Master assassins at their finest everyone

UPDATE: Listen y'all need to calm down I’m not criticizing them or complaining over the way they’re fighting I actually love it and them

So to all the people getting all butt hurt and putting long ass paragraph explanations as to why this makes sense or why it pisses you off, just shut the hell up



Said about this a couple times before but… Figured I better do it alone.


Jensen Ackles as Clinton Francis Barton/Hawkeye.

I seen a couple people say give us a solo Hawkeye movie and… No. Give us a Hawkeye Netflix series instead of a movie. (It’s the same thing with Black Widow but… Marvel needs to focus on other things) and then recast and give us Jensen instead of Renner. I mean, Jeremy Renner did a great job as Clint in Age of Ultron but… He’s too old. (seriously. Renner’s 44. and Hawkeye’s suppose to be in his late twenties/early thirties. Especially Ultimate Hawkeye).

(I don’t own any of these pictures and gifs. All credit goes to the amazing creators of them. Please do not yell at me if I took your gif.)

Clint has a specific generic brand cereal that he loves (fruit-o’s or something lame like that). One morning he comes into the kitchen and greets everyone good morning before reaching for his cereal. Someone pasted a picture of his face over the colorful birds body and changed the name to hawk-o’s.
Clint leaves it and every time he buys a new box it magically happens again.
No one confesses and no one talks about it.

I like to imagine Clint being an amazing artist.

Think about it; an archer has to be completely at ease with their hands. They must have light fingers, be dexterous and have complete and utter control. Really, there’s little difference to him between a paintbrush and an arrow (seriously; he’s been known to hurl his brushes across the room at Tony’s head when he’s bored). 

When he’s stressed or emotional or even just bored, Clint will pick up his pencils or his pastels or his paintbrushes and create something wonderful. He’s accumulated hundreds of sketchbooks and canvases. 

He spray-paints the walls.

He sculpts statues out of clay.

He paints portraits of a woman with jade eyes and red hair in every available space.

And once Steve asked him about it, told him he could make a lot of money from it (the amount of money Steve made from selling one pencil sketch of Bucky after becoming an Avenger would be enough to send three kids to Harvard full time, which is coincidentally what he did). However, Clint just shrugged and replied, “Nah. It’s just a hobby.”

Give me artist Clint!!!