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Summary: Bucky and Y/N are expecting a baby, and soon, but they still haven’t decided on a name.

Pairing: Bucky x Pregnant!Reader

Word Count: 3332

A/N: Fluff with a side of Bucky angst. Thank you to my wife @velvetofyourheart for translating the Russian parts for me. Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think!

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Buckyhad known right away when Y/N became pregnant.

He had noticed the minute changes in her body, her exhaustion, and her avoidance of his touch. He had noticed the fractional widening of her hips and the change in the heaviness of her breasts, changes invisible to most other people. It was strange to him that she didn’t tell him right away, even as the panic of becoming a father settled in his chest for a nine month stay.

Eventually, they had gone to dinner and Y/N had told him. She had been wearing a dress that was already a bit tight on her, her confidence plunging and her lip trembling before they even left their apartment. She’s beautiful to him though, no matter what, and he had made sure to tell her that.

She was three months along and she cried when she told him. “I didn’t tell you at first because, even though we were trying to have a baby, I knew you would freak out a little bit. But you already knew didn’t you? You knew the whole time?” She had asked through a thick stream of tears.

He had nodded and smiled, “Yeah. I knew.” He has listed the signs to her and then frowned, brows pulling together as he looked up from the table. “How did you know I knew?”

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rompts: Combination of this one-shot where you’re batmom and just came back from a long business trip and all the kids missed you & when you get home you get shot by an unknown outside the manor in front of Damian who felt something was off? If we survive it’s up2u AND THIS one where Batmom has a stalker? And maybe she doesn’t want to tell Batman right away because she thinks she can handle it?

Requested by: @imagination-factory

AN: Warning there will probably be tears, but not for the reason you think …


          “My boys!!!!!” You open your arms as the boys run forward. You’re nearly driven to the ground by the force of four hugs. You make sure to hug each of your sons individually, before they begin fighting for your attention.

          You listen to the bickering as it turns from who your favorite is, to who’s the best baker of all things. Each boy takes a bag, and starts heading towards the house. Taking a deep breath, you smile at the man leaning against the door frame.

          Bruce is dressed in jeans and a sweater, a look you prefer to his usual suit. He looks relaxed and happy, something that never fails to fill you with joy. You open your arms again, as he begins walking towards you with his usual smirk.

          When he finally pulls you in for a hug, you take a deep breath, breathing in his scent. He’s big, and warm, and contrary to popular belief, quite cuddly. “I missed you.”

          He just laughs, “I missed you more. The bed is incredibly cold without you in it.”

          You just smile, as you begin walking towards the house. You can hear the boys arguing inside, when all of a sudden your steps falter. Not understanding what’s going on, you start to fall, and as Bruce catches you, the first tingles of pain hit you. And then it’s a searing pain. Sound disappears, and your eyesight starts to go fuzzy. The last thing you see is Bruce’s face, before everything goes black.  

          You wake up to something squeezing your arm. Your mouth is dry, and your head is fuzzy. Opening your eyes, you’re grateful that the lights are dimmed low. Turning your head to the side, you smile at the sight of Bruce. His eyes go a little wide, before he moves forward. He crouches down next to you. “Hey,” he whispers before pushing hair back from your face.

          You voice cracks a bit when you speak, “What happened?”

          “You were shot, by a man who appears to have been stalking you for quite some time. He escaped, but Jim is on the case.” You let out a small groan. Bruce runs a hand over his face, having gathered the meaning, “You knew about him?”

          You nod, “He kept showing up wherever I was. He sent flowers and food. I had my assistant throw everything away. Security went through everything too, there was nothing harmful in any of it, but I didn’t want to take a chance.”

          Bruce just nods, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

          “It all started after the Joker had escaped a few months ago. You and the boys were so stressed; I didn’t want to add to that.”

             Bruce’s hand covers yours, “You come first.”

          You give a small smile, “I honestly didn’t think he was a threat.”

          Bruce finally leans in and kisses you, “Next time, please just tell me when you have a stalker.”


          It takes a week before the doctors let you out of the hospital. The bullet had just barely missed your spine, and had hit a major artery on its way out. It was only Bruce’s knowledge of how to slow the bleeding that had kept you alive.

          The boys baby you over the next few days, they won’t even let you carry a bowl of soup. About a week after you get home, Jim alerts you that your stalker, and would be killer, had been caught. Caught in a room with pictures of you pasted everywhere. After several psychiatric tests it became clear that he had created a delusional relationship with you after you had complimented him for some computer work he had done in your office.  

          Apparently, you having left the country on the business trip was what set him off. Not being able to see you or observe you had driven him into a more violent psychosis. In the end, he’s sentenced to a stint in Arkham. That doesn’t reassure you, or your boys.

When he turns up dead in his cell one morning, there’s a lot of shuffling in the house. Eyes cut to Jason more often than they should, the curiosity is there but no one is brave enough to actually ask if he had done it.

You do your best to block it from your mind. You know Jason’s code is different than the others. You know he kills, but no one has ever killed for you before and that makes you a little nauseous.

About a week after the murder, you come home to what should be an empty manor. Bruce is at work, Tim and Damian are at school, and Jason and Dick were on a mission. So when you enter the Manor and hear frustrated screaming, you’re more than a little confused.

You follow the sound to the back yard to find Damian attacking a tree with a blade. He’s going at the tree as though it had demanded he go back to the league. As you get closer, you stop at sword’s length away and say, “Damian.”

He freezes mid swing. Slowly he turns to face you. And that’s when you notice. He’s thinner than he should be, there are dark circles under his eyes, and he won’t meet your gaze.

You move forward slowly. Stopping in front of him, you take the sword from his hand, and when you place a hand on his shoulder, he shrugs it off. “Damian,” you whisper. You do it again, and this time he gives into the touch, before the tears start rolling down his cheeks. He collapses into your arms, and you gently sink to the ground with him, tossing the sword to the side.

“It was me.”

You run your fingers through his hair, “What was you?”

“It was me who killed him.”

You freeze, “What?”

He straightens a bit, “I killed the stalker. Todd was going to do it, but I beat him to it. He found me in the cell, he’s the one who got me out, and cleaned up.”

You take a deep breath, “Oh, Damian.”

You pull him closer and you let him cry, “It shouldn’t bother me. I’ve killed before. I killed the entire time growing up, so why does it bother me now? Why?”

You’re not quite sure what to say, “Oh, my baby.”

“I couldn’t let him hurt you again. I can’t lose you. You’re my mom.”

You don’t say anything else, you just pull him in closer, and let him cry.

BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a Fight (Angst) Part 2

Part 1: Hyung Line • Maknae Line

Part 2: Hyung LineMaknae Line 

A/N: Thank you so much for the love & support for Part 1. I hope you guys like part 2 as well. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments/ask box 🙂


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“Please Y/N…Y/N please open the door, please,” Jungkook begged as tears rolled down his cheeks. 

You could hear the pain and fear in his shaking voice. You openly the door slowly and stood in front of him, your eyes puffy and tears still streaming down your face. You took a look at Jungkook and felt your heart shatter, he was crying as well, his nose was red and tears kept falling. 

He took a step towards you and you took a step back, pain flashed across his face and without warning he crumpled to his knees in front of you.

“I’m so sorry Y/N I’m so sorry. I did not mean to hurt you and make you cry.” Jungkook said as he hugged your waist and rested his face on your abdomen.

He cried with his whole body, shaking, shivering. New tears ran down the trails of the old ones as you gently laced your hand in his hair and caressed it. You dropped on your knees and Jungkook looked at you with pain and regret in his eyes. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m so sorry. I would never hurt you but I did and I’m sorry.” He said as he wiped your tears and pushed your hair from your face.

“It’s alright Jungkook…I understand you had a bad day but please confide in me, I only want what’s best for you.” You smiled at him, forgiving him for lashing out at you.

Jungkook pulled you into a bone-crushing embrace and you melted into his embrace, allowing him to sob in your arms as you patted his back. He looked at you, his tears still streaming down as he cradled your head and places a gentle and tender kiss on your lips. You grabbed onto his arms ever so tightly and he pulled you closer, pressing his body against yours.

Jungkook scooped you up and laid you on the bed, you extended your arms and he climbed onto the bed and on top of you as he rested his head on your chest and hugged you. You stroked his hair and enjoyed his warmth. Jungkook propped his head up on his elbow and looked at you.

“I will never let this ever happen again. I will never hurt you or make you cry Y/N. I will never. I promise.I love you so much.” Jungkook said with such intensity and love in his eyes, you got up and threw your arms around his neck. 

Both of you held onto each other as you fell asleep, with the promise of loving each other and understanding each other through everything and anything. 


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The look on your face broke him completely. He made you cry and it killed him. Without a second thought, he ran after you.

“Y/N! Y/N please.” Jimin ran towards you and grabbed your wrist, “Please listen to me Y/N…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for hurting you like that. I don’t know what came over me and I just lost it.” Jimin desperately took your hands in his as tears started rolling down his cheeks. 

You sighed and glared at him, “You hurt me Jimin, you said you don’t want to hear my nonsense.” You said, you felt your chest tighten as you repeated his words back to him. 

“Look Y/N, please don’t please, I’m so sorry for saying those awful things to you. I love you Y/N and I just lost my mind for a few seconds and hurt you. Please Y/N, please don’t close your heart, please listen to me.” Jimin begged you as he held your hands, you could feel his hands shaking. 

“Please Y/N let’s talk this through, please let me apologize, give me a chance,” Jimin pleaded, he took your hand and led you to his studio/office.

He sat down beside you on the couch and took your hands in his, never losing eye contact with you. Even when his eyes welled up and tears rolled down, he quickly wiped them with his sleeves. 

“It’s not excused Y/N I know but I have been so stressed and pressurized lately, instead of talking about it, I just kept it bottled up and I snapped at you. It was never my intention to hurt you like that Y/N. I love you and this is the last thing I want to do.” Jimin said as he cried uncontrollably. 

You felt your anger subside and you could see how scared and apologetic he was, you wiped his tears and shook your head, “I love you too, please don’t ever bottle up your feelings like that.” 

Jimin looked at you with awe and love, “Thank you Y/N, thank you.” He leapt forward and threw himself at you. Not realizing how narrow the couch was, he lost his balance and just as he wrapped his arms around you, he fell onto the ground, taking you with him. 

He groaned before making sure you were not hurt, both of you burst out laughing, “Y/N?” Jimin asked as you propped your head up on your elbow. “I love you, more than anything in the world.” 

Your softly smile made him lick his lips as he cupped your face and placed a kiss on your lips. 


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He started banging on the toilet door, not realizing he was crying as he desperately called out your name.

You switched on the water to drown Taehyung’s voice as you covered your ears. Before you knew it, he stopped yelling your name, it was quiet for a moment before the door flew open. 

Seeing you sitting at the corner of the shower with your hands covering your ears, broke his heart. He rushed beside you and sat on the floor, hesitating to touch you, afraid you will reject his touch. He sat on his knees and looked down, scared to make eye contact with you.

“Y/N…I’m sorry…I did not know anything and accused me so painfully and wrongfully. I’m sorry Y/N.” Taehyung said, the fear and sorrow evident in his voice. 

You looked at him and seeing on his knees, dejected and barely looking at you, you knew hurting you was killing him inside. Sensing your eyes on him, he slowly lifted his head, with tears in his eyes, he took your hands and practically bowed down to you. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I did not mean to say any of those hurtful things. I’m sorry. Please forgive me Y/N. I was just hurt and scared you lost interest in me.” Taehyung said as tears spilled down his face and he wiped them away hurriedly. 

He stood up and extended his hand to you as you took it, he pulled you into a hug. “I love you so damn much Y/N, I don’t want to hurt you but I did and I will never forgive myself for it. Please Y/N please…I’m so sorry.” 

You sighed and lifted your arms, hugging him tightly. He was right, he hurt you and you felt terrible, but you knew this whole situation was a misunderstanding and he would never do or say anything to hurt you otherwise. 

“I love you Taehyung. I’m sorry too I should have paid attention to you and my surroundings.” You said as you sniffled. 

Taehyung looked at you, he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, his eyes softer than the moonlight as he kissed you forehead. Then he kissed the bridge of your nose and then your nose, before brushing his lips against yours, his arms around you tightened as he deepened the kiss. 


BTS As Boyfriends:

JinYoongi HoseokNamjoonJiminTaehyungJungkook

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I’ve been re-listening to TAZ from the beginning, and it really is striking how much of a tonal shift the end of Petals to the Metal is. That really is where everything started to change, and the show took on a gravity and a level of emotional engagement that I don’t think anyone (including Travis, Justin, and Clint) really expected, or even knew they were capable of.

I will never forget the first time I heard that episode. I had just left work and was stuck in terrible traffic in the middle of a searingly hot Tennessee summer, so I put on the episode, excited to see how the boys would save the day this time. And over the course of the next twenty minutes or so, I felt my whole body begin to tense and my focus narrow.

When I heard Hurley’s soft, laughing, “You’re in trouble,” my chest started to feel tight. And then as Griffin started to describe the tree, and I heard Discovery and Recovery for the first time, I just broke. Right there, in the middle of standstill traffic, tears started rolling down my face. It hit me like a truck. I just cried and cried for a solid five minutes.

This show has come to embody this incredible and at times delicate tension between absurdity and depth, and I think that part of the reason it has come to mean so much to me and so many other people is that it started out as, well, a game. As pure play, just for the fun of it. And the first two goof-filled arcs gave the boys time to build the most silly and unique characters they could. I don’t think this show would have had the same weight if they had started out with the goal of making a Serious Podcast. But over the months, they became invested, and we got invested along with them. It just sort of happened. And then Griffin took that and turned it into something kind of amazing.

I’m just kind of rambling at this point, but this show means a lot to me, and listening to it over again, I appreciate more and more that the McElroys have cared enough to help this show evolve into something beautiful and hilarious and more dear to me than I ever could have anticipated when I heard that first episode.

BTS Reaction | them saying something hurtful to you and you start crying

request: “Bts reaction to them hurting you (the reader) verbally (like saying something hurtful) and inmediatly regret it when they see you cry. Do it angsty and fluffy pls<3″

Kim Seokjin

He would be so hurt seeing what his words caused. Jin would instantly start apologizing to you. “I’m so sorry Jagi. I didn’t mean to say that. It was just a stupid thought!” He would rush over to you and wipe away your tears before pulling you into a hug. “I’m so so so sorry.” He wouldn’t stop apologizing even a few days after, because he would felt so terrible making you cry.  

Min Yoongi

He froze right after the words left his tongue. Tears started rolling down your cheeks and you covered your mouth with your hands. “I’m sorry! I didn’t want to say that.” Yoongi wanted to get closer but you stepped back. “Don’t you dare.” You said before turning around and walking over to the kitchen, where you rested your hands on the counter. He waited a few seconds before coming after you. You were sobbing and facing downwards with your face. “I’m so sorry.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and drew you close to him. “I won’t say something like that ever again. I promise.”

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would turn completely silent at the sight of your tears. Blaming him for making you cry just a second after. He would sit down next to you and place his hand on your lap, gently drawing circles on your leg with his thumb. “I’m sorry for what I said. It didn’t mean it like that.” He’d wipe the tears away from your face and place a kiss on your cheek then hug you until you would stop crying.

Jung Hoseok

You sat down on the bed and covered your eyes with your hands. He would get all emotional seeing you cry and would tear up a little bit himself. “I’m so sorry Jagi, I didn’t mean to hurt you. How can I make it up to you?” He would kneel down in front of you and place his hands on your knees. “Please stop crying.” Then he would try to cheer you up again by making silly faces and tickle you. “See there’s the smile I love.”

Park Jimin

He would completely forget what you were arguing about the second he saw your tears. Jimin would curse at himself, asking what kind of boyfriend makes his love cry. “I’m sorry Honey. I didn’t think before I said that.” He would grab your hand and place a soft kiss on the back of your hand. “I’m a complete idiot! Can you forgive me?”

Jeon Jungkook

He would stop in the middle of his sentence, his jaw would drop and there would be a minute of silence before he realised what he just said. “Oh God. I’m sorry!” He would be immediately getting mad at himself, feeling guilty for making you cry. “I don’t know what got into me, really.” He would try to touch your shoulder but you moved away. He would pull you into a hug anyway and whisper in your ear. “I’m so sorry.”

Kim Taehyung

He would instantly hug you and apologize a million times, telling you how sorry he is and how much he loves you. “I don’t know why I said that. I’m sorry!” He would try his best to comfort you and hold you until you calmed down again. Even after you forgave him he would sill apologize and say how much of an idiot he is for saying something like that.


 ↳ words: 5k

 paring: Jungkook x Reader

genre:smut  |   angst

Sinopse: He was your best friend, but life wanted you two to be more than that.

 warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, oral sex, fingerling, curse words, dom!jungkook and sub!reader.

A/N: Well… it has been a long time since the last smut I wrote, so I really hope you enjoy it.

M A S T E R L I S T   |   A S K   |   I N D E X  |   P A R T  1  |  P A R T  2  | 

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Mission Bad Boy | 08

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Warnings: underage drinking, self-loathing

Notes: This chapter would probably kill you. I’m sorry not really. Enjoy. :) Forgive me for any mistakes I may have overlooked during editing. GIF CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER. 6k Words

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The room just seemed to be getting darker and darker as the time went by. You weren’t falling asleep – you were just falling into the more scary parts of your mind. You would never admit it, but you needed help. Someone needed to be there to pull you out of it, and before all of this happened, Jisoo was that person.

She was one of your closest friends in the entire world. She was everything you wished you were, and could be – the female was a princess. Usually little kids dreamt of being royalty when they were younger, but you only realised that dream when you met Jisoo. It was heartbreaking to know that the princess actually turned out to be the wicked witch. The worst part being that she still had the prince in the end.

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By: 개컨

For those of you who care, this pic gave me a little idea :D

Judy was wondering why Nick wanted her to listen to “some pawesome song” while they were already at a concert but she learned over the years not to stop him when he is trying to do something stupid. He would bug her permanently with it until she gives in.

So she decided not to bother with it and just let him go with it.

Since it already was pretty loud in the hall, she noted to him to raise the volume, expecting some weird song since his taste in music was nothing like her’s except a few bands both of them enjoy.

Even though he told her he put it at full volume, she didnt hear anything. No bagpipe or fiddle like many of his favourite songs begin. Instead she heard a faint whisper.

She focused as hard as she could until the voice became louder and she clearly could understand Nick’s voice talking to her.

“…… rry but now you should be able to hear me better. I guess I better start over.

Hello Judy. Please don’t look to me because you know how little I like it if mammals see me while I am shaking nervously. And I am sure I will be, when you hear this.

We are friends for 3 years. We are dating for 2 years and against all odds you still love me. And I still love you. In fact, I will never stop loving you. Of that I am sure!

I want to be together with you forever. You are my best friend, my partner, my love and my soul.

So I want to take the next step on the adventure, we both are encountering for so long.

Judy…. will you turn around now?”

By the time the message reached this part, her heart was about to explode and she was shaken by emotions.

Slowly she turned around to look at Nick to notice he was at eye level with her. In his paws a little velvet box. As he opened the lid, she saw a golden ring in it as tears started to roll over her cheeks.

She looked at Nick who seemed to faint any minute as the headphones continued with the message.

“Judy, will you marry me?”

I hope you liked my little ficlet ^^

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Chains and Blindfolds

heyheyhey you can thank @potato-fan-girl  for telling me to write this :)

Keith tugs at his arms, but all that achieves is making his shoulders ache even more.  The Galra sentry yanks at his arms, and Keith grunts.  He can hear Lance yelling, but does he listen?  No.  Why?  Because it’s Keith.  

Lance grunts as he’s thrown against the wall of the cell and Keith can only watch as the Galra pulls Lance forward by his hair and wrap a gross, greenish cloth around his eyes.  Lance tries to turn his head and wiggle out of their hold, but he just manages to get slapped and kicked in the ribs.  Keith tries to run forward, but, again, all that does is make his shoulders hurt even more.  

They throw Keith into the ground as they chain Lance’s hands into the chains hanging from the ceiling.  There’s enough chain for him to sink to the ground with his arms above him, and he does just that.  From his slumped posture, Keith can tell that Lance is lost and very afraid–uncomfortable, even.  His breathing is quick and his head is moving like he’s trying to see.  His hands are limp before him, chained together and useless.  

Keith struggles as they chain him to the chair in the corner of the room.  He can’t figure out why they have him so heavily chained rather than having Lance.  Of course, Keith has been fighting them since they knocked Lance off that ledge he was shooting from and tackled Keith while he was distracted with making sure Lance was okay.  

The Galra leave for who knows how long.  Lance’s hard, panicked breathing is all the fills the silence.  

“Lance,” Keith rasps.  “Lance come over here.”  Lance shakes his head, mumbling.

“I don’t–where?”  Lance replies.  He fumbles around for a second before he’s facing Keith.

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Fluff Ver.  | Angst Version Here

Kim Seokjin

Seeing his bride step closer to him, step by step, he felt paralyzed. He was frozen with love, and there’s no other feeling he’d want more than that ever again. You looked beautiful, as he expected you would on your special day. He felt like his heart was moving around wildly inside his body. He couldn’t wait for you to be in front of him. To hear you say two words that’d make you his forever.

“Y/N… So beautiful…” He whispered, quiet enough for nobody to hear. Seeing you slowly smile, he wondered if somehow you had heard him.

✦ Min Yoongi

Watching you slowly step towards him, the realization of everything that was happening hit Yoongi all at once. He was suddenly flooded with emotions, he almost couldn’t stand still anymore. You were walking painfully slow towards him and he was screaming in his head for you to get there faster. He already wanted to kiss you, and carry you away from everyone and keep you to himself. He needed to hear you say it. That you were going to stay with him and only him, forever.

“Are you sure you want me…?” You asked, peeking up to see Yoongi’s face as he looked down at you. He brought his hands to your face softly, rubbing his thumb across your cheek.

“There’s no one else I want, I promise.”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok couldn’t stop feeling butterflies as he waited for you to walk in. He hadn’t seen you yet, no matter how many times he had tried to sneak into the dressing room. You wanted to surprise him, but he desperately needed to see you.

Hearing the door open suddenly, he felt like his heart stopped. He knew it was worth the wait once his eyes landed on you. You were gorgeous, just like you were every other day. Breathtaking. He tried to stand still, wanting nothing more than to run over to you already.

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon was trying his best, but he just couldn’t keep still. He was fidgeting, trying to stay patient while you walked closer but he really couldn’t wait for you to be right in front of him. He wanted to kiss you already, maybe just kiss you a million times right in front of everybody.

Once you had finally reached him, tears started rolling down your cheek. He reached over and wiped them away, smiling softly at you. Both of you were barely listening as people spoke around you. Your only focus was him, and his, you.

Park Jimin

Jimin couldn’t help but break out into tears once he saw you. You were so captivating as you stepped down the aisle, walking towards him. He knew everything about you. You were the most wonderful person he’d ever met. He couldn’t believe you were about to tie your life to his forever. He felt so lucky.

Seeing Jimin’s tears brought out your own and you cried quietly as you walked closer to him. You felt beyond lucky to have him as your husband. You couldn’t believe that man was going to be your husband in just a matter of minutes. Everyone knew that the only thing between you and Jimin, was pure love.

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung watched patiently as you made your way to him down the aisle. He wanted this moment, this feeling to last forever. He could stare at you in that dress for ages. He wasn’t in a rush, he wanted every second with you to last a lifetime.

You took your time walking down the aisle. You couldn’t stop looking at Tae’s face. He looked calm and happy. You were more than ready to share your life with him for eternity.

Jeon Jungkook

With so many people watching, Jungkook had kept his eyes glued to the ground. He felt nervous and his mind was a wreck. He knew he was going to stumble on his words or mess it up somehow. He was fidgeting nervously, staring at the ground as he waited for you to arrive. He never expected to be so uncomfortable at his own wedding. He could feel eyes glued to him, watching his every move. It made him more nervous than ever.

After hearing the sound of a door opening, everyone’s eyes moved to the sound. That’s when you entered, your eyes meeting Jungkook’s immediately. Both of you felt like time stopped with your eyes locked on each other. You began walking towards him, and the anxiety he was feeling had suddenly disappeared. Seeing you reminded him that there wasn’t anything to be afraid of. He was marrying you, the love of his life. If you were with him, he could do anything. He wasn’t afraid anymore.

Imagine telling Ivar you’re pregnant.
Your heartbeat would race as you would take a deep breath before speaking the words you kept to yourself for way too long now.
You could watch his facial expression change, just blankly staring at you for a few awfully long seconds.
It was then, that tears started to form in your eyes, due to this being exactly the reaction you were afraid of the most.
The tears would start rolling down your face, as Ivar suddenly pulled you close to him.
His embrace would be tight, burying his face in the crook of your neck. You could feel him closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, and it was only then that you noticed that he was slightly trembling aswell.
You smiled, slowly relaxing from the fear that was pulsating through your whole body just seconds before, when you heard Ivar mumble the words that made just more tears stream down you cheeks.
“This, Y/N.. this is the greatest gift you could have given to me”

“Don’t forget about this”

Description: Remus takes care of a very drunk Sirius, who starts to reveal his true feelings. 

“I think somebody should watch after Sirius”; Peter suggested and looked at the bathroom door anxiously. Remus sighed, got up from his bed and mumbled: “James makes him drunk and then I have to take care of him. Every single time!” “Moony I’m sorry, do you-”, James got interrupted by Moony knocking on the bathroom door. “Sirius!”, he yelled, “are you ok?” The three boys waited for an answer, but there was none. “I’m coming in!”, Remus announced and then carefully opened the door. 

Sirius Black was sitting on the bottom of the marauders’ bathroom, extremly pale and also extremly drunk. Remus sighed once more and closed the door behind him.
“You really need to stop doing this?”, he commended and looked at his friend like an angry mum. “Doing what?” Sirius slured  and seemed to really concentrate on what Remus had to say.
“Drinking so much you idiot!”, Remus answered strictly,crossing his arms “Do you have to throw up?”
“Already did! Two times!”, Sirius replied proudly at first, but then realized that it’s nothing to be proud of. He looked at his friend, in his face a mix of sadness and confusion. Remus rolled his eyes, then crossed the little bathroom to take one of Sirius’ hair ties. He sat down on the floor next to him and carefully tied up his friend’s black hair.
“I think that’ll be easier”, Remus whispered and started blushing a bit. When Sirius realized he smiled brightly, then all of a sudden he looked extremly sad again.
“I’m sorry I got so drunk Moony”, he muttered. “I know!”, Remus answered reproachfully, “you are so sorry every time we sit in the bathroom together and some weeks later the whole story repeats itself.”
Sirius looked as if he was about to cry. “Great now you make me feel bad, Padfoot”, his friend remarked and then smiled at Sirius. For a moment they both just looked at each other as if the other one meant the world for them. Then all of a sudden Padfoot whispered: “You have no idea how much you mean to me Remus.”
“Oh god”, Remus sighed, stood up again and ran through his hair with the fingers of his left hand.
“What’s wrong? Why are you so annoyed, Moony?”, Sirius slured really confused and started scratching his neck.
“You do that every time!”, Remus grunted full of anger, “every time you’re drunk you tell me how great I am and how beautiful and how… how much you love me.” He looked at Sirius and his facial expression changed from angry to disappointing. “Stop fooling around with me like this!”
“But Rem-”
“No Sirius! This time it’s enough. You behave like a total asshole. And I’m making this comparison instead of actually calling you an asshole, because I know that you are better than this. You just need to remember.”
Remus looked down at his friend strictly and annoyed, then turned around and leaned on the sink. Sirius, still sitting next to the toilet, sweaty with an opened tie and messy hair finally broke the moment of silence.
“I just don’t get why it’s such a big deal for you when I say those things.”
Remus quickly turned around, he had tears in his eyes. “BECAUSE I WISH IT WAS TRUE SIRIUS!”, he yelled angrily. His tears started rolling down his face and he closed his eyes for a few seconds. When he opened them again he looked really hurt. “I wish you meant all those things and… and  wouldn’t just say them when you’re thankful for me helping you after you got drunk.” When he said the last few words Remus’ voice broke and he waited a moment before continuing. “I… I mean… oh fuck Sirius I have been crushing on you since we know each other. Since I was a little scared first grader who couldn’t even speak in front of the class and since you were the funny long haired guy, that had more self esteem than anyone else I knew. I have been crushing on you ever since Peter introduced us. Ever single day for five years! And now you get drunk and say all those wonderful things I always imagined you telling me. But you say them while you’re throwing up in our ugly bathroom and the next day you never remember. Do you have any idea how that feels Sirius?”
Sirius didn’t answer he just looked down at the bathroom floor.
“Well that’s exactly what I imagined. You have no idea how I feel and I’m pretty sure you don’t care at all!”
“That’s not true!”, Sirius insisted, “I do care about you and your feelings.” He made a break, trying to pick the right words, then looked at Remus. “And I think I also know how you feel.”
“How could you possibly know that?”, Remus asked reproachfully.
“Remus the thing is… I do like you. I really do, even when I’m sober, I promise. The only difference is that I’m not afraid of getting rejected when I’m drunk.”
“Pfft. The great Sirius Black is afraid of rejection! Wow”, Remus answered sarcastically and gestured wildly.
“Come on Moony, you know my family. How could I not be afraid of rejection.”
“I know”, Remus replied, “I’m sorry.” They both looked at each other in an awkward moment of silence then Sirius quietly asked: “What do we do now?”
“Looks like you don’t have to throw up anymore, doesn’t it.” Sirius nodded and frowned a little.
“Then brush your teeth and I’ll bring you to bed”, Remus commanded, “Tomorrow you will have forgotten all this. It’s me who has to live with it.”
“Remus I-”, Sirius got interrupted by Remus ordering to brush  his teeth once again.
While Sirius did what he was told, Remus closed the toilet seat and sat down. He wrapped both of his arms around his knees and leaned his head on them. For the next three minutes he concentrated on the sound of Sirius’ toothbrush, trying his best not to cry. When Sirius was finally finished Remus put his arm around him and guided him to his bed, so that Sirius couldn’t fall. After all he was still worried about this idiot. Peter and James were already asleep and except for Peter breathing heavily everything was quiet.
Remus carefully helped Sirius lie down, their faces were really close together. He felt the desire to kiss him, a desire he felt everytime they were close to each other. For a moment he thought about it. Sirius wouldn’t even remember. But it was stupid, it really was and he knew he would regret it the next day. But some little voice in his head kept telling him “kiss him. kiss him.” It would be so stupid. It would just hurt him in the following days. “Fuck it!”, Remus thoght and gave in. He quickly leaned forward, his lips pressed on Sirius’ who didn’t even realize what was happening for a moment. It felt so good to finally do it. Remus had resisted this feeling for years and now he was finally kissing the boy of his dreams. His heart started beating faster and faster and his fingers went numb. Carefully his put one of his hands on Sirius’ shoulder, the other one on his hip. Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus’ back and pulled him even closer. Remus shifted his weight on the bed. He slowly opened his mouth a little and put his hand from Sirius’ shoulder to his neck, raking his fingers through his long black hair. Sirius carefully opened his mouth too and their tongues started touching softly. Everything about Remus felt so soft, his hair, his skin, his lips. He still couldn’t believe they were doing this. He cautiously put Moony on his lap and placed his hands on his hips. Remus kept sitting on Sirius’ lap for a moment, enjoying this thrilling feeling in his chest before he finally backed away from Sirius again.
“What’s wrong?”, Sirius asked concerned.
“Nothing, it’s just… I will go to my bed now. I… I mean this is… incredible, but you will have forgotten everything tomorrow”, Remus explained quietly looking down at his crush, both happy and sad.  
“I won’t!”, Sirius promised and took Remus’ hand. Moony just smiled sadly, stood up and sneaked to his bed.
“Good night, Sirius”, he whispered.
“I’ll remember, I promise!”, Sirius answered and untied his hair again.
Remus lay down on his back, his heart was still beating, his cheeks were still warm. Thousands of thought were running through his mind and he kept lying awake for quite a while. To calm down he concentrated on Sirius’ breathing and it worked, his heartbeat became slower, his eyelids heavier. All of his thoughts combined to one. “Please don’t forget about this, Sirius.”


Word Count: 927

Warning: None! 

A/N: I haven’t written any strictly Calum fluff yet, so here it is!! I hope you like it and please let me know what you think!!

     Calum’s palm is warm against yours as you cross the street to the entrance of the hotel. You both had just come from having dinner with the band and, to your surprise, everyone had agreed on calling it an early night, but you weren’t about to complain. Even though you had gotten used to Calum being on the road for the better part of the last few years, you know better than to let any alone time with him go to waste. That’s why the two of you decided to walk the few blocks to the hotel, rather than share a cab with your friends. It was a quiet, calm night that was only disrupted by each other’s laughter brought on by Calum’s stories from the tour. Your fingers stay laced together as you walk across the hotel lobby. Calum pushes the button to call the elevator, and you listen as it begins to whir to life.

     “Ash seemed a little weird tonight, don’t you think? Is he doing okay?” you ask.

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Smile - Jughead x Reader

Request — Can you do a jughead x reader where the reader is very shy but has a huge crush on jughead? Then she walks by and sees in a window Betty and jughead kissing then she runs away? Thanks, I’ve had this in my mind for so long ♡

A/N — I am so happy to write this request as I have been meaning to write something similar for a while, yet again I changed it up a bit. Also, I’m at 100 followers so thank you guys for supporting me and my writing. Also I’m down a couple tags since the buzz lately is everyone getting Bughead smut in tags like Reggie or Thornhill, shit like that, so I’m sticking to the tags that matter to Jughead. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this imagine because I have a feelings it’s going to be adorable as heck.

Words: 1310

Warnings: None

(Y/N) , (E/C) , (H/C) , (S/C) — Your name, eye colour, hair colour, skin colour.

You sat on the bleachers at the Riverdale Bulldog’s first game of the season. You held your camera in your gentle small hands, watching the intense football game as high school heart throb, Archie Andrews, got the crowd’s attention as he was a fan favourite. (Y/N) waited patiently for the half time cheerleader show to start in just a few minutes, as it was her job working for the Blue and Gold as the yearbook photographer, she took the chance to grab some photos.

That Autumn night was chilly, as the students clung onto their coats and scarves, baring the weather to come and support the game. Finally the half time show arrived, the River Vixen’s ran onto the field with their leader, Cheryl Blossom, front and centre. You sat up from your seat, squeezing through the rows of crowded people to get down to the front of the stands. The camera strap slung over (Y/N)’s shoulder as she managed to finally get down, bumping into someone. Unaware of her surroundings, she had the close call of almost dropping her beloved camera, but luckily that figure caught it in time to shatter. And that figure happened to be her ultimate crush, Jughead Jones.

“That was a close one.” Jughead chuckled as he looked down at the camera before staring straight into your (E/C), making your knees easily give in. She was so shy whenever she was around him, she didn’t know what to do or more importantly what to say whenever she had the chance.

“T-Thanks, Jug,”  was all she managed to blurt out to stop herself from rambling on with anxiety. And then the unthinkable happened, she quickly propped up her camera into her hands as she looked through the lens which aimed straight at Jughead. “Smile!” Jughead blinked a couple times, getting use to the sudden flash that caught him. (Y/N) quickly slung her camera over her shoulder, a red blush spreading brightly over her (S/C) complexion. “S-Sorry. Uh, yearbook features, y’know,” she awkwardly chuckled. “Speaking of which, I gotta go!” She flashed Jughead a quick smile before turning away, just when Jughead laid a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

I didn’t know you did photography until I saw your camera. Maybe one time you could show me whenever I’m in home room or at the Blue and Gold.” Jughead suggested, making you pause a couple seconds to just soak in what she just witnessed. ‘Jughead Jones literally just asked to see my photo’s, is this real?’ Is what she thought to herself.

Uh, s-sure. Yeah, I-I guess so. Um, I gotta go and take more p-photos… bye.” She once again awkwardly said before this time getting the chance to run away, leaving Jughead staring at her before breaking into a cheeky smile and walking off.

Later that week, (Y/N) was sitting at the computer uploading her photo’s from the game for the yearbook. One picture really captured her eye, and that was Jughead’s. Although it caught him by surprise, the photo turned out to be quite photogenic. He still managed to look perfect as always, yet half of his face was covered by his hand blocking the flash from my camera. Suddenly she heard the sound of a door opening. First reaction: hide. She had no thoughts about minimising her computer tabs and ran to hide behind the couch, as the door swung open with a very anxious Betty Cooper and concerned Jughead Jones making an entrance. (Y/N) noticed that Betty had something on her mind as she paced around in the same spot for a couple seconds.

“I don’t know what to do, Jug. There’s so much going on, my parents, the Blue and Gold, Jason’s murder. I-I don’t know what to do.” Betty closed her eyes, taking a deep exhale out. You peeked out from behind the couch from the side, watching as Jughead stood there staring at Betty. Betty opened her eyes to find Jughead staring straight at her.

“What?” He just kept staring, Betty now slightly getting a bit agitated. “..What?” Suddenly Jughead cupped Betty’s cheeks and kissed her softly. That’s how easy it is to break a heart. (Y/N) quickly yet quietly turned back sitting against the back of the couch, closing her eyes as she quietly sobbed into her sleeve as the tears started rolling down her cheeks. She heard their lips finally pull away which felt like forever, then a door once again closing. Your sniffled quietly, wiping your tears away as you finally stood up, turning around to find a speechless Jughead standing right there staring at the photo you took of him. You bit your lip to stop your tears from shedding yet again, running over to the computer as you closed the tabs, Jug placed his hand right back on your shoulder.

“(Y/N)… what’s wrong?” He asked concerned for your sake now, staring deep into your red puffy eyes.

“What’s wong? W-What’s wrong? What’s wrong is the fact that I just had my heart shatter for a boy I never had a chance with at all.” (Y/N) yelled at him, before grabbing her bag and storming out the room.

You let your grieve last your for another week. You stood at your locker in the famous Riverdale hallways, placing your books into your locker along with the rest of your belongings. All that was in your mind was that picture of Jughead kissing Betty. That’s a photo she couldn’t erase. She rested her head against the locker next to her, soon interrupting her daydream as someone cleared her throat. She closed her locker door to find a sad Jughead appear in front of her.

“Can we talk?” Jughead asked, almost in a whisper. His blue eyes pierced into yours as he watched you fiddling with the sleeve of your sweater. You just shrugged, but shortly after nodded. “About last week, and what you said… d-did you really mean it? I mean, I have no feelings for Betty whatsoever. I freaked out and didn’t know what to do to make her stop freaking out, s-so I just kissed her.” (Y/N) sighed, still not persuaded enough. “Hey um, I don’t know if you noticed, but I think you left behind last week something important.” He then dug his hand into his satchel, pulling out your camera. With all the emotions hitting you at that time, you must of not looked back to notice that you forgot your camera still hooked up to the computer. You took your camera from his hands, turning it on to make sure all your photos were still there.

“I-I saw your photos of me.” At the mention, your heart sunk once again as you looked up at them. “And I think they’re wonderful. In fact.” He paused, taking out his own camera, turning it on and turning it to face you, many photos of you taking photo’s at the Bulldog’s game that night displayed on his. You never noticed that Jughead brought a camera to the game, you thought he only went to go and judge. “I-I thought you looked beautiful that night, I just had to.” And like that, your frown turned into a smile.

“Hey, I-I was wondering if you wanted to go to Pop’s after school? On a d-date?” You asked shyly, but it earned another cheeky smirk from Jughead.

I’ll walk you there, meet me near the bus stops.” He blushed, before putting his camera back in his satchel, slowing leaning down to your height to place a kiss on your cheek before walking away. You shortly after found yourself standing against your locker, eyes closed with the biggest, goofiest, smile on your face.

A/N — I hope you enjoyed this imagine and it was hopefully like you wanted it to be in a way? Also, my laptop has decided to fuck up suddenly so I might have to wipe my whole laptop and start again because all the settings and everything is locked and I cannot access important files for school and stuff like that, so that might mean I won’t keep up to date with the requests in order for a bit until I get everything settled. Anyway, I hope all of you guys are well and are having a lovely day!

This picture was taken in a pure and raw moment of our son.

Proud doesn’t even come close when I reflect on what I learned about our 8 year old son this past week. Back in March he decided that he wanted to do the Market lamb project for his first year in 4-H. We made sure that he understood that the end would result in one of his lambs most likely being in the Sale at Fair and fulfilling its purpose as a Market animal. He was set on the task at hand. He knew he would get attached to both ewe lambs, who he named Pork and Beans, and he knew where one would likely end up. He surprised us with his tenacity when it came to early morning feedings before school and late nights nursing a sick one through pneumonia. He worked them every day . Taught them how to lead and brace. He measured and weighed feed and supplements as well as making sure they had clean fresh water at all times. I would catch him hugging and loving on them when he would have a quiet moment . There was no doubt that he loved them.

At Fair we could tell that he was very proud of his finished projects . He faced his fears and walked into the show ring with his head held high and gave it all he had. He built a beautiful partnership with Pork and Beans. As a mom , my heart was so full and I was in awe of my boy. I looked at his dad beaming with pride of his son .

Sale day came and we found out that Beans made the cut. Beans and Dalton posed for a picture for their potential buyers in front of a Douglas County back drop, then their Auction number was painted on Beans’s back. At that point, tears started rolling down my sons face. I hugged him and kissed his forehead. But, he was still set on what was to fallow. That night, we watched him proudly walk her around the Auction arena and sell her for a number beyond what any of us ever expected. The incredible thing about 4-H auctions is that buyers don’t pay just what the animal is worth, they exceed far beyond their market value because they believe in our children’s hard work and want to invest in them. He left that auction arena on cloud nine and so pumped for next year.

Sunday came around and we knew it was going to be a rough day . Beans had a color painted on her back which indicated which truck she was to be loaded on. Time came to take her out of the pen and lead her that direction. My heart ached as I watch my child say goodbye to his partner . As much as I tried, I couldn’t help but let the tears stream down my face. My boy gave her many hugs and scratches. His father, fighting his own tears asked if our son needed him to take Beans to semi but, our sweet, courageous boy insisted on doing it himself. The barn was filled with many kids and parents that were going through the same thing. What a beautiful thing. These animals are destined for Market. How incredible that they land in the hands of children who love them and give them the best care while they are here on this earth . I found myself in a strange place. I wanted to fix my son’s heartache, but at the same time I knew how important it was to fallow through with the ENTIRE 4-H project. From start to finish. And even though this was tough, we had to allow him this experience. Sobbing, he loaded Beans on the truck , walked her halter back to the sheep barn where he was embraced with many hugs from other 4-H members wiping their own tears because they to just said goodbye to their partners. And through all of this, he actually thanked us for allowing him this experience.

My son is my hero. He is bigger than I ever knew. My son ran the race and finished regardless of his feelings and emotions. He loved his lamb, but he knew what was important. He raised a great product through blood, sweat , and tears, and he completed his project. He never asked to keep her. He never tried to quit. He gave it his all and succeeded. We are a family who loves to eat meat and he wanted to contribute to that in his own way by raising a Market animal. He will never forget Beans but is ready to do it all again next year. This is what 4-H is all about. What extraordinary kids!

I think I might vomit. 

Alec seeing Magnus’ cat eyes for the first time

“No, don’t.” Alec said. He raised his hands and gently put it on Magnus’. “Don’t do that.” Carefully he led Magnus’ hands away from his eyes and, still holding them, lowered both of their arms together. “Why not?” Magnus asked, his voice trembling. Magnus held on to Alec’s hands, not daring to let go of them because he knew if he did he would hide his eyes again. But clearly Alec wanted to look at them. So he let him, but the warlock wanted to avoid Alec’s stare of potential fear so bad that he couldn’t bring himself to look anywhere else than the ground. “Because you don’t have to. Please just… just look at me.” Alec answered, putting all the gentleness and reassurance he had in this one sentence to make Magnus believe he meant it and there was nothing for him to be ashamed of. He watched Magnus and knew from the look on his face that this was the least thing the warlock wanted to do in that moment. Magnus fought with himself, he knew it, but he also needed to look at him in order for Alec to tell him all the things he wanted to tell him. Then, after a few seconds, Magnus took a deep breath and did the bravest thing he ever did in all the years he lived. He raised his head to look at Alec.

He did it. His hideous warlock mark was exposed in front of one of the few Shadowhunters he ever truly loved. All the wards he built around himself, his soul, his heart, his eyes, removed by a single look at the boy. Magnus was sure he never looked as vulnerable as he did now, standing in the middle of his living room, just looking at the boy he loved so much, his hands shaking while still holding on to Alec’s. He was also never as afraid of someone’s reaction as he was now in this very moment, because thousands of people reacted in the same, humiliating, mortifying way. And he wasn’t sure if he could take another one from someone so close to his heart he didn’t want to ever lose.

Alec’s eyes widened as he fully saw Magnus’ amazing yellow-green cat eyes for the first time. He still held Magnus’ hands and felt them shaking in his. “You’re… they’re… I… I don’t… I’m… ” Alec stammered as he kept on staring at them. His mind just blacked out at the sight of Magnus’ warlock mark that he now stood there and was out of words. He knew he needed to say something, he wanted to say something, he wanted to talk to Magnus so badly and tell him so many things at once, but now he just couldn’t think of anything to say. Even Alec’s jaw now began to drop a tiny bit.

Magnus knew it would be that way. He knew it. Why did he even hope for some other reaction from a Shadowhunter than the usual one. Alec wasn’t as different from the others as he thought in the end. If he would just start talking instead of just standing there and staring at him, obviously shocked. If he would just show his fear, his disgust like everyone else did. Magnus couldn’t take the silence any longer. He felt his eyes start to tear up, the last thing he needed right now. He hated to cry in front of people. He bit his lip and hoped it would help, but it didn’t. “Please, Alec. Say something.” Magnus nearly whispered and only barely managed to not let his voice break. “Say anything, but just please stop this silence.”

“I’m trying Magnus, I really am.” Alec answered. He took a second to clear his thoughts. “But… your eyes, they… they look so…” He stopped. He searched for the right word to say. Good, great, amazing, wonderful, stunning. None of these words seemed to fit to describe the beauty that was his boyfriend’s mark. Suddenly, a tear started to roll down Magnus’ cheek. “Ugly? Hideous? Unnatural?” Magnus ended Alec’s sentence, his voice shaky. He freed his hands out of Alec’s grip and let them hang loose at his sides. Blinking away tears he met Alec’s eyes, who was now looking at him even more shocked than before. “There’s nothing I haven’t heard yet, Alec. I believe I know what you’re thinking. So go on. Tell me how hideous I am. Tell me I’m a monster. Tell me you don’t want to have anything to do with a filthy demon spawn.” Magnus balled his hands into fists, desperately trying to prevent himself from crying even more. But nothing worked. “Do you think I haven’t seen that exact reaction hundreds of times before? Do you think I don’t know people are acting nice but are actually scared of me? I might act like I don’t care but do you know what? It hurts. It hurts somewhere deep inside me and it already hurt more times than I could count.” Tears were now streaming down his face, he didn’t look at Alec anymore, avoided eye contact because he felt so ashamed of himself once again, and this time it was even worse because it was his dear Alexander. As he spoke the next sentence, his voice finally started cracking. “I thought you were different. Different from all your Shadowhunter friends who think they’re oh so better than everyone else. Who don’t have a problem with calling me “Warlock” as if it were the filthiest curse word, who don’t even really look at me once they’ve seen my mark, who don’t consider for one second that I might as well have something like feelings. You’re all just the same.”

Alec went utterly silent, honestly shocked of what Magnus just said. He wanted to hold him, kiss him and tell him he wasn’t like that. He wanted to heal the broken part of Magnus’ soul, wanted him to forget all the words people insulted him with, all the heartbreaks. He wanted to tell him his eyes were the most beautiful thing he ever saw. That was the word he was searching for before. Beautiful. Alec reached out his hands to take Magnus’ again and tell him all of that, but just as he was about to move closer to him and start talking, Magnus flinched away from his touch. “That’s… that’s not true, Magnus. Believe me.” Alec began, his hand still stretched out a few inches in front of Magnus’.

“You know it’s true. And it’s horrible. Every single time it’s horrible.” Magnus answered in a chocked voice. “Ever since I was a kid and my mother killed herself after she saw them the first time, I hated showing them to anyone.” He pointed at his eyes. “Even my own mother thought I’m a monster. And there were many after her that thought and still think the same. Now even the boy I thought I could trust.” He hated it, but right in the moment he looked at Alec as he said the last sentence, everything came crushing down on him. All the insults, the hurt he always tried to conceal with witty remarks and so many more buried pain he had to bare because he was what he was and he had what he had.

“Don’t you dare say that, Magnus!” Alec couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed his boyfriend’s shoulders. “You’re wrong.” There followed a silence where just Magnus’ sniffling was audible. Alec reached up to Magnus’ face to carefully wipe a tear away that slowly made its way down his right cheek, where Alec let his hand rest. Magnus closed his eyes and lowered his head. “I don’t think your cat eyes are hideous Magnus. They’re part of who you are. And people who won’t accept that are stupid. Don’t you dare think I would be disgusted or afraid or anything of you. Don’t you dare ever think that!” “You… you really mean that?” Magnus asked after he processed what Alec just said, his eyes still closed. “Yes I do.” Magnus’ mouth formed itself into a little relieved smile, he again could feel tears coming up. But now they were happy tears. His boyfriend did actually accept who he was, he couldn’t believe it.

Magnus was so incredibly happy, he put his hand over Alec’s on his cheek and let himself draw closer to Alec. He felt Alec putting his other hand under his chin. “Open your eyes my dear.” he said and raised Magnus’ chin up so that he was looking at Alec when he opened his eyes a few moments later. “You actually mean that, Alexander?” Magnus asked quietly, only to convince himself even more. “Yes.” “You really do?” “Magnus I assure you, I swear by the Angel, I mean it.” Magnus was still red- and wet eyed, but he grinned. A vow to the Angel. From a Shadowhunter. That was something. But just to be really sure, he narrowed his eyes and asked again. “By what angel?”

“Dear god, Magnus.” Alec now grinned too. He put his other hand on Magnus’ left cheek, so that the warlock’s face was cupped and looked him deep in the eyes. “I swear, on the Angel Raziel, that I, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, accept you, Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, as you are. You have cat eyes and that’s okay. You don’t ever have to be ashamed, and you better don’t ever think that I hate them again, because I don’t. Is that good enough of an oath to you?” Magnus looked very serious during Alec’s vow, but began to smile again now and that was all Alec needed to know it was good enough.

“It was. It really was Alexander. And I swear I will never let myself believe again that you wouldn’t accept who I am.” He put his hands on Alec’s hip, and because Alec still cupped his face, he didn’t have any other choice but to look at Alec and smile at him. He felt Alec moving closer to him, but before he could bend down to kiss him, Magnus had to get another thing off his chest. A few weeks ago, he had told Alec that he unlocked something in Magnus but he wasn’t aware that the Shadowhunter boy he didn’t even know that long, managed to unlock parts of Magnus’ soul he didn’t show anyone but himself before. “Alexander… you should know though, that until this day, I try really hard to accept my mark. Some days I don’t have a problem with showing them, at least when I’m not around mundanes. But there are some days where I just hate them. Especially after someone once again showed me what he thinks of them. Be it through looks or through insults. On those days I hate them so incredibly much because all they ever did was bring me pain. That’s why I mostly glamour them, why I didn’t show them to you from the beginning. That’s why I didn’t want you to see them, because I was sure the minute you’d see them you would end all of this. As so many before you did. But you didn’t and I’m forever incredibly grateful for that. But Alexander, the truth is that I doubt I’ll ever fully accept my mark. You know, my cat eyes, they are…” “… beautiful.” Alec quietly ended the sentence.

Alec ended Magnus’ sentence with the one word he thought would ever be remotely accurate to  describe the yellow-green colouring of the irises and the perfectly slit-shaped pupils of his boyfriend’s eyes. A moment later, the most amazing eyes he ever saw widened and the pupils thickened a tiny bit. “They’re… they’re what?” Magnus asked surprised. Did he just not get that right or did Alec just say his eyes were… beautiful? His mark has been called many things, many many things, but never beautiful. Interesting, fascinating, captivating, those were some of the best things they’ve been called by people who actually liked Magnus. But beautiful was utterly new. And unexpected. Very very unexpected. Magnus stared at Alec with disbelief in his wide open eyes.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” Alec asked gently, stroked the warlock’s left cheek with his thumb and watched Magnus slowly shake his head afterwards. “No one ever called them that Alexander. No one. Not once. I didn’t think anyone would ever do. I don’t even believe it myself, how should anyone else ever think that?” he said sadly, his grip on Alec’s hips getting tighter to remind himself he’s actually there and actually just said that. He watched as Alec moved his head closer to his and felt his hands moving down to Magnus’ shoulder again. And there it was. The smile he loved so incredibly much. The gentle tiny, light-up-the-world Alec-smile. “Oh Magnus.” Alec whispered, if to himself or to Magnus, he didn’t know.  

There was now barely any space left beween them and the remaining space got filled with Alec gently resting his forehead against Magnus’. Alec holding Magnus by the shoulders and Magnus holding Alec by the hips, their foreheads touching they stood there for a few moments, just looking at each other, until Alec cleared his throat and whispered “They’re so so beautiful, they’re… you’re so beautiful.” Alec brought his head even closer to Magnus’ than it already was and had his lips now nearly touching Magnus’. They both let their lips hovering over each others for a few hearbeats. “My god, you’re so beautiful.” Alec whispered against Magnus’ lips and finally, finally kissed him.

They kissed once before, at Alec’s almost-wedding with Lydia. But that kiss was totally utterly different to the one they shared now. The wedding kiss was fierce, intense and full of desire from both of them. The kiss now was slow, gentle, intense in a whole other meaning. Alec was so incredibly tender, he wanted Magnus to know how ridiculously in love he was with him, wanted him to believe everything he just said through that kiss. They both could feel each others heart beat, Alec realizing that right now, in that moment, both their hearts beat as one. It felt like they shared one heart together, which Alec was sure, was actually the case from now on. Magnus felt it too and was taken aback in the best way he could imagine, that after all those years, he finally found true love again. And not only true love. He found someone who would fight with him against any evil in this world and he couldn’t describe to anyone how happy and grateful he was for that.

They both weren’t sure how much time had passed during the kiss, but they were both still standing, Alec now cupping Magnus’ face again and both of them not wanting to move their head away from the other. Alec started to whisper against Magnus’ lips again. “You’re so beautiful Magnus.” “You already said that.” Magnus whispered back and smiled, he now cupped Alec’s face too. “I know but… it seemed worth repeating. And I will repeat it over and over again until you believe it. And even then I will tell you again and again.” “You’re so sure I will eventually believe it?” Magnus asked. He honestly wanted to know if someone could actually do that. “I will help you to.” Alec answered and brushed his lips against Magnus’. “You know why?” “Why?” “Because…” Alec placed a kiss on the edge of Magnus’ mouth. “… you should know you’re beautiful…” Another kiss on Magnus’ left cheekbone. “… just the way you are.” A third one on the edge of his mouth again. Alec closed his eyes. “Magnus Bane, you are the most beautiful human being there ever was and ever will be. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The people who don’t appreciate you don’t deserve to even be in your presence. They don’t deserve you, because you are so kind, so loving, and so incredibly optimistic even after living so long. They don’t deserve you, because you deserve the universe. You don’t know it, but I do.”

“My dear Alexander, how do I deserve you?” Magnus asked in a husky voice, being very moved from Alec’s little speech. “I just told you. You needed someone to tell you the truth.” Magnus let out a sigh and pulled Alec into a tight hug, because right now he didn’t have any other idea what to do. “I know and I thank you a thousand times for that. But I have to note one thing. You said ‘human being’…” “Yes, and?” “You know I’m a warlock. I’m not a human being.” “Technically, yes. But not to me. To me you are exactly what I said.” Alec answered and buried his face in Magnus’ neck. “I wish I knew how to find the words to describe to you what this all means to me. Until I find them, thank you. Just thank you, Alexander.” He began to stroke Alec’s hair and felt the boy smile against his shoulder. “And I promise you, no glamouring of my cat eyes anymore when we’re together. Because a certain someone told me I don’t have to change myself. And I won’t.” he added and began to smile himself. As an answer, Alec squeezed him a little tighter for a second.

So they stood there for a few minutes, until Alec started asking questions like “What happens if you’re pissed? Do your pupils then get three times their normal size? Oh my god, can you see in the dark?” and some more. Magnus had to get himself a glass of wine. He was in the middle of pouring him a glass in as he heard Alec shout from the living room “Will you ever stop drinking?” “I don’t think so, Alexander.” he answered and grinned.

Imagine: Ivar taking you to his room after a nightmare.

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Requested by: My love @bellagreenleaflotr (Your ideas are as amazing as you are!)

Warning: None.

The Great Heathen Army won the battle against King Ælle and took over the city of York. Ragnar Lothbrok was now avenged. But you knew that it wasn’t the end of the killings. The Saxon will seek revenge too. In this epic battle you lost your father, killed just in front of you. I should had been you, not him, you thought. You were the one who begged him to follow Ivar. Ivar was your weakness. He’d been since the day you meet him. And sometimes, you thought that you were his weakness too. He was different with you. He cared for you in his own jealous possessive way. Sure, he was excessive sometimes but you never really blamed him. After all, he lost the two people he truly cared about: his mother and his father. And now, you knew what it felt like. You understood the need to protect and to keep close to you the one who mattered. But a part of you couldn’t help but became distant with Ivar.

Since the death of your father Ivar assigned you bodyguards days and nights to keep you safe when he was not around. In King Ecbert’s castle, you had the room next to his. He treated you like a Queen. But it didn’t seem to make a difference: you were still avoiding him. Of course Ivar had noticed. Just like he noticed your rapprochement with his older brother, Ubbe. “Give her time, Brother. She just lost a father.” Ubbe said before drinking a sip of mead. “Hm… Easy to say for the man who spends his days with her.” Ivar snapped, planting the blade of his knife in the wood of the table. The tensions between the two brothers were more and more palpable. Their disagreements now extended beyond the future of their people. “Where are you going?” Ubbe said, annoyed once again by his little brother behaviour who just left the dinner table. “It none of your business.” Ivar responded in a cold tone. “Do not go talk to her. It’s late. Y/N must be sleeping.” The older brother ordered but it didn’t make any difference, Ivar was already gone.

“Father!” You screamed, waking up in a start. Your heart was pounding in your chest and your breath was heavy. In panic, you left your room. The two men who were standing in front of your door started following you in the corridor when you suddenly turned to face them. “Leave me alone or I kill you!” You shouted, almost in tears. They looked at each other and hesitated to disobey Ivar’s orders, way more afraid of him than of you. But by chance they didn’t argue and let you go. You were walking barefoot on the cold floor of the castle, shaking. You were so lost in your dark thoughts that you didn’t even noticed that Ivar was standing a few feet away from you. All his anger and jealousy disappeared when he saw you like that. “This nightmare again?” He asked, making you jumped. “Ivar… How…” You sighed before closing your eyelids in exasperation. “Stupid Vikings.” You muttered. Of course, your bodyguards repeated everything to Ivar. “Talk to me, Y/N.” He almost begged now that he was closer to you. “I have barely seen you these days. Why are you avoiding me? Why are spending all your time with Ubbe?” Ivar asked. You knew he was truly worried but his last words were just too much to bear. “Oh don’t start with your jealousy, Ivar! It has nothing to do with Ubbe!” You caught him out of guard. You never yelled at him before.

When you realized the words who just escaped from your mouth, tears started to rolling out your eyes. “Don’t you understand? I cause the death of all the people I love. First my Mother. Now my Dad. I can’t lose you too, Ivar.” Your words broke something in him, and in you. Without even thinking, Ivar was pulling you against him. He held you so close and so tight that you could hear his heartbeat. Ivar wasn’t the type of man who easily show affection, and that’s probably why his grip calmed you down almost immediately. “You won’t lose me, Y/N. I promise. You won’t lose me.” He whispered to you, his chin resting on the top of your head. You stayed in the arms for a while, until Ivar gently grabbed your face in his hands. “Sleep with me.” He said in his breath. How could you say no to him? To his beautiful ocean eyes who were deeply looking at you? You nodded and followed him to his room. Now safe in his bed, you watched him taking off his armor. When Ivar turned his head towards you, you felt your cheeks blush making him smirk. He finally lied next to you and ran his fingers through your hair, his face was just a few inches away from yours. “This is where you will sleep from now on.” Ivar said, the cockiness was back in his voice knowing that it will make you smile. And it did. You peacefully slept in his arms for the rest of the night. There was nowhere else you would like to be.

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brumous | myg

pairing: min yoongi + gf! reader 

genre: angst, fluff + idol! au 

word count: 1.8k

warning: Slight mature language

“Hi! Can I get a Suga Angst where you have been distant from him because one of your family members dies but you don’t tell him because you don’t want to talk about it? He thinks your cheating and breaks up with you but when he finds out from your friend what really happens he desperately tries to get you back? Thx and sorry this is long~” - anon

Reader’s POV

“We need to talk.”

A firm voice called you back to reality as you sat idly on the couch that night, mindlessly flipping through the channels in front of you.

You looked up in surprise as you saw Yoongi standing there, his fists clenched against his sides as you noticed how ragged his breathing was, the tips of his ears slightly red: something you knew that meant he was either upset or mad.

You quickly got up from the couch and approached him in concern, your hand reaching out to grasp his in yours when he suddenly flinched away from you.

Yours lips parted in shock as you looked at him with big eyes when he spat, “Don’t look at me all innocent like that after what you did Y/N.”

You absolutely had no idea what Yoongi was talking about, feeling completely dumbfounded when you stammered, “Y-Yoongi, what are you–”

“Oh please. Don’t even pretend like you don’t know! You think I haven’t noticed how you’ve been for the last couple weeks? You haven’t even talked to me, you barely even look at me anymore!” He retorted.

If only he knew why…

“Yoongi —”

“Are you cheating on me?” he whispered harshly, making you gasp, your hands flying to your mouth.

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