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“first kiss? cassidy asking jessie out for the first time? first meeting? i like firsts”

So this is their first meeting aaaand Cassidy asking Jessie out for the first time. It takes time not to long after Jessie leaves the Chansey nursing school. She runs into Cassidy, or rather, Cassidy runs into her after she robs a Pokémon Center.  Why Jessie accepts a date from a criminal? Maybe because she just wants her charm back. Maybe because that “R” brings back some memories and reminds her of her mom. Ooooor maaaaybe, she just thinks pretty girl is pretty.


/noun/ the peace of being indoors during a thunderstorm

Summary: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,644
Author’s Note: This story was on one of my old Tumblr writing accounts that I just deleted, but it was one of my favorite stories and didn’t want it to collect dust in my drive.


You’ve always had an endless fascination with books and novels of various different shapes, sizes, and lengths. The way someone could paint an entirely different world with the mixture of just 26 letters, whisk the mind away from reality, stir emotions inside someone—emotions of laughter or sadness or one of complete contentment. The influence a simple novel could have on a person’s viewpoint has always fascinated you.

During your younger years, you would find yourself trekking to the nearest bookstore, if only to simply run your fingers along the spines of all the latest releases. You would open a random novel, just to skim the first sentence, allowing the words of a complete stranger to fill you with familiarity.

Not much has changed in the years following your childhood. Something about corner bookstores have always lured you with the promise of peace and quiet, an escape from the harsh reality you occupied yourself with. You constantly looked forward to the days you could run away and hide within the shelves of the shop, no matter rain or shine, sleet or snow, 30 pages of homework to get done during the night, you always made an effort to visit at least once or twice a week as soon as you entered college.

Today is no exception to the rule. With midterms rapidly approaching, you’re already drowning in papers, projects, and upcoming tests, the stress practically eating you alive. But still, instead of returning to your apartment, you find yourself turning down the familiar sidewalk in the opposite direction. The rain overhead is steadily pouring down today, serving as little warning bells that perhaps making the trip to the bookstore might not be the best option.

Judging from the gray clouds, it’s clear that the weather has other plans for the remainder of the day—the lightning that suddenly shoots across the sky is a clear indication of that—but you find yourself not minding much. The heels of your boots clash gently against the sidewalk, your hair curling slightly as the water comes in contact with it, but all those worries and annoyances dissipate off your skin like steam as the familiar shop comes into view. With the lights on inside, the place looks like a beacon of hope, allowing the smile to spread itself across your face as you quicken your pace to shoulder open the door.

The bell rings overhead as you gently shut the door close, running your hand through your hair quickly to rid some of the water trapped in your locks. After exchanging a smile with the familiar cashier at the counter, you make your way deeper in the store. Like usual, there isn’t anything in particular you’re seeking, but just being surrounded by text, aisles and aisles of hardcovers and paperbacks fills you with comfort.

You’re just starting the turn into contemporary novels, when one particular black, hardcover spine catches your attention, causing you to stop dead in your tracks, eyes widening with recognition as you distinctly remember this particular novel being one of the very few you’ve wanted in your own personal collection of books: John Green’s Looking For Alaska.

Your lips curl up into a smile, momentarily unfazed by the fact that the book had been placed on the highest shelf, towering a few inches above you, even as you stand on your tippy toes, even as your fingers barely manage to graze the book you want. It takes five times before you plant both feet firmly back on the ground with a gentle huff, considering the next movement to grab the book.

You’re just about to consider getting a running start between the two shelves, before a slightly amused voice cuts in through your concentration: “Need some help?”

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Honestly that pause before Emori told Murphy the truth and how deliberately she chose to do so and look ice-cold in his eyes and make zero apologies for it. Like. I’m not here for “even Murphy can’t trust her”, y’all, he’s the one person she DIDN’T lie to. She took the chance he’d look at her differently if she was as balls-out ruthless as humanly possible and he just respected and loved her extra.

God, this episode stressed me out because I saw the twist coming the whole time (pats self on back) and I knew it would make a lot of the audience turn on them and Emori especially, and I already kinda hated it for that. But just so you know where I stand – John Murphy doesn’t want, nor does he deserve, a love interest who is a cinnamon roll and makes him a Better Person with her goodness and light. I think there is something *so much more interesting* about the fact that Memori bring out something sweet and real and caring in each other, while also being pretty terrible people who would manipulate and throw people under the bus to save themselves and each other. Murphy is a more sincere, gentler person because of Emori and still they SQUASHED THAT LOVE = REDEMPTION ARC like a bug and I’m into it.

Fiction needs conflict; we’ve been really overdue for a reminder that both Murphy and Emori are Chaotic Neutrals at best, and the fact it came in the same episode as Murphy dancing around adorably and Emori raving about his cooking skills is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.


@the-flame-and-hawks-eye see what happened?
I drew at record speed. I don’t have my tablet with me right now and I’m on mobile. I’ve turned on angst mode.

Got7 reaction to you being in an accident and having amnesia

A/N - Three different anons requested scenarios where you got into an accident and had amnesia so I decided to just compile those requests into one reaction. It makes things a lot easier for me as I don’t think I’d be able to come up with three different storylines, they’d probably all be very similar. Hopefully you guys like this anyway. The initial request for JB may still be done as a separate imagine sometime soon once I’ve finished other JB requests/series. Anyway, this bit was waaaay too long haha so please enjoy and send in more of your wonderful requests! 

Mark: Mark would probably be the most calm in this situation. He seems like he’d be able to control his outer emotions and just focus on you and your wellbeing. Mark would want to make sure you trusted him before he even began to try and bring back your memory.

JB: First he’d be worried for your health but once he found out you had no serious physical injuries he’d be so relieved. Once he was able to visit you in the hospital he’d be truly devastated to know you didn’t remember him. JB would be so determined to get you to remember he’d do literally anything for you.

Jackson: I see Jackson as being a very protective boyfriend so to know you didn’t remember who he was would break his heart. But despite that he’d be willing to fight for you and would do everything in his power to get your memory back. Jackson would never give up on you and he’d tell you that everyday until your memories were restored.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would cry so much if he ran into your hospital room saying your name and trying to hug you, only to be met with a “who are you?”. His whole life would shatter before his eyes and he would be in shock for a few minutes until he could pull himself together and help you get through something that was probably way worse for you.

Youngjae: Youngjae would have no idea what to do. Finding out about your amnesia would make him so scared and worried for your future. He’d be petrified that all the memories the two of you had together would be gone. He’d try not to let you see his tears though because he wouldn’t want to make you feel guilty for not remembering him.

Bambam: Bambam would hide his true emotions. On the outside he’d try and act as if it was okay and he wouldn’t want to worry you but inside he’d be destroyed. He’d put aside those sad emotions until he was alone and could cry without anyone there to see. Whenever he was around you, he’d make sure that you were comfortable and okay.

Yugyeom: I feel like Yugyeom would be really worried and unsure about what to so. If you had amnesia he wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with memories or force it upon you. Instead he’d just slowly try and help you come to terms with the whole situation before trying to restore your memory. It’d be a hard process but it’d be one he was willing to do for you.

The Happiest Day

- This fic was a Secret Santa request from box5angel on TITTD.  :D -

It was the night before Christmas and Rick’s back was giving out.

Flames crackled in the fireplace and ornaments shone on the tree.  The large tree.  That Rick had had to drag inside with the help of two other men and still it weighed a ton.  He blamed the tree for his aching back these last few days.  He had opted for a smaller one, but the women of the house had wanted this one.  So he had obliged.  

Now, whenever he looked at the tree he didn’t feel Christmas cheer and he didn’t get in the holiday spirit; he just felt pain flare-ups in his lower back – brought on by memories of bringing the huge thing in.  The only thing he liked about the tree was the pine scent that emanated from it and wafted throughout the entire living room.

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I want them to bring back everyone we love, even those who are dead. They don’t even have to be alive, they can be memories or ghosts or whatever, but I want to see Allison, Jackson, Aiden, Isaac, Derek, Cora, Erica, Boyd, Braeden, Kira, and hell, even Tracy (because like so many others, she deserved better)

even if it’s standing at the end, watching the others, I just want them back

to my love || jimin

Originally posted by parkjiminer

Word Count: 521

Genre: Angst, Fluff?

Pairing: Jimin x Female Character

A/N: here is a very short drabble based off You Were Beautiful by Day6

To my love,

 Everything I’m about to say doesn’t mean that I want us to get back together. We still wouldn’t be able to work; I mean I’m about to move to an uncountable number of miles away from you. This letter is just me bringing up the past, all the memories of you that remain with me.

 Huh. Where do I even begin? I guess I’ll start with one of the things I appreciated the most about you. You never failed to miss a single day to tell me you love me, before I went to sleep and as soon as I woke up you told me. I just wanted to let you know I remember that.

I know memories of me, of us have probably just become something of the past to you, you’ve probably already moved on from those moments. Whatever I saw and experienced to you it is all to be something in the past.

Without missing a single moment you always thought of me first. From making sure I didn’t leave the house without a sweater because you knew I always get cold at night, to making sure you held my hand because I have a terrible sense of direction and you didn’t want to loose me in the crowd. From making sure I was wearing my seatbelt before you put on yours, to making sure my first time was perfect. Even when things weren’t a big deal you said “sorry”, like when it rained while we were out and we didn’t have an umbrella so we got soaked. There was no way it could have been your fault but you still apologized the whole way home, thank you I remember that.

You were beautiful. Your small brown sparkly eyes that looked at me. Always staring back at me with admiration, interest and love. Your sweet voice that called out to me, sang me to sleep, or even just a small chuckle, giggle or a laugh to light a spark in my day. Everything just everything. To me everything about you…

You were beautiful you left the feeling of not wanting anything more. The moments that only you gave me. From the thoughtless pillow talk, the lame inside jokes that sent us into a childlike glee, to the serious pep talks to push me to my fullest. Everything has passed but Jimin you were so beautiful.

I still think of you sometimes. I heard you choreography that you made got used for that song and is all the talk right now. Congrats! I had wondered, “Should I call him?”  There were a lot of times I thought that but I know it’s already over.

No matter how much I want you, you are just…just a movie of the past. A movie that has already ended, I know that.

So for the last time, your small brown sparkly eyes that always met mine. Your voice that said, “Take care” even that to me you were beautiful. Even the tears that you showed me, the moments I had with you everything has passed.

But we were so beautiful.

Only For You!

Derek thought back to how they met, it was last year at the hospital. Reid had been shot, she was the surgeon that saved his life. It started out, as him just bringing her coffee when he came to see Reid.

Then one night he was coming in late, sneaking in some food for Pretty boy, he heard a female scream. He pulled his gun, and ran towards the scream. He found her being held at gunpoint.

Calling in back up, he careful approached them, wanting to get her out of danger. “Please Jimmy, it’s over, it has been for months. Just leave me alone.”

“I’ve seen the guy bringing you coffee. How you smile at him.”

“He’s just thanking me for saving his friend…”

“You liar!” 


Derek pushed the memories of the night out of his mind, tonight was about making happier ones. He gathered his things, going towards the elevator, he smiled when he saw Garcia.

“You have everything ready for tonight?” She wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

“Everything is set!” He left the office getting ready for tonight.


He watched as she walked out of the hospital front doors. “Go now!” Watching as several black SUVs pulled up in front of her, FBI agents hoping out. “Dr. (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N), hands up.”

He watched as she dropped her bag on the ground, her hands going up in the air. “You getting this?”

Garcia’s voice came over his earwig. “Yes, now get over there she looks mad and scared.”

Derek went jogging over, keeping the smile off his face. “Hold up, I got this Unsub.”

She looked up at him. “Derek, what’s going on?”

“Dr. (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N), you have the right to remain silent.”

“Have you lost your mind?” He smiled at her, nodding at the agent standing behind her. Her hands were uncuffed, he grabbed her hands.

“Only for you.” He pulled her close kissing her. She was tapped on the shoulder, spinning around, Reid handed her a bouquet of peach roses. She turned around to face him. “I love you, you bring light into my dark world. You’re beautiful and smart, I can’t believe I have you in my life.”

“I love you too baby.” She wiped the tears away from her eyes. 

He dropped down to one knee. “Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

She let out a laugh. “Yes!” He slipped the ring on her finger. Standing up, he pulled her into his arms, kissing her. 

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Greetings, Man on the internet! I have a question about Hopes and Dreams. What does it mean when Asriel says "Your progress, your memories will be reset. We'll do it all over, Chara, you won't forget!" That just doesn't make much sense right now, and it hasn't since Christmas. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I don't follow the comments section most of the time.

  • After I defeat you and gain total control over the timeline… I just want to reset everything. (Before Chaos Saber)
  • All your progress… Everyone’s memories. I’ll bring them all back to zero! (Before Shocker Breaker)
  • Then we can do everything ALL over again. (Before Star Blazing)

*Disclaimer* I did not draw this picture nor do I own anything from this picture! If you know the artist please let me know!!! ___________________________ Okkay Now I could not help post this up!!! The picture is absolutely ugh!!!!! Card Captor Sakura being my first anime its just… This brings back memories I concealed to pass the days on!!! Now I want more of it!!! Lol

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It's your birthday, treat yourself to some Mercury and Yang fluff babe

They are more comfortable regarding their prosthetics and missing limbs around each other than around anyone else. Yang handles it better than him and she can openly talk about it to other people, has no problem with taking the prosthetic off around other people, but she feels like he’s the only one who truly understands. She won’t suddenly gross him out by getting her right arm too close to him, something that can make her anxious when getting physically close to people. 

He still has issues regarding his legs. He hides it well and he’s good at just shoving it away most of the times, but he still gets nightmares from time to time, and the worst thing about those is that they bring back memories that cause panic attacks. He doesn’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t want to deal with it if he doesn’t have to but of course she’ll witness it at some point. He yells at her and almost ends things right there, but she refuses to just leave him alone with it and eventually they manage to build up a routine around it. She’ll pretend not to see or hear anything and endure the bad mood he’ll have for days, he’ll seek comfort in cuddling her while she pretends to be asleep. And somehow her presence actually helps, somehow it actually helps that she knows and he’s not alone with it. 

He usually tries to be at least a decent boyriend to her. I mean he’s still his asshole self, but he keeps it down around her and his comments rather manage to make her laugh than to piss her off. But sometimes, when he’s in a really bad mood he can’t keep his composure around her all the time and even though he doesn’t want to he’ll make her feel how bad his mood really is, but she usually doesn’t let it get to her, because she knows where it comes from. And sometimes he just snaps, sometimes he will hurt her. He will say things he shouldn’t have said.

And to make things even worse he has trouble apologizing. He’ll just show up, pretending nothing ever happened, and she will show him how much this things actually did happen and how fucking mad she is until he forces himself to say the words, and then, maybe, she will allow him to make up for it and show how sorry he really is. A reason this actually works is that she doesn’t take shit from him. She will let him know when he screws up, and he will try not to screw up again because he actually really cares about her well being. 

But she still knows he loves her. He doesn’t tell her very often, but his actions give it away. The way he rolls his eyes and then casually pulls her closer after she made a very bad pun, that he cuddles and kisses her in public at all. He won’t make out with her in front of others if she doesn’t initiate it because he’s still not a big fand of pda, but the fact that others are allowed to know about their relationship is a huge step for him to begin with, but he will not only let them know but also touch her while people watch them. It means so much to her, because it means so much to him. 

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A few things that make them cry? Or gets them in a depressed/sad mood?

For Denmark it would probably be rejection. For example, if Norway didn’t want to cuddle or Finland didn’t want to go drinking- he’d get in a bad mood or sulk.

For Norway… That one’s difficult. He tends to try and mask things and isn’t fond of crying in front of people, but I think it would be getting in a heated argument. If the wrong thing is said, tears will just come with no warning.

For Iceland, banter that’s gone too far. Denmark in particular can get pretty excitable when it comes to these things and can unintentionally hurt.

Finland… It would be getting in an argument or witnessing one. It brings back the bad memories- like when they were younger, when he was living with Russia etc. And it gets too much.

Sweden is an extremely difficult case. As opposed to Norway, he has trouble expressing as he’s just awkward. I guess it would be someone saying something incredibly harsh.

Ryoma x Flora C-S Supports

This took longer than I liked, and it may be a bit of a mess, but I made it just in time! AAAAAA

C Rank:

Flora: Oh, Lord… Ryoma.

Ryoma: Ah, you’re Flora, correct? One of Lady Corrin’s er… retainers?

Flora: Caretaker, more accurately.

Ryoma: I see. And that was back before…

Flora: Yes.

Ryoma: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.

Flora: No, it’s not that. It’s just… odd. Here we are, from two rather distinct parts of the world.

Ryoma: I don’t want my title to interfere with your efforts, Flora. We both share a stake in this war, after all.

Flora: Both? Not everyone holds the weight of a nation on their shoulders.

Ryoma: Do you not have people back home that are depending on you?

Flora: …I wasn’t aware you knew.

Ryoma: Apologies. I… shouldn’t have pried, but Felicia had informed me of her home.

Flora: I see.

Ryoma: I… can’t help but feel I overstepped somewhere. That was not my intention.

Flora: I see. Well, I guess I should be used to rulers prying into people’s lives as they see fit.

Ryoma: That wasn’t my intention-

Flora: I must help Felicia prepare, excuse me.

Ryoma: …

B Rank:

Ryoma: Flora, there you are.

Flora: This must be quick, Lord Ryoma. I only have a few minutes before I tend to the gardens.

Ryoma: Flora, please, I apologize for prying like I did. I was hoping that it would be something of a motivator. Something to help humanize and contextualize our efforts.

Flora: …

Ryoma: I… we all in Hoshido grew up fearing Nohrian oppression. You have to understand that hearing about tribes like yours in such a similar position… it helps me understand the humanity of Nohrians.

Flora: So you’re using my people to feel better about this unification?

Ryoma: I… this may be coming out wrong.

Flora: Lord Ryoma, if I may. Lady Corrin was raised in Nohr. She grew up alongside Nohrian Royalty. Are you so filled with hatred that you couldn’t see your sister’s affection for Nohr? That you must… use my people?

Ryoma: I… I’m sorry.

Flora: I have to get to work on the gardens.

Ryoma: I should go as well. I believe I have much to think about.

Flora: …

A Rank:

Flora: …

Ryoma: …

Flora: …

Ryoma: …Flora, I must apologize, again.

Flora: …

Ryoma: This war… everything about it has everything I knew about myself, my world, turned around.

Flora: …

Ryoma: I grew up believe Nohr to be evil. So much so that… once Mother died, a part of me felt like… it was true. It was all true. That Corrin was anomalous, perhaps because she was Hoshidan at heart? But that isn’t the case. Hoshido is capable of evil, as Nohr is capable of good. People are people. I… violated your boundaries because I needed information. I didn’t think of you as I did, and I have done you a grave disservice. As I have done to your people.

Flora: Lord Ryoma, you don’t have to-

Ryoma: We are equals in this war. Our enemy goes beyond us. Any of us. Loyalties, politics, the past? All of that will not matter if we do not succeed.

Flora: …I understand.

Ryoma: I’m not asking for forgiveness. I’m just… thanking you for exposing my own prejudice on the issue.

Flora: I am aware that I don’t have to forgive you. Please understand that I want to.

Ryoma: Hm?

Flora: When you spoke to me first… I had suspicions that Hoshidan royalty was looking for any excuse to destroy Nohr. That day, I thought that my suspicions were confirmed. Hoshidans were waging a campaign of hate against us.

Ryoma: I… see.

Flora: But.. you’re not. You may have made errors in judgment, but you are sincerely working for a peaceful future. This much is clear. That is admirable.

Ryoma: …Thank you.

Flora: I have to get to work. But I wouldn’t mind if we talked again soon, milord.

Ryoma: I’d like that as well.

S Rank:

Ryoma: Hm? Flora? It’s unusual for you to be working in the kitchens at this hour.

Flora: Ah!

*plate creaks*

Ryoma: It’s… even more unual for you to drop a dish like that. Is everything alright?

Flora: I… I just needed to clear my head, milord. So I went to get some dishes done.

Ryoma: I see. I admire your work ethic, you see. You’ve been working so very hard, and it shows.

Flora: Thank you, your efforts too have been a reflection of your people. I’m sure that Lady Corrin is proud.

Ryoma: Yes.

Flora: …Is there any other reason you were here?

Ryoma: I… this is embarrassing. I was looking for you, in fact.

Flora: For me?

Ryoma: This… this is a mistake. I shouldn’t do this…

Flora: Milord, with everything you’ve done, I believe I’m prepared for you to speak candidly with me.

Ryoma: That’s the reason, Flora. I… I’ve been awful to you, and yet my feelings…

Flora: Your… feelings?

Ryoma: I… I have said too much.

Flora: Very well… then perhaps I can say some things?

Ryoma: Of course.

Flora: Ryoma… I never thought it would be possible for me to love anyone from Hoshido. There has been so much warring hostility, so many indiscriminate attacks… Our kingdom has been cruel to us as well, but for awhile my people felt truly isolated. I really believed that isolation to be a facet of my life.

Ryoma: …

Flora: But we’ve been spending more time together… you… haha… the Prince of Hoshido. The symbol of Nohrian Hatred… and yet I can’t feel that in my heart… I see a man who loves his country… a man who loves his people. And I can understand that.

Ryoma: Flora… I feel I have no right to offer this ring to you, but..

Flora: But I have every right to accept it.

Ryoma: You… yes, you certainly do.

Flora: And I do. Accept your ring. I love you, Ryoma.

Ryoma: And I you… thank you. Thank you for everything.

Together or Not at All; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by two Anons:

-Hello! I uh…have a request, if that’s alright? I was wondering if you could write a Sherlock and Reader story? My idea was the reader finally comes back in to town after being missing for a few months, and Sherlock is stunned when she tells him…

-can you write one where the reader is epileptic and John and Sherlock help the reader through a sudden seizure? thanks!

As always, slight change to the request, but enjoyable nonetheless!

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