.. before she fell asleep at the lecture

Face of the beast

Hi everybody! This is something I wrote because I was inspired and I felt like procrastinating editing chapter two of “Joke’s on you”.

Face of the beast

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. A kingdom far unlike its neighbours. A kingdom that arouse from the ashes and grew in strength until it outshined the sun with its glory. A kingdom that once was looked down upon its unusual traditions and now the king and queen ruled the country with an iron fist.

And the kingdom’s name was Death City.

Death City and its neighbours blossomed in the time of peace, good health and good harvest. The kingdom was stable and not a threat from the outside world could be spotted.

But their peace would soon come crumbling.

The royal princess hummed delightfully on a lullaby her chamber maiden had sung to her before she fell asleep. Her feet dangled playfully and her pigtails bobbled. Eyebrows drawn together as her quill ran over the parchment.

The double doors shrieked open and the princess whipped around. The queen proudly strolled inside with a large vivid smile playing on her flush lips.

The queen’s smile infected the princess and she jumped off her chair. “Mother!” She ran up to the queen and immediately started to tug on her hand. “I want to show you my drawing!”

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over the shoulder

Rating: M, to be safe

Summary: In order to stay awake in class, she decides to catch up on her favorite smut author’s latest installment, and he catches her doing just that. Jerza.

Notes: The vote was cast for me to write this prompt (below), so hopefully I’ve done it justice. Did it while between spurts of cooking dinner and making soymilk so it might be in disarray. I realized halfway through that it would probably be funnier in Jellal’s POV, but… :( 

Also this is dedicated to @markedmage! <3 Hopefully you like it!

“You just caught me reading hardcore smut fan fiction during class and you’re wondering how I can read this with a blank face.”

It was barely a minute into the start of lecture but Erza was already falling asleep to the sound of the professor’s droning monologue about gravity something or the other, her ballpoint pen growing limp in her hand and a trail aimless ink snaking over the page of her lined notebook.

Her head fell to the side slightly, following the same direction her eyes rolled backwards—but before she nodded off into daydreams on the shoulder of the cute blue-haired boy sitting to the right of her, her senses jerked herself back awake. She straightened her spine, shifting positions in her seat, and attempted to focus on gravity something or the other again.

Said cute boy sitting to the right of her choked back a quiet laugh.

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