The silver moon mocks my love

Haunts me with our memories

The blazing sun burns me down

Round my ashes demons dance

Dawn breaks upon the mingled seas

I wait for you to come back home

Comes shrieking the gust of wind

Takes my ashes to the land unknown

The golden beams crack through walls

As whisper my lips your name unheard

Out of the black, into the blue

I sit and look the clouds above.

The singing birds, they sing your songs

The heavy clouds, they shed your tears.

Occuring I feel something strange

My ashes are turning into new me

A breeze comes and brushes by

I smell a fragrance known to me

I dig the soil and put my blood

Blossoms a flower, sweet and soft

Listen not the demons bothering you

Watch your steps and follow the scent

Pave the rocken path reaching me

Take watchful steps as you come

Hate clenches heart, length bruises feet

But your spell of love strenghtens me

Here I reach and there come you

Celebrate our eyes as they meet

Rays turn into flames of silver

A delicate touch of yours on mine

Demons dance but so do we

Finally our souls merge at last

We breathe our warmth, lie we so close

Intertwined our souls, interlocked our hearts

World and Nature both are gay

Singing song of our reunion


Here I present “Reunion”, the outcome of a collab between very talented and creative @a-silent-lover and me ( @tenaciousbirdreview ). Her words in italics, mine in bold. We hope you guys will enjoy.


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syxyihan  asked:

He thought long and hard about Jaewon's honest words before seeking out the Henry and presenting himself pensively in the engine room. "Henry Lau, I must take more firm step to prove myself your capable protector and a loyal crew member. Jaewon has expressed concerns that if you were in danger I would abandon my duties and risk the safety of all on Serenity. I can't--well I don't want him to think so lowly of me. So I will no longer give over to the temptation of kissing you. This I vow."

henry doesn’t look up from the part he’s working on when someone enters the engine room. he never does, after all, people don’t tend to be more important than what he’s working on. but when his name is spoken in the familiar tones of yihan’s voice, his head lifts almost automatically, the smile already appearing on his features. he doesn’t know when exactly he started to be able to recognise yihan’s voice from just hearing it, but it’s nice. and so he continues to listen as yihan declares needing to take another important step to prove himself.

henry doesn’t think this is necessary, not at all, but he’s learned that yihan doesn’t feel the same way as he does, and sometimes the priest has strange opinions on certain things but henry needs to just let the taller male voice them so he can reassure him afterwards that it’s not as bad as it seems. besides, listening to yihan’s voice is relaxing, calming in a way. somehow the timbre of the pilot’s voice has become like a reassurance. henry’s body automatically relaxes at the sound of it, the lines on his face softening as he just continues to smile.

that is, of course, until a series of words follows up on each other as they roll off yihan’s lips, and a coldness is aimed directly at henry’s chest. he doesn’t realise he drops the screwdriver, moving to get up and turn around fully so he can face the pilot on eye level. his expression is no longer soft and warm, the smile no longer presence. instead he is staring at yihan almost incredulously, as if waiting for the pilot to add something like ‘haha gotcha!’

but that is not something yihan does, the taller male doesn’t joke like that. even if henry wouln’t put it past him to say something like this as a failed first attempt at one. but yihan’s expression is too serious, his eyes too focused, his stance too proud. the priest is being sincere, and henry is feeling the aftereffects of that sincerity as fireballs in his gut.

“this you vow?” he questions, voice sharp, jaws tight, eyes narrowing slightly as he looks at the taller male standing near the door opening. “because of something jaewon said to you?” his voice rises a notch, incredulity and hurt battling for the upper hand, underlined by a hint of anger. “does that mean what jaewon thinks is more important than what i think? than what i feel?”

he’s still holding the part he was working on in one hand, and in that moment only barely represses the urge to launch it at the pilot’s head. is he being a little too much? possibly. is he hurt? definitely. perhaps henry would have been more capable of accepting yihan’s decision to no longer kiss if it was intended to make someone feel better, or to work against someone feeling uncomfortable because of it. but no, the only reason yihan’s decided on it is because jaewon apparently called him someone that couldn’t be depended on.

and henry’s opinion on the subject doesn’t even seem to matter at all.

his gaze remains on the pilot for a few moments longer, before he’s moving. closing the distance between them with a few sudden, strong strides, he instantly shoves at the priest’s middle, the engine part still in his hand probably digging into yihan’s side uncomfortably.

“get out,” he suddenly hisses, angry beyond anger. hurt. he’s been abandoned enough to know what it feels like and he feels the same way as he’s done all the previous times. not something he thought he’d ever feel with the priest. not something he thought he’d ever feel again altogether, but especially not with the priest. another heavy shove, henry forcing the taller male to move out of the engine room - no matter the effort it’ll take.

“get out of here. go back to your gorram bridge and stay there.” he pushes the priest over the line of the door and instantly slams his hand on the panel when yihan’s outside, effectively causing the door to slide closed between them. the second it touches the other side, he locks it as well for good measure.

like that he’s left standing there, looking at the closed door for a few agonising minutes, feeling his heart hurt and his chest constrict and whatever happiness he’d held in his hands slipping out right through his fingers.

he should have known it was too good to be true.

with an enraged cry, the engine part in his hand flies through the room, crashing into the opposite wall before falling to the ground. a few recently adhered pieces come back off and it only makes him angrier. he’s a better gorram engineer than this for fuck’s sake.

clenching his teeth, henry starts back towards the engine part, picking it up from the ground and retrieving his screwdriver where he dropped it in the first place.

he’s always been better with metal than he is with people, anyway.

The guy I call my son at work called me Mum today and I literally felt like a step parent who finally got called Mum for the first time. Like I really could have shed a tear don’t look at me

choosing to live

despite all odds, i’ve made it to the end.
i spent my life collapsing into a mixture of ash & stardust–
you know that glittery mess under your bed you keep safe for me?
that’s the heart i ripped from my chest to give away.

i’ve run away from it all.
the love, the warmth, the freezing, the hate.
i finally set myself free from a rusted cage.
you know how many days i slept alone? count the tallies, you’ll know.
you’ll see how worthless i was.

but i am me. i am shedding your skin. i am tearing these pages apart.
i am whole. i am what you didn’t shape. i am you–what you wanted to be.

the light didn’t find me, i found it.
it stood at the corner of independence. i used to live there.
but i ran away when the attic started to crumble.
i didn’t fight for the truth. i didn’t fight for the happiness.
i didn’t fight for me.

i see you. i see me. i see me without you.
i define my edges with knives & you were cut to pieces, weren’t you?
i said i wasn’t worth the risk, but now i know i am.
i chose to live dangerously, but now i’m safe in my own arms.