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Physics time!

I was gonna do my laundry but when I turned the corner and saw this on the ground I stopped what I was doing and decided to make a snapchat story of science (I’m @thescalex on snapchat, if you want my username)

*cue Charlie Brown soundtrack of kids cheering*

There’s your science for the day. Go try it out for yourself!

*UPDATED* in the final picture of the original post, I made the mistake of saying “light as a particle” - I should have repeated the initial description (which is now fixed): the effect is from light passing through a single slit and diffracting, which is more accurate to what is being observed, because each bulb is a “point-source of light.” While the general scientific consensus is that light does indeed have particle properties, this single slit experiment is not a true depictor of those properties. While fewer photons do indeed get through, diffraction still (faintly) occurs between the lines. It’s the double slit experiment where things get REALLY weird, though.

I hope 2018 is gentle and kind to you. I hope you get to rest from the pain and suffering of breaking through your shell and begin to experience the bliss and joy of blossoming. I hope you are kind to others, and I hope you also remember to be kind to yourself. I hope you are able to heal from everything you’ve been through the past few years. I hope you are able to let go of all the pain you’ve been carrying in your bones and in your heart. I hope this is the year that makes you so grateful you’ve kept going through the nights you thought you couldn’t make it. I hope this is the year that will make you say it was all worth it, all of the pain you’ve felt and dark times you’ve been through. I hope this is the year you rediscover your light.


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