. that shit was heavy

there seems such a cruel irony in how 13 reasons why is a netflix series - 13 episodes, released all at once, for us to work our way through in the same way as the 13 could. did you binge watch all in one night, like alex? or did you have to watch it in bits and pieces because it was all too horrific, like clay? is it doing things to your head too? is everyone talking about it at school? is everyone talking about hannah baker again? 

pre-zimbits, in which bittle is drunk and jack is very patient (and a jerk with a great ass)

“I can’t believe I didn’t stay for Senior Week last year.”

Bittle was sprawled across the grass in the little cemetery on the other side of the soccer field. Jack wasn’t entirely sure how he got here, but he was very drunk and very alone, and everyone else was very drunk and not answering Bittle’s texts.

“Having fun?” Jack asked, hands in his pockets.

Bittle pulled himself to his feet, using a headstone for balance. “Mmph, sorry there, Mr. Dead Dude. Don’t haunt me for this.”

Bittle was drunker than Jack feared. He stumbled over, eyes glassy and unfocused. There was no doubt Jack would be cleaning vomit tonight; Bittle was so buying him Annie’s tomorrow.

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((thank you to guest writer @actualbird !!!))

See the thing about Evangeline is that it’s pretty much as old as Jeremy and Michael’s entire friendship. Probably older, actually. Evangeline, of course, being the minifridge in their dorm that houses the Jeremy’s fantastic stock of Mountain Dew Red.

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okay wait.

lena threw a microscope?

like…threw it?

i dunno how many of you have held a microscope, but like, those shits are heavy. like, i’m a field scientist right, so i have a field scope that comes with me onto every site i work and seriously, those shits are  h e a v y. like, 20-30lbs. plus they’re cumbersome af and unevenly weighted and, just.

she threw it. just…threw it. like.

look, my point is lena luthor is secretly backing some guns of fucking steel, and could probs arm-wrestle james and give him a run for his money, okay?

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I am going to have to sit in the theater and watch as Lightning McQueen gets in the most horrific crash of his life. I am going to have to watch as he flips through the air uncontrollably, on fire, with pieces of his body being torn off as he smashes into the ground. I am going to have to watch as he gets torn apart on the racetrack and slams into the wall. I am going to have to watch as all of his friends and family watch this happen in horrified silence and are powerless to do anything. I am going to have to watch as Lightning gets ripped apart in the most terrifying and life-threatening event of his entire career. I am going to have to watch all of this knowing that he fears crashes. I am going to have to watch all of this knowing that he fears crashes AND that he can feel every. single. second of it. No I am not crying.