.. wait what was i saying

You know what would have made me think all this MIGHT be real?

Rewind back to July and not break the news.  Wait until Louis’ baby mama (because we shouldn’t really know her name by this point) is past the first trimester, and release a statement via rep saying Louis has gotten a woman, Briana, pregnant.  Maybe even go as far back to us never having seen her clubbing with Louis…

Then, when someone asks him about it at GMA have Louis not look like someone just kicked him in the balls, but look happy that he’s going to be a dad.  Because if Louis really were going to be a father he would be so happy!

Then, maybe he mentions how he’s looking forward to meeting his baby during the break whenever he is asked what his plans for the break are.  

Also, we never find out anything else about the baby mama because she really truly is a private person and wants nothing to do with the spotlight.

Then, we’ll get a rep statement announcing the birth of the baby, stating the name, weight, and how they’re happy and healthy and what not.  Then Louis can post his picture of his son on IG.  Louis’ family, friends, and band mates all congratulate him via social media.

And that’s it.  Louis is MIA because he’s spending as much time as possible with his son.  Maybe he gets seen at a grocery store, with bags under his eyes, because he’s hardly gotten any sleep due to spending all this time with the baby, who knows.  

But that’s it.  We don’t need Update Accounts or Family members confirming the birth before we hear it from the rep.  We don’t need a birth certificate.  We don’t need pap pictures every single day for a week, not to mention pap pics of Louis with the hospital wristband.

If things would have played out this way then MAYBE I would be convinced he really is a father and be happy for him.  But none of it has played out this way and I’m not a fucking idiot.


  • hmmmm…is this monster of the week ripping hearts out….or giving a very aggressive handshake. deadly poor depth perception wait wait kiss curse where people die???? 
  • dean if you gotta be weird with amara then I MEAN…… 
  • finally dean…..u did it….u won rock paper scissors….always believed in u….. 
  • someone should write a fic where instead of it being amara it’s cas and the thing says that it’s obvious or smth 
  • dean is totally manipulated dang even he knows–i do appreciate that sam was like “what did you think i would judge you???”

SO I WON’T LIE the PREVIEW for the next ep got me WAY MORE PUMPED than this whole ep kinda did so??? honestly right now i am in it to win it with casifer

Masquerade trouble Page 15

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First of all thanks for waiting these past weeks were hard i was really busy drawing like crazy for a upcoming convention here in my country is in 2 days hhhh  i’m still busy but i wanted to finish this :3! with mistakes but if i take more time cleaning and adding the correct colors i’ll probably get tired of the comic and i don’t want that of course. After Saturday i think i will be more free, wish me luck!!!!!!

Have a nice day/night ;)


I swear this is gonna be my last rant, but I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. We alwwaaaaays want to find the answers immediately but life doesn’t work like that. This is war, like a real life chess game with real people. We don’t know the WHY’s.

EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we did not understand the who does what or the motives in this stunt, with a little bit of ‘anon’ help or HL’s clues it got clear. All we had to do was to wait. Waiting sucks. Very much. I know. But we can’t do anything else.

And every.single.time we looked back, in retrospect all we saw was Louis and Harry being so fucking smart, so allow me to keep this belief and trump it with a belief that Louis would never ever sign an official document unless that is part of the exposé and definitely agreed by HIM and NT.

If that is how they are gonna burn Simon then I’m all in. If it is part of a different plan then I’m all in. I mean LMAO the moral limits have been crossed months ago so just expect the unexpected but trust HL because they never gave you the reason not to.

BTS Reaction you (GF) calling them sexy

EXO OT12 Version by Admin Mocha

lbr I’d never have the courage to say this to anYONE

- Admin Audrey

Jin (ignore the fact that he’s eating food): Seokjin would be so delighted to hear this, especially because his fellow members always tease him about his self-confidence. “I am, right? I’m super sexy!” he’d agree, not even hesitating to jump onboard with you. He would keep fishing for compliments, an expectant happy expression his face as he waits for more praise to come from you. “What else am I? I’m super handsome, right? I’m the most handsome one! If I asked the mirror in Snow White, they’d definitely say my name!”

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Suga: Yoongi would burst out laughing at your compliment, finding it hilarious that of all people, you called him sexy, even after you had grown to know all sides of him. He would start clapping and shaking his head, still laughing uncontrollably at how funny it is. “Me? Sexy?” he repeats when he has started to calm down, but it would just kick-off a whole new round of laughter and gummy smiles as he plays with the idea of him being sexy.

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J-Hope (yELLS): Hoseok would have his rapper persona on in a second and would be shooting you various eyebrow-raising expressions and everything he knew would force his way up fangirls’ bias-lists. This would be his way of teasing you tortuously while laughing on the inside at how frustrated you seemed to be, yet laughing at his silliness. He would turn 360 degrees and revert back to the screaming angel we all know, framing your face and shouting a loud, “Thank you, (Y/N)!” and leaning in to kiss you.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would be watching the MV on his computer when you appear behind him and slyly whisper in his ear, “Oh, so sexy!” He would be a little shocked then start laughing embarrassingly, not expecting such praise at this point in time. He would turn around and try to act sexy then, letting his face straighten and deepening his voice as he starts to say suggestive comments - but he fails, stumbling on his words and forced to listen to you laugh at his attempts. He wouldn’t mind, though, also finding it funny.

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Jimin: Jimin would be a little startled by the sudden compliment, but he’d feel very prideful and his self-confidence would be boosted by a hundred times over. He would lift his head dramatically, letting his piercing gaze strike you and make your heart run wild, but he’d burst out into laughter uncontrollably all of a sudden. His sexy attitude would turn into one of aegyo (despite him protesting against the whole ‘aegyo’ idea) as he buries his head in your hair and whines: “Ahh, I’m not cut out for this!”

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V: Taehyung would play along coolly, succeeding a lot better than the three dorks above him (hahah I love all of them). He would do so well that you’d be driven to the point of uncomfortableness and second-hand embarrassment as he continues to gaze at you with bright eyes and a thumb running across his lower lip, slow decisive movements that left you on edge and wishing you hadn’t complimented him so! “Stop stop - stop!” you say, laughing.

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Jungkook: The maknae would be confident hearing it from his fellow members or saying it himself, but in front of someone he loves he would become so embarrassed and unable to control his childish side as he starts letting out a constant: “aaaaaaa!” at your comment on his photoshoot. He would freak out and become abashed and flushed in the face at the thought that he was ‘sexy’.

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HYYH pt.1 Thanks To - JUNG KOOK

I want to say thank you to those who has helped with this album.

And my beloved mother, father! I’ve been receiving so many things. 
I will give back more than I have received. 
Please wait until then! 

Hyung is having a hard time in the military, right. You need to start thinking about what you are going to do k 

And ARMY!!! Honestly, the only thing I could show you is my dancing and singing but thank you so much for waiting and liking me. I will really do my best! 

Bangtan let’s love! 


14 Days of Olicity

Day 11 – The website

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“Why is the nursery still not set up?”


“Why is the nursery still not set up?”



“Sorry. What did you just say?”

“I said… Wait, what are you doing with my tablet? O my god, you destroyed it, right? You destroyed it and now you are trying to fix it which of course you can’t do, so you’re just destroying it even more and now my baby is useless and- O my god, I feel like I am having a panic attack. Am I-?”

“Felicity, I didn’t destroy your tablet.”

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Solitude, snow, and secrets! After three years of development, Solstice is officially out!

If you’ve been following our social media, you know it wasn’t only a very long road, but a bumpy one as well. Still, looking back at the game, I gotta say we’re quite proud of what we’ve accomplished. 

Solstice represents a lot of our ideas on how games should be made with respect to character and world building, diversity, and player choices. It’s a story about things that are important to us and we simply can’t wait to see what the world thinks of it!

So please, check our website if story-centric games are your thing. There’s a free demo available, and we’ve also prepared some cool special editions, including limited one with physical merch. We also always appreciate every bit of help with spreading the word!

Have fun, and thanks for being with us this whole time! :)


I know the spoilers we received are …. not the best that we would want to hear but let’s not panic before we see the actual episode, kk? 

I’ve read more than one review stating this episode has a ‘hopeful’ feel to it and I think there are a lot of complexities getting lost in translation from screen to spoiler paper. So let’s try to take a breath and wait for it to actually play out on Sunday. I just think it may seem worse on paper than what turns out to be the context within the show. 

I’m not saying you don’t have a right to your feelings, whatever they may be, but for myself, I am going to give the episode a chance to speak for itself in its entirety before I come to any hard conclusions. As always, you can ignore me if you so choose but my advice is to just wait for Sunday to see it all properly.

In the meantime, (so this post isn’t a total waste of your time), let’s watch Daryl and Carol check each other out again, y/y?  That’s always fun. :P

                                                      First Carol:

                                                      Now Daryl:

Interview | jb | (Requested)

I was currently backstage on The Ellen Show waiting for my cue to appear from behind the curtains. My stomach was doing flips and I already forgot what I was going to say.

“You’ll be fine babe, it’s not that scary.” Justin reassures me.

I nod, still not being able to form words.

“Alright you see this?” He points to a monitor that broadcasts everything from the stage. “We’ll be watching from back here.”

Honestly, it would’ve been easier if JUST Justin had came to watch but I’ve been lucky enough to get the whole crew.

“Relax y/n and take some deep breaths.” Kendall informs me.

“The energy from the crowd and Ellen herself will put you in a better mood when you’re out there I promise.” Za says and puts a hand on my shoulder, only to get it slapped away by Justin.

“Y/n! You’re on in 15 seconds.” The stage manager calls and I say my goodbyes and quickly run to the edge of the curtain, ready to make my first t.v. appearance.

I hear Ellen say my name followed by and applause and I walk out, putting on a big smile and waving at the audience.

After I take a seat the clapping simmers down and I take a breath, ready for Ellen to start us up.

-Justin’s Pov-

“So! You’ve obviously been everywhere lately from Paris to Bora Bora to Cincinnati. But most of all, you’ve been all over social media.” Ellen asks and y/n nods her head for her to continue.

“Awe she’s so flustered, that’s the cutest thing.” Kylie gushes and Kendall and I laugh.

I swear to god she has this girl crush thing on my girlfriend.

“How’s all it been dealing with all the attention and fame?” Ellen asks.

I watch y/n take a breath and I take one myself.

I’ve asked her this before but she’s never given me a straight answer.

“It’s been hard, that’s for sure. There’s been times I think about what people are saying and let it get to my head. Obviously I’ve had negative thoughts but I’ve also had the most positive people bring me back up after I fall. Especially Justin of course. I mean all you have to do is be in the same room as him and you can practically just feel the positive vibes…You think of how he’s picked himself up from such a low fall and you think, well if he can do it, I can too. So overall, the media hasn’t been too kind to me but I’m getting by because of some of the best people in my life and that’s really all the matters to me.”

I can’t help but smile in admiration. The way she spoke the words so gracefully and how the look in her eyes showed how honest she was, how could anyone not smile?

“Bruh?” Khalil starts and I him in response. “You better keep this girl.”

“We’ve been sent a bunch of pictures of you two being all lovely dovey in public.” Ellen starts again after praising y/n for her previous response.

A collage of photos of us holding hands and kissing in public showed on the screen and y/n laughed in embarrassment, her cheeks burning.

“I also like these of you guys being especially handsy in public.”

The screen showed two pictures of us on the beach entangled in each other and the crew starts laughing.

Y/n puts her hands over her face in attempt to hide her embarrassment and even more red face.

Kylie takes out her phone and tries to take a picture of my reaction and I just stand there, half admiring the girl I’m lucky enough to love, half still shocked at the pictures.

“Dude this is gold.” The crew laughs again.

“I didn’t know you two had it like that.” Kendall comments nudging me.

“Yo I didn’t know y/n was even like that.” Khalil adds.

I ignore them and focus on the rest of my girl’s interview.


I suck at writing endings I already know but sorry about that.


By the way, here’s what the Youtube version of the video says because I just noticed this and did a double take:

“Manboy, born of brawn and musk, has vowed to turn the city of Townsville into the city of Mansville, a place where men are men and boys are men, but not if The Powerpuff Girls have anything to do with it. Can super-powered sisters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup save the day?”

…didn’t I predict that they were going to try to aggressively push the gender themes for this show? Didn’t I say that they were going to claim that this was super ultra feminist and for girls and not for boys? Isn’t it just, mmmmmm, sliiiiiightly ironic to bring back all your male actors, foist out your female actresses, and then have your first episode be about some villain who attempts to make all of Townsville manly?

oh no.

oh hellllllll no.

why do y’all follow me ?

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I met this guy. We talked and laughed for no more than ten minutes, and it's so silly, but we shook hands, and I thought, "this is the man I'm going to marry." But college is so much more important to me than a relationship right now, and who really wants to wait two years for someone if it comes to it? Obviously, it wouldn't be meant to be if it doesn't work out, but for tonight my heart is so soft, feathers in my ribs, and I don't really know what to do? But I'm happy and needed to tell it xx

Want to hear a story?

My uncle Bill and aunt Kara are two of the kindest, softest people I’ve ever met. They’ve been married for–I want to say at least thirty years now. They actually wound up meeting in a bar [I think; there’s a possibility I remembered that part of the story wrong].

And the minute my uncle saw Kara he thought, “I’m going to marry this woman.”

And then of course he was like ????? what oh my god that’s ridiculous she’s a total stranger, no I’m not???

But he did. They have three kids and a beautiful house and they’re so happy.

I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen, because who knows, you know?
I’m just saying–sometimes love happens in incredible, unbelievable ways.

No matter what happens, I’m happy you got to feel so warm, today. <3

CARYL Explosions

Sanja: “Did I tell you that Daryl gets to use that rocket launcher thing to save the day…”

Grandmaman: “So what you are saying is that its his turn to pull a Carol…”

Sanja: “Yep. I guess so.”

Grandmaman: “I wonder where he would have learned how to use the thing…Wasn’t Merle in the military?”

Sanja: “Yeah but i hardly think they let a guy like Merle take rocket launchers home…”

Grandmaman: “Shush, Merle could have been like Daryl if he had found his Carol in time…wait…That’s it!
Carol showed Daryl how to use it…Yep.”

Sanja: “And how would she even know…”

Grandmaman: “She used fireworks at that other place. It’s probably kind of the same thing.
Let’s be honest here - those shooting lessons in the woods were not for her. She was obviously teaching him something back there!
*waggles eyebrows suggestively*
Explosions come in many different forms…”

Sanja: “I hate you so much right now”

*cue maniacal laughing*
*someone save me - my face is on fire*

BTS Discussion Pt.2
  • Taehyung:People say 'You are what you eat,' I ate a hamburger yesterday, does that mean I'm a hamburger?
  • Jungkook:Well, I ate some chips yesterday, that makes me some chips!
  • Jimin:I had chicken nuggets, I guess I'm chicken nuggets.
  • Namjoon:I see we are now 'McBangtan' -_-
  • Hoseok:Omg! I ate a horse yesterday!
  • Suga:Wait, but if you are a horse why did you eat your kind?
  • Jin:Oh my gosh, Yoongi, you can't just ask why people eat their own kind!

Imagine getting glasses for the first time and being too embarrassed to wear them…

Darry wiggled his finger, urging you to come forward as you tried to hide under the covers. 

“Come on, show me… it can’t be that bad.” His fingers played with your hair gently as he tried to coax you out. “I promise I won’t laugh” 

“You better not” You muttered, letting him tug the blankets from your face. You looked up at him expectantly, waiting for his laugh to reverberate throughout the room… but all you got was silence. 

“I think you look cute” He grinned, kissing the tip of your nose. “Sexy even” 

“You’re just saying that” You rolled your eyes at him as he kissed you softly on the lips. “You hate them just as much as I do”

“Would I lie to you? I think you’re beautiful no matter what you have on. I love you when your hair is a mess and when you have no make up on. I love you with or without your glasses on.” 

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lol wait what happened w kanye and taylor today

kanye has a song on his new album that has a line that says “I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex / I made that bitch famous”
and austin swift made an oscar worthy film.

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Z and G is trending now because of what zayn drew, is it too naive to think he's actually dating this girl and Liam has moved on? Otherwise why would zayn had put those initials in his picture? I'm happy for zayn if Z*gi makes him happy and Jordan and Liam actually would be a very cute couple:)))

Hiya anon

Personally I maintain that Zayn and Gigi is a PR/bearding thing and all I saw was that the initials are on what looks like a wall. And you know the saying ‘the writing’s on the wall’ which isn’t normally a good thing.

But that’s just my thoughts and I’ve looked at the drawing twice. I also still think that Liam and family’s reactions in november in the Mr Khan interview were very telling as was 'I’m involved’ re him and Zayn.

Re Jordan, am still on the lets wait and see thing but nothing so far suggests theyre a real couple at all. But that’s just me.