... and i wonder why i'm not in a relationship

as much as neil loves his boys, sharing a bed with them is a nightmare


  • steals the covers 
  • hides knives in the pillows without telling them
  • is an incredibly light sleeper and never stays still, which wakes neil up because he’s also a light sleeper
  • insists on letting the cats share with them (even though they scratch at the bedroom door at ungodly hours)


  • sleep talks 
  • sprawls his stupidly long limbs and takes up half the bed
  • refuses to apologize because neil and andrew ‘don’t need much space anyway’ 
  • is 10 000 fucking degrees but insists on sleeping with the air conditioner on so neil is both freezing and overheating at the same time

they are The Worst but he loves them so much and it’s infinitely better than being all alone in the world and sleeping on wooden benches with hardly any shelter. so he he lets out a frustrated sigh before trying once again to get comfortable enough to fall asleep 

tbh while I get why people don’t like established relationship fics - as a good portion of the time they’re written with your otp breaking up or their relationship consists of a lot of angst until the very end - I personally love them so much.

Like I don’t get how you could not like your otp being together, being happy, and navigating a relationship, which can be very hard, but then they work through it. Like I love reading about my otp doing the little, sweet things together as well as going through the big things together. If an established relationship fic is written right and written well, it makes for a really compelling story to me. Like, I’m in love with this couple, so I could read about them doing this and that all day long, about them smiling as they kiss and them having little squabble’s over who gets the grocery’s or who forgot to call the plumber because the toilet is still on the fritz, or who is the clean one who gets annoyed at the other’s messiness, etc, etc. 

I love reading about their intimate conversations that lead to them falling even more in love with each other. 

I love reading about their sexual relationship developing and changing as they try new things, but also how they become familiar with what the other person likes the more they have sex. 

I love reading about my otp having a hard time but getting through it. They have fights but they make up. 

But even break-up fics with an at first established relationship can be interesting - which, I feel, might be a reason why some people might not like established relationship fics - because then we get to read about them getting back together, which can also be just as sweet. 

But really I just love reading about my otp being together and never giving up on each other and always working it out. tbh give me all the established relationship fics, because it feels like we so rarely get a happy ending for our fave couples in the tv shows/books/movies we consume, but with fic we can get that all we want, and with established relationship we get to see them be together when tv shows/books/movies so rarely show us a happy couple - and when they do, it feels like it isn’t long before they break them up. Which can work or not work, if it’s written well, but at this point tv shows/books/movies have done it so often that it’s tiring seeing couple and after couple break up, and most likely not be endgame in the end anyway. 

But with established relationship we get to see our otps be together, which is what we really want anyway. 

Not that fics that are our otps getting together aren’t amazing, because they are just as amazing and fun and wonderful. 

But give me an established relationship too and I’ll eat it up like candy because yes, I get to read a story with my otp being together and happy and in love after the getting together part and I’m not just imagining it. It’s the most wonderful feeling to me to read things like that. 

Just, give me all the established relationship pls.


1x01 || 6x13.

I’ve been wondering about this for a while, and I think I finally figured it out! Why steven universe has been so disappointing lately, it not the pointless filler or style inconsistency, it’s the story. Steven universe suffers from a similar problem that adventure time did, it can’t end a story correctly. In both shows there are great characters, wonderful settings, and deep relationships, but there just isn’t enough focus on what to do with it and how to build from the stories it creates after that particular arc is over. An example of this would be the jasper arc, which was long and to spread out for it’s unsatisfactory ending. Every apperance of jasper before was scary and uneasy, each appearance worked to heighten the tension as we the audience had no idea what was going to happen, and bet on what was going to happen. For what we were given initially, the ending where steven and amethyst pop jasper and bubble her leaves a sort of empty feeling, jasper and all her buildup was written off as if the writers spontaneously decided they didn’t care for her arc anymore.

I guess in summary, steven universe has all the makings of a good show, but is unable to deliver on thematic ending to its stories it promised. Maybe that’s why su critical is so dence these days, the most recent bomb, was pretty insufficient, despite being a five story arc taking place on a alien ship, nothing actually happened that would cause the story to move forward, it’s like being shown a feast and not being able to touch it.

  • ADC: Portrays an "unlabeled" lesbian character (cause labels aren't important-thanks JRoth!) on "The 100" for 16 episodes.
  • Antis: Amazing! Such an LGBTQA icon! The "A" in LGBTQA stands for Alycia!
  • Bob Morley: Portrays an openly gay character on "Neighbours" for 49 episodes, is a part of the show's first gay relationship and has the show's first gay (male)kiss, appears as a possibly bi/pansexual character in "Lost in the White City".
  • Antis: Bob Morley is such a homophobe!
  • Me: That sounds fake.....but OK.

Sometimes I wonder if my own romantic orientation [greyaro to the Max] has a definite effect on my RPing [probably definitely at this rate] and thus, as such, is why my value on Romantic Shipping is placed far, far below my desire for other relationships [such as friendships, various familial relations, antagonism, etc] and why I’m willing to actually try Shipping [as disinclined as I am for it] because I don’t actually Care if the Ship works, rather, I’d just like to write out character interaction.

lol I couldn’t resist looking in the tags since I was wondering if any critics had slammed the episode like last year and of course they’re trying to say Mickey was bad for Ian and that their relationship was toxic, why else would they have spent a decent chunk of last season parroting how alike their relationship was to Frank and Monica’s.

Never mind the fact that it actually wasn’t. Never mind the fact that Mickey was a hundred times better than Frank and actually wanted Ian to get better, went out and bought - bought!!! - vitamins that he researched were supposed to help Ian. Never mind the fact that he was the only one who could calm Ian down when he was freaking out. Never mind the fact that he’s the one who removed Ian from the toxic environment of working as an underage dancer who got fed drugs by creepy pedophiles, as opposed to Lip who just left him there because at least he knows where his brother is now. Never mind the fact that he stayed by Ian even when he kidnapped his son, even when he cheated on him, even when he punched him in the face for being too much of a good boyfriend.

But sure, try and tell your viewers that Mickey was bad for Ian and holding him back like Ian wasn’t the toxic one in that fucking relationship from the moment he came back from the army. Okay then. 

Sometimes I wonder if you even want to be my friend. You never seem to want to talk to me, so why not take it one step farther?
—  Å.G.P.

Man, that last episode of Crying Breakfast Friends destroyed me. I get that these Croissant Bombs do wonders for their ratings, but my heart really needs a break, and the schedule is relentless.

Anyway, I hope Spoon and Pear can work things out between them. I’m way too invested in their relationship at this point, and Pear didn’t mean to cause all the trouble she did in the end. I think we’ll be learning more about her tragic backstory real soon!

#ForgivePear2015 !

A thank you to writers of Johnlock fanfic <3

When all the little heartaches of life coalesce into an almost palpable mass in my chest, rising into my throat until it almost feels like I can’t speak or breathe, I escape into fluffy Johnlock fanfic.

This morning, after a particularly bad evening and a crap night’s sleep, I found myself wondering why. Why does it comfort me to read about the fictional relationship between two fanfic characters, based on fictional BBC characters who are already themselves reboots of classic fictional characters? 

I think it condenses into this: fanfic Sherlock, like canon Sherlock, is a bit of an arse. He can be, and often is, rude, short-tempered, intolerant, unsympathetic, and self-centered. He doesn’t cook, he doesn’t make tea. He’s a bit of a slob. 

And despite all of this, fanfic John loves him so utterly and wholly and completely. He may (and should) get irritated at times, but his love for Sherlock is deep and enduring and unwavering.

I can be, and often am, the embodiment of all of Sherlock’s worst characteristics, with none of the cleverness or flashes of genius to offset them. To say nothing of the fact that I live in the real world, and real love isn’t like that anyway.

Still, I’m only human and I can’t help feeling, I wish I could have someone love me that way. Wholly and unconditionally, in spite of my flaws. It just seems like all the chaos of real life, the endless errands and forms and responsibilities and chores, would be so much easier to handle if I knew I had someone to come home to at the end of it all who would rub my feet and make me tea and run his fingers through my hair and call me Honeybumble and tell me I’m brilliant and amazing and beautiful. 

But in those fanfics–those silly, powerful, healing works so dismissed by the media and actors and consumers of “real” literature–I can at least have a taste of that.  

And when I have to return to reality, that sweet flavor lingers and helps make everything else taste a bit less bitter, at least for a little while.

Sometimes I wonder what about me is hard to love. What makes it so easy for someone to come into my life, alter it, and then leave as if I have had no long term effect on theirs? Was it the way I got nervous in the beginning? Or maybe the way I would smile when they wrote me? Or lack there of when they chose to ignore me. Maybe it was the little things I did, like leave them cute little messages letting them know I was thinking about them. Maybe that made me look too available, even though they knew I was only available to them. People do say, “they only want you when they can’t have you.” Maybe it was a combination of everything, the good and the bad, that led them to leave. I guess I’ve just always wondered why no one has ever stayed and why it leaves me feeling this way.