❝We waged our war, but failed to find our hope
We made our world, but lost our way back home
Will we fight through the storm or stay forever more…
The prisoners of war
Am I the prisoner?!
I am a ghost
but only a few remember
I am a ghost
but only a few remember
Will you remember me?!❞


Our favourite two killer assassins…..

Clintasha = Brotp


Maybe somewhere, in a different time, in a different place, in a different world, you were alive, you were with me, you loved me and we were happy.

Clint has a specific generic brand cereal that he loves (fruit-o’s or something lame like that). One morning he comes into the kitchen and greets everyone good morning before reaching for his cereal. Someone pasted a picture of his face over the colorful birds body and changed the name to hawk-o’s.
Clint leaves it and every time he buys a new box it magically happens again.
No one confesses and no one talks about it.

Nobody would know… nobody. Last time I saw him Ultrob was sitting on him. Yeah, he’ll be missed, that quick little bastard… I MISS HIM ALREADY!


❛  The BLOOD on my teeth begins to taste like a poem,
                                        like religion, like the way
YOU look at me.

                              - james buchanan barnes
                             - clinton francis barton
                             - natasha alianovna romanoff