Stop coming to our inboxes with one time occurrences. Look at context, motives, narratives, actual live quotes, for God’s sake. Don’t say they never lie because H said they never were a band who had to lie about having girlfriends. See that it was on LIVE fucking TV while Louis scraped a dent into his palm, sitting with his jaw set and Liam looked at him with worry. Don’t say Harry said this and that which then proves he’s straight. Look at where, how, what was before, what was after and how did the other bandmates react when he said it because it’s all there. For God’s sake it’s all there.

And same with Louis. Both of them are shouting ir from the rooftops.

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You know, I kinda agree with that anon. there are so many other artists that possess better artistic quality than you or mana. Your "arts" really don't deserve the attention it gets. From either of you. They aren't even clever! You both got the lucky and rather unfair cut that many other users miss when they start on tumblr, which is one of the site's biggest flaws, but you really don't deserve it! you shouldn't be one of the higher artists of any fandom! it's just not fair to anyone..


You’re absolutely right…shit..this is a fucking horrible website.

I’m just about done. I thought I closed anons..

“Hồi nhỏ tôi nghe bài phúc âm đó. Đúng một năm sau tôi nghe lại. Đúng một năm sau nữa lại nghe lại. Lúc đâu thì nghĩ ôi cha, mới đó mà đã một năm rồi. Sau dần thì đâm ra chán ghét. Trên đời này có nhiều loại người, có loại người nghe đi nghe lại thì ngộ ra chân lí, còn loại khác-như tôi chẳng hạn-thì hết hi vọng rồi, càng nghe càng chán, càng thấy cuộc đời thật mệt mỏi niềm tin…”

name trade with @ask-fish! Sea lantern. I inspired myself from two pokemons 

hOLY HONEY HOW THE HECK DID I DO THAT!!! I don’t even know how but I hope I could do that again ;w;