I am horrendously ill today sat here eating coconut and grapes and trying to find my eyes from last night.

But, last night made something made me think ‘fuck it’ and opened my eyes to things I should have done a while ago. The conversations I had with people made me realise that the past is the past and there is no point holding on to it because all it does it play in your mind over and over again destroying your future and present happiness.

Friends can come and go, but last night proved that there are people that give a shit about me and genuinely do care, just like I care about them, and I hadn’t realised that until now. And that is something that makes me extremily happy.

There is so much drama and shit nowadays that you honestly don’t know you can count on, but going forward I now what who those people are, and I know who those people aren’t. And those that are, I am really lucky to have you 🙂❤

@blazedandconfused-x @thereisfirewithin

Now can someone bring me a KFC because coconut and grapes do nothing for a hangover 🍇