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Let’s tutor eachother

Carl Gallagher x Reader

Babies! I finally finished this requested imagine! I have been super crazy stressed out with school but thankfully I graduate in a few weeks so I’ll be able to post more later but for now I’m making a trailer and finishing the plot for my “Now or Never” Carl fan fiction!! Thank you for being so patient with Renee and I and we can’t wait until summer comes so we can spend more time with our babies 🖤 

Warnings: drug use (weed) 
Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: Reader starts to tutor Carl, but the friendship grows stronger and Carl teachers her to be adventurous and something much more stronger blooms
writer: Ramona 

You made your way down to your World Literature class right as the bell was ringing, which left an absolute knot in your stomach because that meant having to deal with people staring as you entered class. “Take a seat.” Mr. Valer whispered as he suddenly paused the lecture that was currently being given. You nodded and skimmed the rows for a seat in your worn down high school. You headed towards the back corner, not your usual preferred seating. 

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Chris Hemsworth for Elle Magazine September 2017

Chris Evans told me he has to shave his chest for Captain America. Does Thor shave his chest?

That’s not one of my character-preparing jobs. I’ve had to wear extensions in my hair. That’s where my powers come from.

Do you notice signs of aging onscreen?

[Laughs] No. I see more the signs of, “We stayed out a bit late that night. Or had a bit too much to drink.” [Elsa] has La Mer moisturizer. She’s always like, “You gotta put this on.” As she begins to look younger and I look older, I’m starting to think she’s got a point.

I read that you worked as a babysitter when you first got to Hollywood. True?

I lived in my manager’s guest house and I used to babysit his kids a lot. I didn’t really know what I was doing.

As a babysitter or as an actor?

Both. I remember running lines while I was babysitting. One of the kids was all of four or five. He said, “Why are you talking to yourself?” I tried to explain the insanity of it to him.

Your mom was an English teacher. What’s a book she gave you that made a difference?

Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! She gave it to me before I went to Hollywood. It was a book that we used to read a lot as kids, and it’s got a profound message about the ups and downs in life. I think she was aware of that kind of unease in me.

You’re so sensitive.

Yeah, mate. I’m quite heady. I spend a lot of time overthinking things. I’ve always had a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde way of thinking. One side of me is like, “We’re gonna conquer this thing.” And the other side is like, “You’ll never work again.”

Tell us something we wouldn’t expect about [Thor costar] Cate Blanchett.

She calls you on your shit straightaway. Which is intimidating. You walk in and you’re doing all the usual polite chats, and she’s like, “Chris, what are you doing? Really, that’s the story you’re gonna tell?” And you’re like, “Shit, I’m not going to get away with anything with this lady. I have to drop the facade.”

The leading-man facade?

Kind of. You know, she’s Cate Blanchett, for God’s sake! There’s quite a feeling of wanting to impress her. She’s like, “I’m a human being. Act normal.” Before you know it, you’re drinking and telling stories and cracking jokes. She has a wild sense of humor.

When was the last time you were intimidated by another man?

The first time I really met Chris Pratt—and went on set with him and the Guardians—I was weirdly shaken. [Laughs] I don’t know why. He’s just so charismatic. And good at what he does.

Your wife is Spanish. You’ve been married for nearly seven years. Is it true you still don’t speak the language?

I speak some Spanish. About 15 words.

Do you ever get the sense that she’s talking about you?

Yes. When I hear my wife and my mother-in-law starting to quietly mumble something, I’ll be like, “Guys, guys—I understand more than you think.”

But you don’t.

Of course not.

You once said that Hollywood is “set up to turn you into a complete narcissist.” Is that why you moved home?

Everywhere you look [in L.A.], you’re reminded of what you’re a part of—or what you’re not a part of. And everyone you meet is talking about the same thing all the time.

The business, you mean.

It’s suffocating. It was getting tricky to leave the house because of the paparazzi. I just wanted my kids to have a different life—the outdoors lifestyle and camping and surfing that we had. Not to say you can’t get that in California. But I feel if you’re an actor, then it’s hard to escape it.

You’re the face of Boss Bottled Tonic. Did you get to smell it before you signed on?

They give you a list of the high and low notes. [Laughs] None of which I’m an expert on. But the one thing they told me is that apple strudel was the inspiration. It happens to be my wife’s favorite dessert. She likes the fragrance. That’s always a plus.

Last question: What are you reading?

I just read a great book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, by Mark Manson. It’s a counterintuitive approach to happiness. It rang a bell in my head. I give too many fucks about a lot of things. Have a look. [Laughs] It’s a gift from me to you.

Decisions, Decisions (Part 5)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language, sexual content, adult content…?

Word Count: 5007

Note: Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​ - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings​ - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13​ imagine

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit, and James’ wife and child are nonexistent - nothing against them, just easier to write if he didn’t have an ex wife and child. Texts are in italics

Tags: @wordacadabra   @frenchfrostpudding @lisssays @cocosierra94  @staceycasey123 @lucianightwolker @tacohead13


Friday night you went to a few stores for some dresses. You found one thing you liked, and you reserved it for the “other” dress. But for the main dress to go to the premiere with Tom, you needed something dazzling. You spoke with Trish, your stylist, and asked her if she could work with Versace on a design you had in mind. She said she would work on it.

Tom was texting and calling quite frequently, sending you two more bouquets of flowers with another poem on each card. The calls became more familiar, a little more flirty, and you sent him a new watch to his hotel and some chocolates - since you knew they were his guilty pleasure.

James had contacted you a few times but he had a couple of interviews related to Split coming out soon so he was rather busy. But in a way it was good because you were able to spend more time and attention on Tom - that was a good thing, right? You weren’t so sure, you were already in so deep with both of these men, you didn’t need to have the decision be any harder than it was.

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Book 7: The Stranger, Chapters 4-6

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(Fair warning, this recap turned out to be like 50% My Personal Feelings About Custody Arrangements As A Child of Late Seventies Divorce so, uh… sorry about that. Not super sorry, but a little bit sorry.)

Chapter 4

Tobias and Marco, clever children who are finally learning about planning, bless their hearts, have been tailing Assistant Principal Chapman for a few days, keeping their spy project on the down-low to give Jake a chance to recover from his most recent Yeerk-possession ordeal.  They’ve figured out that the entrance to the Yeerk pool cavern is in the mall, because of course it is, because this was still a time when the mall was an important commercial/social hub.

Apparently one enters the Yeerk cavern through a dressing room at the Gap, and exits it via the movie theater.  I’m extremely amused at the idea of someone going into the Gap dressing room and never coming out again.  One hopes that all the staff of that Gap have been brought into the alien conspiracy, because otherwise they’ve got to be a little worried about that one dressing room that keeps eating customers.

Ax jumps straight to “awesome, let’s charge in and attack right now!”, until everyone talks him down by explaining how their last full frontal assault on a Yeerk pool had a large body count and also got Tobias stuck as a hawk.  Ax deflates considerably. And so, again, they’re going to try planning!

Ax serves up some knowledge about Yeerk requirements: The miniature-sun-like Kandrona thing is their weakness, but may not actually be in the cavern, as it doesn’t need to be physically in the same place as the Yeerk pool.  So attacking the cavern isn’t any kind of a sure thing as far as disabling the Kandrona.

Rachel suggests that maybe instead of attacking they could try to sneak in and spy, and find out where the Kandrona actually is, so they can go straight to the source.  Per Ax, the Yeerks are sure to have at least one additional Kandrona on board their mothership so there’s no way the kids are going to completely wipe them out, but if they can find and disable the only one on Earth, they’d at least do some serious harm and drastically reduce the population of Yeerks that can be supported on Earth.

This seems like a possibly good plan, children.  I’m so proud!

Ax would like to note for the record that while he still doesn’t really grok human emotions, he’s getting “lots of fear” off the rest of the Animorphs, and he is, frankly, not feeling great about it.

Everyone else is just: same, Ax, buddy.  Hard same.

Chapter 5

Back at her house, Rachel rolls in just in time to find out that her father is coming over to dinner and her mother is dressed up and stress-eating Doritos.  Which is all Highly Unusual given that their actual custody schedule is “hang out with Dad a couple of times a month” and not “Formal Family Dinner ft. Stress Carb-Loading.”  Apparently he has some kind of news to share that he was supposed to share during their most recent dad-daughter outing, and just…didn’t.

(Oh, no.  This isn’t gonna be good, is it?  I have a certain number of Child of a Divorced And Barely Present Bio-Dad issues, and abruptly all of them are on full alert.  Is he getting remarried? Is he moving? Why couldn’t he get his shit together to tell the kids when he was supposed to so now Rachel’s mom is dragged into doing this as a Family Meeting? What are you up to, Rachel’s Dad, I am suspicious of you.)

Rachel’s dad shows up alarmingly cheerful and loaded down with Thai food, which dials my concern down a notch because no one who comes bearing coconut milk can be a real villain, surely.  Everyone awkwards through a few minutes of dinner until Rachel’s mom finally literally tells Rachel’s dad to just spit it out already, so he does: He’s got a job offer.  He’s going to get to move up from being a weekend news anchor to a weeknight news anchor, with better pay and prospects and such.  Yay!  The job’s a thousand miles away: boo.  But there are planes! Ehhhh.  Weak sauce, Rachel’s Dad.

Rachel agrees with me that this plan is Not Great.  She excuses herself from dinner fairly politely, all things considered. I’m pretty sure she’s flipped over into too angry to actually express said anger, which is - not a great place to be for anyone, and I’m a little concerned she might be about to turn into an elephant and break her house.

But before that can happen, her dad follows her up to her bedroom and finishes the announcement he was going to make: he wants Rachel to move with him.  Just Rachel, because the other kids are too young, but she’d be able to take care of herself while her father works nights.  Oh, and also there’s a really great gymnastics coach who’s been known to get her students to the Olympics, and he’s pretty sure that she would take Rachel as a student.  She can fly back to see her sisters and mom every week if she wants, because he’s going to be making buckets of money and see above re: planes exist!

Rachel is stunned on a variety of levels, ranging from “my dad is moving away and I love him and will miss him” to “if I go with him I’ll miss my mom and sisters” to “gymnastics coach!” to “gotta stay here and save the world” to “hey but if I move away I will drastically reduce my chances of getting torn in half by an ant or otherwise dying in a battle with aliens.”  Which is, you know, a lot for a kid. Or anyone.

In Rachel’s father’s favor, he doesn’t press her for an answer, just tells her to think about it and talk to the rest of the family, and that he loves her.  And then he heads out, and Rachel cries a whole lot.

Uggggggh, book, why have you chosen to smack me upside the feelings, I feel personally attacked by this chapter.

Chapter 6

Rachel has a chat with her mom about the situation and her mom’s on the side of “we love you and want you to stay here, but support you in whatever you want to do”.  She does not point out, as I might have, that if Rachel’s gonna be in school all day and taking care of herself latchkey-kid-style on the weeknights while her dad works, and flying back to her mom more or less every weekend as he dad promised she could, when is she even supposed to see him?  What is the point of this arrangement?  Apparently I’m still mad about it.

Rachel goes to bed to stare at the ceiling and freak out quietly, alternating between thinking about her parents and the whole “getting ready to infiltrate the Yeerk cavern again” situation.  Eventually she gives up on sleep and just kind of goes fuck everything, I would like to be a bird now and morphs and flies out the window.  Which is one way to deal with insomnia, I guess!

Horned-owl-form, she flies around and thinks about the possibility of explaining her whole Animorph situation to her father, who surely wouldn’t move away if he understood that his daughter was needed here to fight an alien invasion.  Except that of course she can’t tell him, because there’s always a chance he could be carrying a Yeerk in his head and she can’t take the risk.

So instead she just thinks about how much she loves her dad and how proud of her he would be if he knew, for how brave she’s being.  But then she wonders if maybe she’s not so brave after all, given how appealing “move a thousand miles away, take gymnastics classes and hang out with your dad and never, ever have to turn into an elephant and stomp an alien to death again” sounds in some respects.  Which, I mean: honestly, kid, the idea does have its up sides.  

In short I remain super mad at her dad for this entire terrible idea, and am overidentifying with Rachel like a motherfucker, so I guess Feelings is what we’re doing today here on this blog.  Also some stuff about aliens, probably.

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Math Help// Josh Dun

Request: this is weird because i’ve never really requested anything before but can you do an imagine where Josh is a teacher and smut happens. sorry if that wasn’t specific enough. i love your imagines and your blog a lot 💙

Note: Smutty-ness ahead; read at your own discretion please (:


               “And Y/N, care to take your attention off your phone for long enough to tell me the answer to number 6?” You perked your head up at the mention of your name, rather than paying attention to the boring math lecture you were in you had zoned out on your phone. Which your teacher, Mr. Dun didn’t appreciate. You wondered if he hated you, considering you seemed to be his favorite student to call on.

               “Uh, I didn’t get that far sir. I got caught on number 5.” You mumbled, blushing slightly. Telling your entire math class that you didn’t understand the work was pretty embarrassing. You could catch on to any subject’s material—throw you some Shakespeare in English class, thou doeseth fine. Some physiology in Biology? Simple, your muscles use ATP to contract. Once ATP (which is energy) runs out, lactic acid begins to build up, causing “the burn” everyone talks about feeling when working out. Math though, it was like gibberish from another planet.

               “You could’ve asked for help. I may not have planned on becoming a math teacher but I do know my stuff.” The temptation to roll your eyes at your teacher’s rude remark was beyond tempting. You hated his guts, he was a hard ass on you for no reason whatsoever. “Can someone take over and tell me what the answer is?” He asked, thankfully pulling the attention off of you.

               “Hey.” You heard a girl from beside you whisper, “You seem mad, do you not like Mr. Dun?” You let out a sigh, it was pretty obvious you couldn’t stand him—and vice versa. But that didn’t stop people from asking.

               “No. He’s an asshole and I can’t stand it.” You growled, trying to stop the conversation and focus on the answer to the question; a bunch of letters and numbers being yelled out. You couldn’t figure out how they went together, which only caused you a bit more frustration.                

               “He’s so hot though.” You waved off the girl’s comment, maybe he was cute for being a teacher. His fluffy red curls that adorned his head, the small metal hoop piercing his nose; not to mention the gauges that complimented his face region perfectly. His arms were toned, almost making you wonder what they look like without the shirt; what his chest looks like- wait. You did not think he was cute. No. He is an asshole with a cool tattoo that is it. Not to mention he’s your teacher who’s at least 10 years older, that would be gross.

               “Gotta go for a bit. I’ll be back.” You mumbled, scurrying out of the classroom and to the bathroom; your mind was racing. Your heart was pumping as you locked yourself into the small little stall. One moment you were yelling at yourself because you had the guts to think of your teacher in a sexual way—now you’re hiding and fighting anxiety because those thoughts excited you a little more than they should have.


               You didn’t realize just how long you stayed in the bathroom for; until the bell rang, signalling that class had ended for the day. As you made your way back to the classroom to collect your things, you internally prepared yourself for the lecture Mr. Dun probably had waiting for you because you skipped most of his class.

               “Y/N, decided to return I see.” When you entered the classroom you saw that everyone had left; minus the teacher who was sitting at his desk. Writing something on a piece of paper. “So you were having problems with the questions today?” You awkwardly nodded as you collected your stuff from your desk, not daring to make eye contact with him as you did so. “If you’re not busy, I’m available to help until 6.” You bit your lip, standing still as you considered your choices. Yes the idea of getting help in math was a godsend, but with the teacher you hated? Yet loved in a strange, gross way at the same time?

               “Sure.” The word came out of your mouth before you had time to think—maybe suffering through this would work in the long run. No more bad marks on tests, which would mean your parents wouldn’t be as frustrated with you because of it. You awkwardly pulled out the worksheet and sat across from Mr. Dun, watching as he read over the question.

               “So, you need to divide this; not multiply for starters.” He pointed to a part of your work. “If you change that step then you’ll get the right answer. The rest of your formula looks great.” He looked up at you with a genuine smile. You must’ve made a face, as he chuckled to himself. “Do you really think I don’t like you? That I’m an asshole to make your life horrible?” You slightly nodded, watching as he merely laughed again. “Not even close love. I have to hide the fact that I like one of my students a bit more than I should somehow.” His voice fell low, causing your heart to beat a little faster as you watched him stand to close the door.

               “You like me, cool. If this wasn’t a teacher-student thing I guess we could be friends?” You mumbled awkwardly. “Though I don’t know much about you besides you’re my math teacher.” With that he sat back down, beginning to explain various parts about his life that you wouldn’t expect.

               He was a drummer, which was his main passion in life. Though his family wanted him to pursue a career; which landed him here. A high school teacher who had no choice but to teach a math class (he would much rather teach music).

               “I should get going.” You smiled awkwardly, feeling his eyes wash over you as you stood; making your way toward the door. You felt the breath leave your lungs as you were spun and pressed against the back of the door with another body. Lips crashing to yours. It was so weird, wrong even—but why did it feel so right? So nice?

               “This is wrong, but I can’t stop thinking about you. In ways I shouldn’t.” You heard him breath to you, hands exploring from your hips to under your shirt. “If you ever want me to stop, please let me know. I won’t do anything you’re not okay with.” You nodded, biting your lip and lifting your arms. Allowing for your shirt to be pulled over your head. There was a voice screaming to you, saying it was wrong; you should stop. It was only silenced when you felt his lips connect with your neck; sucking and biting.

               You began moaning, hearing him pull away only long enough to whisper “call me Josh.” Before continuing. At least you knew what name to be screaming later.

               Oh god, I really did think that.

               Acting on instinct your fingers went to the hem of his t-shirt; sliding it from his torso. Biting your lip as you looked at his toned chest, running your fingers gently over it as he kissed you roughly again. You tangled your fingers into his hair as you felt your pants being pulled from your body. Everything inside your head was screaming that this was wrong; that you should stop.

               Though the feeling of Josh’s fingers rubbing circles in your clit as his mouth gave attention to your breasts was too pleasurable feeling to stop. You cautiously let a moan pass your lips; this seemed to please Josh as he quickened his pace bringing you almost to your climax.

               “What?” You gasped out, the pleasure stopping completely. Leaving you with anxiety and a throbbing core as you watched him slowly work at getting his pants off. So painfully slow with undoing his belt and letting them fall to his ankles.      

               “On the desk, now.” He demanded, which you smiled and obeyed. That little voice in your head telling you not to do this. Did you really want it?

               “Are you going to fuck me, or what?” You snarled, gasping as he pressed his exposed cock to your core. He knew you were putty in his hands, and he was going to happily take his time with this.

               “Patience princess. Patience.” He gasped, letting a moan pass his lips as he pushed inside. “So tight.” You squeezed your eyes closed, arms looping around his neck—truth was you never did this before. So you didn’t know what to expect, all you knew is you hoped it would feel nice soon.

               “Shit.” You breathed as Josh began finding himself a rhythm, hard and fast. He seemed to like it rough as he was relentless; moaning and gasping as he brought himself to climax. You sat in confusion and partial shame as he began to get dressed; leaving you to be a panting mess on his desk.

               “We should go.” He started, throwing you your clothes. “If anyone asks; this was extra math help, nothing more.” You nodded quickly, a sudden feeling of regret washing over you.

               Did you seriously just lose your virginity to your math teacher?

Dare (Wonwoo)

Summary: You’re dared to date Wonwoo for a month.

Genre: Angst//Maybe Fluff?

Words: 4691

A lovely anon requested this so, Anon-sshi, I hope you read and enjoy this! Thanks so much for this request! <3  I hope it’s angsty enough ><

“I DARE you.” Seungcheol smirked at you, causing the rest of your friends to laugh. Glaring back at him, you shook your head and threw back another shot. “Oh c’mon (Y/N)~ It’s a dare! You gotta do it~” The older boy winked, raising his cup towards you. The others in the circle agreed. As you looked back at them, you raised an eyebrow and chuckled. Seungcheol crawled over towards you and nudged you. “C’moooon~”

You smirked and swiped his drink out of his hand. “How long?” You asked, finishing it off.

The boy smirked back at you. “A month. You gonna do it?” He asked. Looking at all your friends gathered in the circle and seeing their anticipating faces, you shook your head once again. They started arguing, telling you you had to do it, that it was a dare, et cetera. Seungcheol clicked his tongue. “You’re such a pussy~” He teased, shoving you playfully.

Glaring at him, you sighed. “Fiiiiine, fine, fine, I’ll do it~ But only for a month.” You gave in. The others cheered, pushing you playfully and giving you maybe-too-hard pats on the back. Looking to the side, you thought about your newest dare. The loner boy who was always on the roof. He always looked angry or bored. Never any other emotion. And you’d never even heard him speak. The only people who ever talked to him were Kim Mingyu, who you barely knew, and Kwon Soonyoung, who was at this party somewhere. But Soonyoung talked to everyone. You’d probably go ask him for help later but for now, you needed to forget that you were at another stupid party and playing truth or dare with the stupidest people ever.

Next to you, Wen Junhui handed you another cup of some gross, cheap beer. It was all you guys could afford. Sighing, you downed it in a couple gulps and tried to push dating Jeon Wonwoo for a month to the back of your mind.

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Assurance - (Harrison “Harry” Wells/ Reader)

:D :D :D :D :D :D 

Originally posted by reeseneseira

“There. You should be all set up. I mean with all of the advancements you have back home…this should be cake.”  Harry walked into the cortex seeing Barry talking to Jesse.

He wasn’t a fool he could see how his daughter reacted around the young man. The playing with the hair, the smiling…he hated it. She should be in school not flirting with Barry.

He huffed as he stepped over to the pair, “What should be cake?”

“Dad…” Jesse immediately crossed her arms knowing full well that she was caught, “nothing…Barry just set up my phone. Now I can get in touch with everyone, if need be.”

“Uh huh…” He looked at Barry who was oblivious to the situation. At least there was that, “That was nice of him.”

“Just trying to make things a little easier.” Barry put his hand in his pockets smiling, “I hope you don’t mind, but I cloned your phone to hers. You left in the lab yesterday, so I just grabbed it.”

“I don’t really see a problem…I only everyone here in my contacts.” He took the phone back when he pulled it out giving it to him.

“Great…” Jesse was already immersed in the small device.

“Right…” Barry smirked a little, “Hopefully that’ll change soon…but I gotta run. Got my day job still. Later.”

Jesse looked up at him, “Bye Barry.”

“Later.” He waved before disappearing in a blur.

“’Bye Barry.’” Harry teased in a high pitch voice.

“Shush…he’s just being nice to me and it’s…nice to be niced upon.” Jesse looked at him, “It’s been awhile…”

He sighed pulling her into a tight hug. He knew this last year was hard. Too hard, “I’m sorry, baby…”

“Dad…We’ve been over this…” She sighed looking at him.

“I will never be sorry enough.” He frowned letting her go, “I have some work to do with Ramon. Will you be alright?”

“I’ll text you if I’m not.” She smirked watching him walk off. She looked at the phone again. It wasn’t that different from the ones from home. She walked back to their ‘home’.

Laying on the bed she flipped through everything on the phone. She looked through the pictures seeing lots of books and notes of things he worked on. 

She sat up when she started seeing images of a woman. She hadn’t seen her around the lab. There were a lot of pictures of her and her with a baby.

Jesse bit her lip as she went to her contacts. Barry…Caitlin, Iris…Joe…Y/N…Ramon…

“Y/N…” She whispered taking a deep breath. Curiosity was too much. She hit send.

It rang several times before a calm soothing voice answered, “Hello?”

“….” Jesse cursed in her head. She didn’t know what to say or how to explain.

“Hello?” She heard again as she remained silent. Finally the woman spoke again, “…Harrison?”

“No…” Jesse swallowed, “This…is Jesse…”

“Oh my god…are you okay? Is everyone okay?” She fired off quickly, “Is your father okay?”

“Everyone is fine…I…” Jesse sighed crossing her legs as she sat on the bed, “I just got a phone…and your number..was transferred over. I just wondered who you were. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

She heard a long sigh, “It’s fine…it’s not a bother. I had been wondering if everyone made it home alright.”

“You knew about what was going on?” Jesse asked.

“Yes…I helped your father.” There was silence for a moment, “Is he okay?”

It was the second time the woman asked after him, “Yes…as fine as he can be. Why aren’t you here?”

“It’s complicated. Much like everything in Central City.” Again another sigh, “If he has a chance…you should have him call me…”

“I will.” Jesse nodded slowly.

“I have to go, but one more thing. Tell him Ronnie says hi.”

“I will…I’ll let him know.” Jesse said queitly as she hung up. Who was Ronnie? Who as this woman? Did she really want to know?

“What’s wrong?” She looked up at her father walking into the room.

“Dad…who’s this woman?” She held out the phone to him.

He took it and looked at you and Ronnie on the small screen. His mouth went dry as he gave it back, “Uh…she’s a friend. That’s her daughter.”

“Special friend?” Jesse watched him walk over to the desk she made up for him.

“You could say that.” He nodded not looking at her.

“Special enough that if I maybe called her and she asked to call her back you would…” He looked back at her now. Jesse smiled nervously, “Ronnie says hi…”

“Jesse…” he said in a low tone shaking his head, “What did you do?”

The Mirror on the Wall

A/N: More TAU. It is too easy to play with multiple dimensions and alternate realities in this universe. Also freaking out little human Dipper with an alter demon self is a little too much fun.

Of all the wallspace covered by dials and lights and tiny dark screens, this was the only expanse hidden under a tarp. Soos prodded at it, decided it probably wouldn’t get him into any trouble, and pulled. The old material slid to the floor amid a rising cloud of dust, revealing –

“Hey, doods, check it out!”

“A mirror?” Wendy came over and peered at her reflection. “Weird.”

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Author’s note:  First prooompt!! MakoHaru with 43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
Super excited because this is gonna be my first time writing this pairing huehuehue

Summary: One week before classes start Makoto visits Haru to hang out with him, only to find out that his boyfriend did something incredibly stupid. But apparently Haru doesn’t really see the problem when Makoto argues that this isn’t going to work so he has to resort to drastic measures. 

Luckily both Makoto and Haru didn’t have a lot of stuff so their move was fairly easy. Especially Haru since he didn’t have to drag books over to his new place while Makoto was stuck with all these new study books for college. It was pretty doable though and they had promised to help each other out so they would be done within a week.

Said week was now over and even though Makoto wanted to settle in for a bit, he couldn’t rid himself of wanting to see Haru as much as he could before classes started.

They had about one more week so they had to enjoy it to the fullest, right?

At least that was what Makoto thought when he rang the doorbell for the third time.

“Here we go again…” he mumbled with a small, affectionate smile and gripped the doorknob to open the door himself.

Except that when he pushed the door open, it got stuck. Makoto let out a small huff and pushed against it with his shoulder.

“Haru?” he called out but as per usual, Haru was probably underwater and couldn’t hear him. “Haru, your door won’t budge!”

Oh, wait it did. Makoto kept pushing, grunting under his breath as he did so, slowly managing to push the door open. It was as if there was something blocking it and that something was really heavy. For a minute he thought that Haru might have rocks in his living room, but even Haru was not that weird.

… Right?

After some fidgeting, a couple of mumbled curses and a lot of pushing, Makoto managed to create an opening for himself. He slipped into the living room and let out a surprised yelp to find at least thirty-something boxes. A particularly high pile was placed right in front of the door and Makoto half-wondered if Haru had done that on purpose, seeing that he wasn’t very fond of human contact.  

Right at that moment Haru came in, drying his hair with his signature white towel. “Makoto.”

“What is…” Makoto flapped his arms like a bird, not really succeeding in trying to point at the huge amount of boxes. “What is all of this?”

Blinking blankly, Haru looked around and his eyes fell on one random box near Makoto’s ankle. “They’re boxes.”

“Yes, but what’s in the boxes?”

“Mackerel.” Not even the slightest hint of hesitation.


“I bought a hundred kilos of mackerel.”


Makoto’s voice broke due to his screeching while Haru merely raised an eyebrow in response. “What? Going to the store every other day would be a pain in the ass. This way, I can focus on swimming without having to worry about grocery shopping for the next couple of months.”

Oh my god, you— Haru!” Makoto whined and covered his face with his hands, clawing at his hair. “You gotta return everything. All of it! You can’t just live on mackerel for the rest of your life!”

It was pointless to even argue about this. Not even Rei with his well-practiced protein speech, Rin with his you’re-a-dumbass-stop-it-line or Nagisa with his nuzzling could convince Haru that eating nothing else but mackerel was just plain bad. Haru was not every open-minded about this subject and it usually ended with Makoto having to drag Haru over to the store to buy some real food, but this time he was gonna have to take all these boxes, too.  

“I’ll be fine.”

Letting out a low sigh, Makoto decided that he was going to have to do things the hard way. He started taking some boxes from the huge pile that was blocking the door and put them on the floor so he could create a bigger opening.

“What’re you doing?”

“We’re gonna take all of these back. Well, okay, fine, you can keep one box, but…” Makoto smiled wryly and was about to take one of the boxes outside but Haru grabbed his wrist with a firm yet gentle grip, his eyes narrowed and mouth turned into a thin line. “Haru?”


Yeah, okay, Makoto hadn’t exactly expected Haru to start jumping up and down and helping him but this was ridiculous.

They did this awkward dance thing where Makoto casually tried to get out of Haru’s grip by taking some random steps but Haru would just follow him closely. To an outsider it would’ve looked somewhat comical and romantic while in reality it was just a silent battle between two stubborn guys. Haru wouldn’t let him reach the doorframe no matter what, his clear eyes shining with a hint of annoyance and defiance.

That glint of defiance sparked something inside Makoto’s chest. Was this some sort of game? Or was Haru simply mocking him?

Or both.

Haru was never the type to initiate these kinds of games, though, but Makoto just rolled with it.  

Placing the box back on the ground, he held up his hands in defeat and put on his usual gentle smile. “All right.”

He received a small nod in response and took the hand that was still holding his wrist. Haru let him as he grabbed both of his hands and intertwined their fingers, not stopping him when Makoto took a step forward to back him into the wall.

With a small kick, Makoto closed the door to not attract any bystanders and carefully pressed Haru against the cold surface, bringing their faces closer. Haru was more than happy about this, his lips parting ever so slightly as an invitation and looking up at him through his thick eyelashes. Their noses bumped, Makoto’s lips hovering over his, their breaths mingling and hands shaking in anticipation.

Neither of them moved for a second, merely looking into each other’s eyes as if to ask permission. Makoto smiled down at him and rubbed their noses together, squeezing his right hand before he let go so he could slide it down to his hip. It wasn’t uncommon to go under each other’s shirts during kissing so Haru leaned into his touch as the warm hand sneaked under his shirt and cupped his side.

Finally, their lips met in a short kiss, Haru sighing through his nose and tilting his head to one side to get better access and holding Makoto’s jaw with his now free hand—

Only to jerk back with a choked gasp.

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Llain II

Part I

When Niall was Niamh turned fourteen, it was one of the last times they would get along really well for almost three years. And it broke his heart those three years because all he wanted was his little princess to need him like she did all the time when she was little.

Niall took care of monsters, kissed scrapes, and gave her warm cuddles when she was cold. That’s all he wanted. But now she was too old for kisses and cuddles. Her monsters were no longer scary creatures that hid in her closet.

The only time she really needed Niall (aside from the times she wanted money or that cute purse that mom wouldn’t let her buy) was soccer help. It had been that way since the first day he taught her to kick a ball.

And when she turned fourteen Niall gave her his lucky shin guards. They were old, and a bit smelly, but she understood how important they were to her dad. And they were lucky. She wore them that very day and she made a life-saving play in her game. The next time, she carried the team in goals.

They were lucky.

Two years of luck and they were working wonders for her.

After games Niall would rush onto the field give her a kiss on the temple before she’d rush off to her boyfriend. Aiden Malik gave her a kiss that made Niall’s skin crawl and she looked so, so happy.

Niall was so upset he wasn’t his little girl anymore.

You and Niall were making plans for her graduation party in the next few months. Niall listened to everything you said as you continued planning. He was so sad. “Ni?” You asked softly.

“She’s growing up too fast, princess,” he said to you quietly. “She’s not my little princess anymore.”

“Yes she is, Niall,” you said gently. You got up and rubbed his shoulders while he looked at the table as if it was going to tell him how to get Niamh back. “She’s still our little girl…”

“She hates me,” he said knowingly. He twiddled his thumbs together enjoying the feel of your hands on his back.

“She doesn’t hate you, she just…she gets frustrated that you don’t want her to be a girl,” you smirked knowingly. Niamh was more of a mommy’s girl these days, so you were spoiled with her time. Poor Niall knew this. And you did feel awful he was heartbroken these days by his own flesh and blood.

“I don’t want her to be someone else’s girl,” he muttered sadly.

“She’ll always be your girl,” you promised him. “She’s yours,” you kissed his cheek.

He sighed. “She just wants Aiden,” he grumbled bitterly. He loved Zayn, obviously. But he was really upset his son stole his little girl’s time.

“You know, my love, you’re making me quite jealous of our daughter. You still have me,” you reminded him.

He bit his lip. “Yeah,” he mumbled. You glared at him. “I know, princess,” he whispered and cupped your cheeks he smiled at you happily. “You’ll always be my girl, right?” He asked.

You nodded. “Always, Niall-bear,” you swore. “You kiss really good.”

“Is that the only reason?” He wondered. You shook your head smiling down at him. You sat on his thigh and curled up to him and pressed your lips close to his as you gazed into his crystal blue eyes.

“I also like your downstairs department,” you winked at him.

He nipped at your lips. “Cheeky,” he whispered.

You smiled and kissed him again. “You are also really beautiful, caring, you’re such a wonderful husband and perfect father to our gorgeous children. Your voice is like velvet and I’m so glad I picked you,” you whispered and pressed your lips to his again. “I love you so much.”

He sighed with a dreamy smile. Well, if his little girl didn’t have time for him, he was glad he had you.

“I love you, so much, princess,” he whispered.


“Mum?” Niamh called. “Have you seen my shin guards?” She asked from the basement.

“No, I haven’t seen them sweetheart, look in your room and then we gotta go.”

“Mum, I can’t play without them,” she said and came running upstairs as she searched high and low for the old things.

The doorbell rang and Niall looking in the front closet for her shin guards opened the door for Aiden. “Hi Uncle Niall,” he said politely.

“Hi Aiden, where’s your dad?” He asked.

“He said he’d meet us at the school,” he shrugged. “I think he took mom to pick out flowers for Niamh because I’m shit at it.”

Niall chuckled. “You and me both,” he smirked. “Well, help look, we can’t find her shin guards,” he said.

He nodded and began his search and Niamh screamed after a few moments. “Mom!” She yelled loudly.

Niall went running and Zayn was following behind. Niamh was seated on the floor crying as she held the peeled and ruined shin guards. “I’m so stupid!” She screamed. “I left them in the rain, I’m such an idiot,” she sobbed as she held the broken sports gear like someone had died. You knelt down beside her and rubbed her back.

“You’ll just have to wear a different pair, sweetheart,” you kissed her forehead. “You’ll have to make them lucky on your own, you’re still the player that you’ve practiced to be, shin guards or no shin guards,” you promised her.

She wiped her face off and looked up at Niall sadly. “I’m sorry,” she whispered sadly.

Niall smirked and took them from her. “No worries, princess. You just go out and kick ass, yeah?” He told her.

She nodded and she tugged Aiden toward his car so he could drive her to her game.


As soon as she left he worked on fixing her shin guards…after struggling for a bit, he realized it wasn’t going to happen. So he started to pull them apart and figured if he couldn’t fix the broken ones, he’d remake them with the same pieces. Right before he left, he grabbed the super glue and broke apart a couple old plastic pieces off of a pair of shin guards to make the mold for her lucky ones. He just finished them when her game started.

Niall draped his arm around your back as the two of you sat in the stands. It was cold, but the two of you loved to watch her play. Niall cheered loudly for his mid-field princess. She ran her heart out and knew the game backwards and forwards. She could name plays and run drills and if she didn’t make it to a professional league, she certainly could coach it.

“What’s up with her?” Zayn asked quietly. “She’s playing differently,” he noted.

“She ruined her lucky shin guards,” you smirked. “She’s really bummed,” you said wrapping your arms around Niall’s waist as he shouted to the team. They all screamed, yelled, ran and worked hard for a long while. Niamh missed easy shots though and you could tell she felt like crying. She looked distraught and it made everyone nervous. Despite this Niall still cheered her on and Niamh would never openly admit it, but it kept her from completely losing it.

Aiden cheered out for her and she continued to play. She got marginally more into it, but it wasn’t her best game. She shouted to her teammates as they ran across the field. She wanted the ball. The game was tied zero to zero and the game was good but they really needed a goal.

She got the ball and she dribbled it up the field. The fans screamed, she passed the ball up and sprinted to catch up to the past that was coming right back for her.

She booted the ball hard and is sailed into the net just as a player from the other team slammed into her causing her to fall flat on her back. Everyone gasped and you could hardly breathe, you were so scared. Niall squeezed you tight waiting for Niamh to scream or yell or cry or anything. And then clear as day she did. “Daddy!” She cried, clear as day. She didn’t call for Mom, or for Aiden. She screamed for Niall.

Niall’s heart had never beat so fast in his life. He bolted down the steps of the stands and onto the field. He stopped right in front of her. She had a bloody nose, she was gasping for breath and her eyebrows were pinched together. “Daddy,” she whimpered again.

“I’m here, Princess. I’m here,” he said and knelt beside her. He didn’t touch her because he didn’t know what she hurt.

“It hurts,” she sobbed.

His heart broke for his perfect princess. “What hurts, baby girl?” he asked gently trying to keep calm. All he wanted to do is cry his heart out for his sweet baby.

“My head,” she sniffled.

He gently stroked his hands across her cheeks and then he leaned down to kiss her forehead. “I know, baby.”

“I couldn’t breathe,” she sobbed.

He grimaced. “You’re okay,” he said and he wiped the blood off her face as much as he could.

“Daddy, I need you,” she cried.

It was the first time she’d said it since she’d turned fourteen. Niall had never been so happy in his whole life to be needed by his princess again. “My princess Niamh, I’m right here.”

“Don’t leave me, Daddy,” she begged.

Niall wouldn’t let anyone pull him away from her no matter what. “No baby,” he promised. “I’m right here,” he swore.

She smiled weakly and he took hold of her tiny little hand and he smiled at her. Leaning down he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Nice goal, princess,” he said.

She smiled. “Thank you, Daddy.”


An ambulance came much to her embarrassment and even worse they put her neck in a collar. Niall rode with her in the ambulance and stayed with her as they checked her neck. Much like Niall, cat scans freaked her out. So when the doctors came to the waiting room saying how she was refusing to go in the machine and kept screaming for her dad; Niall sang to her. She relaxed a ton more. In a morbid kind of way, this was the best day of his life in the past few years with his daughter. He was needed by her and she kept asking for him constantly.

When she was moved into a room while they checked the results of her tests you arrived with Niall’s present for Niamh. You handed it to Niall and moved directly to Niamh, kissing her forehead and telling her how much you loved her, how proud you were, and that she did a great job, shin guards or no shin guards.

Niall walked over. “You did so well today, princess,” he said. “But I was so upset that you were sad over your shin guards so–” he handed them to her.

She started crying again and Niall was so scared he messed up…again. But then she smiled through her tears and Niall kissed her forehead. Within moments Niamh was told she could go home. Lucky shin guards pulling through again.

Niall carried her inside. She didn’t complain at all. In fact, she cuddled up to him, cuddling into his coat while he carried her inside. He settled down on the couch and kissed her forehead again. She was still sweaty but Niall couldn’t have cared if tried. All that mattered is that she was okay. A slight concussion, a few days rest, and she would be okay. Niall gently stroked her face and repeated the words the doctor said. “You need sleep princess, I’ll watch you,” he murmured and kissed her temple. You tried to pull the shin guards from her grip but she whined.

“No! Daddy gave them to me,” she mumbled clutching to them like they were a teddy bear.

Niall sighed softly with a smile. “I’m here,” he repeated wrangling the gear from her and passing it off to you. You kissed her forehead and stroked her cheeks. She snuggled into his chest. He didn’t know what their relationship would be tomorrow.

But right now she was his little princess. His soccer star. His little angel, and she needed him.

So he was there.

anonymous asked:

sorry for the random question, ive been asking around in the fandom and no one really has an answer and as a fellow louis girl im hoping you might. do you know if louis ever uses his head voice/falsetto when singing? i dont think ive ever heard it. also where do you think he ranks among the others as far as vocal ranges go?

please please don’t apologizing for asking questions! I love answering :)

get comfy love. I could talk about Louis’ voice for a year

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