“ako nalang ang mahalin mo, sef”

those where the kind of words that shook my world the other day as Ben and I went for a drive to talk. 

relationship was treading rough waters and the boat that we are in is rocking. 

they say it takes two to tango, but in this case, i feel that the problem was me. 

my inability to let go of the past….

my fear to feel hurt once more….

and my constant obsession to compare the present with the past….

and seeing ben shed tears was just too much to see. 

ang sama ko. ang selfish ko. 

naghahanap ako ng “spark” sa relationship when in fact it was me who killed the magic in this life I share with ben. 

ganun pala yun when you see the one you love cry, you’d go bonkers. di ka makahinga and ang bigat sa dibdib. 

that afternoon humbled me. inside the car, i asked forgiveness for my omissions and pride. as i held ben’s hand, i avoided making promises that i know for sure I will break. but i asked him to bear with me and all my imperfections because it is him i want to journey with down the road whether my life be long or short. 

and we made peace. 

and that night, for the very first time, I held his hand in public. 

no regrets. all homo. all love. 

Flint’s possible endings

1. Season four ends with Flint dying.


  • Some people think it’s the only way to redeem him because there’s too much blood on his hands.
  • All other proper pirates on the show have already died and gone to pirate heaven, so Flint is long overdue.
  • People shed tears during the finale, and “tragic” endings are more memorable and whatnot. I suppose it could be considered satisfying, in a way.


  • Not TI-compliant.
  • Are you fucking kidding me.
  • NO.
  • Tons of fix-it fanfic would not be enough to erase the bitter aftertaste.

Possible variants of these include:

  • The dramatic sea battle, with Flint delivering one final blow to someone right before the war ends. His death is tragic and also useless, but might be considered heroic in some way.
  • Flint dies taking out the governor, thereby avenging Eleanor, possibly Madi, and ridding the world of Woodes Rogers and his horribleness.
  • Flint ensures the escape of Silver, Madi, and whoever else by stalling enemy forces, and dies in battle.
  • Flint agrees to let himsef hanged/killed for the sake of Nassau’s future, possibly by Jack

Additional notes:

  • If this happens, I’ll have to stay clear of the internet for a while, just so I don’t have to witness the ensuing outcry for “killing your gays”.
  • Could possibly be made canon-compliant with some of Silver’s storytelling mojo?

2. Flint ends up in Savannah, alone and miserable, a pirate king dethroned, and drinks himself to death over the course of 35+ years.


  • Some people think he deserves nothing better
  • More or less TI-compliant
  • Fix-it fanfic in growing demand


  • The world is a meaningless and merciless place, shoot me now.
  • Why would it take him 35+ years to drink himself to death?

Variants of this include:

  • For some miraculous reason, Flint is made to walk away or simply walks away, defeated and betrayed by everyone. How this wouldn’t end with him committing suicie, I don’t know.
  • The surprising twist: Silver does to Flint what Max intended to do to him, and sends him to that estate north of Spanish Florida to be imprisoned there. Might lead to a surprise for everyone involved in case the “reform-minded man” turns out to be Thomas Hamilton (see ending three). Might also end in misery and madness.
  • Flint arrives, but through a cruel twist of fate, he doesn’t find Thomas, or Thomas is dead, and Flint simply stays there for some reason.

Additional notes:

  • Endless fandom wank. Only I’ll possibly be right in the middle of it.

3. Flint ends up in Savannah reunited with Thomas and leads a quiet life, which includes a lot of guilt and regret, but he also finds a moderate degree of happiness.


  • Canon-compliant
  • Canon-compliant, but with a twist, which is a win-win
  • Allows for a bittersweet ending 
  • If combined with a fake death, people shed tears AND we get a “resurrection” scene where Flint walks off into the sunset.


  • Some people think it’s too much of a happy ending for him and he doesn’t deserve it.
  • Some people apparently think it would be “bad writing” and “too cliché” (or maybe just too gay?).

Variants of this include:

  • Silver tells Flint about the estate in Spanish Florida, and we see Flint arriving there and some sort of interaction between him and Thomas takes place, even if it’s only a look.
  • Silver tells Flint about the estate in Spanish Florida, and we see Flint walking off into the sunset, but with the idea that he’ll go there and look for Thomas – more of an open ending (see ending 4).
  • In some surprise twist, Silver has sent out someone after 4x4 to find out whether Thomas Hamilton is actually alive, and has him brought to Nassau, or else has him stashed away somewhere as his secret weapon/joker against Flint.
  • Woodes Rogers has known all along that Thomas is alive, and decides to use him as leverage in some way (not all that likely?)

4. The ending that is open to interpretation


  • Having your cake and eating it too, I guess
  • Room for speculation


  • Not a satisfying ending at all, but YMMV
  • Fuck this shit
  • Does not  provide any answers in regard to Treasure Island

Variants of this include:

  • Flint is seen presumably dying, but in a way that makes it possible for him to survive – no body, no onfirmed death.
  • Flint walks away into the sunset, with a slightly hopeful outlook after Silver told him what he knew about the estate in Carolina, so that Flint might or might not make an attempt of finding out whether Thomas is alive (see ending 3).

5. The unexpected twist that no one saw coming


  • No one sees it coming.


  • The fuck.

Variants of this include:

  • Could be anything. Who even cares?

petamurgatroyd Being a new mum is one of the most overwhelming and incredible experiences I’ve ever had. It’s also been extremely emotional (hello hormones) and I definitely shed my fair share of tears the first few weeks. I shared my honest take on baby blues on @allthingsfamandglam - link’s in my bio if you’d like to read. I’d love to hear your thoughts! xo #famandglam

also ya’ll are missing out; eng marx VA is actually trying to fit the pastel-ness n shit

but fucking konishi is always just. such a treat. especially since he digs SO DEEP for his marx voice and just

he just. does not break fucking character even for this ridiculousness and im shedding actual tears

look. i’ve had english voices for Heores just bc ive been too lazy to fucking switch but u just fucking know im switching to JPN as soon as i get my hands on the sweet sounds of konishi!marx.


its been like 6 years since i’ve last drawn nico, my little italian death prince