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Little Bro

Fresuary Day Seven: Fresh meets his kid self

In an abandoned lot, two neon skeletons skated around doing various tricks. From a distance, they looked almost like father and son, or maybe two brothers who dressed alike. They laughed and talked casually as the breeze, looking to the world like the happiest people alive.

But of course that’s at a distance. Up close…

“Hey big bro mcman, how’d ya do the rad nasty trick again?” the smaller one asked.

“That widdle-waddle nightmare flip? Little buddy bro it ain’t so far out hard as you’re trying, you need to relax a little more little buddy,” the larger one replied. He skated over to the little guy and sat down on the board. “Show me what moves you got so far homeslice, then we’ll see. You’re pretty bright little bulb after all.” The skelly smiled, but it looked hollow, and even with the sunglasses one could sense a hard stare.  

“Shaw, I’m always cool big guy, I’m the chillest radtastic guy on the block. Nothin’ bothers me,” the little guy said, shrugging. When the big guy skated over, the little one stared a bit from behind his shades, watching him. Then he grinned broadly and said, “Hey, no problem my man, check out these moves.”

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seeing all this love for lars come up after the most recent stevenbomb is making my heart go :D

Auston Matthews - Part 25

Though I’m not entirely sure he wants to, Auston spends the rest of the afternoon helping me put together my bedroom, closet and bathroom. I let him take a break after he makes a small noise in the back of his throat when I ask him to move the shelf he just finished organizing to the other side of my closet. He’s currently napping on my bed with both my dogs sprawled out beside him, the traitors. I eye them a moment, Auston has his sweatshirt back on and the hood pulled up over his eyes though I can see his lips parting slightly every time he breathes.

My stomach growls and I still need to get groceries before the day is over. I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly seven already. I quietly wake the two dogs and usher them out of my room before going back to my bed, climbing on it gently so I don’t wake him that way.

“Auston,” I murmur, putting my hand on his stomach and pressing slightly. “Wake up,” I whisper but I know I’m being too quiet and gentle.

“Hey,” I say a little louder this time and he twitches though he doesn’t wake. I sigh and curse how cute he looks sleeping and I don’t have it in my heart to shake him awake. I sit back on my heels and eye him a moment, straying down to his pants and a wicked idea comes to mind. I lay beside him on my side and place my hand on his thigh, not bothering to being so gentle this time, his eyes remain closed. Slowly running my hand along his thigh I kiss his lips softly, he stirs slightly beneath me, no, beneath my hand.

“Auston,” I whisper again, my lips brushing his jaw. I push down a bit harder with my hand and make quick work of his button and zipper just as he had me. This time when he moves below me his hood tips back and reveals his brown eyes fluttering open lazily. “Hi,” I grin down at me him and he eyes me a moment before rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

“What do you want now,” he mutters though he smirks up at me.

“I want a lot of things,” I reply, my fingers resting just inside his jeans.

“Name one thing in particular right now,” Auston says, putting his hands back behind his head.

“Ben and Jerry’s,” I say, giving him a serious look.

“I don’t think that’s the top of your list right now…”

“You didn’t say top, you just said ‘one thing’” I remind him and flex my fingers, his body responds automatically and I smirk.

Auston doesn’t say anything more though his eyes narrow and he breathes in deeply. I stop my movements and my breathing comes to a halt. That look… In a split second I’m suddenly beneath him and his mouth is on mine. Though I don’t think Auston realized how close to the end of the bed I was because the moment he shifts his weight over me, we tumble to the floor. We stare at each other in shock for a moment, a tangle of limbs and burst out laughing.

“Suppose there are worse ways to wake up,” Auston says, and I remember one of the first nights I spent in Toronto and saying those exact words to him.

I laugh again and climb off of him, helping him back to his feet.

“You can stay here if you want but I need to get myself some groceries,” I move to my closet and drag out a clean set of clothes. I hesitate a moment, eyeing Auston who is still watching me. “Turn around or go out in the hallway,” I shoo him with my hands.

“Really?” Auston asks raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, really!” I snap, my cheeks flushing.

“Y/N, I’ve seen you in a bathing suit, I don’t see how this is much different,” he says seriously and I consider it for a moment.

“That’s different,” I start. “Bathing suits aren’t an intimate item of clothing.” I walk towards him, placing my hand on his chest and forcing him backwards out of my room and into the hallways. “Be down in a minute,” I blow him a kiss and close the door on his annoying smirk.

I meet him downstairs in the living room where Auston is being terrorized by my two dogs bouncing around him.

“Coming with?” I ask him, grabbing my coat and purse from the foyer.

“Of course,” he says and I grin.

Grocery shopping with Auston is much like taking a small child, I remind him on more than once occasion that I’m shopping for me, though he pouts enough when I tell him to put a thing of muffins back that I set it back in my cart, much to his excitement. By the time we get to the checkout line I think that over the half the items in my cart are what Auston convinced me to get. Although he does make up for it by loading everything into the trunk of my car, again by carrying everything inside for me as I get set on organizing.

I’m surprised at how easy and comfortable it is being with Auston all day. I pause at the sink, rinsing the plates we used for dinner before placing them in the dishwasher. Auston notices and eyes me warily.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

“I just realized, I haven’t been sad or lonely for a second since my parents left me yesterday,” I say softly, turning and looking at him. “I was so sure that I wouldn’t even be able to function…” I smile up at Auston. “Maybe this was supposed to be my home all along.”

“Only one way to find out,” Auston says, nodding towards my backyard. “Ask your star.”

I blink at him, surprised he even remembered the conversation we had a week ago over the phone. I had been babbling about a meteor shower that was supposed to happen and somehow had gotten on the topic of the story my dad told me about Polaris. He gives me soft smile and takes the plate from my hand.

“Go on,” he pushes me gently towards the backdoor.

I listen and grab his sweatshirt that was still resting on the couch where I left it last night. Pulling it over my head and stuffing my feet into my boots, I step out into the bitter cold of a Toronto winter. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness, though when I can finally make out the stars in the distant sky my breath leaves my body. Being slightly away from the lights of the city had been high of my list of requirements for a home, standing here in the backyard I remembered why.

There’s thousands of twinkling lights above me, my trained eyes immediately fly across the sky, finding different sequences and constellations. When they finally fall upon Polaris I tilt my head slightly in consideration.

Auston looks up at me from the couch when I clamber back inside, kicking my boots to the side. He’s lying across my couch, head propped up on an armrest, watching the Habs and Bruins game.

“So?” He asks, watching me as I make my way over to the couch, perching on the edge by his hips.

“I learned one thing for sure,” I nod at him and he raises his eyebrows.

“What’s that?”

“To wear gloves when I go outside,” I say and before he can pull away or flinch, I put my hand against the sliver of his exposed stomach.

Auston lets out a hiss and tries to jerk away from me but his back is already against the couch. So he reaches down and pulls my hand free of his stomach while I erupt into a fit of giggles. Rolling his eyes at me he brings my hand to his mouth, kissing my knuckles.

“You aren’t going to tell me, are you?” Auston muses and I wink.


I go to stand back up but he holds my hand tight.

“Where are you going?” Auston asks, tugging me back down onto the couch.

“Um, I was going to go sit over there,” I nod my head at the chair beside the couch.

“No stay here, Mitch and the other’s will be here soon,” Auston says. Earlier Mitch had been snapping both me and Auston and yelling at me because Auston wasn’t playing COD with him. So to calm him down I told him he could come over, he then invited all the others who play COD online together.

“And when they get here, I can’t do this,” he pulls me down so I’m lying next to him and kisses me, his hand on my neck. I respond and hook my leg over his, though this isn’t one of our steamy make out sessions, I just don’t want to fall off the couch.

Almost immediately lights flash across the wall behind us and my dogs start barking that someone is here.

Auston lets out an annoyed sigh against my lips as I laugh.

“To be continued,” I wink at him and get to my feet, setting off to wrangle my hounds.

Thirty minutes later there’s boys everywhere and I have suddenly become the mother to seven grown men. They all brought their own food, and some for Auston and I wish we both already ate but we don’t tell them that, so there is a mess of food on my coffee table and one of my dogs already stole someone’s biscuit.

Morgan and Mitch are arguing over by the T.V, trying to get their game system that they decided my house needed set up. I had asked them why I would need it and they all had looked at me like I was an idiot.

“So we can play here…” Morgan had said slowly like I needed time to process his words.

“Did I say you could play here?” I had retorted and a silence had fallen over the room, they looked at each other like they hadn’t considered it. Auston then looked up at me from his place on the couch.

“Can we play here?” He asked and a wave of heads turned to look at me, my face flushed.

“Yes, you can play here,” I muttered and I had busied myself with forcing a paper towel into Mitch’s hand, he already have spilled something down the front of his shirt and he was sitting on my favorite rug. Like I said, literally a mother to seven man boys.

“And so Auston can play here when he’s shack-,“ Will starts and I throw a dagger look at him.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence,” I say to him and he smirks.

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” he says shoving a forkful of food into his mouth, all the while grinning at me.

I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly 10:30 already.

“Isn’t it past your bedtimes?’ I ask the room and Morgan pipes up.

“Hold up, I’m older than you. You adopted Mitch and Will when you started dating Auston so you can only boss them around.”

My face reddens at the word “dating” is that what we are doing? Auston and I hadn’t talked about it and it’s not like he asked me to be his girlfriend. Though we did say we were exclusive. My mind whirls a thousand miles an hour and Morgan frowns at me.

“Uh I was just kidding…” he says slowly and I realize I must look offended or something.

“Oh no, I was too, I just… uh…” I look anywhere but at Auston.

“Are you not dating? Did I make something awkward?” Morgan asks, his eyes flashing between Auston and I and I want to fall into the floor and disappear.

“I uh…” I stutter. “I’m going to take a…” I point to the stairs and back towards them, trying to keep my face calm and clear before turning and bolting up them. Feeling Auston’s eyes on me the entire way.

Mitch POV

Everyone stares at Y/N’s retreating back as she scrambles up the stairs.

“Nice one, Morgan,” I snap at him. “First time you meet her and you pissed her off already. New record,” I lean back against the couch as I finally get the system working on Y/N’s T.V.

“I didn’t mean to!” Morgan retorts and looks at Auston.

“Are you not dating? I honestly thought you were,” he tries to defend himself, his eyes flashing to the stairs again.

“Well, I mean… I think so,” Auston stammers, looking at me like it’s a question.

“What do you mean you think so?” I ask him, and the controller is ripped from my hands by Zach, who has little interest in the current conversation.

“I guess we never said it but I thought we were…”

“Dumbass,” Morgan says and I nod in agreement.

“Doesn’t look like she thinks that, Matts,” I say, taking the controller back from Zach while he isn’t looking.

Auston looks a little lost at what he’s supposed to do, his face clearly showing his confusion. I hear the water turn on upstairs, which I assume means Y/N is taking a shower.

“Good luck, buddy,” is all I say to him. Auston rubs his face with his hand which is what he usually does when he’s stressed.

Though he stands and makes his way to the stairs, but not before hitting Morgan over the head with the back of his hand as he passes by.


I take my time in the shower, letting all the hot water rinse away the stress and tears that I’ve shed the last few days while moving. By the time I turn off the water my bathroom is steamed up and my skin is a slight pink. I wrap myself in a towel and step out into my bedroom, I’m halfway to my closet before I realize there is someone sitting on my bed.

Squealing, I clutch the towel even tighter around myself. Auston looks up from where he had been staring at the floor and meets my eyes. To my surprise his gaze never falls down to my towel.

“What are you doing?” I finally manage to get out, my heart calming down against my ribs.

“I wanted to talk to you about what Morgan said,” he says simply, looking back down at his hands and I’m guessing it’s so he doesn’t let his gaze slip to my towel.

“While I’m naked?” I ask, one of my hands darting down to my leg to make sure the towel is actually covering all of me.

“That was an unexpected bonus,” Auston admits, his eyes flashing to me for just a moment and my cheeks warm.

I glance at my closet but I don’t want to wait Auston wait any longer to say what he wants, he looks like his head might explode. Hesitantly, I make my way to the bed and after being positive that I can sit modestly, I lower myself down next to him.

“So talk,” I say.

Auston shifts next to me, looking comfortable.

“I was under the impression that we were…” he starts and I think I hear embarrassment in his voice. “I thought that we were, you know… together…” he rubs the back of his head.

“I was under the impression that you can only say you’re with someone is if you actually ask them,” I say right back.

Auston shifts again next to me and looks at me at a loss of words. I wait, not saying anything.

“Right now?” He asks incredulously.

“Ask me,” I whisper.

“Wanna be my girlfriend?’ he asks awkwardly and I erupt into a fit of giggles.

“Mitch is going to hate me now,” I say through my giggles and he rolls his eyes at me.

“I’m taking that as a yes,” he says and then his eyes flash down to my legs and I realize my movement from laughing made my towel slide up, exposing the tops of my thighs. I quickly reach down and pull my towel back down.

“Look at that, I call you my girlfriend and you’re already naked,” he smirks at me and I swat his arm.

“I may be naked but your best friends are downstairs. So, you go back down there and I’ll be down in a few minutes,” I tap his nose with my finger and stand up.

“But…” Auston starts and I cut him off with a quick kiss.

“Later,” I whisper against his lips.

Auston pouts for a moment before standing and shuffling to the doorway, giving me one last longing look before closing the door behind him. I wait until I hear the top stair creak before jumping around my room like a giddy high school girl.

Locker Room - Smut

Originally posted by darkcrownbitches

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1,982
Requested by: @sw-eat-ing (Sorry this took me so long, I hope it lives up to your expectations!)
AN: I need Stiles Stilinski lax porn forever ok?

You wiped the sweat off your brow as you ran, you feet pounding the pavement in a steady rhythm. You were out of shape, a semester off of the track team had left you a little soft. You were pushing yourself to get back to normal, already on the 6th lap around the track. Your muscles ached and burned but you kept going, your eyes drifting longingly to the bench with your things on it.

Your brow furrowed as you tried to focus on your breathing, your ponytail swinging behind you as you kept your steady pace. You heard yelling and turned your head to watch the lacrosse team practicing on the field. Your eyes searched for the jersey number you wanted to see, spying number 24 sitting on the bench on the sidelines looking thoroughly bored. You were surprised to see him watching you, and you blushed, smiling shyly. He lifted his hand and wiggled his fingers in your direction.

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Soulmates (Part 1)

Originally posted by soluscheese

A/N: Hey guys! So I decided to do a series, and I’m really excited because I’ve never done one on here, so I think it’ll be fun. My writing may be a little rusty, but thanks to Supernatural, I’m getting back into it and I’m falling in love with it all over again, so I appreciate feedback on this stuff. I really hope you enjoy this story so give it a like/reblog if you do and hit that follow button! 

Words: 1,222

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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ok one thing i think i’ve been getting wrong about my kent parson depictions (not that a lot of them make it to an actual post) is how he deals with his abandonment issues and the idea that no one would really want to stay with him (unless they’re jack). i always thought kent would be hesitant about moving a relationship forward because he would be afraid of heartbreak, but what if it was the opposite? 

what if because of his fear of being left, he tries his best to ingratiate himself to his partner and try to bring their relationship closer and closer. basically he follows various tenets of “how to keep a man” variety so that his partner won’t leave him. he’ll say or think stuff like “gotta propose so i can tie this person to me and make them stay with me.” 

ergo, for example if there’s a patater dating relationship where tater says “i love you,” first, even if kent didn’t really feel the words, he would definitely say “i love you” back in order to make tater feel wanted and stay with him. 

partner: kenny, what do you think about moving in together?

kent: what, you’re not gonna propose to me first? 

partner: uh??

kent: JUST KIDDING. *coughs or was he coughs* 

7| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3870

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The next four days passed without an anccident. You were getting used to having Madame Hyejin banging on the door at six thirty. You were getting used to Minjee interrupting your conversations with snarky comments. You were getting used to Madame Choi’s fast commands, and your stamina were building. You were getting used to the inevitable pain in your stomach, but it was getting better. The bruises was fading. You were even getting used to the constant stares you got. They hadn’t backed down yet, even though nothing had happened. But there was one thing missing: Jimin.

You hadn’t seen him since he’d lead Taeyeon away from you at breakfast Wednesday morning. You’d watched the studio door on Thursday, but he hadn’t come. You’d watched it on Friday, but still nothing. On Saturday’s shortened lesson, he still hadn’t turned up. You never saw him in the Dining Hall, either, or in the corridors. It was like he’d disappeared off the face of the Earth.

You wondered now if he’d left the academy and gone somewhere else. No doubt there was loads of schools who would accept him within a heartbeat. It wouldn’t have taken long. He could be at another school right now, and that meant that you would never be able to see him again.

You tried to tell yourself not to think about Jimin. You came here for ballet, and he was getting in the way of it.

You still weren’t participating in Pas de Deux classes. However it seemed like you didn’t miss much. Madam Zhang just sat on her chair and did nothing. Though she seemed to have healed her pride, she still didn’t bother to teach anything. It was more like practicing, and when no one had tried much Pas de Deux in the past, practises couldn’t make perfect.

Jiwoo and Yuna complained day and night they really wanted Jimin to come back. “She’s useless! Jimin was always the one who taught us stuff.” Jiwoo was telling you again, as you sat at dinner Sunday night. Sundays were everyones off day, but you still had three hours of classes in the mornings. Today, Jiwoo, Yuna and Hyeun had taken you on a long tour of the grounds, all the way from the front gates to the lake and forest at the back of the property. Some people went home on Sundays, if they lived close by, but Gwangju was way too far away from here. Also you didn’t want to spend money on the train ticket

“And Jimin kept everyone in line.” Yuna mumbled, nibbling on her bread roll. “Now Minjee won’t shut her damned mouth.”

“I wish you hadn’t scared him off, (Name).” Hyeun added. “He always looks so sexy when he’s teaching.”

“We don’t know if it was (Name).” Jiwoo said.

Hyeun smiled. “Well, he was perfectly punctual before (Name) came and danced with him.”

“Either way.” Jiwoo said. “If he doesn’t come back soon, we’re going to have to tell Master Jinho that he has got to change our teachers.”

The hall was suddenly hushed as the man Jiwoo talked about stood up.

“Good evening everyone.” Jinho’s voice rang out through the hall. “I am pleased to announce that the notorious Amour de la Beauté review will be held on Sunday, a week from now.”

Excited whispering broke out. “Dance review?” You asked Yuna.

She was grinning like a maniac. “It’s more like a dance battle. Year against year. Head teachers against seniors, that sort of thing.”

“The program of the show will be posted in the Entrance hall and classrooms shortly.” Jinho looked around the hall. “Prepare to be beaten, my friends.”

Taehyung, Hosoek, and Jungkook ‘ooooohed’ from their table, while Seokjin yelled. “You’re on, Dad!”

Jinho just laughed. “School dismissed.”

Hyeun leapt up squealing. “Oh my God! This is gonna be epic!”

“I know!” Cried Yuna, and they began leaping up and down together.

Jiwoo was grinning. “This sounds like a big thing.” You observed.

She nodded. “It is.”

That was confirmed the next day when Madame Choi gathered you all into a group after having done half an hour of barre exercises. Exchanging glances with Jiwoo. Madame Choi didn’t seem like one for long speeches and group meetings.

“Now.” She said. “I have been informed that the Dance Review will be on Sunday.”

The rise in attentiveness from the class was obvious. Madame Choi raised a pointed eyebrow. “Master Kang’s class have beaten my classes for four years.” She let one corner of her mouth slide up in the smallest hint of a smile.

“We shan’t be letting it become five.”

Hyeun squealed and clapped her hands delightedly. “Go Madam C!”

The smile was back down in an instant, replaced by her usual, almost-scowl. “Control yourself, Miss Yah. Now, we have very little time. There will be absolute focus from every single one of you for the rest of the week.” She nodded. “Alright I want half of you on stage right, half on the left.”

She clapped her hands. “Today please!” Everyone hurriedly stood up, trying to work out which side needed more people. “Miss. (Surname) you will be centre stage.” You stopped in your tracks.

“Center stage?” You choked out.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said, exasperated. “Now, if you please.” Your heart didn’t think it necessary to beat as you moved to stand in the centre of the studio, face a deep red.

“Alright, we have three minutes, three minutes thirty most, on stage. We begin with Miss (Surname) alone on stage for the first few bars. Mister Ghim, the introduction please.” The pianist began to play. It had many notes, but it paused tentatively in places. When the first of the quick notes came in, Madame Choi cut him off.

“Alright, that is where we will have Miss Gwan and Miss Yang come in. Yes, yes step forward, now I want you to flank her on either side, yes very good.” You shared a look with Jiwoo. She smiled at you excitedly, clearly thinking your solo was a good thing.

“And now on the next bar we will have five more of you and so on and so on. I want an inverted triangle.” Your classmates came on, working out where to stand. “Good, good, alright now this is where we begin the full dance.”

You spent the next hour going over and over the fast paced choreography. It involved so many pirouettes, you could pretty much feel the satin wearing away on your Pointe shoes. “And spin and land for arabesque and down and step and up and three four. I want those legs straight!” Sweat was beading on your forehead as you pirouetted across the studio and held up another arabesque, then down again and back.

There was half an hour left when she finally allowed everyone a five minute break. “Miss (Surname), over here, if you please.” Well, apparently not everyone. You went to stand in front of Madame Choi, your legs aching, and sweat pouring down your back.

“Your solo will begin in that arabesque you held so well the other day.” She told you. There was no question of whether you wanted this solo or not. You had it.

“An arabesque?” You couldn’t help but splutter.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said. “Now, I will teach you the choreography and you must rehearse it every waking hour until Sunday. Understand?”

“Yes, Madam.” You nodded.

“Good, now as I said, you begin in an arabesque.” She gestured for you to do so. You went en Pointe, holding your left leg up behind.

“And hold for one two three and then raise your arms…good, now slowly back and changing legs, have your toe touch your knee. And bend your waist left and hold…and now straight into pirouette pirouette pirouette and leap left stretch left leap right stretch right and back to centre for the others’ entry. Hold it in third. Okay, now I want to play you forward a little through the entire thing, so whilst Miss Yang and Miss Gwan are doing their pirouettes I think I will have you couru for eight counts up…”

Her instructions went on and on. You had never, ever been given solo dance before, and now you were extremely worried that you would never remember all these steps.

“Alright, break’s over.” Declared Madame Choi. “Back into positions for the first entrance!” You hurried back to the centre of the 'stage’ and tried to remember all that she’d told you.

“And one two three and enter enter enter enter! Keep going, yes and up on three four five six and now to the right and…”

“I can’t feel my legs.” Yuna groaned, flopping into a chair with a plate of Greek salad.

“I know what you mean.” You told her, your face inching toward your bowl of soup as you tried to refrain from sleeping. “I never knew my toenails had nerves in them.”

“(Name)!” The call of your name woke you up a little. You looked around. Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna were all sitting around you. Confused you turned in your chair. A long slender, pretty girl stood in front of you. Jung Dawon. Adding to you surprise of seeing her here, you took in her white tights and red leg warmers with a matching red leotard. In one hand she held a pair of red and white polka dotted Pointe shoes.

“Uh, hi.” You said, bemused.

“Oh, silly me.” She said sticking out a perfect manicured hand. “I’m Jung Dawon, ballet fashion extraordinaire and friend of that immensely idiotic Park Jimin.” She smiled at you bouncily. You smiled back. She was pretty gorgeous. You stood up and shook her hand.

“I’ve been so curious to meet you, it takes a lot to get Jimin to dance with anyone but Taeyeon. You really must tell me your secret!”

You frowned. Was she serious? “Uh…”

She smiled again. “Just kidding. However confused by him? God, aren’t we all…” She shook her head and jumped, clapping her hands, as if remembering something.

“Anyway, I came bearing a message from Mistress Hyejin. She said she would like you to go to her office after your ballet history class as she would like to speak with you.”

You frowned. Why would Madam Hyejin want to see you? “Did she say what it was about?” You asked Dawon. She shook her head.

“Something good, I hope.” She said. “I like you.”

“What are you doing over here, jagi?” Suddenly a tall figure foreshadowed both you and Dawon. He wrapped his arms round her waist.

“Jinnie.” Dawon said, looking loving up at him. “This is (Name).”

Kim Seokjin was way taller than you’d thought. You had to crane your neck to get a good look at his handsome, blonde framed face.

“How’d you do?” He nodded politely to you. You smiled at him. “Come on jagi, we have to get to character.”

“Mmmm.” She groaned. Even though she was tall her head only reached the height of his shoulders as she rested it against his chest. “Not character.”

“Come on, I know you know you like it.” He said, kissing the top of her head.

She sighed. “I know you know I do.” She slipped out of his arms and took his hand instead, then she turned to you.

“It was nice meeting you properly, (Name), you’re nothing like Taeyeon and the gossips are saying. See you later!”

“Bye.” You said, watching as she skipped away, Seokjin keeping up with his long strides.

You slid back into your seat. “Friends with seniors.” Jiwoo muttered. “It’s a strange world, isn’t it?”

“Too true, Jiwoo, too true.”

After Ballet History, you did as Dawon had told, heading down to the cool entrance hall. You walked down a corridor you’d never been down before, passing the grand staircase looking at the plaques on each of the doors. At the very end of the corridor you found Master Kim Jinho’s office. Next to his door was Madame Kim Hyejin plaque.

Head Ballet Mistress, it said.

You knocked, your nerves thrumming.

“Come in.” You heard Madame Hyejin’s voice through the door. You opened it, finding yourself in a small but open office. Everything was dark cherry wood, but two windows and a door led out onto a veranda. One window was partially open, letting through a gentle breeze. Framed photographs covered the white papered walls. They were all of ballet dancers striking complex poses and moves. You swore you could recognize Master Jinho and Madam Hyejin in a dozen of them.

The latter person was currently sitting behind a small and elegant bureau. Next to her, stood a very tall boy. Not as tall as Kim Seokjin, but taller than most boys your age. His face was grim and had a pasty dullness to it. Dull brown hair was cut in a bowl shape a good inch above his brown eyes.

He was dressed in a crisp white t-shirt tucked into black tights.

“Miss (Surname).” Said Madame Hyejin. “This is Mister Dahn Eungkwan. He has agreed to be your partner for Pas de Deux classes.”

“Hi.” You said, looking him up and down. So this was why you’d been called here, so that you could meet your ticket back to the hell of Pas de Deux.

“Hello.” He said with a short smile, then looked down again.

“Mister Dahn is one of our second years.” Madam Hyejin said, as if reading your thoughts. “He’s very skilled at Pas de Deux.”

“Right.” You said. That wasn’t going to make this any easier. You didn’t want to do Pas de Deux…

“Good.” Hyejin said, gracefully standing and walking a round her desk. “I best let you go off to your first class together.” She opened the door and you and Eungkwan walked out. You followed. He walked quickly and quietly up the stairs. It had already occurred to you that you would know even less about him than you had about Kihyun when he’d first put his hands on you. The reassurances about his skill level weren’t reassuring at all. You didn’t want to dance with someone else. It was so constricting.

You walked along the corridor in silence. Finally the two of you reached the studio. You took a deep breath and walked in.

“Why are you late?” Madame Zhang demanded. Today, her thighs were squeezed into a burgundy pencil skirt, with a matching suit top. The rest of your class were performing promenades. They looked like they’d been doing it for some time.

“My class started forty-five minuets ago.”

“Sorry Madam.” You said. “I had to see Madame Hyejin. Uh…” You hesitated, looking at Eungkwan, who was standing with his chin high, as if he were above this place.

“This is Dahn Eungkwan, he’s my new partner.” It made him sound like some sort of object.

Madame Zhang’s beady eyes looked over him as he nodded at her respectfully. “Madame.” He said. You wondered if that was how all second years talked. The seniors certainly didn’t seem to.

“Well hurry up and take your places. You’ve already disrupted enough.”

You hurried to the side to put your Pointe shoes on. Eungkwan stood waiting for you with a blank expression. Jiwoo caught your eye across the room. Her look was a questioning one. 'Later’ You mouthed.

It had never taken such a short amount of time to tie up your Pointe shoes, even though you were trying to slow the process down.

“And up on one two three four and turny turny turny and down two three four.” You tentatively stood up. Immediately, Eungkwan placed his hands on your waist and stepped forward in time to Madame Zhang’s count. You went with him, coming up on to Pointe and raising your leg once again into an arabesque. A chill of fear went through you. This was the move Kihyun had hurt you the most, the one where he’d almost suffocated you. Immediately you came back down, pushing Eungkwan’s hands away in the process.

“Sorry.” You muttered to Eungkwan. He didn’t say anything and you took a deep breath.

“And toe and step and up two three four.” You followed the counts, managing to get up this time and Eungkwan began to turn you around. You hated the feeling. It was like you couldn’t control your own body. Like you had to entrust it to someone else. Someone you didn’t even know.

You swallowed as he turned you back to the front and allowed you to lower your leg again. Fortunately, you all didn’t spend too long on promenades. The other moves weren’t as hard. Madame Hyejin was right. Eungkwan was very good at the Pas de Deux. He was patient with you, letting you stop when you were being a coward, and he never held you too tightly. But there was something missing…

You worked it out when you were performing a sequence up the ballet studio, much like when you’d performed with Kihyun. Whilst everyone else whispered to each other as they waited for their group to be called up.

Eungkwan and you stood alone, looking dully at the dancers performing.

“Thank you very much for doing this for me.” You told him.

He just nodded blankly, not quite looking at you, then returned to watching the dancers.

Your group began. “Tondue out and then courus and gentlemen jump left and ladies jump right and then step together again and up arabesque hold for one two three…”

It was then that you glanced in the mirror and saw the very blank expression on Eungkwan’s face. It stayed the same as he began the promenade, turning you around without absolute no spark in his eyes. Then you lowered your leg and launched into the next set of courus. It was curious, watching his face as he stepped behind you. He watched your moves as you spun out and back again. The series ended in an attitude, with your leg bent slightly around his body. His expression didn’t change. When the music stopped and you lowered your leg again, he took his hands off your waist and went back to the end of the line, like nothing had happened.

He was right; nothing had happened. You had performed a sequence of ballet moves. The both of you had both performed the moves perfectly, but not as a pair.

You tucked a stray lock of hair back into your bun and got ready to do the sequence again. You couldn’t quite stop the memory of those few moments with Jimin sneak into your head. Dancing with him, his entire presence had wrapped around you, everything had felt so fluid and perfect…but you couldn’t think about him now. What on earth was the point when he didn’t seem to be turning up to classes? And even then, what had he got to do with you? Like he’d said the last time you’d seen him; You were just helping in a demonstration.

You tried to exhale as you once again performed courus upstage. You had had this thought trail so many times over the past few days, and it never solved anything. All you could understand was your own weird need to understand him. And even that had lead to quite a few bizarre questions.

The rest of the class passed slowly. When Madame Zhang finally nudged her chair back into the corner and dismissed everyone. Promptly people went to chat while taking their shoes off.

You on the other were frozen in spot. Bored and confused, at the same time. Eungkwan and you hadn’t had any trouble with each other. Technically, you were perfect together. All the moves worked, but neither of you seemed to being enjoying yourselves. He hadn’t said a word since his quiet 'hello’ in Madame Hyejin’s office. But now you turned to him.

“Thank you.” You said. “You must be missing classes for this.”

“No not really.” He said, looking down at his feet.

“Oh.” You said. “I figured everyone had sixth period classes.”

A tiny smile came to his lips. “I don’t consider Ballet History as a class.”

You grinned. “Me neither. It’s very, very boring.”

“Hm.” He just muttered, and waited a couple of seconds to make sure you weren’t going to say anything else before slipping off to a vacant corner to take off his shoes.

You turned around, seeking out Jiwoo and sat down next to her.

“He’s very quiet.” She observed, looking over at him. “How’d you find him?”

“Madame Hyejin organised it.” You told her. “He’s a second year.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Impressive! I thought that he looked way better than the rest of us. You should make the most of him and his experience.”

“Aww, come on.” Yuna slid into your conversation.

“(Name’s) danced with Park Jimin.” She waved a finger at Jiwoo. “There’s not much to compare to that.”

Not wanting to pursue the sizeable subject of Jimin, you quickly changed it. “So how does this Dance Review thing work? How do we work out which class goes first?”

Yuna was grinning again, your diversion clearly having worked. “I think they flip a coin or something, but we’ll go look at the program right now. God!” She squealed. “This is gonna be great!”

You laughed and let her pull you up. Hyeun joined shortly after on your way down the corridors. “I reckon that partner of yours is kind of cute, (Name).” She said. “What’s his name again?”

“Dahn Eungkwan.” You told her.

“You should try him out.” She advised. “His silence was sort of adorable.”

You frowned. “Yeah…”

When you got to the staircase, you immediately heard the clamouring of people in the entrance hall. Yuna and Hyeun squeaked and began running down the stairs. Jiwoo and you followed, but in a more dignified pace.

The crowd in the foyer was large, full of people coming down just after class. Some were declaring that their classes were going to win. Seniors were shouting about which teachers they were facing. The teachers themselves stood off to one side, having a good laugh with one another as they watched the chaos.

Hyeun, who was a little broader over the shoulders than most other ballerinas, made a path for the three of you to get to the notice board. You scanned it down, searching for your class. However you didn’t have to look far. You were first up.

A bolt of nervous energy went through you. That meant that you were opening the entire show. Oh damn, but something much further down the page caught your attention. It was the signups for the seniors going against the teachers. Next to Master Jinho and Mistress Hyejin was a neat, simple script:

Park Jimin and Shinn Taeyeon.

A thrill ran up your spine. That was his writing. You knew it. The poster had only gone up today, that meant that he was still here! That meant that Jimin was somewhere in this building…

The thought warmed you more than it should have. Jimin hadn’t left, Jimin was still here, he hadn’t gone…he hadn’t left you

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I just realized I’ve never told this story on tumblr! (but I think I’ve told some of you aha) 

In summary: I did not propose to Rana Daggubati. He just thought I did. 

It’s a while back now, but I think it was for some awards thing and Rana, Anirudh, and Shruti were taking questions on twitter and giving video replies. You guys know how I am when it comes to twitter ask sprees so I was like okay! and shot them a bunch of questions (you know, some genuine questions I wanted answers for, some run of the mill ones, and a few silly ones). 

As my luck had it, one of the silly ones I had (directed at all three of them) was ‘how they reacted to fans’ declarations of love for them’ (this was a while ago and I can’t find the actual tweet oops). (Note: no where did I say “OMGGG Rana ily marry me” or anything similar.)

I guess Shruti and Anirudh were getting the most questions bc whoever was in charge directed this to Rana specifically, and he replied! He said something like “Oh I’ve never had fans propose to me, you’re the first.” 

Then I spent the rest of the day staring blankly at my twitter replies, because what I have video proof that Rana thought I asked him to marry me. So yeah. 

This is super lame please take it before i change my mind

One day, you’ll be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. 

C.S. Lewis quotes cycle 1/32

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“Are you implying that you want to kiss me?” Raditz x whomever you feel like pairing him with! >u<

(hon hon hon have some library!AU)

“Oh, hey, Rad, you’re here!”

Raditz sauntered to the Ox Cafe’s counter. “Sure am, kid.”

Maza beamed at him. “I’ll get your coffee in a sec, but wait here, okay? Broly wanted to ask you something!” Before Raditz could answer, she’d disappeared into the back.

He scratched the back of his head. Ever since he and Broly had met, there’d been a strange air about him, something a little unsettling. And every time Raditz had come back to the cafe after that, Broly was always at the edge of his vision. He hardly ever directly interacted with Raditz, though he always looked like he wanted to.

Well, as long as Broly held up his end of the deal and didn’t start freaking out about Kakarott, Raditz would hold up his end and not tell Chi-Chi about it.

Maybe that was what Broly wanted to talk to him about…

“Um, hi.”

Raditz blinked. Broly was on the other side of the counter now, as impassive and tired-looking as always. His unruly hair stuck out from under his hair net at odd angles and made him look a bit like a sleepy pufferfish. It was sort of cute. “What’s up?” he asked. “Maza said you wanted to talk.”

“Yeah, um.” Broly shifted his weight. “I wanted to ask you a favour.”

“What kind of favour?” Raditz narrowed his eyes, glaring at Broly suspiciously.

“I made something, and I, uh, I didn’t want to have Maza taste it because she’ll eat anything–she ate cat treats one time, I watched her, it was weird–and I wondered if you’d taste it before I showed it to Miss Chi-Chi.” Broly held out a chocolate cupcake with rather sad-looking pink decorations. “I know it’s not much to look at right now,” he added hastily when Raditz wrinkled his nose. “But I didn’t expect you to be here, so I just did the decorations quickly. It tastes way better than it looks, I promise!”

“Alright, fine, hand it over.” Raditz held out his hand for it. At worst, he’d get a shitty cupcake for free. At best, he’d get a great cupcake for free. And Raditz had never been one to turn down free food.

The smile Broly gave him was small, but hopeful, and Raditz focused on peeling off the cupcake’s wrapper instead. “What kind of cupcake is this, anyway?” he asked.

“I’d rather you figure that out for yourself.” Broly clasped his hands behind his back and waited. “Oh, unless you have any allergies.”

“I don’t.” Raditz shoved half of it in his mouth in one go, chewing thoughtfully. Broly was right, it did taste a lot better than it looked. And there was some kind of fruit in it. “Is that a raspberry?” he asked, crumbs spraying the counter.

“Yes!” Broly’s eyes brightened. “It’s a chocolate raspberry cupcake. I added raspberry juice to the cupcake batter and put a raspberry in the bottom, and then the icing is raspberry flavoured! What do you think?”

“It’s good.” Raditz swallowed. “Real moist and shit.” God, he didn’t know anything about cupcakes. “I’d definitely work on the presentation before you show it to Chi-Chi, though.” He stuffed the rest in his mouth. Fuck that was a good cupcake. Broly was a weirdo, but he could bake, Raditz would give him that.

“I will.” Broly started brushing off the counter. “Thank you for testing it for me. I wasn’t sure who else to ask.”

“Hey, no problem.” Raditz swallowed and started licking the leftover icing from his fingers. “Any time you need someone to test out your baking, I’m your guy.” Hell, Broly might not be so bad after all.

“You’ve got something on your…” Broly trailed off, pointing at Raditz’s face. Raditz wiped his mouth, but Broly shook his head. “No, there. On your–there.” He reached out and brushed Raditz’s lower lip with a thumb. Raditz jerked away at the unexpected contact, but Broly had just wanted to help, and he forced himself to calm down. “Your lips are really soft,” Broly commented quietly.

Raditz shrugged. “Lots of lip chap in the winter’ll do that.” He grinned. “What, you wanna kiss them?”

He’d expected Broly to laugh it off, or blush and stammer and run away. He didn’t expect Broly to look him in the eyes and say “Yeah, if you’re offering.”

Raditz actually felt his whole face turn scarlet. His eyes widened and he took a step back. “Uh.”

“Just kidding.” Broly hooked his thumbs in his apron straps and smiled. Raditz’s heart hammered in his chest. “Hey, shouldn’t you be going back to work soon?”

“I–c-coffee,” Raditz stammered. That was why he’d originally come all the way here, right?”

“Oh, right. Here.” Broly went to the coffee machine and very methodically poured Raditz a large cup of black coffee. “On the house, for helping me out.”

Normally, Raditz would make some crack about having to climb to the roof to drink “on the house” coffee, but he just snatched it and stammered “okay sure thank you goodbye” before bolting.

What the hell had just happened?

“I wonder what you’re like when you’re drunk.”