.. i mean inspired by the matrix


Another page in my childrens’ book ‘Which Witch is Witch’, inspired by Dr. Seuss.  (I did this format with 4 images, rather than a blended one in a matrix.  I’ll wait to see comments and reblogs/likes to determine which format is best for the future.  Or did I mean ‘Witch format?’


November’s Featured Game: lux (dream.girl)

DEVELOPER(S): Rindre Rindere
ENGINE: RPGMaker 2k3  
GENRE: Psychological Horror, Exploration
SUMMARY: lux (dream.girl) is a surreal psychological horror game created in RPG Maker 2003 where you play as Benjamin, a socially inept teenage writer who struggles with depression, loneliness, and writer’s block. When he decides to try lucid dreaming to figure out how to push his story forward, he meets new friends, new enemies, and his literal dream girl. Making certain choices will either help or hurt his relationships, and the outcome of his story.

Download the demo here!

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Heaven is not found in some idealized future after death (according to theology); it exists only within the timeless continuum of the Now. The joy of Being is available to all those who surrender to the truth of their universal essence (the unified field of all things).

By all means, you can fully embrace your inner divinity or continue making excuses for yourself to remain asleep in ego consciousness.   ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


In addition, each of the angelic greetings and interdimensional scripts below are ‘living languages’; sending out resonant beneficial frequencies to all who view them. These divine scripts will greatly enhance the creative energy flowing through you and flow you clear connection with your divine heritage and soul family. As you look at the designs and strips of language below, allow yourself to feel the energy rather than try and figure it out through the mental body. As you will notice, I have put partial decriptions below each design, however the meaning may manifest slightly different for each individual.Its telepathic nature is a direct soul transmission and can only be fully understood through quiet contemplation and connection. Each of the designs is also an acceleration equation, which contains DNA upgrade frequencies and communication matrixes for evolving consciousness and receiving data from other realms. - Bryan de Flores

MTMTE ficlet prompt thing that popped into my head
  • Megatron: The Matrix is just a tool, Rodimus. A means for a leader to connect and communicate.
  • Megatron: In the past it has been revered for all the wrong reasons, but I think Optimus has changed that for the better.
  • Megatron: Still, we see you. We will automatically listen to our Primes.
  • Megatron: You have earned our attention, why not earn our respect?

anonymous asked:

I dunno if you have a history with chinese-support or what, but they're not totally wrong. You were THIS *holds fingers one half-millimeter apart* to claiming Wolfenstein 2's marketing is going to result in antifa taking a hatchet to someone.

Yeah, but not because of video games.  Because Antifa are a bunch of dipshits who use media already to justify their actions, like Inglorious Bastards.

If somebody watched The Matrix and shot up a place like the hallway scene, that doesn’t mean that The Matrix CAUSED them to do a shooting.  It means that the scene inspired them to act a certain way during said shooting.

If Antifa starts bringing hatchets to rallies, it isn’t because video games cause violence.  Antifa were already violent and the video games are not an issue in that regard.  It is that Antifa would’ve been inspired to start bringing hatchets instead of, say, knives or baseball bats.