If the world gives you the blues, if you wake up in the middle of the night with waves of fear and senseless panic washing over you, I am your friend. If you’re overcome by a desperation that makes your mouth open for a scream that never comes out but just freezes your face in mute despair, then you and I have something in common. If you can’t understand them for the life of you, even though you’ve tried so hard, when that dislocation makes you feel like you’re the only one of your species on the planet, I know I can confide in you. If this endless ghetto of lies and heartbreak, this life-long run of fences and flickering neon signs, night sweats and suicidal urges makes you feel like stopping, just stopping, like stopping breathing, wait. Wait. You don’t have to tell me your name. You don’t have to prove yourself to me. I accept you. If you’re finding life to be the one thing that’s trying to kill you, I want you to stay alive to rise with the sun and fight back.
#BelieveInSwanQueen, phase 2:

Both of the following ideas were actually not mine. But I am hoping the people who suggested them to me won’t mind me posting them now, since we really seem to need it ASAP. Last Sunday at about this time we started the #BelieveInSwanQueen tag (thank you to my bro ethan-8 !) and, because of all of you, it was SUCH A SUCCESS. We were truly blown away by the response. It was so nice getting to see all of your faces and getting to know more of you and starting to follow you!!! yay!!!! Unfortunately, the last 24 hours took some of those positive vibes away from the tag for reasons that were beyond our control. I’ve seen so many people getting hate and none of you deserve that. EVER.

So, in the name of having as much fun as last week, how about we: 

  1.  Post 108 word ficlets. About anything at all you’d like :) There are no rules! Let’s just make each other smile with little dialogues / scenarios. They can even be chat-fics if you’d prefer. Keep it to our lucky number though ;) That’s the challenge!! 
  2. Post your favorite fandom memories, ouat scenes, gifs, vids, fics, art from SEASON 1 FROM NOW UNTIL NEXT SUNDAY. THEN NEXT SUNDAY WE MOVE TO SEASON TWO !!! Until we reach season 4! Let’s spend the summer reminiscing about how far our babies have come. 

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so i went up to matt and he had the CUTEST SMILE ON HIS FACE AND I WAS JUST AWWWING IN MY HEAD and he was going to hug me but i was like ‘oh can you please wrap your arms around my waist??’ and he WAS LIKE 'ANYTHING YOU WANT’ AND THIS IS SUPPOSSED TO BE THE AWKWARD PROM SHOT BUT HE WAS TOO CUTE I COULDN’T HELP BUT SMILE???? and when i was walking away i thanked him and he gave me the cutest smile hahaha bye


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Today’s beautiful ponies

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celestialpancake (okay soo I had NO idea what you meant. Your blog only has a list of things you want and one of them was a new OC, and you also like cute things so I just made up a pone ._.’’ -sweats-)

iloveyouallthemore As you requested… I hope you like it :)

Perfect for the job…

Oliver peered over Felicity’s shoulder at the pile of papers on her desk, “What are these?”

“Applications for my bodyguard position,” Felicity answered as she flipped through the stack.

“Why are you taking applications for a bodyguard?”

Felicity spun around in her chair to face him, “Because, overnight I have become the most powerful woman in Starling City and, let’s flashback to your hood days, there’s always going to be people who have it out for the rich and powerful, even if I’m not shady and corrupt. I need someone to keep an eye on me. Like John did for you when you were CEO, even though you obviously could handle yourself and he was mostly just around for Arrow stuff– but still. And I would ask him because of course I know that he would be the perfect person for the job, but I don’t think he’s interested in getting back into the business.”

Oliver reached behind her for the applications and walked around to sit at the chair across from her desk to start sorting through them, “I just don’t like the idea of this. How do we even know we can trust any of these guys?”

“Well Oliver, they’ve all had thorough background checks and come with recommendations, so I think we can find at least one that we can trust.”

“Nope,” Oliver replied and dropped the stack into the trashcan.

“What? Oliver I would have thought that you would want me to have a bodyguard, with your whole… overprotective—thing.”

“Oh I do think that you should have a bodyguard, but I’m not having some guy follow you around all day.”

“Oliver I’m not sure that you understand the concept of a bodyguard—“

“I’m going to be your bodyguard,” Oliver interrupted her.

“You’re going to be my bodyguard?”

“Yep. Would you like to interview me?”

Felicity bit her lip to keep from smiling and asked seriously, “So Mr. Queen, why do you think that you would be the best candidate for this position?”

“Well Ms. Smoak, I think you’ll find that my extensive resume very impressive. Job titles held include: assassin, mob captain, vigilante, CEO of this very company, hero, and most recently, heir to the league of psychotic murderers.”

Felicity let out a laugh at his use of her name for the league.

“I also have a lot of experience with keeping my eyes on you and I have a very personal interest in making sure you get home safe every night,” Oliver concluded and reached under the desk to place his hand on her knee.  

Felicity tapped her chin and pretended to be deep in thought, “Hmmm. It does seem like you would be a good fit for the job… not to mention how great you look in suits…”

Dropping the act she added, “Are you sure you really want to do this?”

“Of course. I need something to do during the day while you’re being corporate master of the universe. Besides, no one else is used to staying focused while you walk around in your cute little skirts and I’ve mastered it.”

“Really? Because I can recall an incident from around 7:43 last night—“

“Okay maybe I haven’t mastered it,” Oliver interrupted her, “But I would still be the best bodyguard you could possibly hire.”

“I know, and there’s no one that I trust more to keep me safe I just wasn’t sure if you wanted like a job, job. That was never really your thing.”

“I get to spend all day with my favorite person in the world; I wouldn’t really consider it a job, more like a privilege. So what do you say… boss?”

Felicity grinned at him, “You’re hired.”

Baby Please, Forgive Me (Part 2)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,148

Summary: Okay so this is part 2 for “Sorry Will Never Be Good Enough” I hope y’all like it since it was requested so much!! And for this I have the Colt kinda still in their possession, so just go along with it haha

Warnings: This is hard because I don’t want to give away the good stuff lol, uuhh language, begging to die, little fight sequence

Part 1

It’s been about almost a year since Dean has seen your beautiful face, heard your sweet laugh, or touched your soft skin with his fingertips. He was always blaming himself for your leaving and so was Sam, in a way it was all his fault. He knew that you were long gone, you were the one person the Winchesters actually couldn’t find. Thinking about that would bring a subtle smile to his face, he taught you everything he knew, and apparently he taught you a little too well. Dean got Sam to finally get on board with finding you, it took a lot more arguing than he wanted but he ended up getting his way in the end. Since it has been a year though, Sam is about to give up. They’ve been searching too long and for all they know you could be dead. With no other hunters having seen you or heard any stories about where you might be located, they have absolutely no leads. Except for today.

The Winchesters were currently working a demon case close by in Wichita, Kansas. Only a good two hour drive or so from Lebanon. Dean thought it would be a good idea to take a break from searching for you, he was driving himself crazy and needed a small distraction. The motel they ended up staying at was in close proximity of a rather large mall. Getting nowhere with the case, one day the boys decided to take a break and head to the mall to walk around, maybe have some dinner. Parking Baby in the parking lot, Sam and Dean got out, making the food court the first stop on their list. Walking through the large mall Dean’s breath hitched into the back of his throat, he swore he just saw the back of your head. He’d recognize you anywhere. Almost certain that it was you, he grabbed a hold of Sam’s arm and dragged him to the side of the walkway. Maybe dragging him a little too tightly with a death grip.

“Ouch Dean, damn it let go! What has gotten into you?!”

“Shh, come here.” There was a little step near the glass window of the store that they were standing in front of, he pulled his little brother up onto it with him and pointed out in the crowd.

“Who does that look like to you?”

Sam’s eyes grew wide, breathing out “Y/n?”

“Okay so we’ve marked me going crazy off the list. You think it could possibly be her? I thought she would have been farther away from home.” Dean’s heart was about to come out of his chest it was pumping so hard, this could possibly be his chance to tell you he’s sorry and to fix everything. Hopefully you’d take him back.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out if that’s really her or not.” Sam looked to his brother raising his eyebrows knowing they were both thinking the same thing.

Dean brought his hands up to his mouth, cupping them along the edges of his lips to project his voice farther, fearing though that it wasn’t going to really be you. He still gave it a shot “HEY! Y/N!”

His fear diminished when you turned around and he saw your beautiful face starting to look around for the person who yelled out your name. Dean waved his hands in the air to show you that he was the voice, with the widest grin he could muster up. He couldn’t believe that it was really you.

As soon as you made eye contact with Dean that’s when you darted the other direction, weaving in and out of the people trying to outrun the two hunters.

“Son of a bitch! Come on Sammy, I’m not losing her again!” They both took off after you, following a path of falling people and never taking their eyes off the back of your head. Which you would turn around every few second to see if they were still behind you and speeding up slightly when they got a little closer than you wanted. Trying to keep up with you was harder than they had thought, you had gotten much faster than they remembered. They saw that you turned towards the doors that headed outside, but once they pushed through the doors, you were nowhere in sight. Looking around and trying to locate your running form shouldn’t have been this hard to find. It’s like you had disappeared into thin air.

Dean had his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath from running so fast “What the hell?! She couldn’t have gotten that far that quick, right?”

“Look man, I’m sorry. We tried. I guess she really wants to stay gone.”

“Dammit!” Dean shouted as loud as his voice would allow and landed on his knees with his head in his hands, not caring who was watching or who heard him. You were so close to him and he let you slip through his fingers once again.


“Are you sure this is the place Sam? You said it was only one demon, this place looks like it could hold like twenty!” Dean was staring at the old warehouse through the windshield of Baby, trying to get a better look of the place before getting out.

“Yes, Dean. This place is basically the center of all the activity that’s been going on. And I’m almost positive that there is only one because of what’s being done, there’d be more chaos if there were more.”

“Oh, almost positive? That’s totally reassuring. Alright, let’s get this over with then, I need to start the search for y/n again.”

“Dean I don’t kn-”

“Sam I’m going to find her, I don’t care what you have to say. I will find her.”

Sam grabbed Ruby’s knife while Dean felt his jacket pocket to make sure that the colt was still in place. Not wanting to take the conversation further, the younger Winchester just huffed out a “let’s go,” and turned to walk towards the front entrance. He gave Dean his lock pick and watched as he unlocked it with ease, turning the knob to open the door as quiet as the hinges would allow. Once inside Dean made a hand motion to Sam telling him to make his way around the back while he scoped out the front. Sam nodded his head, going back out through the door to go find a back entrance. Dean pulled the colt out from his jacket pocket, having it at the ready, just in case the demon decided to pop out of nowhere.

Meeting back up with Sam in the center of the warehouse, they both looked to each other shrugging their shoulders, neither one of them finding any evidence that a demon was present. Dean suddenly whipped around, gun fully cocked and pointed straight at the doorway when he heard the front door open, accompanied by footsteps making there way to their location. The gun almost fell to the floor when he saw who came waltzing into the room, and so many questions plagued his mind at once. What is she doing here? Does she still hunt? That’s right. There you were standing in front of the Winchesters yet again, but this time with your hands raised in a surrender position.

“Y/n? W-what’re you doing h-here?” Dean breathed out trying to swallow the lump that was forming in his throat.  

“Are you two looking for the demon?”

Sam looked to Dean and then back over to you wondering if he should speak up “Uh, yeah we are, but it seems like it hasn’t come back yet. Have you been hunti-”

“Well you’re wrong.”

They both hit you with a confused face, not sure how to respond to your random outburst. Dean spoke up wanting you to clarify.

“Huh? Wrong about what?”

Giving the boys a shit-eating grin you flashed them your brand new set of black eyes “Honey, I’m home!”

“Get out of her you bitch!” Dean was as furious as ever, pointing the gun at you, even though he wasn’t intending to use it.

“Now, now Dean. Is that anyway to talk to your long lost girlfriend?”

“Come on y/n! You’ve got to fight this! I know you’re in there, baby, listen to my voice!”

“Damn, she’s screaming her little heart out trying to reach you. Too bad she’ll never see you alive again. Hope you’re prepared to die by your once lover’s hands!”

“I’m not going to fight you. Neither of us are.” Dean lowered his weapon and Sam followed. This wasn’t really you and even though Dean knew you were possessed he couldn’t bring himself to hit you.

“Well then, this should be fun.” The demon raised your hand towards Sam and flung him against the wall, knocking him out immediately. Raising your other hand you pushed Dean down against the back wall making the colt skid out of his hand. Swaying your hips over to Dean, you leaned down to whisper in his ear “I miss you, you know. But with what you did to me, how could I ever love you again? I do miss your body a lot, the sex was always a mind blowing rush. Right sweetie?” Starting to suck on his earlobe, he grabbed a hold of your shoulders and pushed you away from him.

He got up raising his fists. He didn’t want to do this, he was supposed to protect you not hurt you even more. “Baby, come on! Fight it!”

You swung strong and fast hitting Dean directly on his cheekbone. You went to swing again but he caught your wrist, pulling it behind your back and knocking you hard in the back of the head, which caused you to fall face first to the floor.

Getting back on your feet you reached around to rub the spot where he hit “Come on Winchester, I know you can do better than that!”

“Stop this, I don’t want to fight you!”

“You have no choice!” You attempted a kick but once again failed as he caught your ankle, yanking on it to bring your body closer and punching you square in the jaw. Next he punched you in the lip, then the stomach with the final blow going to the back of the head while you doubled over from the pain, once again making you drop to the floor. With you down for the count, Dean rushed over grabbing a hold of the colt once more.

Slowly raising your body up off the floor, you started laughing. But not the laugh Dean grew to love and tease you about all the time. This one was dry and had no emotion in it.

“Let’s see what little Miss y/n has to say about all of this, shall we?”

“What are yo-”

He noticed that you started to blink faster, tears starting to make their way to the surface and saw that the black from your eyes was now gone.

“Baby? Y/n? I-is that really you?”

“Dean, please. You have to kill me! Do it now before she has the chance to hurt anyone else!”

“No! Y/n are you crazy?! I haven’t seen you in almost a year and you want me to kill you? NO. No way in hell am I doing that!”

You took the barrel of the colt and brought it up against your beating heart. “Please Dean. I can’t bare to watch myself kill another innocent child. Or hear people screaming at me to stop killing and torturing their loved ones while they watch. She’s had me do that and worse this entire year! I’m begging you, please! I swear if you don’t pull that trigger now, I’ll find a way to do it myself!”

“D-don’t make me do this…baby, don’t.”

“You’re the only one I trust to do this Dean.” You reached a hand up cupping his tear soaked cheek and he closed his eyes, leaning against your touch. Trying to remember what it felt like after so long. His breathing became ragged as he was trying to make a decision, he couldn’t do this. You were the love of his life and he’s finally got you standing in front of him after not being able to find you for a year.

“I’m sorry y/n. For everything I’ve done to you.

“Please Dean, don’t. Just, at least do this one last thing. For me.”

Remembering what Sam had said to him a year ago after you had left, he was starting to think maybe he was right. No matter what he says to you now, sorry will never be good enough.

Taking a deep breath and fully cocking the gun, he stood up a little straighter, wanting nothing more than to just wake up from this nightmare.

“Baby please, forgive me.”

OKAY FOLKS. So i went to comicpalooza today and met chloe twice. For the autograph n photo op. Let me tell yall how the photo op went.okay i was trying to calm myself down cause i was so excited BUT my friend i went with ended up hyping me up along with the girl that directs you where to go they were teasing me n just making real excited that when chloe turned to us and went “come here!"i froze. Like i was awe struck n she was talking to me n i was stuttering so bad and she was like come here and brought me into a hug it was glorious then we took the picture and you could SEE in my face i was excited. She then asked if she was gonna see us at the signing n i started stuttering again n my friend had to answer for me and she was goes "haha youre so funny n cute"n i just couldnt deal.SO we are in line and my friend was telling the people around us n they were like youll do fine NOPE got to be my turn and once again i was at a lost for words yall shes so gorgeous and she was like "so if i go around the table and hug you right now youll shit your pants huh??!?!” I was tryna be all chill n go no and instead “haha pffft naah"SO SHE COMES AROUND AND DEVLOPES ME IN A HUGE HUG AND I JUST HELD ON N SHE WRAPPED HER LEG AROUND ME N I DIED everyone was like YAAAASSSS. So we got back to signing n i was like "last year i asked elizabeth to put hail skimmons will you do it please?"AND JUST LIKE LAST YEAR WHEN I MET ELIZABETH A GATE OPENED and she was like "skimmons is my ship!"n my friend n i both go "SAME"n she just gushed over elizabeth n how theyre both obsessed with eachother n i died for the eighth time today.And then she demanded we both be at the panel n we were of course.SHE CALLED ME OUT WHEN SHE SAW ME she was like "she REALLY likes me i make her nervous"and i was like "I….yeah heh yeah” YALL IT WAS GLORIOUS N I HOPE ALL OF YALL GET A CHANCE TO MEET HER

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Roommate!Michael being a complete dick, knowing the effect he had on you, but never letting it show that he wanted to fuck you as bad as you wanted to fuck him, and after you commented about how you loved black hair, he couldn't help but take the old box of black hair dye he had and dye his hair, having the most satisfied smirk on his face as your thighs clenched tightly together when he came out of his room for breakfast the next day.

this is c-lifflings in a nutshell

roommate!5sos night with tokyoluke​, send in/tag us in your blurbs!

But can you just imagine falling asleep next to a sleepy Michael. He’d have his eyes closed but still murmur a few hmms and ahhs when you’d be telling him about your day. When you’d lean over to turn off the lamp, he would snake an arm around your waist pulling you closer to him. Michael would sleepily nuzzle his face into your neck, and you would feel at home like this. ‘Goodnight darling, I love you.“ Michael would whisper, and you’d whisper back a quick 'I love you too’ AND JESUS PLS SEND MICHAEL MY WAY

C: I don’t know what it is about the idea on here that Christians are these hypocritical judgemental people but I feel like it’s an unfair generalization especially when it comes to talking about homosexuality. Let’s not forget about Muslims too. Some middle eastern countries will stone you to death if you are a homosexual. So Christians aren’t the only religious group that is homophobic. And number 1., NOT ALL CHRISTIANS ARE HOMOPHOBIC. But I feel like TV and movies have a lot to do with this portayal of religious people because they make all religious people out to be these crazy people that smacks the bible in your face every 5 minutes. That’s just not the case at all.


Part 1

Part 2

And here we get to our point- if you fight Mamoru, if you KILL him, he will indeed give you a speech about how great his girlfriend and her ladygang is before he dies.


Galaxia is like “YEAH I KILLED THE EARTH GUY EARTH IS MINE!!!” and Mamoru’s like “haha what no. Are you kidding me, lady, I was always the least of your obstacles there. My girlfriend and her friends are AMAZING AGENTS OF LOVE AND JUSTICE and they are going to stop you for sure.”

On one hand it’s works zinger to a woman who killed him, like “yeah whatevs you took ME out but  you’re STILL going to fail,my gf’s gonna kick your ass with the power of love BYE”.

But it’s more than that. He’s does not actually sound that angry at all. Like, he’s dying, and he dies with a smile on his face because he knows it will be okay. He couldn’t do it, but she can. Usagi will be fine and she and her frineds will protect the earth. His belief in her is so profound and sincere that it brings him peace. He can leave it to Usagi. He doesn;t have anything to worry about. He just holds onto the thought of her, how she’ll be okay, how great she is, and that allows him to die with a smile on his face.

This sincere unwavering belief in Usagi, in the bonds that hold the Senshi together, to the point where he doesn’t mind dying because he knows Usagi can protect everything even if he couldn’t and he truly know in his heart she can do ANYTHING, is sincerely my favorite thing about Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship, and this is where the anime most blatantly showed that aspect of it. So it’s definitely one of my fave scenes for that reason.

A/N: So I just keep thinking about a shy pietro bc he didnt talk to a lot of girls and i had to do that, so let me know what you think. Sorry for any gramatical error, I’m not even close to be fluent. And credit to the gif owner.

“you should talk to her tonight” Wanda said at the same time she was looking for a dress to wear.
“yeah I know that. What I don’t know it’s how to do that” Pietro complained and closed his eyes for a few seconds.
“she’s just a girl, little brother. (Y/N) is just a girl.” Wanda said smiling at his brother just to see his face got funny.
“I’m not your little brother!” he laughed. “And it’s not like I had a lot of time to have some experience with girls. I got busy these days, you know, saving the world and stuff. And she’s a fucking agent, Wanda! She’ll kick my ass.”
Wanda looked at him still smiling. She gave Pietro a rose from a bouquet that was on the table next to her.
“Girls are not that hard.”
(Y/N) was nothing less than amazing. Her hair was all around her and Pietro felt like he would start crying at any time when he try to talk to her.
But he had to. For himself.
He didn’t run because he didn’t want to get anybodys attention, so he walked slowly in her direction.
“hey” he tried to not be so much nervous. “so, my sister, hm, she told me that you might like this, you know, it-it is a flower and girls like flowers don’t they? I guess they do. Actually I think you would like another one so if you want to-”
“Pietro” she said, almost laughing. He was so lovely. She was rooting for him to talk to her for a long time, (Y/N) notice the way he looked at her, but she never could just say “hey I really want you to talk to me. Where are your balls?” But she knew he has trouble with that and she think it’s so sweet that she couldn’t even be mad at him. And now he was in front of her, with a flower, talking without breathing and with that pretty nervous face.
“why don’t you ask me out?”
He was tongue-tied. (Y/N) laughed this time.
“I did not think you’d-”
“Let’s try” she interrupted him again. The smile never left her face. The first time she saw that guy, with all that good looking thing and that body, she could swear he was a lot more confident. But here he was, speechless at the same time he wanted to say every word in the world.
“huh, maybe we could go out?”
He was not that nervous anoymore. He just didn’t expect her to be ok about it, but she was. Wanda was righy after all.
“I thought you would never ask.” (Y/N) took the flower from his hand. “and now you can start breathing again, Maximoff.”
They both laughed as Pietro mentally said thanks.
“So, the fast Maximoff is afraid to talk to girls” She couldn’t not doing this. It was too funny to forget.
“Oh cmon, give me a break! The only girl who I used to talk to was Wanda, so yeah, I’m kinda intimidate by a girl like you”
“I’ll get that as a compliment” (Y/N) blinked and walked away, lefting a really excited Pietro back to enjoy the Tony’s party of the week.

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Imagine roommate Cal getting all pissed & jealous when all his friends would make some sort of sexual comment about you behind your back. (I mean it was only okay when he did it). You would come home and wave at him & his friends & head up to your room. All his friends saying something and Calum gets so angry he feels his blood boil & his face goes hard & ofc his friends notice this change i LiVEEEE FOR JEALOUS CALUM

oh my god they’d always try to get him mad when you were around because they wanted you to realize that he liked you and one day it would work and you’d just smile and blush because you liked Calum too.

roommate!5sos night with tokyoluke​, send in/tag us in your blurbs!

Exo Reactions To You Lifting Your Skirt To Flash Them In Public

You dirty little anon. I love you for this xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *so embarrassed but turned on at the same time*

Chanyeol: *tries to pretend like it didn’t happen but is flustered & cute* 

Chen: *he’s walking around the corner when you catch him off guard & he nearly dies laughing*

D.O.: *you flash him right as he looks up from reading something & his eyes nearly pop out of his head*

Kai: *you’re just making faces at him from across the room first then BAM you lift your skirt & he loses it*

Kris: *not sure what just happened*

Lay: *he’s in the back row during a press conference when you do it & he tries so hard not to lose his shit but he can’t hold in his laughter*

Luhan: *just stares at you, wishing you’d do it again*

Sehun: *you do it during an interview & he keeps his cool but you can see him sweating*

Suho: *you don’t even wait for the others to look away first when you do it & they all start smacking him & teasing him about it*

Tao: *laughs like a hyena for half an hour*

Xiumin: *he’s answering someone’s question & you quickly flash him, he stays somewhat calm but loses whatever train of thought he had because horny Xiumin is horny*

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo


A both brothers imagine requested by anon. This was edited for reposting, so yes, it is a sister imagine, and yes, I still hate writing sister imagines. I no longer have the request, but I can supply a summary: “The reader is the Winchesters’ sister and, due to that fact, is captured by a high-ranking demon to be tortured for information on the whereabouts of her siblings.” As a reminder, please don’t submit sister imagine requests. Hope you like it!


The last fully-conscious event you could recall involved the wind being forced from your lungs by a fist harder than human anatomy could create, the porous cement floor racing to meet your face at a speed your crumpling body couldn’t dream of keeping up with, and your pistol spinning from your hands to clatter across the room. Too far out of reach, you remembered, though your fingers extended towards the weaponry with a desperate plea to save your life from the unseen attacker. The steel toes of a boot crunched down on your fingers, the ones snapping beneath your skin, and your world faded to a dangerous darkness. You could fight the sharp stabbings of pain no more, and you unwillingly surrendered to unconsciousness, knowing full well that when you woke, your life would be in peril. The transition was ill-timed and far too quick; you were conscious again in what felt like a second… but the atmosphere had changed drastically. Your eyes remained closed, your body buzzing with dulling pain, your hands throbbing against the broken bones within. So much for an easy hunt. You fully expected to be eaten by the end of this ordeal. Rougarous didn’t take prisoners.

You blinked once, your eyelids fluttering open to searing agony ripping through your brain, the harsh white heat lamp angled onto your face burning holes in your mind. You could see nothing of your prison beyond the blinding light, which you supposed was the intention, but judging by the smell of the place, you weren’t staying at the Plaza. Hell, you’d had motel bathrooms smell better than the reek sifting through the warm air, the August blacktop effect moving foul aromas about you in waves. The air was stagnant, save the constant roils of new odors, and teeming with the unpleasant scent of rotting flesh, mold, mildew, and metal. It was overwhelming, to say the very least, the smells burning your nose like branding iron had been forced through your nostrils. You moved to sit from your reclined state, and soon realized how very trapped you had become. You struggled against the leather constraints binding your wrist, chest, hips and ankles to a long, warming metal slab, your body angled so that you were standing despite your reposed position. You must have hit your head on the way to the floor. Your sense of gravity had been completely screwed over. You ground your teeth against the hide strip fording your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, the corners of your lips stinging as you moved your jaw. You strained against your shackles, your mind buzzing with impossible escape routes. Your hands were too far away to reach for your hip and remove the pocket knife from the holster sewn into the inside of your waistband. The metal beneath your skin was growing warmer…

“And a good morning to you, Miss Winchester,” a nasally voice drolled, the sound grinding at the inside of your skull like iron nails being dragged across a cracking chalkboard, the very sound making you clench your jaw. “I was hoping you would come to. Patience is not one of my… many virtues.” You turned your head as best you could, struggling to place the origin of the words, your eyes searching in vain for the voice hidden by the brightness of the heat lamp above you. Spots of darkened color disrupted your view with every rotation of your eyes in their sockets, light branding darkness into your overwhelmed corneas like livid finger paint. You felt beads of sweat form on your bare stomach, droplets rolling lazily downward, over your sides, to the waistband of your jean shorts. You writhed, determined to free yourself from the inevitable attack you could (almost) see coming, your efforts against your bindings futile. There would be no miraculous escape. You couldn’t Houdini yourself out of this one. Way to go, Winchester. “Now that you’re bright-eyed and chipper, we can begin…” The voice laughed as the unseen figure introduced a pain like nothing you’ve ever felt before, a hot and cold something smooth tearing into your shoulder and down your bicep, licking hat and ice through your skin. You cried out, your scream muffled by the cowhide over your mouth, your lips tearing beneath as your head strained against your bindings. Your desperate attempts to free yourself of this unimaginable pain were useless. The same chill grazed over your skin as another warmth pooled over your recent injuries, blood dripping audibly to the floor. The metal beneath you had begun to scorch your skin, making your eyes water as you attempted to arch your back, your body reacting to the severity of your predicament. You heard a faint tsking before the lamp was removed, the smell of burning hair and skin drifting to your nose, your eyes shedding salt water, agony and terror fueling your cries for help. Your words had no purchase in the air or on your captor. Your eyes slowly adjusted to the newfound darkness, colours returning in a slow haze until you could form the silhouette of a slender, weak looking man… wielding a knife. He blinked once, milky pools replacing the unassuming blue of his irises, your blood running cold through your veins only to be spilled from your wound a violent, hot stream. You screamed into your coarse gag, the demon shifting closer to your body, the blade tracing over you chest, never breaking the skin; its only purpose was to elongate the fright you felt gripping your heart. You turned your head, following his face in the darkness, pleading wordless sentences through your leather muffle, the demon smirking at your pointless attempts at diplomacy, his blade slicing clean down your stomach, eyes igniting with joy as your head tilted backwards in pain. His face exuding confidence and violent bliss, his features made blurry by the oncoming tears building along your waterlines. “My name is Alastair, and I’ll be your pilot on today’s flight.”

Alastair. It couldn’t be… this was the demon your brothers had warned you about? This feeble, aging shell of a man? You couldn’t comprehend your doubt, as he was currently flaying you alive, but was this truly the monster responsible for Dean’s personal torment in Hell? Oh, how looks could deceive. The main interrogator of Hell, holding you hostage from within a pharmacist, all because you shared a last name and genetic coding with two of the greatest hunters alive. You had been wrong, you had been so horrifically wrong about this hunt. there was no rougarou. You had unintentionally walked into a trap, landing you on the carving block with the head of human torture in Hell. Way to go, Winchester. You were ten for ten today. Alastair’s blade stabbed into the loose ends of your leather straps, the hilt of the knife purposefully just out of your reach, but close enough to frighten and torment you, his face occupying your line of sight. His breath was heated as it blew over your face, heavy with the stench of death. His teeth, ill-kept and grimy, occupied his face as he grinned. Sadistic son of a bitch.

“Now, I’m going to remove this,” he gestured with an overgrown fingernail to the leather over your mouth, coming closer still to your face. He reeked of death; his every exhale brought stinging tears to your eyes to join the ocean growing on your red rims. “and you are going to tell me where your brothers are, capisce?” His voice was all slime and practiced power-trips, his eyes sparkling with enjoyment as he untied the flap from around your mouth. You gasped, hot air filling your lungs as you swallowed mouthfuls of air, your tongue alight with rancid flavours to match the scents floating about Alastair. Tears raced down your cheeks, dripping to the metal slab as they sky-dived from your jaw, a sound mirroring the drizzling of your blood to the floor. You willed your eyes to hold his, wishing the courage so common in Winchesters to swell in your chest, to block the steady flow of fear coursing through your limbs like adrenaline.

“You.. can go… to Hell,” you panted, uncomfortably aware that your defiance would only service to earn you more gashes in your body, more scars, quite possibly your life. Alastair grinned, leaving your gag off as he slowly un-wedged his blade from the leather by your hand, his fingertip prodding the tip of the dagger thoughtfully.

“Been there, be back soon,” be assured you, toying with the blade in his hand as if this exchange were nothing more to him than a baton-twirling contest at a beauty pageant. His hands went still, the blade pointed over your cheek, just below your eye, when he began his descent. You were to pay a high price for your disobedience.

The door was kicked open mere seconds later, the tip of the blood-sllick blade gone hazy from the sheer proximity to your eye, the sound of heavy footsteps distracting Hell’s employee of the month. You turned your cheek as best you could, once you’d registered that the threat was no longer immediate, to see your two older brothers storming into the room, angel blades gleaming in the sparse light of your torture chamber. Alastair grinned wickedly, plunging the knife into your thigh, your scream arriving un-muffled by a gag, your vision fading around the edges as your body registered the unrelenting agony. Alastair left the tip of his knife protruding from your leg as he angled his body to better face the Winchester brothers, the very men he’d been hoping to see. They had both gone rigid since your last glimpse of them, obviously reacting to the sight of their sister being stabbed. Another warm river began to splatter across the metal beneath you, then to the concrete below. You wailed, trying without purchase to calm your agonized shrieks, but the sound of your own blood striking the floor only serviced to accentuate your pain.

“It must be my lucky day… all three of my favourite martyrs have gathered here before me. I’m honoured, boys, truly,” the torturer flirted, his voice icing your skin, the frigid burn covering every undamaged inch of your body in gooseflesh. Dean smirked, stepping away from the doorway as two unfamiliar men stormed the chamber, their suits crisp, fabric crunching as they charged for Alastair’s arms. The demon waved a hand in their direction, but the men did not scatter as he had hoped. Instead, their fingers locked around his biceps, overlapping around his frail frame, their eyes glowing a soft, but powerful, cerulean. Dean barked an order, his voice respectful despite his words, and the angels flashed out of view, hauling the demon torturer through dimensions, hopefully to his doom. The brothers darted to your side, untying the cords that bound you with cautious hands, being mindful of your many injuries. When you had been released, you were hauled into Sam’s arms, the younger brother shushing your cries, apologizing profusely for the discomfort the action had caused you. If you could see past the pain, you knew it was necessary for movement, but the fibers of his jacket wore against your skin in a most unpleasant way.

“You’re okay, you’re okay. Just hang on a little while longer, Y/n. You’re going to be fine. Nothing’s gonna hurt you, I’ve got you,” he whispered, his pace nervous, hurried, like a mother that had lost her child in a crowd at an unfamiliar venue. Every inch of your body ached and burned as you were loaded into the backseat of the Impala, Sam by your side in the backseat, his arms cradling to counteract the jilted motion of the car as Dean floored it for the hospital.

“Y/n, we need you to stay awake, alright? We know it hurts, but you can’t fall asleep on us now, okay? We’re almost to the ER. Just stay awake,” Dean called over his shoulder, his voice agitated and wild with worry as he drove ten to twenty miles over the speed limit, a havoc on the highway. You were shuddering, moans escaping from between your cracked and bleeding lips at every jostle of the car, though Sam was holding you still. Every jilt or jounce, you felt like another blade against your skin.

“I…” you rasped, your voice shot to Hell from screaming, “I didn’t… tell him. Alastair… looking for…” Sam kissed the top of your head, quieting you, his hands moving to wipe at the tears that spilled from your eyes as you recalled every blow, every slash. Your brothers smiled gratefully, though the expression never reached their eyes.

“You did so well in there, Y/n,” Dean said, his voice proud and wounded. “We’ll thank you later. Right now, we have to get the bleeding to stop.” You pulled into the hospital, or at least you figured the flashing lights and overwhelming scent of antibacterial everything implied the hospital doors were near. Sam hefted you into his arms once again, his jacket sleeve stained with your blood… your eyes closed around an image of creased brows, words of assurance from the mouths of your brothers, and panicked nurses strapping you to a gurney.

You faded quickly to unconsciousness, though the feeling of kindred hands holding onto yours never fled. Your vision failed, and your world was submerged in ink, but Sam and Dean’s fingers were tight around yours, anchoring you to the world, to love, to home.