... and a house

best parts of the we got exorcisms video:

  • shane: *looks into the camera, shakes head*
  • “i do not call them names, that’s a lie”
  • cut to: ryan in the sallie house calling the demon a motherfucker
  • “you should be dead, long gone” (shane and ryan laugh)
  • “i’m demon-proof we all know that” “you’re not demon-proof” “i’m demon-proof babyyy”
  • “originally I went into this hoping to learn what the rite of exorcism is… but now I just kinda hope I don’t die.”
  • shane still has his tea when an exorcism is about to be conducted
  • ryan put his hand on shane’s shoulder
  • shane’s eyes rolled into the back of his head the second father carlos put his hand on his head? demon shane confirmed
  • bekki thinks shane might be a demon, demon shane confirmed x2
  • “i wanted him to really peer into my peepers and see what kinda devils i got”
  • “ryan’s was funny because you could see stressed-out ryan tense up the entire time”
  • *intense staring* “amen” (shane and ryan get startled)

_MG_7549_50_51.jpg by Ece Erduran Sezgin

Dana Gerhardt talks about the 2nd House being reinforcement of the personality of the 1st. We seek personal possessions(2nd House) that communicate something integral about our personality(1st House). People that don’t have a strong self-esteem try to fill that void with meaningless crap like money or status items. Your belongings are a reflection of you, and this is the reason why you can walk into someone’s home and immediately feel like it’s “them”. What do your belongings say about you?

  • Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in the 5th: This rollercoaster is fun. It's fast. This is fun. Wait, it's going a bit faster, wait this is really fast, okay okay i get it now stop, slow down, where are we going? i can't see! it's going so fast i don't know where I am, I can't stop this, why am i wet? where is this? this is a rollercoaster.. i want to get off... i want to get off...

my dad is a gemini and mercury in gemini with a scorpio moon and he is very smart he knows everything about being a chef, birds, how bush did everything, and sharks. he has uranus in the 5th house he can hardly read or write only got to year 8 at school but you dont have to have those things to be a creative genius, he can make a paradise with his plants 

jimi hendrix, grace kelly, bob dylan, shakespeare, cate blanchett, gordon ramsay, and albert camus are some notable people with uranus in the 5th

Sixth house;

In the 5th house, the joyous encounter with our inner star was celebrated with luxurious parties, theatrical performances and fantastic displays of talent and brilliance. Having spent so many nights enjoying a greater, happier aspect of being alive, we wake up to find that our home is dusty and messy. Champagne glasses pile up, waiting to be cleaned. Candles are still burning in their holders. There are food and wine stains in the tapestries, and the garden needs tending to.

This is where some of us come after having suffered some disillusionment: the world is not as fun as we’d like it to be. First of all, we’re bound to a physical body’s limitations, one that needs care, attention and affection, otherwise it’ll eventually fall to illness and eventually fester and putrefy. The sixth house is related to health in its most holistic sense, once we consider that one’s physical health depends on one’s state of mind. After all, if we’re able to find harmony within and be at peace with the personality we found in the 5th house, we’re extremely likely to take good care of ourselves and treat our bodies with responsibility and respect. This is also why this house is associated more specifically to nutrition and hygiene.

The opposition between the 6th and 12th houses also leads to an interesting fact: the 6th house is where we find mundane activities that may complement and solve part of our karma. This can be attained mainly through the 6th house’s association to the way we service others while expecting nothing in return. The 6th house not only represents everyday activities we must perform because someone has to do them, but it also symbolizes that when we do them charitably, focusing on healing ourselves and others, we readjust our karma and purify ourselves.

The 6th allows our outstanding 5th house personality to revaluate itself, so that it notices how it can be useful in this world. Because we have already found that we are especial and worthy of admiration in the 5th house, we’re able to work in the 6th house with courteousness and respectfulness, and this is why this house describes how we work in groups towards a common goal, thus ruling over how we deal with our work environment, self-discipline, submissive roles and coworkers. The sixth house is where we find that living on Earth, under Mother Nature’s rules, is no joke; we develop a profound respect for all natural things of this planet, especially when we notice how useful and valuable we can be, and this is also why this house is associated with our attitudes towards animals and the natural world.

Sun in the 6th house: a wise noble kneels in front of their people, vowing to a life of service; the crown reflects modest sheets of divine sunlight. This is someone who feels closer and closer to their true purpose as they put themselves into other people’s service. Being useful, distributing knowledge, arranging, organizing and taking care of others is what ignites this placement’s true light. Those with this placement are likely to stand out in their workplace because of their attitudes towards coworkers and the work itself. This Sun benefits a lot from healthy habits and a stable, reliable routine, and this is also a symbol for an incredible respect towards nature and life’s subtle, amazing details. As the 6th house is the house of alchemy, it is likely that the features of the Sun sign improve remarkably over time, as the individual learns with their own experience.

Moon in the 6th house: a devoted nurse feels their patient calmy leave this world, as the life in their hands quietly vanishes to somewhere unknown; the air seems enchanted with the natural grace of an everyday miracle. The individual’s ability to protect and nourish themselves and others is more evidently expressed through the service they pay for others and through their care towards mundane matters. A symbol for an outstanding ability to heal other people’s bodies and minds, this Moon likes to keep stable routines from which she can quietly control her entire life structure while keeping her feelings in harmony. There’s a strong emotional attachment to the concept of being perfect and maybe pure or holy that may permeate this Moon’s inclination to heal and solve other people’s problems.

Mercury in the 6th house: a professor helps one of their students, calmly explaining concepts as they draw on a blackboard, revealing fantastical truths of a mundane knowledge. Here, the individual is useful and convenient through the service of their intellectual and mental faculties, which are sharp and refined. People with this placement are usually technical perfectionists because of their eye for details that are often neglected by others. Their communicative abilities are best when they’re used to enlighten other people or absorb knowledge that might be useful for their own selves. Their minds are usually focused on everything that may make people’s days better, improving everything they set themselves to do. This placement also suggests a mental interest in health topics and teaching professions.

Venus in the 6th house: a figure wakes up before dawn, cleaning and organizing the house so that it can be perfect for the evening reception. Sweet and caring, Venus here demonstrates her affection by fixing people’s lives in the smallest details. People with this placement usually like taking care of their health, body and mind, and they’ll often extend this care to those around them. There’s a notable interest in serving others and improving their lives for the better with one’s kindness and knowledge. This is someone who can be seen happily cooking for their partner, solving their problems in secret and a conflict-dissolving presence in the work place. Venus here is also a master of understanding how the world works through a deep analysis of natural laws, producing a humble but extremely rich knowledge on what makes people tick. This is because Venus here is extremely introspective and quite analytical of her own self, as she desires to reflect nature’s perfect and pure structure.

Mars in the 6th house: an honourable warrior returns to their kingdom, bringing with them all sorts of unimaginable treasures discovered in their perilous quest. People with this placement experience excitement and a rush of pioneering energy when they’re into other people’s service. They’re competitive in their workplace and they usually don’t work as submissively as other 6th house placements do. This is a symbol of passion for solving other people’s problems and also improving their life in some way, while also drawing attention to the fields of health and therapies.

Jupiter in the 6th house: a farmer quietly works on their lands; the Sun rises slowly from distant mountains, distributing strings of gold as he rises. The wind blows; birds play cheerfully in the air. The great benefic favours hard-working attitudes here. The personality is usually quite introspective without losing its brilliance, producing a wise and generous individual who’s much interested in improving the world and helping people. Jupiter here feels great when dealing with mundane, everyday activities, and his teachings reveal a secret knowledge with spiritual implications. There is a magical wisdom in every completed quotidian task.

Saturn in the 6th house: an artisan works patiently with their products, painting careful details to their work of art; behind them, lay a dozen discarded imperfect attempts. People with this placement have a strong sense of what perfection looks like, and they always feel like they’re bound for doing their best, whatever it takes. There’s always something to improve here, so the individual may feel restless and never content with their own performance. Because this is the house of internal harmony, disharmonic and criticizing thoughts are heavily punished by Saturn’s presence, manifesting as health problems, limitations surrounding the work environment and one’s ability to work in groups. A symbol of an overthinker, Saturn here emphasizes the need for rebuilding one’s own sense of reality and self-worth, while also highlighting the importance of charitable activities, maintaining a healthy body and purifying the mind’s depreciating thoughts.

Uranus in the 6th house: a sudden storm rages during the night, fustigating trees and sending loose things in the air; in the morning, everything’s strangely out of place. Uranus here has some trouble working with his peers. The individual born under this placement deals very differently with all 6th house affairs, so they may struggle maintaining a predictable routine or habits. Uranus propagates divine, inconvenient messages of how work should be done, defying traditions while trying to show how simple things can be handled with changes here and there. The individual surely has an unusual way of serving others and can be rather rebellious whenever they find themselves in submissive positions.

Neptune in the 6th house: a vaporous figure prays passionately by an altar, so that all worldly pain and suffering can be soothed. Neptune is here dissolving the 6th house’s clear limits and boundaries. The individual, then, becomes highly aware of other people’s problems, and may have some trouble when establishing limits between them and others in this aspect. This is generally someone who’d die to solve other people’s problems, but they usually lack the 6th house’s typical discipline for doing so in a safe way, and so they may engage in sacrificial attitudes to fulfill loving fantasies of saving all people from disgrace and loss. Neptune here favours services that improve other people’s mental and spiritual conditions. Mundane activities are typically regarded as tiring, boring or highly infused with beautiful fantasies of a dreamy world.

Pluto in the 6th house: a dark wizard mutters ancient words, casting a forbidden healing spell. Pluto here indicates a strong and introspective personality that tends to overanalyze itself and others. Problems and health issues are carefully and fearlessly dissected, and so the individual usually develops a passionate obsession towards their duties and work. People with this placement stand out for the power that seems to emanate from their knowledge, and the Soul deeply desires to help others with its unique abilities and powerful way of dealing with the world. Those who seek the help of people with this placement often feel like they’ve been through a surgery and that the root of their problem has been violently attacked or even removed, and they’ll never be the same again, leaving us at a state of wonder: how did they came to be so powerful?

Detail: Edmund Leighton, “The King and the Beggar-maid”; 1898.