Chuyện chúng mình giờ đây em đã hiểu
Nhưng cõi lòng không thể nói bằng không
Không khỏi xót đau, giận hờn, oán trách
Trời đất bao la mãi mãi chia lìa

Đã không thể cớ sao xui gặp gỡ
Định mệnh đã mãi không thể trùng phùng
Thì chúng mình mong gì được chung đôi
Phải cắt chia là hạn định, ly tan

Cớ sao trời cứ đổ mưa… cho buồn
Cứ làm gió bão cho tan nát lòng
Người sang thế giới khác đã quên rồi
Thế giới này ai thấu nỗi đơn côi,

Mây ngàn…..

anonymous asked:

Okay so i just finnished reading your Side by Side fic and IT IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE!!! your characterization is flawless and I cant wait to see what happens!!! I was also wondering if Jemma's daemon is a lion because it represents her soul, and her soulmate is Fitz (because Leo means lion)? p.s. your text post set of fitz from the last episode was hilarious!!

ahh thank you so much for saying that, I’m so glad!! 

heh well, there are many Jemma-specific reasons for why her daemon is a lion (which I go into in this post), all of which feed into a variety of character development/exploration things that a narrative allows me to do which convinced me to write the fic to begin with. but I also definitely remember @songcalledclara and I having an exchange during that long past conversation that involved giggling about the perfection of Jemma’s daemon matching Fitz’s first name. :-D 

[also, now, after living and breathing this AU for so many months, I feel like it also fits nicely into something that I’ve chosen to do with the characterizations of the daemons that readers may or may not have noticed. it comes out the most clearly, I think, in the next chapter, number 11 - or possibly number 12, I forget when a specific thing happens - but (without spoilers): although I consciously give Sarama and Caedmon their own personalities, I have intentionally written them so that in many ways, the daemons act the most like the other person. in other words, Caedmon behaves much more similarly to Fitz than he does to Jemma, and Sarama behaves much more like Jemma than she does Fitz. it all has to do with the sort of yin-yang, full circle conception I’ve got going on with them finding each other and the ways in which the daemons demonstrate how FitzSimmons are destined to be together. :-) ]

(and *snort* thanks! I’m still laffin abt that middle one, ffs, Iain, your face is a masterpiece.)