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Howdy y’all, I’m selling a few of my old Cosplay Wigs!

I kind of have a bad habit for throwing my money into wigs for cosplays that I’m not 100% committed to, so basically I end up with a buncha wigs that I’m never going to use (or have in the first place)!

Unless stated otherwise, all of my wigs are new, never worn, and are being sold as they came to me:

Please only send inquiries about item specifics through eBay!

I accept Paypal and ship worldwide!

Undyne 4.0 - Undertale

GUYS. I think this is the final version. Hahaha Smiley heart
Finally got my wig and my makeup! Wig is a lace front from Arda and the makeup is TAG water based.

Also please excuse the shitty photo quality, my phone has given up on me completely.

Experimented at bit with different teeth and still haven’t decided if I should go with double fangs or just “regular”. I tried making the entire row of teeth pointy like Undyne’s teeth, but my mouth is srsly too small for it to look good haha xD

Things left to do; get a proper scard, get proper ears (still paper ears) and finish my spear. Our Undertale group has grown to 15 people, you have NO idea how excited I am!!