-sighs loudly-

The 11.09 promo confirms they’re making real one of the things I’ve wanted for ages but now I just…feel nothing. There’s too much I can’t excuse and too much I can’t forgive.

And why in the name of all Hell would Lucifer in the Cage look like any human ever conceived other than Sam?! He ditched Nick’s body and never looked back the second his true vessel finally consented to possession.

concept: i trip. thousands of kakpol au ideas fall out of my pocket. i make no attempt to hide them or shift the blame onto someone else. instead, i pick up each one of them and explain it to you in excruciating detail while staring you dead in the eye. you do not know who these characters are, yet i continue and show no sign of stopping

real talk though

even if this is the last one (please please please don’t be), if bsn has the same/some of the same cast, I’ll probably be happy. like ofc I’ll miss lolilo/nmtd and the characters and all that, but every story needs to end somewhere. however I’ve kinda fallen in love with the whole cast, and I hope at least some of them stay you know?

I dunno that’s my two cents.

coworker: how old are you, kayleigh? 

me: almost 24

coworker: whaaaat? i thought you were-

me: I KNOW, i look young. don’t even say the age you thought i was. i don’t want to hear it.