.. i want to pinch him all over the place


Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 9,812

Description: In the midst of your loneliness due to Taehyung’s absence, you decide that you need a distraction, which somehow manifests itself as going over to his apartment and stealing a t-shirt or two… or three… 

Anonymous Requested: Being in a relationship with Taehyung, and stealing all of his t-shirts while he’s busy with bts’ latest comeback + smut


You watched with a prominent downward quirk of your lips as Taehyung ran around the apartment, quickly stuffing clothes into a duffel bag as he scurried in every direction to gather his things before he had to head off to the dorms. It was time for a comeback, and all of the members agreed that it would be much easier on everyone to just stay at the dorms together during the busy hype of the first couple of weeks. This cut down the annoyances of people showing up to schedules at different times, or getting caught in traffic, so you completely understood the point of it… You just wished it didn’t mean having to stay back at your apartment all alone.

At this point in your relationship with Taehyung, you probably should have been used to the notion of him having to leave for a few weeks, or sometimes even a few months, every once in a while… but just because you were used to it, didn’t mean you had to like it.

You fell back against the mattress, your mind heavy with thoughts, and you weren’t exactly trying your hardest to mask the disdain you had for him leaving, so it wasn’t surprising when you felt the slight sink of someone taking the spot next to you on the bed. You opened your eyes, a concerned looking Taehyung coming into view.

“Please don’t pout. You know I don’t want to leave.” He reached forward, lightly pinching at your bottom lip that was sticking out.

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Love is Like

Here’s a tiny little thing I just wrote and the lovely @mizjoely beta’d for me. Rated K. Enjoy ~Lil~

“I like you.” 

“I’m sorry?” Molly asked. 

“I like you,” he repeated. 

The pair stood in the corridor just outside the morgue, Molly in a set of scrubs with more than a little bit of Mr. Hopkins still on her, Sherlock dressed in his usual bespoke suite. He had barged into the room just minutes before and demanded an audience with the pathologist. It didn’t matter at all that she was elbows deep in the chest cavity of a 57 year old lorry driver at the time. He was adamant, and she knew there was no point in arguing with the man. 

“I like you too, Sherlock. Isss that all?” she questioned, completely confused. 

He growled softly and turned around mumbled incoherently to himself. After about three minutes, Molly was just about ready to give up on him and go back inside the morgue, when he finally turned back to face her. 

“You’re not understanding. I don’t like… anyone.” 

“I’m aware of your aversion to people, Sherlock. Especially the ones you consider stupid. However…” 

“See, that’s just it. You aren’t stupid. Not at all.” 

“Thank you for that acknowledgement, I suppose. As numerous as my faults may be, I’ve never thought of myself as stupid.” 

He huffed out a laugh. “Numerous faults, Molly? You are the least faulty human being I’ve ever met.” 

That gave her pause. Two compliments in one conversation? Oh God… “What do you need? Are you in trouble?” 

No!” he said, sounding offended. “Why would you think that?” 

“You’re buttering me up for something. I’m not sure why, but…” 

“Buttering… I’m not plying you with compliments, Molly. I haven’t done that in years.” 

“Be that as it may, I don’t fully understand why you pulled me out of an autopsy to tell me…” 

“I don’t just love you, Molly, I like you. Genuinely like who you are. I love my parents because they gave me life and it’s expected. I…” He sighed. “… love Mycroft, I suppose, because he’s my brother and, as much as I detest his meddling, I will admit that he means well. I love Rosamund because she’s my goddaughter and a baby and has yet to do anything to annoy me too much. The verdict is out there, of course; her personality is still forming. Though the chances are in her favour with Mary as a mother…” 

“Sherlock, stop!” She held up a hand. “What, in God’s name are you trying to say?” 

“I don’t love you because I have to. I love you because… I like you,” he explained. “Like… John. I chose to. Not because it was expected. Not because I have to.” 

She smiled. He’d never elaborated on The Phone Call and it had been nearly two weeks since that, frankly horrible, day. She suspected, after hearing the explanation from John about the events at Sherrinford, that he actually meant those words, just not in the way that she’d dreamed of hearing. In the end it didn’t matter. She loved him and she always would. 

“Okay. I understand. And I’ll…” Even though she did understand, she couldn’t bring herself to say it again. “…always like you too.” 

He expelled a breath of relief. “Thank God.” 

“I really need to get back to Mr. Hopkins. So…” 

“Come to Baker Street tonight for dinner,” he said. It was clearly not a question. 

“Sure.” She nodded. “I think I might have some extra toes if you want them?” 

A slightly confused look crossed his face. “Toes? Oh, no, not tonight. Experiments are fine, Molly, but even I know that they aren’t appropriate for first dates.” He pulled out his mobile and started typing. 

“First whats?” 

He glanced up. “First dates.” He continued typing as he asked, “You’re not allergic to shellfish, are you?” 

“Ah, no.” 

“I didn’t think so,” he said, his eyes focused on his phone. 

“Who’s going on a date?” she asked, thoroughly flabbergasted. 

His head jerked up. “Us. You and I? I just asked you.” 

“Why… what… why?” 

Shoulders slumping, he sighed, this time clearly frustrated. “We just established that I like you and you like me. Thus the date. How are you not following this?” 

“You said you liked me like you like John…” 

Sherlock put his hands to his temples and mumbled, “One of us has to stop saying like.” 

“Can you see my confusion?” 

“I do like you…” He growled. “I admire you much the same way I do John, yes. But not exactly the same way. For instance, I’ve never wanted to see him naked.” 

Confusion clearing away, Molly let his words really sink in. I don’t just love you, Molly, I like you. Genuinely like who you are. “You like me,” she said, a smile blooming on her face. 

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Sherlock nodded. “We’re finally there.” He looked down at her, his blue-green eyes dancing all over her face. “So, you’ll come to dinner?” 

“Of course.” 

He stowed his phone then leaned down and placed a lingering kiss on the corner of her mouth. “Bring an overnight bag, if you like,” he said with a wink. 

I’d like that very much, she thought as she watched him walk away.

Adorable as hell.

Hi! I want to request a negan x child reader one shot where negan is like a dad to her and she’s just a little adorable sunshine!😍 

I hope you like it! 💕

You were running through the halls of the Sanctuary, bumping people as you followed a cat that had gotten inside somehow.

The people you pushed out of the way were annoyed by the way you bumped them like they were furniture, but what bothered them the most was that you would never get scolded because you were Negan’s favourite.

He had found you at the beginning of the outbreak and saved you from a group of bad people that had no good intentions, then he took you in and grew fond of you, but who wouldn’t? You were just a sweetheart, a little spoiled, but adorable as hell.

The cat ran out of sight, he was sprinting through the pairs of legs and you had to bid your feet to go faster so you could find him again. But the cat got away and you couldn’t get any closer to him because someone grabbed your waist with an arm.

You grunted and wiggled your legs in the air as he lifted you up.

“No running in the halls, sweetheart”, Negan laughed and held you in the air with only one arm.

“Kitty”, was the only thing you could say, for he was pressing his arm on your stomach and you were sort of sad for seeing the small cat getting away.

“Come again?”, he finally put you on the ground but you didn’t ran out chasing the cat anymore, he had gotten away.

“There was a cat…”, you said and a mournful look appeared on your face. “I just wanted to play with him.”

“A cat?”, Negan arched an eyebrow and then the laughter returned to his lips.

You nodded, looking down and with a pout on your face.

“What did it look like?”, he asked, humouring you.

“It was a he”, you corrected, which made him laugh again.

“I am not gonna fucking ask you how you know that, sweetheart”, he told you. “You really like cats, huh?”

You nodded again, looking at him in the eyes. He was tall, almost two feet taller than you, which meant that to look at his face you always had to crane your neck.

Dwight appeared from behind Negan.
“We’re ready”, he told him, referring to the people that Negan would be taking that day to handle one of the communities that worked for him.

Negan didn’t turn to look at the guy, he kept his eyes on you, yet he nodded at his words.

“Don’t get in trouble while I’m gone, sweetheart”, he said and took a step closer to you, ruffling your hair and quickly grazing your cheek with the back of his forefinger.

“When are you coming back?”, you asked with a sweet voice, the one he loved to hear when he got back home after a long day of work and the one he longed to hear while he was away.

Your question was not uncommon, you asked him that every time he left the compound, even when he promised that he wasn’t gonna go too far.

“Tomorrow morning”, he answered.

“What?!”, your voice became louder and not as tender as it had been just a second ago. “B-But why?”

“I gotta handle this shit, we’ve talked about it”, Negan told you sternly and you nodded, yet you had a hard time accepting the fact that he wasn’t gonna be there to tuck you in at night as he usually did.

“What if you don’t come back?”, the brittleness in your words almost made his heart melt.

“I will, sweetheart”, he said confidently. You trusted him and you knew he was gonna come back, but you wanted to hear it from his own voice.

“Do you promise?”, you raised your eyebrows and held your hands together at the level of your chest in a hopeful gesture.

“I promise, princess”, Negan nodded and turned his head to Dwight, hoping he wasn’t witnessing that moment.

“Pinky promise?”, you lifted your little finger at him, he looked down at it and sighed.

“Pinky fucking promise”, he said through gritted teeth and chained his finger with yours.

You smiled widely and found some kind of relief in his promise. He grabbed you by your shoulder and pulled you to him, he placed a kiss on your forehead and then he turned around and walked away.

“See ya, little one”, Dwight smiled at you and you did the same, waving goodbye at him as he followed Negan.

You spent the rest of the day just doing what you usually did, reading some books and drawing on the sketchbook that you had kept with you since you left your house all those months ago.

When the sky turned black and there was only the moonlight to light your room, you felt a little nostalgic. It would be the first night since you had arrived to the Sanctuary that Negan wouldn’t be visiting you and talking about his day, telling you about how he killed and threatened people, which used to scare you at first, but it eventually became the most normal thing to you.

You threw yourself on the bed, pulling the covers over you and curling up as you held on to the pillows, searching for a bit of warmth to make up for Negan’s absence.

You fell asleep with a tear falling on your pillow.

The next morning you woke up, you suddenly remembered that Negan had promised that he would be back in the morning, so you rolled on the bed and kicked the blankets off, you got on your feet and quickly headed towards the door, but before you could open it, you heard a voice in your room.

“In a bit of a rush, aren’t we, sweetheart?”, you heard Negan’s voice, you turned your neck to find him sitting on a chair with both arms on the armrest.

“You’re back!”, you squeaked and ran to him, jumping to his lap and hugging him.

“And I got something for you, princess”, he said and looked around the room. “Ah, there it is.”

Negan lifted you sligthly and you put your feet on the floor, he stood up from the chair and walked towards your night table, he picked up what you thought was a small ball of fur and then he went back to you.

“I know how much you like cats”, he said and handed you the little ball that meowed once his wide blue eyes met yours.

You grabbed him from Negan’s hands and pressed his face against yours, he was so soft and fluffy that you wanted to keep him there forever.

“He’s gorgeous!”, you exclaimed with the biggest smile on your lips. “Can I keep him?”

He sighed and shook his head, knowing he was already giving you a lot of privileges over the others, but he couldn’t say no when two pairs of wide eyes were looking at him and batting their eyelashes.

“You’re gonna clean its shit”, he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “And I don’t want him fucking running all around the place.”

You ran to him and hugged his waist with one arm, for you were still holding the small cat with one hand.

“Thank you, Negan”, you murmured against his chest, with the cat between you two.

“Anytime, sweetheart”, he placed his hand on the top of your head and stroked your hair.

Undisclosed Desires (part 5)

Words: 2.1k

Summary: TFW discuss learning about your past as you catch up with Lucifer.

A/N: More canon divergence. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my mater tag list.


“Cas, you’ve been pretty quiet back there. You ok?” Dean asked from the drivers seat of the Impala.

Castiel remained silent and stared out the window. Part of him understood why you didn’t tell him and he wished he didn’t care; but how could he not care. Not only were you nephilim, but you were the spawn of the devil himself.

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“Can you write an imagine where happy scolds you for not coming to him for help with money and you end up moving in with him please?”

“oh my god a friendship one with happy where he treats the reader like a little sister :’) im a mess lmao”

A knock at your door sounds, you scuttling from upstairs to go to the door, Happy on the other side as you open it. You smile at him, him smiling in return. You stand aside, opening your door widely and letting him come in, “Hey, Hap. I’ve just gotta take a wizz and grab my phone, wait in the living room if you want.”

“Couldn’t you have taken a shit before I got here?” he teases, dropping onto your sofa. You roll your eyes, pointing your finger at him warningly, a smirk on your face.

Happy watches you leave, your figure disappearing up the stairs, his attention shuffling to the TV. He watches the sitcom for a few moments, before his eyes flicker to the stack of letters on the coffee table, the word ‘URGENT!’ plastered across the top one.

Leaning forward, he looks at the stairs, expecting you to appear and catch him mooching through your things, but the coast is clear. He grabs the letters, quickly flicking through them and noticing they all say alarming words, all written in bold, red writing.

Grabbing one from the pile, he spins it around, unsealing the envelope with ease. He unfolds the piece of paper, his eyes skimming the text, his eyes widening in shock.

“I’m ready-” you trail off, reaching the bottom of the stairs and seeing Happy, letters in hand and a stern expression on his face. You chuckle nervously, trying to grab the papers from him, his reflexes too quick for you.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were behind?” he asks sharply, you swallowing as he scolds you, you feeling like a little kid being told off by a teacher. “They’re threatening to kick you out, (Y/N).”

You roll your eyes, again trying to grab the letters and again failing. You fold your arms, trying to stick to your guns. “It won’t come to that.”

Happy just glares at you, begging you to see the seriousness of the situation. You know he’s not going to let this go without an explanation, him being like your big brother that you never wanted, but you’re glad you have anyway. Sighing, you take a seat on the nearest chair, running your hands through your hair.

“I lost my job, okay? They found out I stole those supplies that you guys needed, told me I could either walk away with no compensation for being fired, or they’d call the police.” you admit, standing back up and facing a apologetic looking Happy. This is exactly what you didn’t want, pity.

Huffing at him, you finally grab your letters, pulling open a random drawer and stuffing them inside angrily. “Thanks for going through my shit, by the way.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Tell one of the guys?” he questions, leaning against the wall as he watches you. “We could’ve helped you out.”

“I’m not a charity case, Hap. I don’t want your money.” you snap, feeling vulnerable, not wanting anybody to know that you can’t even afford to pay your own bills. “This place is shit anyway. They’d be doing me a favour by making me leave.”

Happy looks at you, not knowing what to say as you shrug your coat on. You glare at him warningly, miming a zip across your mouth, telling him to drop it. “Come on, I’ve gotta whoop your ass at pool.”

“You and (Y/N) alright, brother? You’re usually joined at the hip but she’s been spending an awful lot of time with Chibs today.“ Jax inquires, taking a drag from his cigarette. Happy looks to you, your hand holding a beer as you laugh along with Chibs.

“She got laid off, having money troubles.” Happy states, taking a sip from his own beer as he talks with one of his brothers. “You know how she is, too proud to accept help. She doesn’t want the pity.”

Jax whistles lowly, blowing out the smoke from his parted lips. You flick your gaze over to the two men, noticing their eyes are on you, Happy raising his eyebrow questioningly, you moving your attention back to Chibs.

“She’s good with books and shit, right? Could probably get her some work in the office, maybe send her to help Nero too.” Jax suggests, Happy mulling it over in his head before nodding. Drinking the last of his beer, he places the bottle on the table.

“Thanks, brother. I’m gonna go speak to her.” Jax nods in acceptance, Happy walking towards you, Chibs giving the two of you some space as he moves elsewhere. You smile at him, a slight tension surrounding the two of you.

“Listen, (Y/N), I’m sorry-” you roll your eyes, putting your hand up to stop your best friends apologises, a smirk on your lips. He looks nervous, not sure whether you’re about to tell him it’s fine or tell him the complete opposite.

“Don’t worry, Killer, it’s all forgotten.” you reassure him, signaling Chucky to pass you another beer, handing it to the now relieved looking Happy. “I know you had my best interests at heart. I’ll figure something out.”

“Jax is gonna get you some hours at TM and Diosa. Finance shit, sorting out clients, stuff like that.” he explains, you already starting to feel like you’re the number one guest at the pity party. Before you can disagree or reassure him it’s fine, Happy silences you with a warning glare, you laughing in response, him being able to read you so well. “It’s our fault you lost your job anyway, kitten. Least we can do.”

Nodding, you trace the rim of your beer, knowing that working within the club will probably be pretty fun, especially since you and Nero got on well. “I’m gonna go stay with my mom for a bit, till I get back up on my feet again.”

“That’s like two hours away, (Y/N).” Happy states, leaning against the bar. You shrug your shoulders, knowing that it’s probably going to be an expensive run backwards and forwards constantly, but at least you don’t have to worry about your house.

“Why don’t you just come crash with me for a while?” You raise your eyebrows at his suggestion, not expecting it at all. He grins at you, liking the idea of being able to keep his eye on you, especially when it comes to men. “It makes sense, and plus, I make a great pancakes.”

“I’m sure you do.” you tease, taking a sip from your bottle. As much as it would be great to live with Happy, being close to work and also having such good company, you don’t want it to get weird when it comes to food bills or rent, especially considering you’re not even earning yet. “I don’t know, Hap. I don’t want to be relying on you for shit that is my responsibility.”

“Hey.” he argues, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “You’re like family, (Y/N), and family help each other out.”

You look at him closely, searching his face for any sign of uncertainty, but come up empty. Finally, after a mental battle, you huff dramatically. “Fine, but don’t moan when I leave my bobby pins all over the house.”

You grin as he frowns, confusion written all over his face. Laughing, you place your hand on his face, pinching his cheek playfully. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

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Punctured Love

A/N: Drabble request for anon​. Imagine in which the reader is terrified of needles, and Jax knows it, so tells her it’s okay that she not get his crow tattooed on her. Enjoy, anony!

You sat in the waiting room, bouncing your leg as you waited for the nurse to call you in.
“It’s alright, I’ll be there the whole time.” Jax reassured you, his hand sliding down your thigh, squeezing it.
You didn’t reply, forcing yourself to stop bouncing your leg for all of a minute before starting up again.
It was only a blood test, but as much as you psyched yourself up, telling yourself it would be fine, just like every other time, you still sat in that chair as though you were waiting for the electric chair.
“Y/N?” The nurse called.
Your head snapped up, but you were frozen in your chair.
“Come on, babe, it’s okay.” Jax said, helping you up.
Walking into the nurse’s office, you sat on the bed, Jax next to you.
The nurse began the process, placing the band around your arm and tightening it. She began to feel around for the vein and you began to shake.
“You okay, sweetheart? If you feel like you’re gonna pass out, you tell me.”
You nodded and Jax squeezed your hand.
“Breathe, baby, in through the nose, out through the mouth, that’s it.”
“I promise, I won’t put the needle in until I’ve found a vein. Just relax and it’ll be over in a minute.” The nurse added.
You felt the tears welling up in your eyes, but you kept your gaze locked on Jax’s, following him along in his breathing technique. Sweat formed on your brow, and your cheeks flushed red as you felt the slight pinch of the needle.
“You’re doing great, Y/N, nurse is nearly done.”
You nodded, still breathing heavily, wincing slightly as you felt the needle being pulled out.
“All finished. Now sit there a moment, drink this cup of water, you’re a bit pale and I don’t want you getting up straight away.” The nurse said, handing her a paper cup.
You sipped at it while the nurse placed a cotton ball and tape over the area she’d drawn blood from. The nurse let you leave once she was happy with your breathing and colouring of your face.
Jax lead you out to the car, and the minute you were buckled in, you relaxed completely.
“Feeling better?”
“Yeah, thanks for that. Sorry I got freaked out.”
“All good darlin’.” He smiled at you. 
“How about we get burgers and ice cream, spend the night watching your favourite movies?”
You agreed, looking forward to a quiet evening in with your man.


Settling into bed for the evening, you lay with your head on Jax’s head, listening to the rain pouring outside. You felt so lucky to have him. Jax was so kind and caring, protective, and he loved you so deeply. 
He shifted underneath you, rolling towards you. He lay there, stroking your hair and smiling at you for a short while.
“I’m so glad I found you.” He said.
Blush rose in your cheeks. “I’m glad I found you, too.”
“I’ve been thinkin’. I really love you, and there’s no one else I want to do life with. Will you marry me? Be my Old Lady?”
It took a moment for the idea to register in. Jax wanted to marry you. You’d be his Old Lady, his wife. Pure joy was quickly replaced with a nauseating squeeze in your stomach.
Being an Old Lady meant getting your Old Man’s crow. Which meant a whole lot of needles. Which you hated.
“I haven’t even got pierced ears!” You exclaimed, sitting up.
“Huh?” Jax asked.
“I can’t get a crow tattoo! I can’t get any tattoos! Sooooo many needles!”
You felt the panic rising within you. You felt awful. Jax wanted to spend his life with you, and you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. But even the idea of being the wife of an outlaw biker club was less terrifying that a bunch of needles pricking your skin at once.
You heard Jax chuckle and turned to look at him laying on his back, staring up at you.
What caught your sight next was the diamond ring he was holding out to you.
“You don’t have to get my crow, babe. I’m not gonna force you to get a tattoo. I already know you’re mine, and that ring will tell anyone who doesn’t know. Or anyone who needs reminding.”
Your hand covered your mouth, the other reaching out, holding the delicate piece of jewellery between your fingers.
Jax sat up, cupping your cheek in his hand, wiping a stray tear you hadn’t noticed had fallen.
“So, is that a yes?”
“Yeah!” You said, and Jax pulled you in for a deep, slow kiss.
He slid the ring on your finger and you studied it, loving the feel of it.
“Now, I still would like you to have my crow.” Jax said, shuffling over on the bed towards the edge.
“You what?” You asked, wondering how on Earth you were going to pull that off.
Jax leant over the side of the bed, pulling up a long, flat box, handing it to you.
You opened it, pulling out what was inside.
A black t-shirt, “Jax’s Old Lady” printed on it in white, looking like a kutte patch.
You grinned, clutching the fabric like it was precious.
“Turn it over.”
Doing as you were told, you were met with an intricate crow design covering much of the back of the shirt. It was beautifully detailed, in the same white ink as the writing on the front.
“Wow, Jax.” You breathed out, rendered speechless. It was such a kind gesture, and you didn’t think you could love Jax anymore than you did until that moment.
“I got Happy to design it for me and got it printed on the shirt. I still have the design, so if anything happens to the shirt, we’ll go get another printed.”
You giggled, shaking your head.
“I love it so much. And I love you, Jax Teller.
“I love you too, future Mrs Teller.”

Sherlock Spam #1: Smoking Partners

Requested by anon:  If you’re comfortable with it could you do a fic where Sherlock finds out the reader smokes weed and then they smoke together?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader (Not very romantic, though)

Word count: 808

Warnings: Drugs consumption.

A/N: I have no idea what it is like to smoke weed, how it feels or even how it’s done. Buuut I did my research and this is what happened, I hope I was kind of right. Feedback is highly appreciated.


Originally posted by anindoorkitty

She had not gone to work in over a week, and she had not answered his calls or his text messages; she was ignoring him and Sherlock needed her right then and there.

The anxiety was such that Sherlock did the unexpected: He went to look for her. He only knew the address of the place where she lived, but he had never been there physically before. Sherlock was against going to new places unless it was necessary – like a case of some sort.

He knocked the door three times in a row. She wasn’t answering, and Sherlock was about to leave. But he needed her so desperately…

Since Watson left him for Mary, Sherlock had been in need of a new companion. Obviously, Molly was his first option, but she had moved on too so Sherlock had no other choice but to accept to hire a new assistant.

Lestrade introduced him an intern who seemed to be as functional as Sherlock required his assistant to be, and she was a good listener as well. Sherlock hired her and, soon, they were very close friends.

She knew different ways of meditation and self-hypnosis to help Sherlock cope with his own anxiety. Sherlock, however, was used to doing them with her next to him or at least in the same room.

His routine obsession was more of a curse than a blessing.

She had missed work, she had deprived him from the relaxation he needed. Sherlock needed to be with her, he needed her to guide him back to tranquillity.

“(Y/N)!” He called again, knocking harder on the wooden door. He was about to leave when he heard a noise. It sounded like music, at a very low volume but certainly coming from (Y/N)’s place.

He hesitated for a few minutes, but eventually decided to get inside the tiny loft and look for her.

The air inside the loft was dense. No, “air” wasn’t the word; there was smoke inside, covering every inch of space in which air should be.

If Sherlock didn’t recognise the smell, he would’ve called the fire fighters instantly. However, as the junkie he was, he walked towards the source of the fire rather than running from it.

There she was, lying on her couch, with a content smile on her face. She looked calm, pleased, relaxed just like Sherlock desired to be in that moment.

“Sherlock!” She greeted, smiling warmly at him.

“You liar,” Sherlock mumbled, “You told me you relaxed through meditation and yoga!”

“Well, now you know. Want to join me?”

Sherlock didn’t think it twice. He craved peace, and if the smoke could do it he would not avoid it.

He sat next to her, and admired the beautifully crafted bong that rested in front of them, over the coffee table. He looked anxious, like a hungry lion hunting its prey.

“Go on.” She said and Sherlock took it in his hands, along with the lighter.

He put his lips on the mouthpiece and lighted the fire; when the chamber was full, he cleaned it with one inhalation. The smoke gave him a sweet wave of peace, making his eyelids fall instantly before her exhaled with a satisfied sigh.

“Go, Sher!” She cheered lazily, “I thought you were more of a joint kind of lad.”

“Whatever gives me peace, I use.” Sherlock replied, using a rather softer tone than any he had used before with her. “Since when do you…?”

“Long time ago and you?”

“Long time ago.”

They continued to smoke together, alternating the bong with one another, making sure to keep it clean and decent. Sherlock was impressed at how different that side of her was, since he was used to seeing the professional assistant at 221B rather than the chill woman she was at home.

“You know…” Sherlock started.

“I know many things, not as much as you, but yeah.” She replied listlessly as she let her eyes wandered all over the place, which was covered in smoke.

“We should do this more often.” Sherlock finished with a chuckle.

(Y/N) looked down at him with an impressed grin.

“Sherlock Holmes wants to, not only smoke weed with me, but also hang out with me more often?” She joked, “I must be dreaming! C’mon, pinch me!”

Sherlock laughed as he pinched her arm playfully.

“Oh my! It is not a dream!” She continued to joke. “Of course we should do this more often, you are actually very cool.”

“I am cool.” Sherlock muttered to himself.

“You’re supposed to say I’m cool too.” (Y/N) argued childishly.

“Right… I’m cool too.” Sherlock mocked, knowing it would make her laugh.

“You’re insane, Mr. Holmes.”

“After all this,” Sherlock gestured at the smoke-filled room, “I think you can call me something less formal.”

“Fine, Sherlock.” She nodded.

“So, what about Saturday after work?”

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Salted caramel

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

Alternative fact Tom and Conny.

“What you doing?” he said, as he bounded into the kitchen with an empty coffee cup, the third of the day.

“Making salted caramel to go on bananas and custard, for the kids tonight.” I said about to get all the ingredients and equipment out.

“What Kids tonight?”

“Oh Tom I told you last week, Kate’s bringing her two smalls round for the night, so she can go and see a movie and have a meal out”

“My Movie?” He asked all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

“Yes, and don’t flirt with her when she turns up, you know shes got a crush on you and she is really shy”

“you spoil all my fun” Oh god puppy eyes.

“So how do you make it?” Oh great just when I’m in a hurry I get the kitchen helper. may as well make use of him.

“You Need…

1cup of sugar 
1cup of cream
3oz of butter melted (twenty seconds in microwave)
Pinch of salt. “

He ran around the kitchen for a few moments before placing everything on the work surface, like an over eager puppy that had just fetched all his toys and now wanted to play.

“Do you want to do this?” I asked

“I can cook….” and before he could carry on

“My Spag Bol is an internet sensation” I said mimicking him beautifully. For that I got him sticking his tongue out at me.

“Oh all right, come on Master chef you can do it,” He unhooked the apron that hung behind the door, tied it around his waist, and stood there waiting for instructions. If I hadn’t been in a hurry I may have come up with something more fun.

“Right Put the sugar in saucepan and place it on the heat, keep stirring till it turns into a liquid”

For gods sake keep stirring Tom, or it will burn and I will never get the pan clean again”.HELP!!!! why did I think this was a good idea.

“I M STIRRING! I M STIRRING!” he said but I m sure his butt was moving more to the 70s song on the radio than his spoon was.

“Add the melted butter and stir in,

boil for one minute…Do not allow to burn.”

”Wow gets a bit Dante’s peak, doesn’t it” So far so good
“Now, take it off the heat, add the cream and salt and stir like mad again” Tom carried out the instructions whilst doing a cooking show narration over the top.

“pour into the jars I put over there and we are done” The gloopy liquid made a very satisfactory noise as it slid in to the jars and Tom put on the lids with a flourish. 

“Now when can we eat it” yes my five year old had turned up.

“Not till its Cool and next time you help me in the kitchen”

“Yes?” He knew what I was going to say next

“Clothes might be a good idea!” With that he sashayed out the door with his bare bum in full view.

 (The Salted caramel is wonderful on bananas covered in custard.or on shortbread.
Or on a spoon placed in mouth and suck!”)

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Pictures not mine of Tom other most definitely are.

Trial and Error

Summary: Bucky Barnes has a crush on you, but you don’t really give him the time of day. However, he’s not giving up. 

Word Count: 869

Warnings: None

A/N: Just a random story idea I had to write out. I hope you guys like it!

Originally posted by sheisraging

“Hey (Y/N)!” Bucky greeted while he walked in the laboratory, his award-winning smile spreading across his face as he sauntered your way. Judging by the shocked look on your face, he knew he caught you unexpectedly (and undesirably), but he was still willing to give this opportunity a go. Ever since you started working as Bruce Banner’s assistant, Bucky started to have feelings for you and tried to find ways to capture your attention, to have you talk to him. You were quite hard to impress, but Bucky was not giving up on you. “How are you?”

Instead of giving him a proper answer, you quickly gathered your belongings together and scrambled out of the room, mumbling that you had some work to do. Alone in the laboratory, Bucky slumped his shoulders and sighed, cursing to himself. To him, it was clear that you had no interest in him, but he couldn’t shake off his affection towards you. He hated himself for liking someone who wouldn’t give him the time of day, but he still wanted you.

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Originally posted by sughyun

//trying to hate somebody is so much harder when you want them//

SMUT warning. (Also there is drinking involved so if you’re sensitive to that than please proceed with caution) Enjoyy~

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anonymous asked:

Murasakibara+Kise+Hanamiya+Hara+Himuro+Haizaki+Aomine nsfw reactions to a gf who loves to smother his face in her boobs whenever they hug

I don’t even know how this happens when they’re probably taller. Many characters so shorter scenarios.

AOMINE: “Babe,” he muttered, biting down on your nipple through your shirt. “If you wanted me to taste your tits, you could’ve just said so.” You growled, but he bunched up your shirt, tugged down your bra, and his mouth instantly found your peaks. His tongue swirled around it before his teeth gently grazed your skin.

HAIZAKI: A smirk curled on his lips. He pinned you down onto the couch, grinning down at you before pulling your shirt up and burying his face in your breasts again. His teeth clamped down on one of your nipples as you cried out. His fingers fondled you as he grinned mischievously up at you. “Sexy as fuck, always such a tease.”

HANAMIYA: He pushed you away and raised an eyebrow, a smile on his lips, “Angel, if you wanna fuck, you can just tell me.” “What?” “You want me to taste your tits?” A blush crossed your face as he prowled closer towards you. His lips captured yours as his tongue battled against yours and his hands found your breasts again.

HARA: Bubblegum. Sticky. His mouth had covered your nipple, his tongue swirling around it. His lips smacked on your skin. “You’re so cute when you’re moaning.” You blushed and tried to push him off but he only tugged you closer. “I like the taste of your breast. It’s always so sweet.” You let out a moan when his teeth bit down.

HIMURO: Chuckling, he placed you on his lap and smile down at you. “Are you seducing me?” You blinked curiously at him. “I wouldn’t mind touching you at all you know.” His hand slid down your back and the other moved up to cup your breast. “Such a beautiful figure.” His lips found yours and moved sweetly, softly.

KISE: His lips met yours and curved into a grin. His teeth bit down gently on your bottom lip. “Such a tease, ___-chi. Do you want me to touch you all over?” His hands found your nipples and pinched lightly. “I like touching you, you know that. Where else do you want my hands, baby?” He smiled, gripping tightly onto your ass.

MURASAKIBARA: The sudden wet slick around your nipple jerked you away from him. You raised an eyebrow and he just smiled adorably at you. “What? You want me in your boobs then I want to taste them too?” Before you could protest, he pulled you close and buried his face back between your breasts.

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Can i request a johnny fluff when it's late and you suprise him at work then you go back to the house that the two of share and have a bed talk😉 by the way i loveeeeee your bloggg 😃

We haven’t written a Johnny scenario in so long!! Decided to post this one first since he finally debuted!!! Thanks for requesting & we’re so glad you love the blog (sorry that this is really late btw). 💕 Enjoy. ;-) 


Listen: x

You stood at the entrance of the back door of the SM building, pacing back and forth in front of the key pad.

You’ve met Johnny here a number of times, but each and every time he would be waiting for you at the back before the two of you headed somewhere together. You hadn’t even realized that you didn’t have a way to enter the building.

Bored of rolling around back and forth on your bed, unable to fall asleep, you decided to visit Johnny with some energizing snacks. Seeing that Johnny hadn’t come home for a couple days, you knew he was probably hard at practice again.

There were only a number of days left before his debut and although the time you spent together lessened significantly, you were excited for him.

You knew he had been waiting for this day for a long time now, and for this comeback, he would be the only member who hasn’t debuted yet.

You breathed into your hands and rubbed them back and forth to keep them warm.

There was always the option of calling Johnny but you figured it would be better if you didn’t bother him, opting to catch one of his members leaving the building.

It seemed like luck was on your side when you saw a hooded figure with a sharp jawline and a deep red fringe come from the door.

He locked eyes with yours as you smiled brightly at him.


He put his fingers to his lips and looked around to make sure you didn’t attract any unwanted attention.

Since it was already 1:30 in the morning, you were lucky that there weren’t many people around.

You covered your mouth with one hand as he walked towards you, his voice a low whisper.

“_________! I’m so glad to see you! It’s been a while.”

You smiled at him, keeping your voice equally low.

“Of course it’s been long!  With your popularity, I would only be able to speak to you if I attended a fan-sign.”

Taeil chuckled shyly.

“Don’t say that, you should visit us some time. When things get more settled I’ll tell Johnny to bring you to one of our hangouts.”

You nodded excitedly.

“I would be happy to see the others too.”

Taeil laughed.

“Speaking of Johnny, you’re here to see him right? He’s been practicing real late these days. Here, let me open the door for you.”

Taeil punched in the key code as he opened the heavy metal door.

“Go on in. He’s been a bit stressed these days but I’m sure he’ll feel a lot better after seeing you.”

You thanked Taeil before entering the brightly lit building.

You tip-toed down the hallway before turning into a corridor filled with practice rooms.

There were different name tags on the door of each practice room. You passed by many big names before seeing ‘NCT’ marked on the last one.

The door was open slightly as you heard music reach your ears.

As you peeked inside, you noticed Johnny’s tall build dancing to the beat.

He was wearing a pair of black track pants and a dark grey tee. His long brown hair that framed his face was slightly damp from all the practice but he didn’t let that bother him.

You stood quietly by the door watching him dance smoothly with an endearing smile on your face until the song ended.

As he walked over to the couch to pick up his towel and wipe his face, you opened the door more and clapped, walking towards him.

He looked towards the entrance, the weariness leaving his face as he saw you approach him, holding up a lunchbox in your hands.


It only took him two long strides before he reached you, pulling you into his arms.

Although his shirt was soaked with sweat, it didn’t bother you as you wrapped your arms around him lovingly. You had wanted to see Johnny more than anything although you didn’t want him to know that.

He released you from his arms to take a good look at your face, a wide smile playing on his lips.

“Sorry I didn’t message you these past couple days, you must have been worried.”

You smiled and shook your head.

“I knew you would be busy with practice. I just wanted to make sure you were eating well.”

You took a seat by the couch as Johnny sat down next to you.

Without glancing at him, you could tell he had his eyes trained on you, admiring your profile.

He reached over to curl a strand of your hair behind your ear.

You bit your bottom lip from smiling too widely.


Johnny shook his head.


You hit his leg teasingly as he chuckled.

You opened the box with a sandwich in it and handed it to Johnny.

“Sorry, it’s a bit simple, it wasn’t really a planned visit or anything.”

You smiled sheepishly at him as he ruffled your hair with one hand, picking up the neatly cut sandwich and taking a bite with his other.

“Tastes great.”

You smiled brightly at his compliment before opening the lid of the smoothie cup.

“Drink this too!”

He eyed it suspiciously.

“Are those one of your health shakes again…”

You shook your head and handed it to him.

“No celery in it this time. There’s peach, mango, pineapple, strawberry…”

He took a sip as you giggled.

“And one carrot.”

His eyes widened but you held the cup up so he would continue drinking it.

“That’s the only vegetable I put in this time! Really!”

Johnny brought the cup down.

“One whole carrot? Seriously?”

He shook his head but laughed.

“Well at least it actually tastes good this time.”

You smiled.

“See, I told you! Not all healthy stuff tastes bad Johnny.”

He nodded as he leaned over to feed you part of the sandwich.

“No, you eat! I shouldn’t be eating past two, besides I had a big dinner.”

Johnny shook his head and continued to hold up his sandwich until you took a bite.

Once you did, he leaned back comfortably on the couch, finishing his sandwich and taking a sip of his smoothie every now and then.

“When you said that it wasn’t a planned visit, did you mean it was on a whim? As in, you were trying to fall asleep, but couldn’t ‘cause you missed me too much?”

Johnny glanced at you with a smirk on his face as he wiggled his eyebrows at you.

You hit him on the arm lightly.

“Well, that. And the fact that I didn’t think you would be eating properly.”

Although you wanted to seem casual, it was true that you visited Johnny on a whim because you missed him.

However, with all the stress he was under while preparing for his debut, you didn’t want to seem like a clingy girlfriend and put more stress on him.

He finished the last sip of his smoothie as he placed his arm over your shoulder.

“Alright, let’s go then.”

You widened your eyes.

“Go? As in go home? Together?”

Johnny laughed and nodded his head.

“Yeah, I was actually going to head home after I finished practice tonight but having you meet me here was extra special.”

He stood up and pinched your cheek lightly.

“Let’s go home.”

The walk home was full of fun and games.

Now that it was nearing three, the streets were quiet and the the only source of brightness were the dimly lit street lights that led the way. You would poke Johnny’s side and run ahead to the next post lamp as he tightened his hold on his bag before chasing you with his long limbs.

The long walk home was cut short when the two of you were together.

You couldn’t remember the last time you and Johnny spent time at ease in public.

When you arrived at your flat and tried to fish out your keys from your pocket, Johnny hugged you teasingly from behind as you tried to get out of his strong hold.

As soon as you made it inside your home, Johnny dropped the bags he was holding and carried you into your bedroom causing a squeal to escape your lips.

He placed you down on your bed as he lay down next to you, stretching and letting out a loud yawn before lazily rolling towards you, placing his arm comfortably over your waist.

You glanced at him and noticed his eyes were closed as he breathed in and out steadily.

You reached over to place your hand on his cheek.

The corners of his lips turned up as he pulled you closer, bringing his lips close to your ear.

“Sorry I’m not home more often.”

He mumbled in your ear as you snuggled closer to him, shaking your head lightly.

There was a pause before he spoke again.

“I have to move in with the guys this weekend… I’ll be home even less now.”
You picked up the hesitation in his voice, afraid of how you would take the news.

However, you smiled and hugged him tightly.

“I expected it already. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay on my own. Even if it means seeing you less, I’m really happy for you. Johnny, you worked hard.”

As you looked up to glance at him, you realized he had opened his eyes to gaze back at you.

“Thanks babe, I knew you would understand.”

You smiled widely, propping yourself up slightly on his chest to get a good look at his face before placing a light kiss on his cheek.

“I’m happy enough with you beside me today.”

Johnny wrapped his arms around you.

“I know we didn’t get much time together today… I promise I’ll be back early tomorrow.”

He smirked as he leaned up to whisper in your ear.

“Since it’s late I’ll let you rest today, but I can’t promise I’ll be a gentleman tomorrow.”

Your cheeks turned pink as you hit him lightly on the chest. He fell back down on the bed chuckling lightly.

He pulled you in a tight hug as he whispered in your ear one last time.

“Thanks for staying by my side even when I’m not always by yours… I love you.”

gif cr: haechannie

SnapChat (pt2): Sebastian Stan imagine

part 1 Part 3 Part 4

“Babes hurry up! We’re going to be late!” Sebastian yelled smacked your bum as you groaned pulling closer to the covered. It was early, 4 am. And Sebastian had to book such a early flight.

“Let’s go grizzly bear.” He teased scooping you up in his arms, throwing you over his shoulder.

“Hold me better.” You mumbled as you pushed yourself off his shoulder. He smiled as he adjusted you so your clung to his torso. Your legs wrapped around his torso and your arms around his neck. Your face was buried in his neck as your breath tickled his collar.

Somehow Sebastian easily carried your through airport. Finally his muscles were put to use instead of just for show. He pulled you closer as he saw man with camera. He didn’t mind paparazzi but when it came to you, he just wanted you safe.

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The Godfather (Jimin)

Requested: Yeah once again @rapmontrashqueen asked for this. tbh like 90% of my fluff is requested by her so you guys can thank her.  Also my requests are open!
Genre: Fluff
Word count:1,196

Masterlist - Mobile Masterlist

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A Winmills Christmas- Day 12 (Final Day!)

Welcome to A Very Merry Winmills Christmas!

This is a challenge hosted by @waywardlullabies​ ​​​! I was given 12 prompts, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. I have taken the prompts and turned them into a fluffy, smutty, feels-y love story about Sam Winchester and Jody Mills, and I hope you love them as much as I do! (Also, shout out to my loves @unadulteratedstorycollector​​​​ and @littlegreenplasticsoldier​​​​ for their general wonderfulness.)

Read Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11

Day 12 prompt: Christmas + surprises

Warnings: smut, feels,

Word Count: 1800ish

A/N: I cannot thank you enough for every comment, every message and every reblog. This ship has been so much fun to sail, and I really appreciate the sweet response from all of you! XOXO

Christmas at the bunker is exactly the Winchester kind of normal Sam knew it would be.

They eat a ton of food, some normal for a Christmas meal, some fixed just because Dean wanted it, and find a random football game to watch while they drink beer and relax.

Cas joins them, and though he doesn’t eat or care about the football game, he smiles as he gives Dean a rare rock album and Sam a new journal.

It feels like an actual holiday.

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Wanting More | Luke Smut

Masterlist | Mobile Masterlist | Requests

“How many times has his happened now?”

“Too many.”

“I mean you would think she would have learned that he’s only using her!”

“Or maybe he could try and be a fucking decent human being for once and stop playing her. We all know she’s an easy target.”

The hushed voices echoed around the living room, accented by the cries coming from the room just down the hall from where you and your best friends sat together, discussing how to resolve the situation. 

Your friend Casey had been repeatedly making the mistake of sleeping with Luke Hemmings, and every time it happened she thought that maybe that time it meant something to him, but every time he fucked her then kicked her out and was with a different girl the next night. Yet, for reasons you couldn’t figure out she went crawling back to him every time he so much as breathed her way.

This time you had had enough. You couldn’t bear to hear Casey’s sobs as she lay broken-hearted on her bed, barely able to leave the room for the next couple of days. “You know what, I’m going to have a word with Luke. He needs to know that he can’t just use people like that.” You stood up, shaking off the protests of your friends, you were determined to let him know exactly how much of an asshole he was.

Throwing your leather jacket on, you walked out of the apartment calling back to your friends, “Someone bring Casey some tissues before she drowns in her own tears. And tell her I’m off to be her knight-in-shining-armor.” Slamming the door after you.

Having been to Luke’s house for a few parties from before he fucked up your friends life it didn’t take you long to get there, leaving no time for your anger to fizzle. Standing there and waiting for him to answer the door you quickly became impatient. ‘Of course this asshole doesn’t answer his goddamn doorbell, why do that when the whole world just waits on you hand and foot.’ You thought to yourself, starting to incessantly ring his doorbell.

After nearly a minute of constant ringing you heard movement inside, followed by a string of profanities until the man of the hour himself opened the door. His hair was disheveled under a black snapback, and he had on a black shirt that most definitely had not been washed recently enough with a pair of his usual skinny jeans that were tight against his long legs.

When he saw you standing at the doorway, his eyes ran up and down your body lingering on your chest which was pushed up from the way your arms were crossed across your body. Letting out a disgusted scoff you uncrossed your arms from your body, causing Luke to look up at you, “Well to what do I owe this pleasure.” He said, voice still scratchy from clearly having just woken up even though it was well past lunch time.

“Fuck off Luke, you know exactly why I’m here.” You pushed past him in to his apartment. Glancing around you realized why it was he had just woken up, beer cans were littered all over his apartment and what looked like the remnants of late-night nachos were scattered on his kitchen table.

“Sure, come on in.” Luke muttered under his breath before turning back to you, “Look if this is about Casey then - “

You cut him off before he could even get started, “Of course this is about fucking Casey. You treat her like your toy Luke!” You could feel yourself getting riled up, pacing around his kitchen, “She’s a human being, not one of your play things, you can’t just hit it and quit it-”

“I can’t help it if she doesn’t understand the agreement. I told her from the beginning it wasn’t going to be a serious thing.” Luke cut in, leaning against the counter, hardly even batting an eyelash at your anger.

You felt like pulling out your hair, “That doesn’t give you the right to forget she has feelings. I mean for fuck’s sake Luke, you slept with her, kicked her out of your apartment, and not even 12 hours later there’s pictures of you and another girl going in to a hotel together.” 

Luke smirked at that, “I can’t help the fact that they just throw themselves at me, I mean I’m a people pleaser Y/N. Can’t deny the people what they want.” His words made your blood boil, he needed to be taken down a notch, or maybe a whole bunch of notches.

He pushed off of the counter, walking towards where you now stood frozen by your anger in the middle of the kitchen. “If you want Y/N,” he was standing in front of you, his face incredibly close to yours, “I can please you too.”

As he stood there, with that same one-sided smirk on his face, acting as if everyone in the world would be lucky to be in his presence an idea popped in to your head. Glancing up at him through your lashes you did your best impression of a sultry voice, “You know what, you’re right Luke,” pulling your bottom lip between your teeth you ran your hand up his torso, “I do want you.” 

You took in a deep breath, pressed your body tightly against his, before walking backwards so that you were still facing him as you walked away. Heading towards where you knew his bedroom you undid your jacket and dropped it on the floor letting out a quiet, “oops” was before glancing back up at him only to find him still standing in the kitchen, “Are you going to join me Luke?”

That seemed to snap him out of his thoughts, as he jumped in to action following in your footsteps on the way to his bedroom. Glancing around his room as he came up behind you pressing his body against yours and leaving warm kisses down the side of your neck, you quickly found what you were looking for making a grin spread across your face.

“Luke I want you to lay on the bed and don’t move a muscle until I come back.” You said, breaking free from his wandering hands. He nodded and watched as you snatched something off of his floor before heading in to the bathroom. 

Once you were in the bathroom you shed the rest of your clothes until you were left in nothing but the black Calvin Klein thong and push-up bra set that you had thrown on underneath your clothes this morning. Messing up your hair and biting on your lips a little bit, you did your best to look as enticing as possible, before heading back out to Luke.

Following your instructions perfectly you found Luke laying on the bed, with his hands behind his head staring up at the ceiling. You ran the silky material of the tie you had grabbed off of his floor earlier between your hands and made your way to the foot of the bed, grabbing Luke’s attention with your movements.

“Damn Y/N, your body is fucking amazing.” Luke’s eyes were already starting to get a little bit darker. You didn’t respond instead just crawling up the bed, one knee on each side of his body. You made sure to give him a nice view of your breasts before you lowered your face until it was just centimeters from his. Sneaking your hands beneath his shirt, you ran it up his body and pulled it over his head leaving his broad chest exposed.

“Hold your arms out for me baby,” You whispered, the puffs of air leaving your lips pressed against his. He followed your instructions, enamored with the way you looked hovering above him. As soon as he held out his arms you shifted your weight so that it was held by your knees rather than your hands and tied his wrists to the headboard above his head.

Before Luke had the chance to say anything you slid down his body, your soft skin running against his clothed body. You began to place feather-light kisses on his neck, dipping down to where his shirt had hung off his collarbones earlier, before retracing your steps back up his neck and adding a little more force behind the kisses.

When you reached just below his ear you sucked hard knowing it was a sensitive spot for most people, and Luke was no different. He let out a moan his eyes closing when you nibbled on the skin before soothing it with your tongue. “For the duration of this encounter you’re going to be completely at my mercy Luke, and if you so much as breathe without permission from me I’ll leave you here begging to cum. Got it?”

He nodded vigorously. “Good.” You replied, a smirk pulling across your lips. Sitting up so your crotch was placed right above his growing hard on, you lowered your weight on to him and ever so slightly shifted from side to side, watching as his chest began to rise and fall a little quicker. “Does that feel good Luke?”

He nodded again, “Can you use your words Luke?” You said, grinding down a little bit harder on his crotch.

“Mmm, fuck yes that feels good Y/N.” His eyes scrunched up a little tighter as you continued your movements.

“Open your eyes for me Luke, I’ve got something I want you to see.” He peeled one eye open, the other one quickly snapping open as he saw what you had in store for him. Your hands running over your body, you massaged your breasts together over the bra, before reaching around back and unhooking it, letting them spill free. 

Circling your nipples with your fingers, you let out a soft groan as you felt yourself beginning to get wet. Picking up the pace at which your hips moved, you pinched one of your nipples while your other hand lowered to the place where your hips met his. Stopping the movement of your hips all together Luke let out a whine, but that quickly turned in to a groan when you began to palm him over his jeans feeling just how hard he had gotten.

“Do you want me to take off these restricting jeans?” You murmured, laying down on him so that your breasts were pressed against his chest, with you hand still working him over through his jeans. 

You could see the muscles in his neck tensing as he struggled to speak. “Please Y/N, please take them off.” 

Giggling at how throaty his voice sounded, you stopped all movement with your hand and sat back up, “Only because you said please.” Before slowly undoing the button on his jeans, and making sure to run your hand against him as you pulled down the zipper, hearing the sigh of relief that left Luke’s lips as you pulled his jeans off. 

“Now, I think you need to earn the removal of these boxers, don’t you?” You said, seeing the desperate look in Luke’s eyes. “Maybe you could do a little something for me?”

He nodded vigorously, like a puppy who just got offered to go outside. Smirking at his enthusiasm you slid off your panties before climbing on top of his face. “Do your worst Hemmings.” You said, before lowering yourself on to his face.

Within minutes Luke had you holding on to the headboard, panting for air. It was as if his tongue was everywhere all at once. One minute he would be tongue-fucking you and the next he was playing what felt like hockey with your clit - but in the best way possible.

“Oh, oh god Luke,” You called out, moaning his name a few more times, before suddenly being snapped back to reality as you remembered just whose beard it was that was chaffing your thighs, something you had heard Casey complaining about just the other day. Focusing back in on the mission, you backed away from his face, losing your breath for a moment at how hot he looked with your juices smeared across his lips. 

A smile pulled on his lips, as he licked his lips collecting all that he could, “Damn Y/N, you taste amazing.” Desperate to wipe that grin off of his face and take away the power you had given him, you leaned back on the bed and spread your legs. Judging by the sound that fell from his lips, you were sure you had given him a good view.

You ran your fingers up your slit, before placing them in your mouth and sucking off what you could, moaning at the taste of yourself, “Mmm, you’re right Luke. I do taste good.” You watched as his face flushed an even deeper red than he already was, his hips swiveling ever so slightly. “Aww, is someone getting impatient?” You mocked, straddling him once again making sure he could feel how wet you were through his boxers.

“Don’t worry Luke, we’ll be done here soon enough.” Beginning to really grind hard against his hips, you could feel his length rubbing against you in just the right places. You placed your hands on his broad chest, to stabilize yourself as you began to make figure eight motions with your hips, Luke bucking against you and straining against his restraints.

“Fuck Y/N, please untie me. I want to feel your body and see you underneath me.” Unable to speak as your body began to shake, you just shook your head making Luke whimper out. 

Sliding up ever so slightly you could feel Luke’s abdominal muscles clenching underneath you, “Y/N, damn that feels good, but,” he gasped as you moaned out his name, “I’m going to cum in my pants if you don’t do something soon.” 

“Just a little bit longer.” You huffed out, your words punctuated by moans that fell from your lips. You could feel just how tightly wound your body was, about to snap from the friction of Luke’s boxers and the movement of his strong hips beneath you. “Oh, god, yes Luke right there.” You called out as he thrust his hips up in just the right way.

His face flushed, eyes closed, and head thrown back as he held back his release he continued to thrust against you, watching as your eyes rolled back in to your head and you still atop him for a brief moment, before a wave of pleasure rolled through you, causing your whole body to shake in relief.

Every thought about what you were here for had rushed from your mind, only focusing on the feeling that was flowing throughout your body. That feeling of pure bliss and relaxation as your muscles contracted, pushing out fluids that would most definitely leave a stain on Luke’s boxers.

The sounds falling from your parted lips had Luke pulsating in his boxers, just barely holding himself back from spilling all over, but just when he thought he had reached his breaking point you began to come down from your high, the reason you were hear in the first place rushing back to your pleasure-filled brain.

Standing up you began to collect your things from Luke’s floor, and as you pulled your panties back on you heard a cry of protest from Luke’s mouth, “What are you doing? I didn’t break any of your rules!” His voice was desperate, and just by looking at how hard he was you could see why. 

You pretended to contemplate what he had said, “Hmm, I guess I can’t help it if you didn’t understand the agreement.” Throwing his own words back at him, as you finished buttoning up your jeans. Walking over to him, you brushed your hand against his hard on one last time, before leaving a ghost of a kiss on his cheek, “Maybe you can find one of these people that you pleased to take care of that for you. I’m sure they’d just be throwing themselves at you to help.” 

You couldn’t help but smile as you walked away from Luke, leaving him being the one wanting more for once in his life.

A/N: These Japan pictures of Luke have been killing me today, so I had to write something about them. Let me know what you think here, maybe I’ll even write a part 2 if enough people want it!

redamancy (fluff)

SUMMARY: Redamancy (n.) a love returned in full. 

GENRE: fluff (because Lizzy lmao hello there)

MEMBER/GROUP: Kim Jongin // Kai - EXO


(the songs were “Last Dance” and “My Answer” don’t question how these sad songs inspired so much fluff okay T.O.P singing does things to me now shush and read)

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                                ~ christmas eve, years ago  ~


 You frowned. “Are you, perhaps, doubting my baking skills?” Jongin grinned. “You and I both know the sole reason I’m here is to make sure you don’t burn the house down.” Huffing, you spun away from him. “Whatever, I’ll just make these cookies myself.” 

“Aww.” Arms went around your waist, and Jongin’s chin was resting on your shoulder as he murmured, “don’t be mad, I was only teasing you.” 

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