-pats self on the shoulder-


RMT W5D6 Goal pace of 10:54-11:28

Even though I was a tad faster than my goal pace, those are some amazing splits for me *pats self on shoulder*. I really thought this run was going to be a lot harder. My legs and butt were aching from pilates yesterday, but before breakfast this morning I stretched and foam rolled and felt a lot better. They just got tight overnight. I ran from the house, which I thought was going to be hell, like Monday, but it was actually refreshingly cool. I didn’t feel overheated at all, which was nice.

And now, I’m enjoying Gatorade on the back porch. However, my peace is being ruined by the next door neighbor’s 3 annoying dogs. Just leave me aloneeeee.

anonymous asked:

I think my favorite placement is my Scorpio moon b/c I love being deep, weird, and intuitive (pats self on shoulder). My least favorite is probably my Libra rising (not that I don't love making friends easily) because it keeps my Cap sun and Scorp moon from being able to express a lot of the rage I have bottled up. It also is the source of a lot of my laziness I think which is frustrating as hell.

i’m sure there’s been times you were grateful you didn’t openly express your rage though

Love, again.

Hey dear self, you finally got over it. You finally got over a love that was eating you up alive. One which was devouring every single bit of your skin, right to your bones. Love, which was horrendously emotionally and physically draining. One that left you with bruises, both on the inside and outside. One that stripped you off all ego and self-worth. Darling, you definitely deserve a good pat on your shoulder for going through hell love scathed yet alive. Oh well, no regrets, just lessons learnt. Love yourself a whole lot more now. Stop risking the chance of giving your parts to the wrong people. Protect yourself, and stand up for yourself. Never think that you are not good enough anymore, because you sure are perfect in your own ways my dear. Times may be trying for you but please do remember one thing - you’re a fighter. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end xx