do they EVER put down their phones??


Apple, Microsoft, Samsung accused of using minerals mined by children to make phones

Amnesty’s investigation found that in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), there are areas where children work in  mines to feed the thriving market for cobalt, an ingredient in the lithium-ion batteries of modern smartphones. For the investigation, Amnesty followed the supply chain of cobalt from the miners to the markets. The response from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and HP isn’t looking good.

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THE SIGNS AND TEXTING (based on personal experience)

Aries: Texts back fast, but are likely to be the first person to stop replying and make you question what you did wrong.

Taurus: Texts back fast and will carry on one word conversations for a really long time because they don’t want to be the first one to stop replying.

Gemini: Texts back really fast, but they text with a lot of typos and abbreviations. Probably has a list of people they always forget to reply to.

Cancer: Prefers calling people and takes a long time to text back. Honestly doesn’t have the greatest texting skills.

Leo: Texts back slowly because they don’t want to seem clingy or whatever and they also are probably texting like 50 people at once.

Virgo: Takes the perfect amount of time to text back and is very straight to the point when it comes to texting. If they need something from you they will tell you in the first text instead of doing the proper greeting thing.

Libra: Same as Leo tbh, but they are likely to tell you that they won’t text back fast for whatever reason.

Scorpio: Texts back slowly then gets anti-social and decide to not text back until they feel like talking again or they will reply right away and keep a good conversation for as long as possible.

Sagittarius: They reply quickly, but after the main point of the conservation is done then they are done with texting you.

Capricorn: Texts back fast and is able to keep a great conversation with you until you stop replying or they forget to reply.

Aquarius: Most likely to be the person to text you back a month after you send them your text.

Pisces: Could probably win a texting competition and texts back fast after you start the conversation because I feel like a Pisces would never text someone first…

Call me at 3 AM. Call me when you feel like you’re collapsing in the mess that has become you, call me when your mind doesn’t feel like home, call me in those strange hours between night and morning when you feel most alone.

Call me at 1 PM. Call me when the spring breeze surrounds you, comforting as your mother’s touch, and the flowers burst from every crevice in the sidewalk, and the limbs of the trees sway against the clear afternoon sky. Call me when you need someone to share beauty with, someone to tell how excited the world makes you for once in a long time.

Call me at 9 PM. Call me when you’re taking a bath that smells of lemon and lavender, call me when your mind is clear with each breath that dissolves into the warm air, call me when poetry dares to expose itself where it has been buried in your mind, poetry in shades of white and black and everything in between. Call me when everything is falling apart, when everything is coming together.

But no matter when you call me, what shade of the night or hour of the day, I will listen. And I will love you just a little bit more, if that’s even possible.

—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #189 // call me when you need me

I fucking hate it when adults try to convince me of things they don’t even understand. My grandma just told me that I have to stop putting my phone in my bra because it’ll give me breast cancer. Okay, grandma, except phones produce RF waves, which fall between FM radio waves and microwaves on the Big Scary Radiation scale. Not only are RF waves nowhere near strong enough to cause cancer, but they can’t even heat up a bowl of soup. They’re fucking non-ionizing radiation, okay, they can’t do shit. The Hulk would giggle at them.

I just turned to her and was like if you can even so much as demonstrate to me that you have a basic knowledge of how phones work, I’ll admit defeat, vote Republican, and say that your generation didn’t ruin the economy.