the situation isn’t what it was / and it’s never gonna be it again / cuz we got nothing prepared for what is coming up / when the dollar is the focus of men, and you know / all the solutions we don’t talk about / cause we’d rather talk about ourselves right now / and if WE are what’s killing US / we take the form of the storm up ahead, now follow me -”Tear It Down”

Back for more pain! XD D’: and seriously! That’s for I get for a disrupted schedule! Still, it did some good for me! I will be starting from the beginning of week 4 of my schedule! And I’ll keep going until I can do this week perfectly! So maybe next month I’ll be on my 5th :P wish me luck! And don’t give up! You may have to wait a while, but you keep hitting that wall until you break it down! #brickwall #tearitdown #workout #imbackbaby #getstrong #staystrong

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