Dancing With The Devil { Lilly&Cameron } 

1. Break My Heart - Hey Violet

2. Harder Then You Know- Escape The Fate

3.Worth The Pain- Letter From The Fire 

4.Issues-Julia Michaels

5.Cry-Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth

6.Only Love Can Hurt Like This-Paloma Faith

7. Can You Feel My Heart- BMTH

8. I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace 


okay, I finally did it 

his story:

Eyed kid came into the world because over his father in his childhood conduct an unsuccessful experiment, which made itself felt when he grew up. Eyed kid grew up in terrible conditions: from early childhood his crazy father was experimenting with him, because of it eyed kid mutated and one by one on his body began to appear eyes. And over time he ceased to feel anything,  growth declined and even sometimes he died during the experiments,  his father resurrected him anyway and it seemed these torments never end.  However,  later his father switched to a second child and left eyed kid alone. By the way in his 13 years he didn’t speak well and could not walk at all.  He developed in dependently. A year later he could normally associate words and walk, but very slowly. His father never let him out of the street, so he knew nothing about external world. Kownledge he got only from movies. He began to help his father with experiment, but he also continued to hate him with all his heart…