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Can u plz do a dad harry imagine where the reader & H have three kids and it's all fluffy and cuddly or something? Love ur writing!!

You remember the first time you told Harry you were pregnant. Although it was early in your marriage and you actually hadn’t planned for it but the excitement and happiness didn’t cease. If Harry was a total sap before your pregnancy, he was a definite Romeo after it. You gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Tommy.

2 years after Tommy was born, you had opened the topic of having a bigger family and Harry was quick to oblige, pleasuring you and putting you first, thoughts of becoming a dad to a new baby engulfing his mind.
Thanks to your health and Harry’s, the bun was successfully in the oven; only it wasn’t one bun, there were 2. You gave birth to healthy twin girls, Ella and Emma.

2 years later, you and Harry were surrounded by your 4 years old baby boy and 2 years old twins, happier than ever.

“Is everyone settled?” Harry asked as he walked from the kitchen to the living room with popcorn buckets.

“Yes!” You and your kids answered in unison.

“Hey! Ella, you know daddy likes to cuddle mummy when we’re watching a movie.” Harry frowned as he looked at you and Ella, cuddling as you stroked her hair.

You smiled as Ella giggled. “One movie, daddy? Please?”


“Alright, how about we all cuddle?” You interrupted Harry with a smile before lifting Ella over your lap to beside you, patting your lap for her. She rested her head on your lap, releasing a satisfied sigh. Harry got beside you, wrapping his arm around you before opening his other arm for one of the other 2. Emma was quick to place herself under Harry’s arm.

Tommy stood watching, thinking of a position of his own to be close to his parents. “Where do I sit?”

“Come here, baby,” You allowed space between you and Harry, not wanting your son to feel left out. Harry, catching on to what you did, smiled. Tommy grinned as he sat down, legs under him as you and Harry cuddled him.

“All settled?” Harry asked.

“Yes, daddy!” The kids answered.

Harry looked at you, “Mummy?”

“Yes, daddy.” And Harry was ready to make kid number 4, giving you a look that only you understood which made you giggle, “Start the movie.”

Finding Dory started and from the very first second, your kids were engrossed.

By the time the second movie, Moana, had ended, you and Harry had 3 sleeping bodies on you. Harry looked at you before pecking your forehead, “Let’s put them to bed?” He asked quietly.

You nodded, slowly and gently pushing Ella on the couch before lifting Tommy in your arms, him instantly burying his head in your neck — a gesture he picked from his dad — and wrapped his limbs around you. Harry scooped his twins in his arms before you both walked quietly up the stairs and went to Tommy’s room.
You tucked him in, Harry standing with your twins still in his arms.

“Mummy?” Tommy mumbled sleepily, fluttering his eyes.

“Yeah, baby?” You whispered, putting the cover up to his chin.

“Love you. Love daddy.” He whispered sleepily.

You smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. “We love you, too, love.”

And so, you left his fairylights on before you followed Harry out of the room and to the room of your twins. You took Emma from him and tucked her in, kissing her forehead before you and Harry exchanged places so you could kiss Ella and he could kiss Emma.

You wrapped your arm around Harry’s torso as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, turning off the light but turning on their fairy lights as well before you walked out of the room and into your own.

You plopped on your bed on your back and started moving your limbs, making a snow angel and messing the sheets. “I don’t want to sleep.” You giggled.

Harry laughed before approaching you. “Let’s unleash,” He said in a deeper voice with a funny face,

“No!” You squealed.

“The beast!” Harry finished before tackling you on the bed, burying his head in your neck to blow raspberries, making you giggle and squirm.

“Stop!” You laughed.

Harry grinned, leaning down to kiss your lips as you wrapped your legs around his waist. “Thank you.”

“What for?” You smiled, playing with his hair.

“For everything; giving me a family, a home and just,” He paused, “Being there through it all, sticking with me. So thank you.”

“Thank you for being the most amazing husband and dad anyone could ever ask for. I love you, you know that?” You replied, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I might have a clue actually, yeah.” He teased before leaning down once more to put his lips on yours.


You woke up before Harry, kissing his cheek as he slept before putting on your undergarments and wearing your red robe. You smiled to yourself when you heard your kids’ cheerful voice, walking outside the room and down to the living room where the 3 sat, playing legos on the floor together and building a castle.

“Good morning, munchkins.” You greeted them.

“Mummy!” They all cheered before they ran towards you, hugging your legs.

“Why didn’t you wake me up? You need to have breakfast.” You said, walking to the kitchen and having them follow you before sitting in their places.

“Tommy said we should let you and daddy sleep because sleep is healthy and makes you strong!” Emma said.

“Am I a good boy, mummy?” Tommy asked excitedly.

“The best.” You smiled, pecking his cheek. “Why don’t you help you make daddy breakfast so we can give him breakfast in bed? You know how tired he’s been in the studio with uncle Jeff.”

They gasped, “We’ll cook?!”

“Really, mummy?!”

“Woah! I’m going to tell Mason when I see him!”

And then began the fun of cooking breakfast for your sleeping husband and also feeding the children.
After about 40 minutes, you had a tray of pancakes, omelette, fresh berries and orange juice. You walked carefully behind your rushing kids, Tommy opening the door for you before joining his sisters in jumping on their dad to wake him up.

“Daddy, wake up! Wake up, daddy!”

Harry groaned, “Five minutes.”

“But daddy, we helped mummy make you breakfast.” Ella said. At this, Harry’s eyes fluttered open, smiling when he looked at his kids before sitting up, his eyes catching yours.

“Make room, little ones.” You said as you carefully approached them before putting the tray on Harry’s lap.

Harry looked at the food before looking back at you, “You didn’t have to, baby.” Harry said in awe.

“We wanted to. We thought you deserved that, didn’t we?” You asked your kids.


“Woah! You helped mummy cook all this?” Harry asked in an exaggerated amused tone.

“We did! Do you like it?” Ella asked, sitting in between her sibling in front of Harry.

You sat beside him, smiling when he pecked your temple.

“I love it. But you’re all eating with daddy.” Harry pointed out.

And so, Harry started to feed all of you, refusing to not personally feed any of you. He’d pop berries in the twins’ mouths — their favorite — ,feed Tommy bits of his omelette and cut you pieces of his pancakes, only eating when you all had your mouths full.

“How about we go out today? Aquarium?” Harry grinned.

The kids gasped before they jumped off the bed, “I’m going to get ready!” Tommy shouted, running to the door and rushing out of it.

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

Leaving you and Harry alone. You smiled, looking at him. “Are you not tired?”

“Never for you.” Harry smiled, leaning to kiss you.

Just as your lips were about to touch, you were interrupted with a gentle knock. You and Harry looked towards the door, finding Ella with a sheepish look and her hands behind her back.

“Daddy, can you make my hair? I can’t do it alone.” She asked shyly.

Harry smiled and nodded, “Of course, baby. Mummy will help you get dressed first then I’ll come, yeah?”

“Best mummy and daddy ever!” She giggled before running off.

this went straight to my heart. honestly. also, sorry for the long wait, love & thank you!!! xx

I like me better | T.H

A/N: I picked out lyrics I liked from the song ‘I like me better’ by Lauv and made this, enjoy :)

Warnings: fluff, a bit of semi smut 

Note: Not all these moments are in order

To be young and in love in New York City                                                       To not know who I am but still know that I’m good long as you’re here with me

Ever since you were little, you’d imagined going to New York City. You’d imagined going with family, or with friends but you’d never imagined going with a boyfriend, as a child having a relationship wasn’t on your list of things to achieve but now that it was happening, it was beyond words.

Tom had gone above and beyond for your twenty first. Boarding you two on the first plane to New York City and booking a room at the cutest hotel he could find.

So far you had taken in the statue of liberty, gone to an extravagant art museum and now you were seated in a beautiful restaurant, surrounded by hanging lights and vintage décor.

“You didn’t have to do all this, I would’ve been happy with 2 minute noodles and a box marathon of Harry Potter” You giggled and took in the scenery, everything was just as you’d imagined over the years

“I know it’s a bit much but I wanted to do something that we’d both remember forever, something bold we can tell our kids about and gush over when we’re both old and grey”

“How’d you know New York of all places, I’ve wanted to come here since i was around 5” You said, while at the same time wondering how you became so lucky to get a guy like Tom.

“When we went to your parents last month, you were helping your mom clean up and your dad told me it was all you ever talked about” He stopped for a moment and grabbed your hand “He told me about how you’ve been dying to visit the art museums, see the Eiffel tower.

You smiled, but inside you were practically melting.

“I love you more than life itself Tom Holland”

Midnight into morning coffee                                                                     Burning through the hours talking

Time was forgotten, last you’d checked it was almost 11pm.

Your lips moved against Toms hungrily, as did his. You needed him as much as he needed you right now.  

He moved so that he was hovering above you, his curly locks hanging an inch from his eyes and his photo-ready smile sat resting on his face. Tom was truly breathtaking.

His mouth landed on your neck, sucking and licking at the exposed skin causing what you would soon regret by morning.

With one hand he managed to undo the zipper on your dress, with the other he snaked it up your dress ever so elegantly, his fingers sending chills right where you needed him most right now. He pulled down the black lingere you had been wearing and flung it onto the floor.

“Tom, Fuck- Let me touch you”

“Tonight’s all about you darling, i wanna make you feel good” He said sensually, you simply nodded and pulled Tom in for another heated kiss.

“Just relax and enjoy”

Stay awhile stay awhile                                                                                      Stay here with me

“Exactly 12 hours until I have to leave again” Tom said sadly and tightened his arm, which happened to be wrapped around you. He’d managed to get a 2 day break, he’d spent every moment with you, his love. (And Tessa of course!)

“Just stay with me tonight, stay here with me” You whispered sadly, not wanting to think about the fact that in 12 hours Tom would have to leave for filming again and you’d be left alone. You fully supported Tom with his acting career, but sometimes you missed him more than anything. It was all totally worth it when you got to see how happy he was in interviews and press conferences.

You pressed your head into his chest, smelling his signature cologne on his t-shirt, It was calming. Even when Tom wasn’t with you, you’d smell that cologne on his pillow or a sweatshirt and immediately miss his touch, his kisses, his smile.

“We finish filming in 5 months, after that I’ll be with you so often you’ll start to get sick of me” Tom tried to joke, it as an attempt to at least put a small smile on your face, which he somewhat succeeded at.

“I could never be sick of you Thomas Stanley Holland ” You felt Tom begin to run his fingers through your hair, it was something he’d always do when he knew you were stressed or upset about something.

“What’d you mean? I’m not Tom, I’m Spider-Man”

I knew from the first time, I’d stay for a long time cause                                  I like me better when                                                                                          like me better when I’m with you

“So, you and Y/N? You guys finally made it official” The interviewer spoke

Toms face lit up, a bright smile landed itself on his features and he felt that little burst of light in his chest grow 5 times bigger.

“Yeah, it was about time really” Tom replied with a small laugh, pure joy in his voice “She makes me really happy and it makes me so pleased that the fans are being so kind about it” he finished

You stood backstage, deciding to be Tom’s accomplice for this certain interview. A range of photos of you and Tom showed up on the screen behind them. One of the photos showed Tom placing a delicate kiss on your cheek after what you recalled to be your second date, another was a goofy photo of you two behind the scenes of Homecoming, Tom was in his Spider-Man suit and you were holding Cap’s shield.

“Why don’t you tell us more about Y/N? I’m sure the fans are dying to know more”

“Well, I should start by saying that she’s my #1 fan” Tom and you both laughed at that, it was a running joke between you two “She’s just super lovely, funny, gorgeous and so down to earth. She’s perfect for me” Tom could’ve gone on and on, but decided to stop there and continue later

“Y/N seems to be making you a happy man, especially from what i saw backstage” The interviewer was in awe of the both of you

“She makes me a better person”

Tom wouldn’t admit it to you, or himself just yet but he was totally, utterly in love.

Pansexual Lee Jordan Headcanons

Day 2 of @potterprideweek: LGBT+ youth

  • 7 year old Lee blushing beet root red whenever his mum brings him to the park and they meet up with her friend and her son Miguel who’s Lee’s age and has pretty blonde hair that Lee likes to play with and run his fingers through.
  • Lee and Miguel being best friends for years and holding hands in the park and giggling and climbing to the top on top of the roof of the clubhouse to trade sweets and stories.
  • Miguel falling off that roof one day and Lee jumping down to help him and crying not being he twisted his own ankle jumping down but because Miguel hurt his arm and was upset.
  • Lee feeling guilty for not being able to tell Miguel his biggest secret because his parents tell him Miguel won’t be able to understand because he was a muggle.
  • 11 year old Lee having his first massive fight with his parents, saying he doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts, he wants to stay with Miguel instead.
  • Lee and Miguel having a sleepover two nights before Lee has to leave and they eat junk food and tell each other they’ll miss the other and they share a chaste kiss before they fall asleep that the next day neither of them talk about because neither are sure if it was just a dream or if it actually happened.
  • Lee getting on the train at Platform nine and three quarters and feeling sick with nerves, he finds a compartment on his own at first but soon is joined by two beautiful black girls and two identical pasty boys with bright ginger hair.
  • By the time the train arrives in Hogwarts, Lee has eaten his body weight in treats from the trolley and has made four new friends, Angelina, Alicia, Fred and George.
  • It’s not until he’s 14 that he realises just how good looking everyone at Hogwarts is.
  • Really, it’s ridiculous how gorgeous all the students are.
  • The girls are all pretty, the boys are all handsome and the students who identify as non-binary or gender-fluid are all beautiful and gorgeous and it’s honestly unfair because how is Lee supposed to concentrate on studying in the library when that cute sixth year girl with the curly hair keeps biting her lip across from him and the Slytherin boy in his year won’t stop stretching his legs at the table across from him.
  • One night he and the twins sneak into the kitchens, they’re digging into this delicious cake the house elves had left over when Lee tells them that he’s been doing some research in the library about liking different people and how he really doesn’t think he’s straight.
  • Fred and George stop eating and look at him calmly and ask him if he knows what sexuality he thinks he might be.
  • Lee shrugs and says he thinks he’s probably pansexual.
  • Fred and George smile brightly and clap him on the back and say that’s great, they’re proud of him and they love him no matter what.
  • It’s only when he takes on the role of commentator for the quidditch matches that he’s 100% sure of his pansexuality.
  • Lee tries to focus on the game and the fouls made but to do so he’s to watch every single player’s movements and that’s a little difficult when he’s attracted to a lot of them.
  • But he learns to cover it up by calling out every foul he sees loud and clear and shouting at the players instead of recounting their movements to the audience until it becomes natural for him to do so.
  • He receives a long telling off from McGonagall for his loud, unnecessary boisterous behaviour but his method works to keep his focus on the game.
  • At 15 he and Alicia go on a few dates and it’s nice and sweet and they kiss a few times which was really good but then they decide they’re better off being friends.
  • Also Lee noticed the way she looked at Katie Bell and knew he wasn’t the one for Alicia.
  • He dated a few more people and fell hard for a non-binary Hufflepuff named Adam when they were in sixth year. They went to the yule ball together and Lee thought Adam was the best person in the world.
  • Adam was kind, clever, they thought all of Lee and the twins’ pranks were complete genius and Lee was incredibly attracted to them in every way.
  • But something wasn’t quite right.
  • For a few weeks at the start of seventh year, Lee sort of shut down, he never cared about his sexuality, it never bothered him that he wasn’t straight, he knew he just liked people regardless of what they identified as but then why did it never feel quite right?
  • He and Miguel meet up every summer and Lee loves him but just as a friend now, he doesn’t want anything more and knows Miguel feels the same.
  • He still thinks Alicia, Angelina and loads of other girls at the school are beautiful and attractive but he doesn’t focus on them as much anymore
  • And Adam is perfect but Lee just knows that he’s not in love with them.  
  • After avoiding Adam for a while, they meet up again in the great hall during a free class and Lee tells them that they have to break up because it’s not fair on Adam to continue this relationship when Lee knows he can’t fall in love with them.
  • Adam smiles and says they understand and they knew Lee never could love them but they just wanted to enjoy their relationship while it lasted.
  • Lee frowned and asked how Adam knew he could never fall in love with them.
  • Adam patted his hand gently and said, “Because it’s obvious you’re in love with Fred Weasley.”
  • Lee’s body stiffened, his face went pale and every nerve in his body was screaming at him to deny it, to scoff and laugh at how preposterous the idea was.
  • But then Lee remembers the spark in his fingertips every time his hand brushes against Fred’s, how it always means so much more to him when Fred laughs at his jokes than anyone else in the world and how the other day when Fred brushed the hair out of Lee’s eyes, Lee couldn’t understand why his heart raced so much faster and harder than whenever he was with Adam or anyone else over the past few years.
  • “I’m sorry” Lee said softly and honestly, feeling Adam deserved an apology, “I didn’t…I swear I never realised…”
  • Adam smiled and kissed Lee’s cheek, “Don’t worry about it” they said genuinely and stood up from the table, “For what it’s worth, I think Fred feels the same.”
  • Lee never got a chance to ask Fred whether he did return his feelings or not because over the next few months they were all just too busy.
  • Umbridge, the tyrant was raining hell onto all of them, Lee, Fred and George joined the D.A. and Lee helped them with their new business and all the products they made and sold to fellow students.
  • One night after winter break, Lee and Fred were lying on Fred’s bed, George and their other dorm-mates fast asleep while  they were planning how best to slip one of their latest inventions into Umbridge’s tea when suddenly Fred stopped, looked at Lee for a long moment with those wide, unsure eyes and whispered,
  • “I like you Lee”
  • Lee’s heart caught in his throat, his stomach twisted with nerves, nausea or butterflies or possibly all three but he forced himself to say the words,
  • “I like you too.”
  • Fred broke out into a massive grin, bigger than any Lee thinks he has ever seen him wear and then in the blink of an eye, his soft lips were on Lee’s.
  • The kiss was like a lit match had been dropped into a flood of gasoline, every hair on Lee’s body stood up and tingled as he reached a hand around to slide into Fred’s hair and pulled him closer.
  • It was the giddy feeling of running his fingers through Miguel’s hair, it was the familiarity of spending time with Alicia, it was the burning attraction that he felt whenever he saw someone attractive on the quidditch pitch and it was the comfort and care he felt with Adam. But this time it was intensified by a million just by the added love that Lee felt for Fred and that he knew Fred for him.
  • So Lee was right, he was pansexual and he always had been but his heart had belonged to Fred for years, maybe ever since they first met, it just took him a long time to realise it.
court-side love.

sebastain stan x reader.

warnings: none, i don’t think. 

request:  I watched an NBA game one night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So, I thought how cute would it be if Sebastian took your 2 year old girl and you (his wife) to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle. Can you write one like that? - @starwxars

AN: this is fluff which i’m not great at or confident doing but i hope i did it justice. it’s also really short and the ending sux soooo it’s k.

excitement radiated through the stan household the morning you woke up, not only was your husband finally home but you were officially 20 weeks pregnant with your second child and able to find out the sex of the baby. you and sebastian had been on a back and forth about finding out the sex ever since you’d found out you were pregnant - you being for finding it out and sebastian being against, but after a few weeks of pushing and persuading, he’d finally given in.

stretching your body, you let out a small groan and a sigh before relaxing again, the little life in your stomach given it’s own small kick against your ribs. just as you were about to sit up and start your day, two strong arms wrapped themselves around your midsection, pulling you closer to a bare chest. sebastian sighed into your hair and pulled you impossibly closer before grumbling, “and where do you think you’re going?”

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Little flower//Shawn Mendes

“DADDY!” My four year old Lily screamed while she jumped into my arms, I had been away on tour for 2 months and missed my girls, I kissed Lily’s forehead and played with her chubby little fingers, my mum had dropped her off yet I hadn’t seen Y/N yet.

“Hi baby, where’s your mommy?” I ask curiously, Y/N wasn’t here to greet me like she normally is, weird.

Lily smiles but instantly Frowns, “i can’t tell you.”
She giggles, “Why not?” I eye her suspiciously and tickle her belly, She jumps in my Arms trying to escape.

“Tell me or I’ll tickle you lils.” I laugh, she runs from my grip giggling like a maniac, I love her so much. She’s so full of life and happiness.
She looks exactly like Y/N, Except she has my Eyes and Nose.

“GOTCHA!” I grab her into my arms lifting her into the air, She squeals.
“Are you gonna tell me where mommy is?”

She gives in, “she’s in with the doctor, She was getting ill, poor mommy.“ I really hope Y/N is okay, maybe I’d just a flu? If it was that serious she would have called to tell me.

I’m deep in my thoughts when the front door Opens, in walks Y/N. a surprised look on her face when she sees me but she runs and wraps her small arms around my larger figure.

“Hi babe when did you get back?”
She asks, She looks deep into my eyes, Taking my hand and placing it on her stomach I felt a small lump, Instantly I figure it out. She’s pregnant again, I feel tears welling in my eyes.

“A-Are you?” She nods, also tearing up.
I smile and bring her in for a passionate yet short kiss, her Lips linger for a second before pulling away.

She bends down to lily who was occupied with her toys, paying us no attention.
“Lils? Y/N asked grabbing the little girls attention.

“There’s a baby in momma’s stomach, your going to be a big sister!!.” But lily doesn’t look happy, she goes back to her barbies.

I give Y/N a confused look and bent down to my daughter, “Baby what’s wrong?.” I ask, Placing a brown lock of her hair behind her small ears.

She looks up at us, tear stained cheeks and out of instinct I bring her in my arms, Rubbing her back I whisper soothing words to her, she clings to me desperately.

“What’s wrong bub?” I ask, once she calmed down.

“What if this baby goes to Heaven like Gemma.”
We had lost a baby last year, but we never told lily about her sister. Y/N and I felt guilty but we didn’t want to make her upset.

“Oh no little flower this baby won’t gonna leave us like Your sister, Gemma is an angel now. She watches over you.” I bring my girls close.

“I love you both so much. My girls.”

Plus One - A Newt Scamander Imagine

Originally posted by reddie-eddie

This is my first imagine on Tumblr :)) Please be nice and of course, constructive criticism is accepted & Likes, Reblogs and Follows of course is deeply appreciated 😊 If you guys want to get to know me better, looking for friends or just want someone to talk to, my inbox is always open :)) Hope you guys enjoy! Xx


Fandom: Harry Potter

Characters: Newt Scamander, Reader, Scamander Son

Theme: Fluff with you and Newt’s family :))

Word Count: 600+


“Newt! Be careful with him!”

I say while giggling but also a bit worried. My husband, Newt Scamander, was with our 2 year old son Y/S/N Scamander. This was his first time inside the case. Safe to say, he was definitely enjoying.

“Don’t worry love! They won’t harm him.”

Newt looks back to me smiling while bouncing our son in his arms. Y/S/N was preoccupied with the Bowtruckles, his little hands reaching out to them and giggling whenever they would land on his palm.

I start walking from the shed and go towards them with a smile on my face, my hand going on the small bump on my stomach. I was currently a few months pregnant with Baby No. 2, and Newt didn’t even know it yet. Once I reached them, I was greeted with the adorable laughter of Y/S/N filling my ears.

“They like him Y/N!”

Newt exclaims while looking at Y/S/N, who was still busy playing with the little Bowtruckles. My smile widens and I ruffle the small tuff of hair Y/S/N had on his head.

“I can already tell that they’re going to be like you when they grows up, darling”

I say to my wonderful husband, proceeding to kiss him on the cheek and kiss Y/S/N on the top of his head.

“Oh I can see it now love! I’m going to teach them all about-“

Newt pauses in the middle of his sentence and I look at him as if urging him to continue.

“Hold on love… Did you just say “they”?”

My eyes widen a bit then I start laughing. I realized my choice of words and I just proceeded to smile up at Newt.

“Why yes darling, I did use “they”. “

I tell him while trying to control my smile. It was starting to become bigger and bigger and I didn’t want to scare Newt off.

“But… Why would you use “they” if we only have Y/S/N as our…”

Newt trails off his sentence again and I smile teasingly at him

“You really have to stop trailing off your sentence Newt.”

I say while getting Y/S/N from his arms when he started reaching towards me.

“Are you… Are you pregnant again?!”

Newt exclaims excitedly, going closer to me quickly and puts a hand at the small of my back.

I couldn’t form a proper response with words. The excited look on Newt’s face just made my heart melt. I felt a few tears slip from my eyes out of happiness. Just Newt’s reaction alone, made me realize how he really wanted to have this family with me and expand it. I nod excitedly and I felt his arms envelop me into a hug, not too tight so he wouldn’t crush Y/S/N.

“We’re going to have another baby! This wonderful love!”

He says this and proceeds to kiss me and Y/S/N repeatedly.

This right here with me is my family. And I couldn’t have asked for a better one because this is the best one I can ever have.

A/N: I apologize if it sucky and Newt’s OOC. Once again, it’s my first time so please forgive me :))

Ignored end

Sirius Black x Reader  Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   End (Here)

______= Your name

(L/N) = Your last name

Summary: Sirius completely ignores your entire existence and when he notices you alone in your train car, after 6 years, he finally starts talking to you. But doesn’t know who you are until after you tell him. Sirius had apologized but messed up, after being forced together you find he’s not that bad a person, then you found you had feelings for him. This chapter you figure out some interesting things about the group.

Originally posted by marauderimagines

Eventually, the project Sirius and I started, got finished but the more we worked together the more and more I started to notices the little things.

Like how he’d widen his eyes when he figures something out, and how he’d put on a little victory dance when he completes something correctly. He’d also hum a little tune under his breath as he worked, panted like a dog if he got tired or thirsty. How adorable he’d look at me when he’d subtly ask for a break with his eyes.

This isn’t okay. I can’t fall for him, not like every other woman in this school. I’m different, I’m not like them. I can’t be. I won’t be.


But it’s already too late, I’ve started falling.

Once the thing was finished, I sent an owl for Hagrid to inform him that the project was done. Then Sirius and I hung out in the common rooms for the rest of the break. Doing little things to pass the time till school resumed and his friends got back, reading, talking about the books, talking about school, talking about home, and just plain talking.

His friends got back and school resumed like usual, but something between us changed. Little things I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t hang out with him over the break. Like, He’d sit a little closer at lunch and supper, He’d make sure to be the last one to tell me good night. He’d volunteer to help with notes and homework, He would seek me out if he needed something instead of asking his friends.

It was strange, so I just pegged it off as he feeling a bit more trusting of me.

I had no reason NOT to believe that.

School kept on going, as well as the marauder’s disappearances at the end of the month.

It wasn’t until we got on the topic in class that I had an inkling about the adventures they’ve been going on in that span of time.

They’re gone again, I’ve tracked down the time of their return, and estimated that they’d be back tonight.

The familiar murmurs coming from the portrait hole told me my estimation was correct.

Finally, I’m going to encounter them about this, and give them a piece of my mind… I think I had some sort of idea in my 3rd year but never followed up with an investigation. I didn’t really care. Then I guess I just forgot.

But now?

The portrait swings open and I spring up from the couch, the notes already filled out individually for each. I took a step forward and came face to face with the leading male.

Sirius Black.

“_-_____.. What are you doing here?” Sirius asked, but it doesn’t matter, I’ve figured it out. I’ve figured out why Remus is always sweaty and shaky at the end of the month.

Why haven’t I noticed before?

I’m such an idiot.

“I know.” My voice hardens I look at them, all of them were gasping and gaping like fish out of water.

“W-well You see..”

“Don’t. I already put the pieces together. Lying to me will just hurt my feelings more.”

“You don’t understand-“

“No! I understand perfectly.” I paused, my features softening, causing a bit of surprise to shift through theirs. “And I’m proud of you.”

“W…. What.” James takes a step forward, confusion and hesitation being his fuel. “What do you think is happening? Just to clarify.”

“Wow, beefing up your vocab. Nice.” I joke before looking at Remus, No malice held in my eyes, only a kind and caring look glimmering. “You’re a werewolf. Aren’t you.”

He closed his eyes, tensed up then nodded. He seemed to be waiting for something.

“I’m sorry.”

His eyes snap open and he looks at me, his mouth agape. He looked for pity but all he got was understanding.

“It’s hard, isn’t it. Waiting to see if your friends will abandon you like everyone else has, once they realize the real you, they’d leave you like everyone else. That’s it isn’t it?”

I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. After a second I feel his arms wrap around my waist.

“…It gets better.” He whispers in my ear, low enough the others couldn’t hear but just enough for me.

I take a step back, holding him by his shoulders an arm’s length away. Giving his shoulder a slight squeeze before moving further away, my arms dropping to my sides.

When I turned to go upstairs, Sirius was glaring daggers at Remus. As I made my way upstairs, a voice stopped me.

“W-wait!” I turn, it’s James. “What are you going to do now?”

“Well… It’s pretty late, and I have a makeup test tomorrow, bombed the last one. So… Sleep.”

One of the boys snorted out a laugh.

“No… I meant.. about. Y’know.”

I do know. But he doesn’t know I know.

“About what?”

“Well…” He gestures to Remus as if it solves everything. “You know…!”

I stare blankly at him.

“Ugh! … About Remus’s…” He creeps closer and whispered. “Furry little problem.”

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that. I barked out a laugh.

“You sound like an 11-year-old talking about cooties.” I finish off my giggles. “I’ll help, in any way I can.”

“Wha, uh… well…”

“Goodnight… again.”

Like with the first week I found them at 2 am. They watched me carefully. Except for Sirius, he continued to associate with me, to lunch and breakfast and also to class. But after a couple days of not doing anything. They approached me over the weekend at Hogsmeade about the subject.

James was in the lead. We 5 were in a private room rented by one of them, a café here at Hogsmead. I was originally reading in a corner booth with a cup of my favorite drink when Sirius showed up with a grin and practically dragged me to this dimly lit room.

“Okay, so we’re taking quite the leap of faith with you here,” James stated the moment I entered the door. They stood around each other as if they were a council and I was on trial.

I bit back my tongue and waited for him to finish. “So… we- hmm..” James tries to start, he looks around then whipped out his wand, pointed it at the door to his right and cast a muffler spell so no one would accidentally/purposely listen in.

He paused for a second after putting his wand away then leaned in. And with an excited whisper, blurted.

“We’re animigus’!”

I blinked blankly waiting for the sudden exciting reveal. But after a bit I realized.

“Oh!… That’s it?”

Remus stepped forward.

“I don’t believe you understand. They’re illegally animigus’” It dawns on me.

“Oh… My… God.”

Sirius grins smugly then places an elbow on my shoulder leaning on me slightly.

“Yu-up.” He drew out the U and popped the P.

I tried to shrug him off but failed and continued my conversation with James.

“… Why?”

James sputtered. “Why? WhY?! Did you just ask why.”

I nod.

“W-well we… Okay fine. So when Moony here” He pats Remus’ arm. “Turns all wolfy, he doesn’t exactly like humans. But when we are in our animagus form. All is good.”

Remus sighs. and runs a hand down his face at James’ explanation. with a shake of his head and a wave of his hand he asked. “You understand now?”

I hesitate before nodding. In a weird way, I do.

Sirius, who was leaning so low, spoke practically in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I bite back a blush.

“And you can too. We know how.”

I abruptly shake my head. “I can’t.”

Sirius takes a step back. His arm still laying on my shoulder but none of his weight was behind it.

“Why not?” He sounded… hurt? Or maybe disappointed. I couldn’t see his face so I couldn’t tell.

“Animagus take shape after their patronus. Yes?” After a series of unsure nods, I continued. “My patronus Is a /salmon/.” I ended with a taste of bitter in the words.

Blank faces.

“A…” James started.

“… Salmon?” Peter ended.

Remus scratched his chin and looked at the ground then back to me then his eyes flickered to the man on my shoulder, who let out a hot breath that brushed against my cheek causing my face to heat up. A knowing grin spread across Remus’.

“Alright.” He spread his arm across the room. “Cast a Patronus.”

I stare at him blankly before pulling out my wand and lifting it into the air, but the moment the spell was on my lips, a loud commotion came from outside the door.

We looked at each other in confusion. Simultaneously we left the private room, students and classmates passed us, making their way out of the shop with similarly confused faces. I looked at them, then to my friends and put my wand away into my cloak. While following the people silently. Was this some sort of drill?

“Head students and Prefects, please gather your housemates and return to the castle immediately.” Dumbledore voice seemed to echo throughout the air around us.

Remus tried to usher us out of the building and back to the school but a crowd of people ran the opposite direction. Curious, the mauraders and I followed. Despite Remus’ silent but not so silent disagreements. The further along we got, the louder and various gasps were sounded. The sky above us darkened exponentially. People and students in front of me all had their heads tilted to the sky looking at what was causing the sudden darkness. With a soft movement, I looked to the sky as well. From the distance, I couldn’t tell but it looked as if something was blocking the sun, causing it to go as dark as night. For a second, I thought it was a spell of some sort. Then it moved, it was getting closer.

Eventually close enough for me to see what it was.


A very large group of dementors.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who noticed, frightened people all around me started shoving their way past, trying to be the first to get to the protection of the castle. To Dumbledore.

Others stared at them in confusion, wondering why they weren’t at Azkaban.

Whatever the answer, It couldn’t be good.

I turn towards the castle then almost called for Sirius, but saw no sign of him nor the other Mauraders. I swivel around on the ball of my right foot trying to see if they just weren’t in my line of sight.

No such luck.

With wobbly legs and a heavy heart, I started off towards the edge of Hogsmeade and into the forest on the other side.

It only got darker.

The only source of light came from the edges of the sky that the dementors couldn’t block.

I used that to help me find my way through. But I somehow found myself off the path. I must have taken a wrong turn, I’ll just turn around and find it.

But once I turned around, I felt something crawl down the skin of my back. Although the season is warming up. The air got abruptly colder, soon in a matter of seconds, I was shivering hard. I would let out a breath and see it hang in the air. The sky was the darkest it could have been. The soon to be blooming trees wilted and quickly frosted over.

I’ve read all of these symptoms before.

I know what’s going on.

Instantaneously, my wand was in my hand, the spell on my lips. I turned, aimed and shouted.

“Expect- GAK!”

But my shout was cut short.

The dementor had me stilled. It swept forward. The chills caused dark spots form on the edges of my eyes. Dark thoughts kept popping up.

“They don’t want you.” It was my voice, echoing in my mind.

“They only hang out with you because you take notes for them.” It grew darker.

“They can’t have you telling everyone about his ‘furry little secret’”

And darker.

You’re useless. You’re a freak. They think you’re a freak. They left you. They hate you. They could never accept you. He doesn’t love you. He could never love you.”

A breath escaped me.

“Why have you, when someone better will come along and actually GIVE him what he WANTS.”


I shake my head and raised my wand again. I tried my hardest to think or feel something. Other than this.


And once again said the spell.

“expect patronum.” But nothing happened. So I tried again.

“Expecto-“ a deep breath, my wand drops from exhaustion and apathy “Patronum.”

Nothing. A little flicker at the of my wand but nothing. I took a step backward and said it again.

“Expecto Pat-“ I tripped over something.

A branch.

‘This is it.’ I thought. ‘This is how I die.’

“Just Die Already.” My voice again.

The dementor swept down again and I closed my eyes. Accepting my fate.


That wasn’t me.

My eyes fly open and I take a look towards the source of the voice.

It was Sirius. His wand glowed and a dog leaped out of the tip then ran at the dementor, flashes of a bright white light pulsated. The dementor fled backward. I tried to get a look at his face but my vision blurred and collapsed on the ground.

Remus popped out of nowhere from behind Sirius. Then James and finally Peter.

Remus ran over to me and propped me to a sitting position. I numbly looked at him then at the others.

Then Sirius appeared in front of me. Worry etched onto his features, he practically ripped me away from Remus. Then softly checked me for any visible signs of injury. But after a few cuts and bruises, he looked at me straight in the eyes. I could see his gray-blue eyes shine with worry along with something else I couldn’t determine what.

His lips moved, but I didn’t hear anything.

I just looked at him then to the others before a smile broke over my face and an overwhelming swell of happiness surged in my chest.

I have friends, ones that aren’t going to abandon me.

“You came back.” My voice was soft but full of surprise.

Sirius spoke first. “We were practically at the castle. When we noticed you weren’t with us.”

Remus spoke next. “So we turned around in search of you.”

And James. “Then we saw a Dementor leave the pack and go towards the forest.”

Finally Peter. “then we heard you scream.”

I screamed?

Remus continued after peter. “Then Sirius booked it as fast as he could to the forest basically tearing the entire place apart till he found you.”

Sirius’ face lit up, he let out a nervous chuckle and tried to defend himself. “I had to make sure you were okay.”

I don’t understand why he got embarrassed. Nor did I have time to think about it.

I gave them a smile, then looked at Sirius. “Thanks, guys.”

We all smiled at each other, but a stinging feeling in the back of my eyes brought me back to reality, the cold hasn’t left just yet.

The dementor was back, he swept towards Sirius’ turned back, Sirius let out a shout in shock and pain. My wand was in my hand within seconds. I grasped the feeling of happiness I feel with them around and shouted.


I was surprised, and it wasn’t at the fact that the spell had actually worked. No, I’m surprised at the fact that it isn’t a fish.

It’s a dog.

A dog, the same size as a short wolf, sprouted out of the tip of my wand. At first, I thought it was a mistake, that I took Sirius’ wand and just cast his Patronus. But that can’t be right. That’s not how magic works.

Then I thought someone else cast it.

But no, the words came out of my mouth and the spell out of my wand.

The dog pranced around, glowing like Sirius’ did earlier.  The dementor fully gave up and flew back up into the dark mass of dementors, leaving now. Apparently had gotten what they came for.

I still stared at the dog, even after it disappeared.

Remus spoke first, his voice muffled due to my state of confusion.

“… That doesn’t look like a fish.”

“Y’know, it kind of looks like Padfoot,” James stated.

With a knowing smirk similar to the one he had in the room at Hogsmeade, Remus slyly observed.

“You’re right Prongs. It does.”

Remus’ tone of voice and the comparison of my Patronus to his Animagus form made Sirius’ face light up bright red. His ears seemingly on fire as well.

What I didn’t understand, was why?

Peter was the one to ask the question.

“Why is it a dog? She said it was a fish.”

Remus jumped at the opportunity and spoke like a professor. “You see dear Peter. Your patronus may change when your personality changes vastly or-” He waves to Sirius and I. “-when you have fallen in love.”

Peter rubbed his chin slightly, in thought.

“So… _____’s personality changed?” He looked at me, my face grows hotter by the second. “well her face certainly has. Wow.”

James gave Peter an unamused look. Like ‘really.’

I avoid eye contact with anyone, looking at the ground, to the trees, to the mound of retreating dementors in the sky. I finally look at someone when the feeling of someone’s stare was burning a hole in my head.

It was Sirius.

His own cheeks were extremely red as well. His eyebrows flew up when I looked at him straight in the eyes. I chewed the inside of my cheek, opening my mouth to speak, which seemed appropriate for that moment. But he also had the same idea.

“w-c-o-an-uld- you- Oh!” we spoke at the same time, our words mixing together into an incomprehensible jumble.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly.

“N-No I uh… You go first.”

“Nah, didn’t really have anything to say. You go first.”

“Well um…” He takes a deep breath before continuing. The forest was strangely silent. “Do you maybe… want to go out sometime? Like on a date or something? I mean I know that I forgot your name in the beginning well not really cus I know who you are I just didn’t recognize you and I just didn’t realize that it was you cus well, you’re much different now and that’s fine cus you look really nice, like ‘hello!’ And I was smitten with you since the first day and I’m really sorry about that and I hope you can forgive me and-“

“Sirius” I had to interrupt his rambling before we stood here for too much longer. He blushes a deeper color and chuckles shakily. I smiled at him before answering and ending this. Finally forgiving him. “Yeah, I’d like that.”



‘Hey, Sirius. I’ve been keeping an eye on your godson. He’s turning eleven soon. I hope they actually let my letter through into Azkaban this time. Miss you ~______’

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starwxars  asked:

I watched an NBA game one night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So, I thought how cute would it be if Sebastian took your 2 year old girl and you (his wife) to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle. Can you write one like that?

So after much debate I decided to do this request as a drabble. Hope you still like it!

Originally posted by yourlipbalm

Seb may not have been much for sports but you loved them and since you loved them, he made an effort to do so too. So for your birthday he bought you guys tickets to go see your favorite basketball team play against their rivals.

You guys arrived to the stadium early as you were escorted to your seats the only thing you heard more than Sebastian’s name being yelled was people complimenting your daughter on her pink tutu and leather jacket ensemble.

Sitting in your VIP court-side seats, your daughter climbed into your laps, draping her full body across both of you. You were totally enthralled in the game as you tried to explain to your little girl what was going on when suddenly Seb tapped you on the shoulder and pointed to jumbotron. The kiss cam was pointed at you guys making you giggle.

You lifted your little girl up between the two of you as she wrapped her arms around both your necks while you guys covered her faces in kisses. A resounding ‘aw’ filled the stadium as she giggled and wriggled against your hold on her.

As soon as the camera turned away, Seb leaned around your daughter and pulled you in for a quick peck.

“Ewwwww!” Your daughter squealed, scrunching her face at you guys as you leaned in for one more kiss before turning your attention back to the game.


NBA surprises

Genre: Fluff,

Warnings: None

Rating: Everyone

Paring: Chris Evans x reader

Word Count: 1k

Request: I watched an NBA game one night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So I thought how cute would it be if Chris took his wife (you) and your 2 year old girl to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle.

A/N: I enjoyed writing this one a lot! I hope you like it as much as i enjoyed writing it!

You and Your husband Chris, had big plans for today. Your 2 year old daughter, had recently fell In love with basketball. Whenever it came on the TV, she would stop it the middle of whatever she was doing, and just stare at the TV, at the game. Her favorite team was Boston Celtics. No surprise there. You and Chris loved watching here get exited about it. It made you two super happy to love something like that. Whenever they would score, she would yell “Touchdown!” And throw her arms up in the air. You and Chris would laugh, and wouldn’t correct her, because of how adorable it was. She got it from her father. You had a big surprise for her today. The Celtics were playing, and you guys were going to take her to a game tonight. She was sitting in the living room, playing with some toys in her own imaginary world. “ Whatcha got  there?” You said, walking in sitting on the couch, beside Chris where he was already siting. “ look! I’m playing with the new barbies I got the other day!” She said coming right up to you, and plopping herself between you and Chris, holding her barbies in each hand. You and Chris looked at each other, deciding to tell her about tonight’s plans. “Hey, Ava” Chris said, looking down at her. “Yes Dada?” She said, still looking down at her barbies, playing with them. “ You know how you love watching the basketball games on TV?” He said. “Ya! Is there one tonight?” She said, excitedly, looking up at Chris. “ Yes there is sweetheart” he said, smiling, looking at you. “Yay!” She said, jumping up and down excitedly. “But, tonight we wont be watching it on the TV” You said, and she looked up at you, with a questioning look on her face. “That’s because, we are going to see the game tonight instead!” You said, and her face immediately changing, a huge smile spreading on her face. “Really!!” She said, jumping up and down around the living room. She rain over to you a squeezed you tight, the did the same to Chris.

The game wasn’t for another 6 hours, but every 20 minutes, Ava would ask the same question. “Is it time to get ready yet?” Or “Is it time to go yet?” Every time you say, “Not yet”, and she just continues to do what she’s doing. When it is about time to go, she’s running around the house, repeating, “it’s time to go! Let’s go!” With a huge grin on her face.  You and Chris finish up getting ready, and get everything In the car. She has her Celtics jersey that she got for her birthday on, and you guys start to head to the arena. She kept talking about her favorite player, and how exited she was. When you arrived at the arena half an hour later, she was super hyper, and jumpy. She tried pulling your and and Chris hand towards the arena, and looking around at everything going on. You knew it would be a lot for a 2 year old, and it would be a long night for her, but you were happy she was exited.

You got through all the security and crowds, and of course the long snack lines, and made your way to your seats. You had amazing seats, thanks to Chris. You were right in the front row, so she could see it all. She sat I  her seat her little legs bouncing up and down for the game to start. The players started to come out of the tunnel, and she stood up and jumped all around, cheering and clapping for them. Once they all made their was out, there was the national anthem, and then the game started. During the first half, the Celtics were winning by 30 points. She would clap and cheer everything they would score a point, and do the same as everyone else around her. When it came to halftime, she was starting to get tired but was still as enthusiastic about the game. During halftime, your favorite part was the kiss cam. You put your phone down once you saw it come on the screen. It went on a older couple first, and then a younger couple. The next one was a surprise to you, because you saw your own face on the screen. You first reactions was to laugh, and then look at Chris. Instead of Chris kissing you, he pulled your daughter towards him, and started giving her kisses on the cheek, and she burst into laughter and wraps her arms around her father’s neck. A big grin spread across your face, and you heard everyone go “awwwwe” when they saw it. The camera switched onto another couple, and Chris looked over at you, smiling, with Ava now sitting on his lap.

After halftime the game started up again, and the Celtics were winning. After the second half was over and they won, Ava was barely awake, with her little arms wrapped around her father’s neck, as he carried her back out to the car. You buckled her into her seat, and she was asleep before the car was started. You both looked back at her, and knew that tomorrow she would talked about it all day, and all night. Chris looked over at you and says, “We did good” he said,with a smile, and you let out a small chuckle. “You know, maybe we should see if we could get as lucky as we got with her again” Chris said, a smile creeping on your face. “I was hoping you would say that, because I was gonna tell you this morning….” you said,  a smile on your face, and then laughing at his reaction when he realized that you were pregnant. “I love you so much Y/N” he said, pulling your foreheads together. “I love you to, Chris”

I hope you guys enjoyed this one! Let me know if you would like to be added/ removed from the tag list!


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On Infinite Earths - Chapter 2


Summary:  Kara shows Cat the possible and the impossible

Note:  Huge thanks once again to @reginalovesemma for being a stellar beta.

Chapter 2 on AO3

Or from the beginning

The portal spat them back out onto Cat’s balcony.  Strong arms around Cat prevented her from hitting the ground or tumbling over the side of the building.  Between years of carefully calculated landings and weeks of world-jumping, Kara landed on her feet like an old pro.  And if she exaggerated how long she needed to hold onto Cat in order to steady her, well, saving people from harm was her job, after all.

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Kitty Papa: First Meeting

Thace stared down at the small creature his leader had set in his lap, large dark eyes staring back up at him. Kolivan said that it was a galra hybrid kit. It’s mother was Galra and father Human. Clearly it took after it’s father because he saw no Galra features in the tiny face.

“What am I suppose to do with it,” he asked slowly, laying his ears back as the kit continued to stare at him with those alien eyes and resisting the urge to both hold it at arms length and cuddle it against his chest.

“You and Ulaz will be in charge of his growth and development,” Kolivan replied, crossing his arms over his chest. “Ulaz has already been informed and is reading materials on Human kits development. He said something about ‘baby proofing’ your quarters.”

“Leader-” Thace started, perking his ears forward.

“Ulaz is the most qualified for tending to the kit’s needs,” Kolivan interrupted. “And as his mate you’ll be part of his upbringing.” He paused as he looked down at the kit, still staring up at Thace intently. “His name is Keith,” he said, “and he needs both of you, Thace.”

Thace looked down at the kit, frowning slightly as his ears perked back up. Keith reached up with his pudgy hands, clawless fingers opening and closing. Hesitantly he lowered his head towards the pink kit, bringing him closer at the same time only to regret it a moment later. Keith’s fingers wrapped around the fur of his ears and pulled hard as the kit pulled himself into a standing position. 

“KITTY,” the toddler exclaimed, oblivious to Thace’s growls of pain as he tried to remove the fingers without dropping the child.

“Good luck, Thace,” Kolivan’s voice said from somewhere behind Keith’s blocking body and Thace swore he heard mirth in the usually stoic leader. “You’ll do great I’m sure.”

“Leader,” Thace shouted, still attempting to escape. Every time he got the fingers off one part of his fur they seemed to grab hold of another. Only the sound of the door closing and Keith’s giggling cries answered him. 


Characters belong to Voltron

Real talk I am a HUGE HUGE sucker for the Dad’s of Marmora. Giant sucker. Like it is my absolute favorite part of the Voltron fandom. I also really love Thace and Ulaz and the pairing works well in the Dads AUs. Here we have one of many ideas I have with the Dads focusing on the idea of Thace and Ulaz being placed in charge of a human looking Keith as a toddler (maybe 2 years old) and how Thace might react to this strange looking child being suddenly dropped on him. This might be a mini series of flashfictions who knows. (me, I know. It will be. Prepare yourselves and send prompts)

More Than Anything (Ashton Irwin) - Part 2

Part 1

One week later

Another Saturday, another day you were alone in your house. You thought about running errands – not having either of the girls with you would allow you to actually get only the things you needed – but you didn’t end up doing that. Instead, you ended up doing nothing. Sure, you watched a couple TV shows here and there and tried to read a book, but you just couldn’t make yourself stop thinking about what Alexia had asked you.

The way she looked at you when she asked why you didn’t love her dad anymore understandably broke your heart, but you weren’t so sure you didn’t, to be honest. Ashton was their father and the first man you ever truly fell in love with – you were sure you were always going to feel some level of love for him.

Fortunately for you, your thoughts were once again interrupted. A knock on the front door made you furrow your eyebrows – you weren’t expecting anybody to come by that evening – but you quickly got up to answer it anyway. However, you were only even more confused when you saw your ex-husband standing there.

“Ashton?” you said curiously, “What… What are you doing here? Where are the girls?”

“My mum wanted to spend time with them, so she took them to the zoo,” he informed you, “But I heard you wanted to talk to me and since I wasn’t doing anything, I thought I’d just come over now.”

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Morning Cuddles {Taehyung X Raeder} [Fluff]  words-1.3k

His head in the crook of her neck,breathe tickling her skin and spreading warmth through her entire body. Her back facing him and his hands wrapped around her in the most loving and secured way, curling her into a ball and held her as tightly as possible by him. Sunlight coming a little to their faces through the transparent curtains and slightly disturbing the sleep and the peace engulfing them but also eliciting a small smile curving their lips. She then turned toward him and smiled brightly seeing his eyes slightly open, eyelids still heavy with sleep and a warm smile spreading across his lips at the beautiful sight of his most precious love of the life, his wife, and she mirrored him and also smiled brightly and asked ’ What’s going on inside that mind of yours huh?’. She then fully turned towards him and he again secured his arms tightly around her, both facing each other now. He then replied ‘The same thing that’s on my eyes since the day we had our marriage meeting’. 'Wo, and what’s that?’ she further asked looking directly at him slightly amused. 'You’ he replied simply looking straight into her eyes and giving her the most meaningful look ever. The look was enough to make her numb and make all the blood of her body rush to her face and make her blush like a crazy sixteen year old. 'Ah why are you so cheesy’ she hid her face in his chest and smacked him playfully.'Aish, what’s cheesy in it jagi, I’m just expressing my true thoughts to you,and you think think cheesy? Now I’m truly offended’ and with that he held his hand in his heart as if he was truly hurt. 'Yah yah stop your little drama Kim Taehyung and get up, don’t you wanna have breakfast or do you wanna starve to death huh?’ she said still blushing and getting up from their comfortable bed and tying her hair in a ponytail. 'If death means we can be in heaven together in each other’s arms up to eternity and even after that then well I don’t mind dying too my love’ Taehyung replied also getting up from the bed and again wrapping his arms around her while resting his head at the junction of her neck and shoulder from the behind. She only smiled and blushed at the thought and all the loving comments of his loving husband and put her hands on top of his and slightly turned to give him a sweet peck on the lips. Though the whole situation was way too cliche to look at, both of them could only care less about the fact as they were too emerged in the warmth and love of each other to think about the world. 'Okay now let me get clean and make you breakfast kid or all the love will be gone when you’ll get hungry’ she said as she made her way to the washroom. 'Aish you know y/n that even if I die I’m still gonna love you and it will always be you and our love will be written down in the pages of the history and will be given example of’ he replied while giggling like a small baby he is. Aish this Taehyung could really be a kid sometimes, but well he’s yours and you are his and that’s all that matters truly. 'Okay lover boy go and check on Taekwon while I make breakfast for both of you, okay?’ 'Yeses, after so many days both us have free time and we both can play with him together!’ he exclaimed with much happiness. She smiled at his happiness and childishness and went to do her chores.

'Taehyung come downstairs with Taekwon fast,breakfast is ready,hurry’ she said while taking the food of their 2 years old baby, Taekwon, in a bowl. No answer came from the upstairs so she thought to go upstairs and just call them. 'Aish I always have to deal with two babies at once’ she thought while accelerating her speed through the stairs. When she reached the room of their baby, the sight of the two most lovable creatures of her life made her heart melt and she just stood their appreciating her life and love . Taehyung was feeding the child milk and was singing a love song to him that both of them used to sing when they first started seeing each other. This made her mind escape the current situation and brought her to the memories of the college days, the dorm, the first meet with Taehyung in a terrible stormy night when he came to the medical faculty of the college to gather some help for his friend jimin who had serious fever. Luckily she was still in the college building finishing some research for the next class when Taehyung came running and asked for help and she willingly lent that. After that day both of them started seeing each other. Taehyung was her senior but both of them became quite friendly within a short time and then friendship escalated real fast to relationship when they both understood their true feelings and also in that day they shared their first kiss. Soon she back back to reality when Taehyung stopped humming to the song and instead started talking with little Taekwon, still reluctant to her presence. 'You know Taekwon this is the song I used to sing for your mom whenever she was sad or grumpy, we then used to hold our hands and she used to rest her head on my shoulder and I would hum to the lyrics of the song . Then you know one day when I became extremely sad and no one was there to hold on me and understanding me back then, she came by my side and hugged me like never before and I sobbed in her sweater and then she listened to all my complaints and tried to understand me and then when I calmed a bit,she then sang this song for me, you know what she says that she doesn’t have a beautiful voice, it’s hoarse and she can’t sing but trust me, there’s no better voice than your mom’s that I ever heard. The tone,the sweet humming all was enough to make me realise that it’s her, she’s the only one I want to hold on for the rest of my life,and make a happy healthy family that I can cherish, I used to dream of that everyday and now it’s real, everything is real Taekwon, your mom,you,us,we will be like this I promise,we will always love each other and hold onto us forever,okay? I love you and your mom the most.’ Suddenly Taehyung remembered about breakfast 'Aish have your mom forgotten us?’ and then he looked up to the door to only ring her standing there, eyes watery from all the loving confessions of her husband. Taehyung then came running to her with Taekwon in his arms and asked 'Jagi what happened? Did you burn yourself? Are you hurt?’ his face totally concerned. 'I love you’ she replied out of the blue and pressed her lips to his lips. He kissed her back and they she returned to Taekwon kissing him too and Taehyung in the mean time wrapped his hands around her and kissed her again.’ We’ll be like this, happy forever ’ he said. 'Yes forever’ she replied looking into his eyes. 'Foleeevr’ Taekwon mumbled incoherently and both of them stood there in shock, both looked at Taekwon in disbelief and and then looked at each other and laughed. Who knew that the first word of Taekwon would be something like this. Whatever it is, they are still happy,with each other, in each others arms,secured for forever. 

 A/N- I really don’t know what I wrote, maybe the spring wind is doing things to me, bad writing, sorry for that, unedited so forgive the mistakes and bad grammar. Thanks for reading ! Plz let me know your thoughts about this, it’s my first time writing something, *I only wrote a smut earlier*,let me know if I should continue with my writing ! Sarang! 💚!

a/n: I suck, I suck, I suck. That’s all.

prompt: Bellarke + 15 - The new handyman is hot so I’m gonna keep breaking stuff

fix this broken heart of mine - part 2 [part 1]

A coffee cup rests on the table in front of her and she’s acutely aware of Bellamy’s boot pressed up against the side of her cute gold gladiator sandal.

“So, did you like the Dubstep?”

Bellamy’s eyes are twinkling over his coffee cup and she rolls her own. “Yeah, it was fine.”

“Just fine?” he scoffs. “I was going to admit that I actually quite liked Britney but now…”

Clarke giggles, a stupidly girlish sound that she immediately wishes she could take back. She’s twenty one years old, not thirteen nervous to talk to her first crush.

“Britney’s awesome,” she says, picking at her orange cranberry muffin. “And the Dubstep wasn’t so bad.”

Bellamy doesn’t respond, just winks and takes another sip from his latte.

“Tell me about yourself,” he says and she blanches. She’s not used to a forward man like Bellamy, someone that asks her for coffee or about her life with no prompting. It’s refreshing albeit a little scary.

“Well,” she blows out a breath. “I’m twenty one, recently single. I work at McMillan’s on Fourth as a waitress and sometimes bartender. No siblings, parents are still married. I think that’s about it.”

“That’s about it?”

She shrugs. “Yeah, why?”

Bellamy laughs and nudges her foot with his boot. “Because I asked about you, not your stats. All I know about you is that you listen to Britney Spears while you jog and have a knack for shit breaking down in your house.”

Clarke blushes, tries not to think of the few times she’s seen Bellamy over the past few weeks. First her ice maker, then the call about her dryer. But after that she accidentally snapped off her shower head (which he made fun of her for profusely), dropped a knife down her garbage disposal and somehow managed to lock Raven and Jaspers’ cat in her bathroom when she was pet sitting.

Yeah, needless to say she’s looked like a fucking idiot about 90% of the time she’s been around Bellamy Blake.

“You know,” he says with a smirk. “I was starting to think maybe you were breaking things just to get me to come over.”

She’s blushing, god damn it. She can feel the heat hitting her cheeks. “That’s insane,” she says. “What would make you think that?”

Bellamy shrugs. “Maybe the fact that I heard your friend tell you to do it.”

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anonymous asked:

ALIRGHHT I'm GIGGLING like a frickin 15 year old school girl because the image of "The Floor is Lava" game between Class 1-A is SUCH a crack up to think about! LIKE HOLY HELL is it funny! And especially thinking about Aizawa "The Fucking Ninja" Shouta going at the game with the rest of the Staff is FUCKING AMAZING, like YESssss I'm cryING happy tears because I'm laughing so hard, thank you for that mental image!!! 😂💕🤣

[in reference to this post]

omg jdak;lgh;lagh;a

i’m glad i was able to make you laugh so hard with that post!!!


Now, now, you must be curious about me, aren’t you? Like, why Coach trust me to help him with the highschool boy instead his own assistant or how can I know that Coach has two version of serum (no, he has even more version of it)? The answer is because me and Josh (you remember, the tattooed guy?) are his pilot project and I’ve been exposed with almost all type of his serum (that somehow feel so magical, so unreal until I nicknamed him The Wizard because damn all of his serum and workout tips really work quickly). As a nerd, I’m aware of my body so when I stumbled into him, I said that all I want is filling up my clothing, that was 2 weeks ago? Earlier this June? No, no, it’s early June 2 years ago. I mean, it’s ridiculous if I suddenly beefed up in 2 weeks right?
Now, even the biggest shirt still strained when they meet with my traps or pecs, even my casual outfit too, making those lecturers, especially those old ladies, blushed to see me, they even “accidentally” brushed my biceps and triceps in class, tapping my shoulder a little way too long or “clumsily” bumped into me, only to meet with my pecs and then giggled like a slut they are.

She Used to Be Mine - FINAL

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 944

Warnings: slight cursing, fluff


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You’re Not A Monster

Requested by: @seemeinacrownandsuspenders
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.7K
Warnings: Angst, reader can’t have children, fluff

A/N: I really liked this request. I know it’s a very sensitive subject for some people, but just know that everything I wrote in this fic is 1000% true (and I believe it fully). I hope that it makes you feel better @seemeinacrownandsuspenders

~~ Natasha’s POV ~~

Nat nervously fiddles with her fingers as she paces around the waiting room of Planned Parenthood. Her head snaps up as she hears the doctors office door opens. She rushes to you, desperately searching your face to see if she can see what you’re thinking before you even speak. You stay silent, a thousand yard stare in your eyes. Natasha looks at you, her eyes conveying an unspoken question.

You don’t say anything, only strolling past her and out of the building. Nat quickly follows, her eyes glued to you, ready for anything. Your uncharacteristic silence was making her worry.

“Y/N,” Nat says, desperation in her voice, “Say something,”

You slowly turn around, and Natasha’s stomach drops as she sees your eyes glistening with unshed tears. You take a deep breath, looking to the sky as you rapidly blink, trying to hold your tears in.

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Baahubali: The Conclusion, a summary...

*Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the first movie, STOP READING!*

  • The cinematography and overall visuals of the film are absolutely GORGEOUS! (DUH.) 
  • Prabhas and Anushka are the OTP-est OTP ever and I really need them to be together foreva eva. (But like, really though… How can I make this happen?) 
  • The soundtrack and background score are perfection.  If you pay attention to the lyrics closely, you’ll notice that they actually help carry the narrative in certain high points of the film. 
  • The fight scenes are BRILLIANT.  I’m really not one to appreciate guts and gore but daaaaaamn.  Each maneuver and battle tactic is so creative and well thought out. 
  • Finding out why Kattappa killed Baahubali will crush your damn soul. (My heart still hurts…)
  • Almost the entire first half had me giggling like a five year old.  There was a ton of light hearted humor that really helped keep the story from dragging. 
  • Overall, I just really fucking loved this movie.  I usually end up hating sequels, but this was a fabulous wrap up of an epic saga. 
  • Whether you care for the story or not, you really should go and watch this in a theater just to enjoy the majestic visuals and the grandeur of another SS. Rajamouli masterpiece! (This sentence barely makes any sense, BUT I’M SO HYPE YA’LL!)

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