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dwmoved  asked:

HEY if you ever have the time do you think you could draw some cute 11 & river!! i rarely see artists who draw dw anymore & the art for the two of them is super limited!! if you'd rather not then don't worry!! i love your art 💞💞

absolutely!!!!! (and thank u so much holy shit!!)

here they are!!

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I don't mean to sound rude. But it's unfair that you get so many notes and message whenever you post anything. i post two fics and tagged them and even asked other blogs to share and got only a few notes. I do the same thing you do, and i write like you do, but your popular so you get all the notes. People should pay attention to other writers too.

I don’t have the energy to respond to this right now. Maybe I will later.

Until then: I’m sorry you’re frustrated, but this message was not the way to express that.

Whumpy Stiles prompts

(becuase we all love seeing our favorite human in dangerous situations)

  • Smoke inhalation problems that don’t show until later
  • Stiles dislocates his shoulder in battle and Derek has to reset it
  • Magical curse/spell that makes something embarrassing/weak (fainting, nosebleed, sneezing attack, vomiting, paper cuts) happen to Stiles whenever someone says “human”
  • Magic!Stiles runs too many spells or holds up a long-term spell that leads to weakness/magical exhaustion
  • Derek accidentally hits Stiles with the Camaro
  • Hiding an injury/poison bite from the pack that grows infected
  • Witch/creature slowly drains Stiles’s energy/life force without him realizing (until things get dangerous, of course)
  • Stiles gets trapped in a garage with a running car, toxic fumes, or some other potentially lethal circumstance where he needs to fight to get out

downton abbey meme: [1/3] quotes:

“I am on your side.”