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@idroppedthefries REQUESTED: Ight so I wanna request a reaction (look at me requesting things 💀) of them arguing with their s/o while they’re driving. I feel like that alone would be funniest thing in th world but work your magic 😉


Jin would honestly feel so mad when you told him that you’re parents didn’t like his cooking. Especially when you told him repeatedly. 



Namjoon would be so mad when you told him not to touch anything at you’re parents house. Namjoon wouldn’t yell, but would argue. 

“Yes babe but- no but-!” *Keeps getting cut off by you* 


Yoongi would get over excessive but you told him to stop sleeping. You didn’t understand that he worked so hard but then you guys ended up fighting.

“I’m not gonna argue with you while I’m driving!”


Hoseok would scream everytime you guys argued. He would be so extra to stop the car and talk it out. He knew it would have been bad if you guys argued inside the car. 

“FINE! Wanna talk about it?” *Stops the car on the edge*


Jimin would be too scared to cut you off while you’re talking. When you guys were on a red light, you would make him look at you so you knew he was listening but this poor boy would be flustered. 

“Uhh, Can I speak now?”


Taehyung would honestly drive with his left hand and hold your hand with his right hand. He wouldn’t say anything just incase it turned into a fight. If it was a big deal, he would get you guys out of the car and hold hands while fighting.

“Jagiya, If you laugh-” *You end up laughing with him*


Jungkook would honestly just be in his own world. He would be driving and like thinking about what he would have for dinner. 

*Stares off into the distance*

Listen, Kraglin deserves the world okay?
At the end of GOTG vol. 2 when he was watching Yondu’s ravager funeral, it just broke my heart.
He lost all his friends, his teammates and his Captain (*cough boyfriend*).
The scene where he says, “They killed all my friends.” I wanted someone to punch me, because thAT WOULD HAVE FELT BETTER.
He just deserves the world and more and I hope he’s okay :(


The Matter of Britain;
Inverness, Caerleon and London, United Kingdom. 1941, Nazi occupied Britain, 12 weeks after the axis victory of the Battle of Britain. The battle lost, the King missing and the Nazis fully occupying England, Wales and the south of Scotland, the capital had been compromised.

INVERNESS, SCOTLAND. The resistance army moves further up north to the harsh winters of the Scottish Highlands and settles in Inverness. They are exhausted of strength and options, their supplies of weapons and food running low and their contact with the remaining allies becoming strained. Merlin sat in a corner and watched his comrades sing songs of heroes and victory. He wondered how they could laugh and sing knowing they would die soon and remembered a man, a long time ago, telling him “A warrior learns to enjoy each day as it comes.” “Because it may be his last” Merlin repeated aloud, then laughed and laughed and laughed. He kept laughing until he was longer laughing but screaming, intense beams of light coming out of his fingertips and shattering the windows of the small pub. His magic was alive. He was alive. When the blinding light ceased Merlin found himself in the middle of the room with the guns of his comrades pointed towards him.

CAERLEON, WALES. He was alive. “Merlin”, was Arthur’s first words, and would be his last. From the other side, he had seen the world change, he had seen revolutions and revelations, deaths and births, the world was ever changing, but Merlin was a constant. He had felt Merlin’s joy when he eloped with a young French noblewoman after she escaped a terrible betrothal to her cousin, and felt his grief when she died suddenly three weeks later. He had laughed when Merlin fell hopelessly in love with Oscar Wilde and dyed his hair blonde because Oscar had once mentioned the beauty of his mother’s blonde hair. He had felt Merlin’s sorrow and his own more when Merlin visited him at the lake three times every year. And at that moment, standing in front of a confused looking woman, dressed in wet armour and a sword in his hand, he had felt Merlin’s fear. 

LONDON, ENGLAND. 4 years after the Axis victory of the Battle of Britain and 6 months after the allied victory in the second world war. Th Resistance army flag still hung from Palace of Westminster. The mood in Britain changed after the war, the King abdicated, and the monarchy was abolished. The republic was born, and the public democratically elected a new leader. It was this day 2 years and 6 months ago the resistance, and allied armies regained control of the capital, with Arthur as their lead and Merlin, their secret protection and weapon. They attacked with a battle cry that became immortalised  “We fight for the future. The future of Albion. The future of the United Kingdoms!”.

CAERLEON, WALES.  It was this day 1 year, and 6 months ago Arthur had wrapped Merlin in his red cloak and carried his body to the shore, laid beside him on an oak boat and drifted off towards a familiar Island on a familiar lake.