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Smol PSA From Your Local Autistic-Run Stimblog

As April draws to an end, please remember this all year long:

×We don’t want your pity, we don’t want awareness, we don’t want a cure. We just want acceptance.

×Autism $peaks hates autistics speaking, especially for themselves. Don’t support them under any circumstances.

×Blue for autism was not only coined by allistics, but also suggests mostly boys are autistic Red was chosen by the autistic community.

×The puzzle piece was coined by allistics, and suggests we are a mystery missing something. The rainbow infinity represents the autism spectrum, and was created by the autistic community.

×Autism is not a disease. It is not an illness. A disorder, yes, but not a bad one. And, again I say, it doesn’t need a cure.


lion hair au

first time drawing these nuggets and i don’t think it turned out half bad. 

also bonus shiro who already has black and white hair and is annoyed he doesn’t get to join in the fun