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*breaks Merrill's mirror and makes her cry*



Shadow - Chapter 3 “Lost” WIP

………And as Winston returned to based, cradling the girl in his arms who remained unnaturally silent, the entire organization made it a priority to find Sombra.

They found her on the roof beside the hangar, twitching and shaking uncontrollably, clutching the light at the center of her chest as if it were too tight as she struggled to breathe. Panting heavily, each breath a lungful of air coming out in shaky wisps of air and whimpers.

Several feet away, a puddle of blood and a signature sniper’s bullet lodged in the floor beside it.

They called her name but she didn’t move or acknowledge them, even as he carefully scooped her up in his arms. She curled inward, holding herself as she fought to find a pattern to breathe normally, her eyes seemingly glazed over in shock or fear.

Can we watch Rudolph?

Request: @random-superwholock-images I was thinking that during the Christmas season if the Winchester siblings were at Bobby’s, the boys would take the reader sledding then afterwards bundle up in blankets and hot chocolate and watch either random Disney movies or random Looney tunes shorts. So when Sam goes to college he brings the reader with him (because she’s like three and knows nothing about the supernatural world and he kinda wants to keep her innocent for as long as possible) and well he decides to do the tradition with the reader when he notices how much she misses dean​

A/N: I made the reader like 4/5 so that the “kid” talk was more of a minimum. I also changed the movie to Rudolph just so it was more Christmas-y. I’m sleepy as I’m writing this & the Dean moments at the end made me shed tears when I literally imagine myself as Y/N. 

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Sam x Sister!Reader    Dean x Sister!Reader

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“Alright, hold on tight Y/N.” Dean told you as he maneuvered the sled more towards the edge of the hill.

“Wait De!” You shouted.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, leaning his head around your body to look at your face.

“Is a long drop.” You said in a fearful voice, “Yous not gonna let me fall right?”

Dean let out a small chuckle, “Kiddo, have I ever let you fall?” He questioned.

“No.” You responded.

“I’m not about to start now.” Dean told you as he wrapped his arms tighter around you. “Here we go!” Dean pushed the two of you forward on the sled and you guys went flying down the hill. Your big brother held you tightly the entire way down and didn’t let you fall; just like he promised. By the time you got to where Sam was at the bottom of the hill you and Dean were laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes.

“What took you so long?” Sam asked as he helped you off of the sled.

“I gots scared, but De made it better.” You excitedly told Sam.

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How about Saeran when he first holds his new son/daughter?

I’m legit gonna shed some tears.

From the very first moment he saw his daughter head pop out from you, he felt his demons attacking his mind saying he won’t be able to give them what they deserve. When he saw the rest of her body pop out from your womb, he knew he was going to be your protector. No one, no one was going to hurt his soul. When the nurses put your daughter on your chest, Saeran’s heart was beating faster because his heart and soul was in the flesh. When his soul was handed to him to hold, he knew he would risk his life for his daughter. He would fight the devil himself to make sure you are at peace. When he saw you smiling, he went closer to you he thanked you for showing him the true feeling of love.

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Would any of you cry on your wedding day? (Well, cry out of happiness)

Ruki: Of course not. Do you really believe I would do such thing, Livestock?

Kou: Hmm… I would be too happy to shed tears~ Plus I can’t ruin my image!

Yuma: Hah…? Er… Fuck no! Why the hell… would I shed a tear for?!

Azusa: Maybe, I would shed some tears… I’m sure Eve-san would be beautiful~

I feel like underneath all our love and adoration for Sarah J. Maas, there is a deep sense of hatred towards the woman for ruining our lives so completely with her writing. Like, if she were about to fall off a building, we would all hesitate for 3 seconds before acting. The first second would be the fandom imagining how she would die in comparison to all the deaths she’s written. The second one would be spent with us thinking about everything she’s done to us (and all the tears shed). By the end of the third second, we would all come to the conclusion that we need her to finish the series so we end up saving her life.
In other words, when ACoTaR and ToG finish SJM better be watching her bACk.

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did you see dan cry?? did you hold up the sign??? did he mouth thank you??? i'm crying ???

i didn’t actually see any tears fall (their faces were so shiny - could have been tears but probs sweat lol) but they were definitely teary eyed and so emotional and happy at the end omg. it was different from the movie, they were smiling so much more and you could see how much this meant to them. and even though i couldn’t properly see everything in the end because of all the signs in the way (i think i missed out on where ppl got them because i didn’t get one) the whole vibe of the end of the show made even me shed some tears (can u believe). i could rant for hours about the last tatinof show i have so much to say but. i’m still kind of in shock after yesterday and i don’t think i’ve fully processed everything that happened. we were all emotional and they were too and if you don’t think they both cried sm and hugged each other to death after the end who are you


Do you think you and Patrick are definitely connected on another plane, maybe in a past life? I mean, to have that relationship with someone—

Pete: It’s like, brotherly, but it’s more than that. And like, we fight with each other, and he’s like the only person that I can be, like, brutally honest about the creative process with… There is some connection that’s beyond—like, it’s hard to explain and it’s never been gotten right.