youtube dying kinda reminds me of the nickelodeon day of play where they wouldn’t broadcast anything and they expected us to actually like go outside and play instead of flipping to cartoon network. no youtube i will not stop procrastinating. tonight we eat at netflix

(4/4)  “We didn’t lose a single person.  After hiding out for three weeks, we were rescued by the Rwandan Patriotic Front.  Everyone came running in from the fields.  All of us were cheering.  In the end, over three hundred people survived the genocide by hiding in this church.  I can’t remember all their faces.  Life has taken us to many different corners.  And some of them have left the country to begin new lives.  But many of them still call me father.  I’ve given away the bride in several different wedding ceremonies.  Occasionally people will randomly show up on my doorstep with drinks.  I’ll say to them: ‘You were with us in the church, weren’t you?’  And we’ll embrace.  When I look back, I believe the genocide could have been stopped if more pastors had taken a stand.  We were the ones with influence.  The killers belonged to our congregations.  And we could have held them back.  But instead we did nothing.  And every pastor had a different excuse.  Some said they didn’t know things would get so bad.  Some said they were too afraid.  And some said the government was too powerful to oppose.  But when you’re standing aside while people die, every excuse is a lame one.”    
(Kigali, Rwanda) 

Every Democrat should be running on this message. Republicans want to kill grandma and crush the dignity of the elderly.

It’s not like the rich need these tax cuts. And to think having to take away so much to give the wealthy more advantages is such a known catastrophe waiting to happen.

We know how this GOP tax scam story ends.

Vote Blue. Vote Democratic.

Prehensile Tailed Porcupine ! Got a couple quills stuck In my head and neck 😂

Couple of cool facts about this DOPE creature above! They live high up in the canopy of South America hence that long tail you see , it acts as an additional limb to help climb!

Also they have quills AND NO they can NOT shoot them out but they are EXTREMELY sharp it’s their primary defense mechanism!

His name is BORIS! Say what’s up to my buddy below and tag a buddy👇🏾

i want to kill whoever thought being a barista was a sexy occupation. you think dealing with second degree burns on a daily basis is sexy? you think steaming milk getting splashed in your face is hot? you think im going to fall in love with customers who get pissy because they got one ounce of vanilla syrup instead of one and a half? fuck you

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I like to imagine that Mystery gets internally triggered when he's called a dog. Also, Mystery behaving like a wild fox is just the butter to my soul and my dreams. Thank you for unknowingly relighting my love of Kitsune lore and for all the work you put into Hellbent. ( P.S. Mystery is my favorite boi please don't hurt him)

MYSTERY IS BEST BOY!!! but i’m afraid no one is immune to punishment in this series

(art by @isaiahdjstuff)