Send me your favorite quote in my ask, and for each quote I will put your url on a wishing star (Japanese Wishing Stars). The Friday during NYCC (October), I will go around with said stars in a small box with a hole at the top. On the side it will read ‘Free a Star’ or something along those lines. Sound cool? I will also include the quote with the url C:

I didn’t just want to do the boring ‘Reblog and yadayada’, I wanted to spice it up a bit ^^ So, lets get this party started, eh? <3

who ever re-blogs this post I’ll put your URL on a paper and make it into an origami star! 
I then will put them all into a jar, so by the end of this year I might have only around five stars or I might have a full jar (which would be awesome)!
Origami stars are wishes- and I’d love for everyone to have at least one wish!

ill be ending this on new years eve and midnight. if you dont feel like reblogging, send me an ask :)