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Can you write write a Carl X reader were they have been friends way before the apocalypse started and over he starts to develop feelings for you and you two always sneak out of Alexandria to talk and one night right before he confess his feelings for you they get caught by Dwight and you can decide were it goes from there

Hii! I’m not even kidding when I say I’m in love with your blog, I love your writing so much 💞 Can I request a Carl smut where he’s like really sweet but when he finally gets you alone it turns out to be rough/dom sex? Tysm in advance 💞💞

I hope you like it! 💕

Just like every night since you had arrived to Alexandria, Carl and you sneaked out of the community to gaze at the stars and talk about your day. You had met Carl before the outbreak, and he had always been your best friend. He was sweet and kind, so you often wondered if your feelings for him were of just friends.

“Listen, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you”, he said as he fixed his eye on you.

“What is it?”, you asked with a slight frown on your face; he had taken a serious tone instead of the usual playful tone he used when he was with you.

“It’s been going on for a couple of years now, but lately I’ve had these—”, he stopped talking when the both of you heard a noise.

“What was that?”, you asked warily in a whisper. Carl hushed you and took his gun out of his holster.

You took a step back, staying behind him; being out of the community at night was scary enough, but now you knew you weren’t alone.

Someone came out from behind the trees and pointed a weapon at you. The light that fell over you through the trees wasn’t bright enough to let you recognise his face. At first sight, you would’ve thought it was a walker, one side of his face was disfigured and the skin was terribly damaged.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”, Carl asked him violently. “Negan sent you?”

Then you realised it was Dwight; he was pointing the stolen crossbow at you, and you felt your hands slightly shaking.  

“Daryl’s gone”, he said. “We’re looking for him.”

“You lost him?”, Carl arched his one eyebrow. Dwight kept a neutral expression on his face and answered:

“He escaped.”

“Well, he’s not here”, Carl told him sternly. “Do you think he’d be stupid enough to come back here after escaping?”

“I don’t know”, Dwight shrugged and tightened his grip on the crossbow.

“Daryl’s not here”, he said once again. “Now get the fuck out of there.”

You felt your heart pounding, and you turned to look at Carl. His voice was as firm as his hand was while pointing his gun at Dwight. He looked so strong, standing in front of you with one eye set on Dwight and the other one under the bandage that reminded you that he had survived a bullet to the face. 

“Whatever”, Dwight said and started walking away. “We’ll be back.”

Carl didn’t drop the gun until Dwight was out of sight. He finally lowered his arm and turned around to look at you.

“That asshole”, he muttered and shook his head, but he found that you didn’t share his angry expression, instead, you were smirking at him. “What?”

“You’re a badass”, you said in an alluring voice. Carl grinned back at you.

“I’m surprised it took you that long to figure it out”, he told you as he slightly leaned closer to you. You bit your lower lip as you set your eyes on his. “Now let’s get back inside.”

“Okay”, you walked right behind him.

You went to your house, which you shared with Carl and his family. You went upstairs and headed towards your bedroom, but Carl grasped your arm.

“No, no”, he murmured in your ear. “This way.”

He pulled you towards his room and closed to door, putting the lock on.

“Take off your clothes”, he said suddenly.

“Wow, just like that?”, you asked in a joking tone, but you noticed he was dead serious. He raised his eyebrow and gave you a grin.

You felt more turned on by him with each passing second, so you wanted to do as he said. You took off your shirt and his eye immediately fell to your torso. You unbuttoned your pants and pulled them off, shaking your hips so they could fall to the floor. He bit his lip as he took his stare to your uncovered legs.

“Get on the bed”, he commanded. You climbed on the bed and laid on your back, waiting for him to get on top of you, but that didn’t happen. He stood right in front of the bed, looking down at you.

Carl grabbed your ankles and pulled you closer to him. You gasp as he dragged you.

“Just like I imagined”, he murmured and licked his lips. You arched an eyebrow and chuckled.

“You’ve imagined me naked?”, you asked him. He chuckled as well, but it was a darker laugh.

“Baby, you have no idea.”
You felt a warmth between your legs as you saw how he was looking at you, so possessively.

“Get on your hands and knees”, he said, and you obeyed. You wanted to see what he was planning on doing, and you enjoyed how he bossed you.

He was still at the foot of the bed, so your face was directly in front of his groin. He reached for his jeans button, unfastened it and pulled down the zipper.

Carl pulled his jeans down and you could see his hard member through his underwear. He finally pulled his boxers down and exposed his shaft to you.

“Come on, open wide”, he said and pressed the tip against your lips. He wanted you badly, so he grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled your head towards him, guiding your mouth to his dick.

The tip of his cock smacked your lips, wetting them with a bit of pre-cum. You licked you lips and opened your mouth, and he entered.

You felt him sliding his dick inside of your mouth, touching your lips and the inside of your left cheek. He kept holding your hair inside his hand, keeping you steady as he thrusted into your mouth.

A moan came out of his throat sharply, and you felt a sparkling rush building in your stomach, making you wet and telling you that you needed Carl inside you.

He came inside your mouth, biting his tongue to keep himself from moaning loudly, because he didn’t want to wake anyone. He panted as he felt his release filling your mouth. You gazed up at him, using only your eyes to ask him what you should do next, and he only gave you a knowing look, all you needed to swallow the warm liquid that he had left in your mouth.

Carl crouched a little to meet your face, and he wiped the remains of his release off the corners of your lips. His touch was soft, but you could still see the dark look in his eye.

He pushed you back to the bed and you laid on your back, he climbed on top of you as he took his flannel off and then his shirt.

You reached out to touch his chest, it was smooth and had only a few hairs growing on it. Before you could keep passing your hands down his body, he grabbed them and pinned you down to the bed. He lowered his face to yours and kissed you roughly. You can feel him breathing and delving his tongue into your mouth.

You bucked your hips, but Carl pushed you back down with a hand on your stomach. He pulled away from the kiss and lifted himself up, getting on his knees. He pushed your legs apart with his knees and placed himself between them.

He ran his face down your chest, grazing your skin with his nose, and teased your nipples with his lips, which made you moan softly and squirm under his body. He kept going lower, he took a finger to your clit and patted it softly, you closed your eyes and groaned as he did, but he took a hand to your mouth and covered it.

“Shh, baby”, he whispered in your ear. “We don’t anyone hear you scream, do we?”

You shook your head repeatedly, and he took his hand off your mouth.

Carl suddenly grabbed you by the waist and flipped you over in one quick movement. You gasped but covered your mouth immediately. He grabbed your hips and pushed your ass up to him, pressing his hard member to your ass.

He pulled you back to him, lifting your ass until he could see your pussy, wet as he expected it to be. He didn’t wait another second before burying himself inside you and thrusting rapidly.

You bit your lips to keep yourself from screaming and moaning his name, but he was going so hard on you that you couldn’t help it. You buried your face on the pillow, screaming into it as your mouth wetted the cool cotton.  

Carl kept his hands on your hips, keeping you steady and sinking his nails into your skin as he fucked you roughly. Your toes curled and your hands sank into the bed.
You felt how his pace quickened, but then it became slower as both of you came.

You panted with your face still buried on the pillow. Carl gave you a light spank and laid next to you on the bed. He turn his head to the side, and you saw him. Sweat on his forehead and his dark hair sticking to his face.

His blue eye was fixed on you, watching you breathing heavily and barely being able to keep your eyes open.

“What did you want to tell me?”, you asked him in a weak voice. He chuckled and swallowed hard, his throat was dry.

“That I’ve had feelings for you”, he answered with a shy smile. You moved closer to him, and he wrapped an arm around you, he placed his head above yours as you sank your face in the crook of his neck.

“Yeah”, you chuckled as well. “Me too.”


Tbh it’s not a brilliant performance but there’s so much love and sensuality between them you can’t breathe.
Please note:
Carl’s left hand at 3:05 and rings on the right one
Peter’s socks
Carl with hat
Peter using the guitar as a mirror

We’ll be doing a series of EPs. We’d love to do an LP, but in terms of the turn-around we’ve got to get out on the road, keep new music coming, and it keeps us in a space of writing and playing so we don’t have to separate the two. Rather than go through the cycle, it’s better to have everything where we’re always playing gigs, we’re always making videos, we’re always writing. It keeps it interesting and it plays into the short attention span of the world at the moment, and I’ve always had a short attention span as well.
—  Carl about the Jackals doing new stuff, the NME

Carl Craig - Suspiria (Susie Banion mix) (1991)