Personal animatic

Audio - Efteling Park - Raveleijn Soundtrack

This animatic was made purely for fun and my own personal exploration. I make no profit from the audio used.


Going hand in hand with the different dragon families, here are the flags from the different homeworlds! Another really cool bit of world-building that took me a while to catch onto: each homeworld has their own flag, unique in both shape and design. I tried to really push these differences, emphasizing the materials and style that would fit each homeworld ^u^

From left to right, top to bottom: Artisans, Peace Keepers, Magic Crafters, Beast Makers, and Dream Weavers.

Earliest degrees of Capricorn: 0° Capricorn

A most important of mundane events has occurred during the birth of the individual; the Sun moving into a new sign. This signifies the dawn of Capricorn in ingress, there are powerful Capricorn energies present in the individual. Consciousness is alert and awake, and the individual expresses the qualities of Capricorn in its most innocent and altruistic manner. The person is worldly contributor whose needs are focused on providing and supplying. This is a fresh contract for the soul, so the exuberance here for Capricorn energies is rich and revered. The dedication, endurance, and graceful triumph over obstacles is admirable 

Early degrees of Capricorn: 0°-12° Capricorn

There is overbearing pressure internalised by the individual. There must be an intense intimacy formed with reality, a deep understanding of the processes of life so the individual retains their will throughout tremendous obstacle. Often reality presents a matrix of puzzles and mysteries, and the individual can be quite a detective in this sense, provoking and attempting to outwit reality. The individual can feel somewhat bound by karmic law, however the energies flow freely, so they are enduring dream weavers 

Mid degrees of Capricorn: 13°-22° Capricorn

Developing compassion amongst traumatic ordeals becomes the art of life. The responsibilities can seem harsh and confining. The karma of previous lifetimes reverberates throughout the body, so melancholies can emerge from mysterious places. Capricorn is a feminine sign, so the Mother Goddess vibrates her strongest here, there can be a deep affinity with nature, matriarchal consciousness, and power. The vision for the future can be inhibited here, the objectivity can blind the perspective and generate immense gloominess. The individual understands their purpose is entwined with a greater destiny. There is always the reminder of mortality 

Late degrees of Capricorn: 23°-30° Capricorn

The masculine qualities of Capricorn resonate powerfully here. There can be a tremendous spiritual nature, the individual can feel their destiny has been carved out by God. The individual can aim to be exemplary figure out society, tightly bound and dutiful. There must be a close identification with truth, no matter how gloomy this can be, but this can also be quite profound, the individual can tap into cosmic timing and generate the conscious wisdom accumulated over lifetimes. They uncover the veil and perceiving the fabric of all existence. The work is done on repaying karmic debts