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Why dont u use something 4 ur eyebrows? You have a pretty face, but your eyebrows are like ew. I'm not being rude.

Usually when people say they’re not being rude they are.There was a way better say that. Did it ever occur to you that I don’t really like make up the only thing I use is lipstick. Why is my face your business anyways worry about yourself please..

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(to the fic thing because i want bokuaka with really bad pick up lines that actually work pff) ---> " 'Hey Akaashi, is there a magnet in your pants? cause i'm attracted to your buns of steel!' "

Akaashi pauses, his arms hanging by his sides as he turns to Bokuto with a terrifyingly blank face.

"Bokuto-san, if you’re trying to ask me out please do so normally."

Bokuto’s mouth is ahead of his brain, already on the next pick-up line though his tongue tangles: “Are you… an angel… from heaven, that fell—and got hurt? Wait, what? You mean like you’d say yes?”

Akaashi waits, and Bokuto hastens to fix his mistake.

"I! Uh! You’re really great, Akaashi! Go out with me!"

The smallest smile appears on Akaashi’s face, and he ducks his chin in a barely-there nod. Bokuto jumps in celebration, halfway landing on Akaashi, his arm around his setter as they begin to walk away from the gym.

"Hey, hey, Akaashi!" he says. "I meant what I said about your butt! It wasn’t just a line."

"That’s great, Bokuto-san. Your butt is pretty great too."

Bokuto trips and falls on his face, and Akaashi keeps walking. Ahead of Akaashi, there’s no one to look back and see his smile turn into a grin—quickly hidden when Bokuto catches up, but for a moment blindingly there.

Bokuto’s butt is pretty great, after all. 


Was tagged in selfie things a while ago by dustinbyfugliens and lennonyoung! I don’t honestly remember how long it’s been. I’m vain trash and waited to do the challenge until I got my hair colored because my roots looked awful ✌️

I can’t remember how many people I was supposed to tag but I’m gonna go for five? lack31 ericstaalsmugshot saaders alexanderkillorn davetrolland it’s your time to shine if you feel like uploading selfies!

In this life I have learned

Keep your plans. Be on time.

Take care of your skin. Wash your face every night. 

Give compliments. 

Pick up the tab when you can.

Wear the ridiculous heels while you can.

Do not confess you’re hungry or cold or broke. Even to friends who say you can confide things like that to. Use your parents for things like that. 

Silence is powerful. Think before you speak. Listening is more valuable.

Nobody wants to hear what your dream was the night before. 

If a guy says “a friend” it’s a female. He’ll use a first name for guys. 

Get regular checkups from your Doctor. Speak up if you think something is wrong.

Don’t quit your current job before securing another one. 

Ask for that raise. Ask again.


It’s about what people do more than what they say.

Everyone lies. You will get hurt. You will recover. 

They do have a crush on you.

It’s ok to let the guy open the door, to take your hand when navigating the street. 

Eat the dessert.

If you make each other laugh at 2am over the loud neighbors upstairs keep them. 

Don’t go to bed angry. 

Kiss often. Have sex even when you’re tired. 

No one likes a drunk. Don’t get wasted every night.

Send your guy flirty, silly, sappy messages and photos. They actually do like that when it’s from their girl. 

Say thank you often. 

The folded laundry can wait to be put away. Go outside and play.

Kids will fill your heart. 

He sees you 100 times more attractive than you will when you look in the mirror. He’s right. 

Travel. Plan trips and small adventures. Money is going to go one way or the other. 

If he plays a guitar when you’re cooking in the kitchen, or wants to be around you in general when he’s doing something he loves you’re the luckiest girl in the world.

He means it when he says you don’t need makeup or to get dressed up. Do it anyway every now and then. Change in routine is good. 

Embrace the pony tail.

Let go of anything that is holding you back.


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Niall trusting you and like letting you do small things at first like maybe when he's half asleep (still like awake & all there) asking for you to help him out this morning and then maybe like he asks for your imput a little more on his clothes & let's you top more then asking if you want to explore anything else sexually then you realizing what he's doing & then your like no but I'm open to anything and he's really and an eager teenage smile appears on his face...

Oh sweet lord I wanna try out everything with him

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You should consider doing something about that serious forehead of yours. Dat shit is bigger than yo face. Those pale ass, saggy titties aren't enough to take away from your dome.

I’ve had so many anon’s like this, that I haven’t posted, (clearly all from the same person), but dude are you seriously that sad and stressed out that I’m hotter then you?

Like there’s other ways to go about feeling good about yourself then trying to bring others down, join a gym? bye a new dress? fix your personality?

Anyway I will continue to provide photos of my cute face to anyone and everyone, while you hide your unsightly self in your bedroom for the rest of time.

P.s ny boobs are fucking perfect :)

They say your eyes only partially see the face of someone when you’re looking at them and your brain fills in the rest. I think that’s why people can become more attractive or less attractive as you get to know them. Your brain already knows whether or not you like someone and fills in the rest of the face as it sees fit.

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your personality sucks and you're annoying. pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks that. bye feliciano! may victarion beat you like he did his wife.

lmfao oh ym god i just woke up and saw this in my ask i wonder how much ur sad self refreshed my blog waiting 4 me to answer. ok well anyways i know im annoying idk why ur acting like this is a monumental concept 2 me? this is literally the most ineffectual ask ever lfmao oh my god. u tried tho buddy <3333

gently puts this in a text post so tumblr won’t resize it grossly

hello roland deschain tag, i don’t read your books but i roleplay in a game that contains a roland deschain and i care a lot about his old sad cowboy face

and by care a lot i mean i finally got it to look right so your tag gets to deal with it, all like five of you that follow it

you’re welcome

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Could you please write an imagine where you meet Taron, become friends and he likes you?

Here you guys go, another imagine for you all to enjoy. I hope that you all like it, especially the anon who asked for me to write it. And thanks for the prompt anon, it was my pleasure to write it for you. 

“Ugh, come on Y/N! Justone night out, that’s all I’m asking of you” your roommate Nicole whines as shesits down on her bed facing you.

“Nicole, I have a lot of stuff I have to do, tons of homework, I can’t go out tonight with you” You reply, not even looking up from the essay that you’re working on, fingers flying on your keyboard.

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Investigation Over | Chapter One

"Ding dong! Dang dong! Tiiiiime’s up! Do you know who did it yet? Do you?"

"Well noooo more investigating! Time to see if you can face out, hold out, reach out to the truth! I’ve marked a location on your maps, meet me there at once! Hop to it!"

Checking your map you did, in fact, find a gaudy red star on your map after Zero vanished.

Looks like that’s where you were headed, huh…? As you walked, you passed by the bunny itself. Odd, it didn’t really pay you much mind. As you approached Zero the Third, you heard it mumbling to itself.

"So they went this far, huh…? How lame… Guess I gotta play along for now. No doubt they won’t be happy if we don’t."

Huh? You debated whether or not to ask, but before you could decide… Zero III picked up the pace, disappearing into the room labeled ‘Trial Room’. Wait, wasn’t that door locked before? What could be inside…?


I assure you, I would’ve done whatever it took to stop Chin.

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Korrasami is canon. (x)