Dean wound his hands through Cas’ hair and pulled him impossibly closer.

But the sound of footsteps caused them to suddenly break apart and Dean saw a very flustered Sam standing there looking at Cas and Dean. Sam didn’t say anything and instead turned and headed back to his room but Dean was sure he could hear Sam grumbling about how he could not get out of bed for even a glass of water. Dean just chuckled and looked at Cas who had turned even more red.

“Well where were we before we were interrupted?”

Cas leaned forward and Dean smiled a little before he tilted his own face up to meet Cas’ lips with his own. But the sensation of Cas’ lips never came and when Dean opened his eyes, he saw that Cas was already back on the couch and that he was going to continue watching the movie.

“I was watching Star Wars before you rudely interrupted me, Dean.”

“But you’re not complaining are you? You’re such a tease, Cas.” Dean chuckled before joining Cas on the couch and rested his head on Cas’ shoulder. Damn he loved the angel.

Halfway into the movie, Dean Winchester fell asleep on Castiel’s shoulder and as Cas looked at Dean’s innocent sleeping figure, he couldn’t help but fall more in love with the hunter.


headcanon: A good portion of Adem Mercenaries are born HoH [hard of hearing], thus why they have a society using something similar to ASL/SL [American sign language / sign language].

bonus: another portion or actually deaf and still kick everyone’s ass because they go through rigorous training and they have the gestures for speaking clearly to others.

Day 1: Tell the Lies and Get by

A/N: Uh, blame the Criminal Minds Squad for this ( @kinkshamer2k17, @hamiltonhistory (undercover au), @somepicassoshit, @ham-for-ham
Summary: Morgan brings Reid to Chicago and puts on a show
warning: T E N S I O N
w/c: 3.7k

“Think fast, Pretty Boy.” Morgan chimed as he waltzed through the FBI office, he tossed a duffle bag at Reid’s desk cleanly destroying the his 50th straight game of solitaire he was about to win. “Time to hit the road. Our flight leaves in two.”

About a week ago the team had caught wind there was an ‘unsub’ had been tracking, stalking and going after same sex couples with prominent connections with social medias. They were looking at a profile of most likely: a man between his mid thirties and forties, probably antisocial and relies heavily on social media for communication who may or may not have suffered homophobic prejudices or feels wrongly done by the LGBTQA+ community. Reid had openly stated that if the unsub was looking for powerful same sex couples a celebrity or people within the nation’s government field would be a prime target for the long winded hunting tactics.

So now in little less than two days Spencer Reid had inadvertently agreed to going undercover with Derek Morgan as his ‘boyfriend’. It was all perfectly in place, Garcia had changed their social media pages round piecing together what looked like a year long, happy, open relationship between two strong agents in the field. They used pictures they had of field events; to Garica’s surprise she didn’t have to forge many. Morgan and Reid were close…

That didn’t make this mission easy. Pretending to be a couple and just waiting it out. Building on their social media fantasy, Reid did the bare minimum. He wasn’t much into social media as an outlet, he tagged Morgan in certain things, made sure to like his posts. Morgan on the other hand was a natural, enough for the both of them, making status’s about ‘Coming home to the best thing ever’ or ‘Dinner with the Boo’ decorated with a series of loving emojis.

He played the part too well, that as of late this mission had been the most draining for Spencer without needing him too much. He just felt…tired all the time. They still went on cases, they still lived their lives, Reid simply chalked it up to keeping up a lie was draining. Even if the lie was hardly in his hands to keep. “Where are we going?” He opened the bag (after playing 52 pick up) and found it had been already packed for him.

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Louder Than Words [KHR]

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo card spot 4-1; Giotto.


“Someone burned down the St. Peter’s orphanage last night,” G reports. Then, as if his words weren’t enough to give Giotto a heart attack, “All the children were present and accounted for, and unharmed. Apparently someone snuck in last night and got them all out before they sent the place up.”

“The children report a stranger dressed in a very fine cloak walking into their rooms sometime shortly after two in the morning,” Alaude picks up. He’s got a page of notes in his hand. “They couldn’t see his face, but they all mentioned feeling extrodinarily safe around him, and that he promised no harm would come to any of them, and he was only there to, and here I quote several of the children, ‘Take the bad people that were hurting them away’.”

Giotto leans back in his chair. “They were abusing the children?” he whispers, now horrified for a different reason.

“They were,” Alaude says, and there’s a coldness in his voice and features that can’t be faked. “I spoke with all of them at length, and they all said that they were punished for various small offenses, both real and imagined. Not picking up their clothes off the floor, not walking the way the caretakers wanted, refusing to eat certain foods because they either didn’t like the taste or were allergic. The list goes on.” He lays the paper down in front of Giotto. “But in either case, this man knew about all those things, and he promised he would see those who hurt the children punished. The children were all too happy to comply.”

“From what we were told,” G says in a tired voice. “They spent the rest of the night outside playing tag and chasing each other while the place burned. The guy gave them pillows and blankets and told them where to find wild forage if they got hungry. He also, apparently, told them how to find us.”

“They walked right up to us when we were looking at the orphanage.”

Giotto rubs his face. “This person, he knows us.”

“Clearly. Or at least knows of you. He told the children if they heard the name Giotto di Vongola, to seek you out. That you would treat them kindly, and find them good homes.” Alaude lays a second paper down. “Descriptions, based on the children. A couple managed to get a peek beneath the cloak, though not at his face. Whoever he was, he was dressed very…”

“Plainly,” Giotto notes, looking at the scribbles. A farmer’s shirt and pants, no tie, no fancy identifiers save the cloak. “Do we have anything to go off of?”

“Only that this isn’t his first time doing this.” Alaude shows him another paper, this one a map with red dots. “Every major orphanage he’s been sighted at, almost half of them have gone up in flames because of negligence and abuse of the children. In several of those, orderlies were found tied down and gagged while they burned alive. These ones were all knocked unconscious before the place was lit, but the fact remains. Whoever is doing this is a murderer.”

Giotto’s hand clenches on the arm of his chair. Murderer. He hates these types, the ones that take vigilante justice for others. 

You were one of those, once. Don’t forget.

He scowls. “We’ll find him. Are there any orphanages he hasn’t been at?”

“St. Joseph’s, St. Augustus’ and St. Joan’s.”

“Where do we start?”


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Hello :3 so it's not that I don't believe you or anything about what you said being true, because I DO believe you lol, but I'm just curious about this: you said on your most recent post that even some voice actors ship/validate Mikayuu. Who are those VAs? Do you have sources? Again, I totally believe you, it's just that I'm super curious about it. Btw I absolutely LOVE your blog ❤❤

Mika’s VA has said that Yuu is Mika’s everything and even called him tsundere…I have already left the source somewhere in this blog.

FUNinmation does it all the time??? You have the dubbletalk (which I had already given the link), the website, the dub itself, the valentine cards…

The producers had already said they prefer mikayuu (there’s even this animator who posted fanarts of them on twitter).

Thank you


request: i’ve known you from aos so i know you’re good at this.. can you spill us some tea and point out all the characters in gmw seeing the canon couple that is RUCAS. because i don’t really think it’s important if some fans don’t see rucas as a couple. as long as in the CANON universe, the characters know that lucas and riley chose each other, are choosing each other, and will choose each other.


Milo and Moritz

So I’ve been such a fumbly dumbly fan of @cestenial and her work “Herr Doktor, der Blutsauger”! It’s Sniper x Medic ship, plus supernatural things and vampires! WHAT’S MORE PERFECT THAN THAT. And it also features all the other mercs and miss pauling and they all have interesting backstories! (Okay well not all of them…. YET).

This kinda took long because of academics, but I finally rushed finished one of the protagonists and antagonists of cestenial’s fanfic *wheezes*. 


(Find part one here! Past events that tie into our storyline, part 1, part 2 )

Undeath.. That’s what resided there in the Rotrose Bark.. But what brought it there? Why was it there? The answers were needed, but the truth was, they needed to take them out more so than anything. Something was taking the villagers and if it was the undead, they needed to put a stop to it. It was two days since they investigated it, to try and see what they were up against. Now they came back, armed to the teeth and ready to eradicate any and all who tried to harm the innocent of Rosewood Isles. 

With Koraceyn and Conwulf leading the charge, they wasted no time. For they had lost enough people as is. It was raining lightly and the fog was still there, the stench of dead roses, mud and undeath lingered in the air. Surely it wasn’t as bad as the troll stench they encountered in the mines however. The sounds of wolves in the distance was heard as they broke off the beaten path and went straight into the heart. This time they were more prepared, and they needed to find the source. 

Originally posted by enchanted-forests

The fog was just as thick as before, unending and blinding.  The sounds of the wilted leaves crunching beneath ones feet was growing louder, along with the rattling of bones, they were nearly at the center. Was it the undead they saw signs of the other night? The group could only make out a shadow, but the shadow looked more like a big glob of darkness. Was it one or more? The rattling sound of its bones grew louder, before he’d appear through the fog, charging for the group, but he wasn’t running at them, he was running away from something. Just as he nearly collided with them all, the biggest wolf they’ve yet to lay eyes on would jump from the darkness. Far bigger than Conwulf, some kind of magic had clearly infected the wolf to make it so large. It’s fur was pitch black and it looked to have paws large enough to crush ones skull. It’s purple glowing eyes locked on the undead, but to what a surprise it was to find a group of walking meals, that actually had meat on their bones. It snatched the undead within its large maw, big enough to snap a person in half if it so wished and in one violent motion of its body, it’d toss the undead back into the fog. The sounds of the lesser wolves chewing and tearing it apart was heard, but the leader of the pack was not finished, he wanted fresh meat.

Originally posted by wolfstruck

Growling loudly, he wanted nothing more than food and that’s what they were to him. Thrusting forward, it’s large paw swiped at the group, hitting several people with its large claws. But they all did well to defend their own, raising their shields and dodging the best they could. Conwulf even managed to get a strike in with the spikes upon its shield. Was it for better or worse? Well, that was debatable as now the wolfs eyes were set on Conwulf, and no one else. But you don’t mess with the king of the wolves. The large beast snapped it’s large maw at Conwulf, trying to make him his meal, but with a quick slam of his shield to it’s muzzle, he’d swing his ax around and land it right in the side of its neck, forcing it to howl in agony as the rest of the group unleashed their attacks in hopes of protecting their leader.

Originally posted by kimiko24

The fury in its eyes turned to that of pure hunger, as he backed up, that large paw would try one last time at getting a meal before retreating. Danvers pierced the beast, so he would not be that meal.. But Marshall, not ready for such an attack was quickly pinned to the ground beneath its large paw. In a swift movement those teeth dug into his leg and the large beast ran off into the fog with him.

Originally posted by satanicsubtle

The group couldn’t leave Marshall behind, so further they went. Kora and her rangers went around the side, trying to break through the thick fog while the others approached the front. Before they knew it, voices and the rattling of the undead could be heard.  “You idiot! They will come looking for this one! He doesn’t wear the mark of Lilydale! I told you to infuse the bears, not some idiotic wolf!” It was a woman’s voice, but the guttural growl in her words would prove she was undead. “Silence! Less you suffer the same fate, -woman-!” The man shouted back. They could only hear them, the shuffling of undead and the slight groaning of Marshall. Still unable to see anything aside from the large shadow that loomed over the fog. A few whimpers of the large wolf could be heard and the lesser wolves scattered, running away, some even running right past the group, but not bothering to even pay them any mind.

Originally posted by lite-dreamer

Kora’s rangers finally came into view, before them was a Necromancer and his risen wife, Reigneir and Cassandra, surrounded by undead that were carrying sculpted stones and stained glass, building a zuggurat. The undead were dressed partly in farmers clothes, others in Lilydale armor, they had found the missing people, but this was not how they wished to find them. They were gone at this point, so at Kora’s command the rangers unleashed their attacks. At the sounds of arrows firing, the Lionsguard and the rest of the group stomped forward, releasing their attacks on the undead while Cassandra and Reignier stood back and watched, confident their army would prevail.

Originally posted by sunnydisposish

The clashing of their weapons against the small army of undead rang in the air, the undead slowly falling one by one. They did well to keep themselves guarded, but a few broke through and managed to wound the Lions, but through it all they prevailed. Cassandra and Reigneir made their leave through means of portal at the sight of their army losing. Father Ben put his sights on the focus crystal that was sustaining the undead near the ziggurat, and with a prayer he’d manage to destroy it. It began sucking in the air around it, before it’d release a large arcane explosion, pushing everyone back and knocking the undead over.

Originally posted by dimensao7

They got back to their feet and finished the undead off before quickly tending to the wounded, Marshall specifically who was laying next to the dead body of the large wolf. Gathering everyone up, they’d notice the fog had cleared away. Once all was finished, they’d make their way back to Lilydale. Taking the wounded to the clinic, and the others to the inn, letting them have a bed for rest after their tiring night. Tomorrow the report would be delivered to the Countess and one could only hope this would be the last of such disturbances.. But only time could tell..

@lorna-rivercroft @conwulf @koraceyn-harper @the-canaveral @emilliacorwin @patiencekindnesscourage Theres too many people to tag, I forget all the tumblrs, I’m sorry!

Dear Followers, all 3,895 of you.

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I’m closing up shop for this blog again. I know this would be the second time I’ve said I’m going on a permanent hiatus, but last time it was for different a reason, this time I’m not likely to pick it up again in the future. Here’s the thing,

I’ve been absent for about a month and a half, this is partly because I’m on vacation, which is why I said posting was going to be spotty for awhile but it’s also because I’ve been doing some thinking. Truth is, I’m losing interest in being active in the fandom. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in Star Wars, or my favorite fictional couple of all time, it’s not that at all. But, I’m finding it’s a chore for me to upkeep the blog by looking for content in the very active community Star Wars has.

When I started, around the end of 2012 it seemed to me that the characters of Anakin and Padme had fans, and loyal ones at that, but they were scattered around the net. My only goal, was to round up all the art I could possibly find for them and showcase it in a way that would show how much love people had for this couple, and the Star Wars prequels in general. I also hoped that when people saw a bunch of fanart for them, they would be inspired to do their own, or be reminded of the prequels again if they had forgotten how much they used to love it.

After a year or so of blogging, like a train engine slowly picking up speed, I witnessed fandom growth, on tumblr and other social media platforms, for GL’s last three SW films and the recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated show. Year after year, more activity then the last. This now huge community, became a haven for fans and so many of them happened to be artists. It was a real surprise and delight that appreciation was merging with art. Fan videos, fan-fiction, fanart and just a plethora of things in general were getting uploaded everyday. Content you could find through tag searching was easily buried by new posts pouring in. I can’t say for sure if I helped at all, but numerous blogs sprung up and it was like the voices of those who loved George’s stories, embolden by other around them, decided to shout out their love too. Fans becoming no longer concerned of what geek media said or thought and others just tired of the constant irrational hatred against the movies.

But now that prequel appreciation has reached new heights of activity, the still-recent acquisition of Star Wars by the Disney Corp. is changing the atmosphere, at least in my view. New and different fans are jumping on board because they love what Disney will do with the property. Some fans who love all six films are positive about the future as well. But, personally, I feel the train stops for me here. New episodes or comics etc. may come out for my/our beloved couple, but the era of time I was in love with is kinda over. George is no longer at the forefront of his creation, or even credited by Disney going forward. Unfortunately, Dave Filoni doesn’t have a huge role to play either. I have not watched Rebels, I’ve heard mixed reviews, but honestly, my radar is on Anidala. As expected, their roles are near invisible since one character is dead and the other will always be represented as Darth Vader if Disney shies away from telling prequel-era stories. I guess, truthfully I’m just not interested in what Disney makes if George is gone. 

Now, I have stuck around for awhile, even after the cancellation of SW:TCW because the potential ending of our last source for new content didn’t/doesn’t deter me from fangirling over the pair. I could run this blog for as a long as I wanted, I’ve hoarded so much material. And even if nothing new canonically ever came out again, I would make or find more things to post, if my heart were still in it. Star Wars becoming disneyfied is not something I’m crazy about but this restless feeling I have is actually more about feeling like what I started out to do, has been accomplished.

There is so much love for Ani and Pad’s now, so much for the prequels, and all this acclamation from brand new fans who came in after watching the animated shows. Maybe this growth sensation is a mistaken feeling, depending on you you ask and it’s only an amplification because it’s just easier these days for every fan to be active voices through easy-to-use social media. Regardless, the fan-base definitely feels alive and well. And now, It just no longer feels necessary to prove that A/P are well appreciated. Others have also set out to do the same and I’m so thankful for that. My personality is such that I want to begin new things in areas that seem empty or in need of repair, but when a task is complete, it’s on to the next for me. For these reasons, I realize it’s time for me to move on. It’s also not fair to run a blog dedicated to what I love, with half-hearted enthusiasm.

So, it will be like before. kazaikos.tumblr will remain an archive, not deleted but not updated and my last update will be tomorrow. Heh, I never did get around to posting everything I collected, in fact I do have so much more, but for the past year or so, what I’ve been finding has been coming from tumblr anyways; or other platforms like instagram, facebook and twitter. Before, it was like scouring the net using word and picture searches and finding near-lost art on dead sites. I wanted to save and archive all of it before it was completely lost. Thankfully, with the trend of social media, it’s easier for art to get an audience and remain afloat.

And as to this blog itself, there’s maintenance I would have wished I completed before leaving, such as tighter tag organization but it’s energy I don't have. Hopefully, all my posts are searchable. :P

Please don’t feel the need to say goodbye again, if you already did so back in 2014, I don’t mean to appear wishy-washy, coming back again that time was unexpected but I realized I had a bit more I wanted to do, this time it’s final and hope to gracefully close the curtains. Much, much love to all those who followed and enjoyed the posts. I’ve enjoyed running the blog so much and salute the effort put in by the fans to keep the Anidala fandom vibrant.

You can still message me to this blog if you want, because I will still check my messages. I’m not gone as a fan, just as a blogger for this subject. 

My story of the pride!

As some of you might know, @amazingsavannaisnotonfire22 and I went to the first pride in our city, yesterday! I hope this doesn’t get too long, but I just wanted to tell you how it went :)

There were a lot of rainbow flags (still not enough, tho xD), small ones, big ones, middle ones. There were a few big balloons that were arranged so they were in rainbow colors.

It was a canal pride, so there were boats on the canals, with the pride on it, and supporters and others could walk next to the canal and watch. I think the best thing was seeing so many gay couples, honestly.

Sometimes, there also was confetti (not a lot tho :( but there were also red and white paper hearts all over the place!) and there was a woman that had rainbow make up, that was on everyones cheeks!  We got some too, that was great :)

We met two people of our school, they are finished with school, now, I guess? They are like the cutest couple ever and we are rooting for them to get married, and anyway, they were apparently supporters, so that was nice :) We also saw a group of other people of our school that we don’t really know, and they were like covered in rainbows.

all in all it was very nice but eventually we were so tired that we almost couldn’t make it home XD

 I’ll tag some friends that might be interested?

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(idk if you’re interested i just was like I! Wanna! Tell! You! Guys!!)

So yeah that was the story of my first pride :)

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I'm in love with your headcanons, could you please do jeanmarco if you don't mind?

Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoy the headcanons; it’s been quite a marathon this weekend! And of course I can do Jeanmarco! (Wow, this got long, so I’m cutting it with a read more!)

  1. Jean and Marco are the definition of the “friends to lovers” trope. Like, the they invented the term; if you look in the trope dictionary, they are in it. They were best friends first, and then slowly, they came to realize that what they felt wasn’t friendship, but something more than that. (And this could fit whatever timeline you want. Did they meet as kids? As teens in the cadet corps? In college? On the street as adults? Really it’s up to you. Just know that they were best friends, then they went through an awkward ‘do I like him?’ stage, and now they’re together.)
  2. Marco sings a lot, just as a natural habit when he’s cleaning or doing some simple task. Jean loves it when Marco sings because his boyfriend has the voice of an angel. Jean will sometimes pause by the bathroom door if he catches Marco singing in the shower, and he’ll stand there and listen for a while. 
  3. They are both huge coffee drinkers, and take a lot of adventures to try new coffee places together. And of course, they take pictures every time they find a new place, and it’s become obligatory that they send snapchats to the squad, mostly to irritate them. 
  4. Jean is naturally cold, and gets cold super easily in the late fall/winter seasons, and Marco’s always quick to offer up his jacket on windy autumn nights or share a scarf when it’s snowing. Jean always tries to protest, says he’s fine, but Marco knows he likes it.

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To all my fellow Phyrexians

Are you tired of being singled out? Not being allowed into certain planes because we are “evil” and “ destructive”? All some of us want to do is live in harmony with others and see great potential within them. Maybe have a nice cup of “tea” with them, is that too much to ask?

We need to create a petition for us to be allowed into Ravnica. So, please, hear this lone phyrexians plea, and help the cause. Tag all other phyrexians you can so we can spread the word.


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Hey I'm hella tired and need to go to sleep so this probably isn't going to make sense but like I love all the rp blogs, like y'all feel like my older cousins who are super nice and really like to eat and talk and idk it's nice. You popped up on my dash right before I was gonna log off so like can you tag all the other rp blogs because I'm too tired to go through and send this ask to all of them. I love you guys, y'all make me happy and smile even when I'm feeling down.

Aww, thank you!! We love u too ❤️
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…If I forgot anyone then I’m sorry 💔

[osprey anon’s back at it again]

Tanakage time because i have no self control [this got kinda long i had to stop myself sorry eheh]

  • My fave AU to start this list off: *secret dating*. Sneaking around before and after practice. Sitting next to each other when they hang out with the team, knees touching subtly. Using ‘extra practice’ after reg practice as a time to be alone, away from their friends and family

  • They probably didnt have much physical contact at the beginning of their relationship, because lets be real, i dont think either of them would know how to handle that. Eventually one of them gets the courage to grab the others hand out of the blue and that awkward barrier crumbles [bonus points: it was kageyama who made that first move]

  • So-called ‘study dates’ aka ‘get saeko off our backs so we can make out and not worry about her barging in on us’

  • Super supportive sister Saeko who all but adopts kageyama as her younger brother

  • (he gets flustered every time she calls him ‘tobio’)

  • ((he slipped and called her ‘sister’ one time and both Ryu n Saeko Lost Their Shit))

  • Tanaka’s social media is 85% pictures of kageyama, 5% gushing about kageyama, 5% noya n him, and the rest is shitposting

  • They came out together to the team because it was easier not being alone [Kages coming out as gay, Ryu as bisexual], and the team wasn’t surprised, but was at the same time

  • Protective boyfriends. Like the second someone tries to pull shit with Kageyama, Tanaka is in their face or getting held back by Daichi

  • Nishinoya started calling Kageyama by his given name and always gets him to join in with their antics [wingman noya is also a very important headcanon]

  • (daichi gets so mad having THREE of them goofing off but then he see’s kageyama’s happy and content expression and cant find it in himself to ever get too mad)

  • Ive always liked the idea of lowkey rich Kageyama, whos parents are very well off (but kinda distant) but he doesnt really care for that type of thing. But, he does use the money his parents give him to spoil the ever living shit of Tanaka (buying him lunch, taking him to movies and nice restaurants, that one time he showed up to practice with brand new knee pads because he noticed tanaka’s were getting worn out, etc).

  • (tanaka doesnt know how to handle it and noya and hinata are so jealous. Everyone else is just entertained)

  • They like working out together but at the same time they rile each other up so much they end up collapsing on top of each other afterwards and chill there for an hour before one of them has to pee and the cuddle session ends

  • (Tanaka enjoys sitting on kageyama’s back while he does push ups)

  • Most of their ‘dates’ include sitting on a roof late at night and looking at the stars in silence or running down the street and laughing and yelling and dancing in it while its pouring down rain

  • One time Tanaka jokingly told Kageyama to sit on his lap, and not picking up on the sarcasm, he did. Tanaka could not speak full sentences for a full minute but Kageyama was too comfortable to spare him

  • (he does it all the time now and while it doesnt freak Ryu out anymore, the team is still awed every time kageyama, face stoic as ever, plops himself down in Ryu’s lap.)
  • It took them a while to get used to calling each other by their first names, but once they did, the nicknames came
  • (and because i LIVE for half-chinese!kageyama: kageyama uses chinese pet names and terms of endearment, but mostly when hes tired and forgets what language hes supposed to use)

limp-egg-ham-and-cheese-bizkit  asked:

wtf is sandsverse????????

ok basically there was this blog, sandsvendor100, who is a tapir named Seymour who sells sand, along with fishboy100, a fish, and littlefrogthings, a frog. they all competed over business. I discovered them about a month back and made my blog melman100 based off of a ghost fish that they talked about, and around the same time someone else made fruitsoftheape, a proboscis monkey named Elmer who sells fruit. two days ago, traffic started picking up immensely, and I gained a ton of followers. I don’t know what happened to start it, I think it had something to do Elmer, but there was a giant boom in vendor activity. at first a few other chill vendors like richhoneytrader100 showed up and interacted with the older blogs. after the first several hours or so of these two days it was like a new vendor was popping up every minute. people would pick an odd animal and something to sell, make a post tagging every other vendor they knew, and then start blogging. there ended up being a giant influx of vendors who sort of diluted the humor of the whole thing, as most of them followed the exact same basic formula. the founders of the whole thing started talking about how weird (for lack of a better word) it had all gotten, and put the original blogs on hiatus so the activity could die down.

TLDR: people were roleplaying animal vendors, too many people tried to join in and it stopped being funny, the original people got tired of it and shut it down, sandsverse

ZenTheRainbowUnicorn’s Favourite MysMe Blog List


@cecelstuff - lovely, lovely person, she draws really cute comics of the RFA squad ^^ Also the person who drew my icon!

@cynphonium - love his comics and MysMe drawings, all the chibi-like ones are my favourite >_<

@anjupanda - beautiful art of MC and Jaehee, gosh, so pretty ^^

@kziir - awesome memes, comics, and drawings of the RFA. Also great at pickup lines >_<

@moencabbage - super pretty art, lots of Seven and Unknown too

@8k0 - adorable art style + lots of memes and comics

@runa-storm - love her art style, my favourite is still Seven in the cat-ear hat

@pollux-p - omg simply beautiful art, pretty colours and awesome all around

@barechu - I’m in love with the way they draw V? Absolutely gorgeous

@riko-os - more lovely art of the RFA, 


@kirachama - So many 707 and Saeran fanfics, all of which are wonderful and 100% worth a read. Also a lovely person to talk to ^^

@sakurucha - One of the reasons I became Unknown trash, thanks >_<

@cannibalisticskittles - Another reason I’m Unknown trash

@mysticmessengerimagines - Dunno if they count as fics but they’re well-written and very enjoyable ^^

@officallytheduchess - Fics with many of the characters, and she takes requests sometimes, too!


@nohrslittleprincess - I’m probably spamming you with how many times I reference your Heart Raising Guide but you saved me when I was starting MM lol >_<

@otome-obsessed - Detailed guides on the different responses in the chatrooms, also a life-saver

@foxyotomelady - Has guides on the Bad Endings that I refer to so often you’re probably tired of seeing me tag you in them lolol

@dorchii - Chatroom time-schedules that are invaluable for planning around, thanks for tolerating the number of times I tag you in asks >_<


@cheritz-lover, for collecting what seems to me to be all of the MM content available, I’m honestly not sure how you find it all :D

@cheritzteam, for the official news

@incorrectmysticmessenger for hilarious incorrect MM quotes

@mysticmessengeraudio, a blog I co-admin where we post and translate audio from MM

@sangeoh, who records some of the phone calls and posts MM content

I’m sure there are people I’m missing, and I’ll add to this list when I think of it! Go enjoy some more MM content ^^

Headcanon or just something I think would be cute or whatever, but not really a fic:
Tango and Whiskey, my boys, being physically affectionate bffs or bfs.

But like, more in private. In public, they’re not much more physical with each other than they are with the others (maybe a few extra shoulder pats or something, but nothing too Noticeable).

When they’re alone together, however, they’re close. They sit with their shoulders pressed together and maybe watch a movie. Whiskey rests his head on Tango’s shoulder. His forearm lays on Tango’s leg, and Tango will reach over to intertwine their fingers- this gives him something to do with his hands as he fidgets. He lightly squeezes Whiskey’s hand and absentmindedly fiddles with fingers as he chatters about the movie or whatever they’re doing. Whiskey sits and listens, just enjoying the contact.

Sometimes one will lay his head in the other’s lap and have his hair stroked while they vent about their days together. Maybe they both lay down together after a particularly rough day and just enjoy the feeling of being in each others’ arms. They each feel a strong sense of comfort in the other.

Sometimes Whiskey’s really frustrated. He’s more quiet than usual during practice and ices out the rest of his teammates (no pun intended ;p). But, afterwards, he goes to Tango. He doesn’t need to say a word as the two of them leave together to find a quiet place where they can be a lone. Whiskey vents while Tango rubs his back supportively and asks about the problems, asks if there’s anything he can do to help. This helps Whiskey feel like someone’s listening, and helps him think through things. 

Other times, it’s Tango with the problems. Perhaps he’s more chatty than usual, or maybe he’s unusually quieter as he wrings his hands and nervously heads into practice. Whiskey puts a supportive hand on his shoulder and is met with a sheepish smile from Tango. When they get to their quiet place, Whiskey immediately allows Tango to take hold of his hands to hold onto and fidget with while he spills his worries. Whiskey doesn’t say much, but does offer advice or at least a few sympathetic lines of “that sounds really shitty.” Sometimes after, he’ll lean forward and press a chaste kiss to Tango’s forehead (the nature of the kiss depending on their relationship with each other). It works for them.

They’re fine, as long as they have each other.