. . . rest in peace

There’s no sleep behind my eyes
No peace inside my mind
There’s no place or time
No faith and I
Am tired
There are just clouds above my head
Just a heartbeat in my chest
I don’t know where I could go
Still all I know is
I need
—  mother-cocoon 
Having A Group Baby With BTS Would Involve:

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  1. So, you’re BTS’ Poly Girl
  2. And you can Kookie had a bit of a whoopsie
  3. You’re getting sick in the morning
  4. The Maknae line is right there beside you, holding your hair and patting your shoulders
  5. Namjoon comes with like 2456329836 remedies for nausia
  6. And then Yoongi is like ‘Ya know, she might be Pregnant’
  7. So he drags you to the doctor
  8. Where you have to take a test
  9. And B-I-N-G-O, you are indeed Pregnant
  10. The reactions are priceless
  11. Jin, Tae and Hobie are over the moon
  12. Nams and Yoongi silently bid their rest and peace goodbye
  13. Kookie and Jimin are not ready
  14. And then you have to undergo the process of DNA testing the fetus
  15. Which is a bitch, because it hurts
  16. Long ass needle, that is all I need to say
  17. Namjoon’s hand is pretty bruised up for at least a week
  18. The test reveals it is Kookie
  19. Poor Maknae needs a few days to wrap his head around it
  20. Taehyung and all the hyungs are like ‘if Kookie won’t, we will!’
  21. But Kookie comes around after a while
  22. Seven supportive sweeties
  23. Jin has a whole diet worked out to make sure you and the baby stay healthy and the baby can grow well
  24. The naps you and Yoongi take are wonderful
  25. Hobie’s already buying baby toys by the third month
  26. Namjoon is always ready to advice you on how to go about preparing and keep yourself and the baby healthy
  27. Jimin does a lot of reading up
  28. Taehyung asks you every day how long it still will take
  29. Kookie comes with you for the first and second and third ultrasound
  30. A lot of group cuddles
  31. These sweet babies are so cute about helping you
  32. Feetmassages from Jimin
  33. Them taking your chores around their house
  34. Kookie and Tae fawning over the baby when it kicks 
  35. Yoongi still gives you the best cuddles, rubbing your belly
  36. Jin is the best at dealing with your moodswings
  37. And then it comes the time for the baby to come into this world
  38. In the middle of the friggen day
  39. Jin drives you to the hospital
  40. Yoongi drives the others in a bit later, to make sure you have the calmth to settle in
  41. Maknae line is really nervous
  42. It is done in a pinch and only very painful at the peak of your contractions
  43. You give birth to a baby girl, completely healthy
  44. Kookie, Hobie, Tae and Jin cry
  45. The girl comes home a day later with you
  46. Yoongi and Hobie baby proof the house
  47. Jin makes sure you keep off your feet the first week
  48. Kookie is secretly a very proud appa
  49. The others are too
  50. Especially Namjoon and Yoongi
  51. Yoongi takes endless naps with his baby girl
  52. The Maknae line plays a lot with the baby
  53. Mainly peekaboo and airplain
  54. Hobie is a master burper
  55. Jin is the master nappy changer
  56. Surprisingly Nams is very gentle and never harms the baby
  57. Baby sleeps best in Namjoon’s arms
  58. Kookie takes a lot of photos of his baby girl
  59. She loves Jimin’s singing
  60. Namjoon makes sure she is always stylish

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Any personal larry hc you've never shared?

Harry won’t fall asleep before Louis does. He likes to lay in bed next to him, feeling each deep breath he takes until Louis drifts off. H will then turn to face his boy, loving how soft he looks in his sleep. How peaceful he is, even with all of this mess happening. He takes in the flutter of Louis’ eyelashes against his cheekbones and the slight part of his light pink lips, soft puffs of air escaping in a soothing rhythm. He’ll smile when he watches Louis’ nose twitch, a tell-tale sign that he’s starting to dream. Harry will slide closer, gently pulling Louis against his body and resting his head atop soft hair, Louis’ leg reflexively slotting between Harry’s. They fall asleep tangled together, like they’ve done countless times before and will continue to do for the rest of their lives. Wrapped up in the person they call their home.

TalesFromYourServer: "I didn't yell at you today!"

So yesterday after my shift ended I went down to eat like I usually do. I had to sit at a different table because the usual one was dirty. After a few minutes of eating, my kitchen boss comes over and asks if he can sit with me.

I told him sure, I don’t care. I know that when things starts to die down he rests for a bit. We usually don’t sit with each other since we both like the moment of peace.

So he’s playing with his phone and munching on his plate of food while I’m doing the same. About 20 minutes pass and I get up to go home. He looks up and has a big smile.

“Hey I didn’t yell at you today! :D ”

I just laugh and said “well good! I didn’t make any mistakes either! See you tomorrow!”

This was the same boss I’ve gotten in yelling matches before. This was just a funny thing that I felt like sharing.

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So who else owns one of those magical bracelet thingies? It doesn't look like everyone wears them unless they don't always wear them all the time?

Ludwig: That’s correct, we all have them. While a few of my brothers prefer and have completely settled into civilian life, the rest of us wear our bracelets at all times, ready to defend if something should disrupt the peace.

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Part one: Is it okay if I like gush about the boy I think I might love?? Like gosh the way he makes me feel when I'm with him is unlike anything I've ever felt before? He's constantly been on my mind for at least a week and I'm so confused and scared that he's going to hurt me like the rest but he seems so!! different. He's such a dork and he does things sometimes just bc they make me smile and laugh, he's so gentle with me and let's me always know that "he's here and it's alright" whenever I

Part two: get nervous around him and I don’t understand how he’s making me fall for him so fast?? I could listen to him talk forever, his lips are so soft and he gives literally the best hugs ever? He’s so nice to hold hands with, I feel so at peace when I’m with him? I have no idea what is going on and I’m so scared of feeling as strongly as I do about him but I’m also excited!!

this is so cute and so SWEET and im so happy for u and ur hand holding and ur cute n sweet dorky boy !!!!! keep me updated on how things are going if u could :))))