. bushcraft


Bocote copper bushie sheathed .

4mm wet formed veg -tan leather  via @theidentitystore

aged and distressed for a US LEO customer .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com


The most simple food becomes a luxury when you’ve walked far. Hot beans, roasted bread and a steaming cup of tea. Soaked, then frozen gloves and forgotten matchsticks are some things I advice against though. 

Remember when I went hiking and camping for two days and I woke up to this on the first morning?

 I keep thinking of all the nights that will be spent in tents, trails that we’ll discover and all the campfires we’ll get to gather round.


Found this old piece of timber in the garden. I restored it and did my first ever proper bit of old school joinery. I only had a saw, tape measure and a chisel to work with so it’s a little rough around the edges but I’m very happy with it. Some genius came up with this in the past in order to join massive logs together to be used to build huge sea worthy battle ships. They didn’t have the luxury of working with metal back then so they had to get creative.

So Tick season is really bad this year & it’s only May. We tested her homemade organic essential oils tick repellent on this tick. The tick all but jumped off wood railing.
Here’s the Ingredients:
White vinegar as the base, 20 drops of citronella 20 drops peppermint, 20 drops lavender, 20 drops cedar, 10 drops geranium & 20 drops eucalyptus.


Bir gün çocuğumun çekirge sesleriyle uyumasını istiyorum.Örümceklerden korkmadan,hangi yaprağın hangi ağaca ait olduğunu,tarladaki tümseklerin nasıl hissettirdiği,yaban çileğinin tadını nasıl olduğunu,rüzgarın esintisinin nasıl özgürleştirdiği bilmesini..Benim bilmediğim şeyleri bilmesini,bana hiç öğretilmeyen şeyleri öğrenmesini istiyorum.