I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively


Fandom Loki: super powerful (often implied more powerful than Odin himself) and clever. Can literally do anything with his magic. Elegant and deadly. Ignores Thor, doesn’t actually care about Asgard or ruling anything really. Is a melodrama queen.

Canon MCU Loki: super clumsy, gets his ass handled by literally everyone. Can only handle NPCs. Knows like 3 magic tricks. Is outsmarted by Thor. Probably has the lowest death toll of marvel’s major villains. Craves Thor’s attention and only wants Asgard to love him (also: eat grapes). Is a sassy drama queen.

The Magick of Fashion 👛✨

It’s no secret that fashion on its own possesses an entirely different creative world that differs from everything else. The fabrics we choose to put on our bodies are gateways to the soul, a wonderful way to showcase on the ~outside~ how we are and what we feel on the ~inside.~ For Witches, fashion can be even more magickal (if that were even possible)! We proudly done special cloaks and robes to amp up our practices, lovingly accept the pointy hat as our longtime trademark, and flourish when slipping into rings and bracelets, accepting them as our battle gear. Here are some tips to bring magick and fashion together!

Enchanting Jewelry

- Jewelry is such a wonderful way to not only accessorize our bodies, but to help give us little boosts of confidence. How wonderful is it to be able to carry around a certain crystal by attaching it to a chain and wearing it around our necks? If you wish to encourage a specific emotion in your life, than look into crystal pendants, mala bead bracelets, dangle or stud crystal earrings, and crystal rings. Craving more love? Try a rose quartz bracelet hugged around your wrist. In need of protective vibes? Put on an obsidian necklace! There really is no limit to the minerals we can choose from to enhance our lives by wearing.

- Also consider making your *own* jewlery. If crystals as jewelry just isn’t your thing, try hand-making your own hemp bracelets or necklaces, adding special beads and charms and anointing your creation with essential oils.

- Cleanse your special jewelry accordingly! If ever you feel it’s power lessening, wave some incense/sage/palo santo over it while stating a blessing; leave it on the windowsill under a full moon, or create a small altar (placing your jewelry in the center), to boost its vibes.

Your Signature Outfit(s)

- As a Witch, there are no limits to obtaining things that make you feel your most powerful. Clothing can be one of these things (although, it is just as acceptable to work certain magick in the nude, if that is your preference)! Many witches assign themselves a certain outfit or article of clothing to slip into during rituals.

- Figuring out what your own witchy uniform is can be tricky, so try to get inspired! Try on several different things before deciding on what you feel extra powerful in. For some, this may be a velvet cloak decked out in glitter. It could be a pair of lace gloves that have been enchanted with a special energy that flows through your hands while doing spellwork. It could even just be a simple t-shirt! Anything that allows you to feel your most “witchy” and that you are attached to, will be the perfect thing to flaunt while working your special magick in.

- “Wardrobe Witchcraft” doesn’t even need to be designated for spellwork. If you’re like me, you may find magick within clothing each and every day. Your style belongs to you, and wearing something unique that screams “this is who I am” to the world is just as magical as anything else. Your favourite outfit may very well be your suit of armor. Develop your own sense of style, and let yourself feel as if you are celebrating your unique soul each and every time you get dressed in the morning.

Traveling Magick… In Your Clothes?

- You read that right! If you’re feeling extra creative and have a knack for sewing, why not sew sigils on the insides of your clothing? You may also consider sewing tiny pockets on the inside of jackets, sweaters, or bags, using them as a little storage space to carry stones and tiny bags of herbs. Enchanting your articles of clothing with symbolism and on-the-go crystals is an excellent way to enchance their energies!

Colours + Fabrics for Moods

- A final idea involves the work of touch and sight. Dress according to your emotions, or even according to what you *wish* to feel. Either way works, as it should allow you to get better in touch with your own emotions! Wishing for more passion? Wear a little bit (or a lot) of red. Feeling blue? Show it through the color. Longing to feel extra-feminine? That’s where pink comes in. It’s all so simple, it hardly even seems like work at all. :-) The same method can work through the use of fabrics themselves. Each material has such a different feel, and it’s quite beautiful that we have such a variety of fabrics to allow our skin to feel soft and warm. Wearing velvet on the night of a full moon may make you feel extra sorceress-like, whereas wearing delicate silks can help you to bring out your more angelic vibes. Showcasing your emotions through feeling and color is really so simple and yet so powerful - Think of yourself as a walking mood ring!

I truly hope that these ideas provide some of you with a spark of inspiration! Witches have a way of turning anything into something powerful and enchanting, so doing that through fashion should come as no surprise. Blessed be, and stay stylish ~ 😊✨💕

Easy Winter Witch Tips 🌬✨❄️

With Winter quickly arriving, there is a certain spark in the air that only seems to come during the holiday season. For us Witches, this spark can be incredibly inspiring for a certain sort of magic, one which involves the twinkling promise of a new state of mind… One that holds inspiration in the coming of the newest year, one that beckons us; an empty canvas within a blanket of fresh snow. Alas, sometimes things can become busy around this time, and it is during this period in which many of us must practice our magic in the easiest ways possible. Here are some simple tips for doing just that! ~

♡ When you are outside in the cold, breathe out deeply and visualize your visible breath as negativity being exhaled from your system.

While wearing gloves or mittens, rub your hands together to manifest a warm (both physically and emotionally!) sort of energy, letting this energy be your driving force. Each time you feel unsure or stressed, just use this technique, and imagine it as a positive, invisible encouragement being “sparked” to life.

Carry with you a special little positivity pouch, one that invokes the wisdom brought with Winter. It can be as simple (a tiny plastic bag with a small crystal and a note of encouragement), or as elaborate (a small velvet satchel filled with pine needles and gold ribbon) as you wish. remember, all that really matters is your intent, and the energy you build while creating your on-the-go charm bag!

Gather fallen nature that you come across while out and about. Pinecones, fallen sticks, and even collected snow can be the little objects you place within your home to easily bring the season into your indoor life.

♡ Give yourself a “boost” by anointing your winter wardrobe with seasonal oils - rubbing a little peppermint or cinnamon essential oil on your boots, scarves, or a special piece of jewelry to promote a happy and lucky state of mind can be quick and effective!

Be inspired by your surroundings. View the fresh snow as a fresh start. Rejoice in the positive essence that the holidays bring out in others (or, if everybody is seeming stressed, *be* that cheer to bring others to life). Think of all that you have accomplished this year, and be proud of yourself for making it. 😌♡