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Doodle dump!

So a while back, petnursy and I made a crack klance AU where Lance is an adorable, little shit imp who Keith accidentally summoned cause he wanted to prove demons weren’t real. Hijinxs ensue and of course imp Lance is well behaved around Shiro (it helps that he shares his junk food), but everything is fair game with Keith :D

There’s WAY more to this AU cause we couldn’t help not developing it more, so you’ll probably see more of it in the future. :3d

Imp design belongs to petnursy~

anonymous asked:

Have you seen my suneater son. He looks adorable. Also Deku made me cry.. WHY

!!!!! I’ll be really honest here anon I currently have a lot of feelings and 90% of them are about Amajiki picking Kirishima it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in my life thank you Horikoshi I owe you

hi ive broken hiatus because Sebastian is getting all beefy and thicc to film as Bucky but his hair is still super short so i can only assume the plan at Marvel currently is to defeat Thanos with the force of beauty that a Short Haired Beefy Bucky would be