One by one they take a piece of you, a vital part of you, maybe it’s the heart, maybe it’s the skull, maybe it’s the lungs or a kidney, maybe it’s the skin or the bones or the ligaments or the muscles, they take them away and you trust them to keep it for themselves. You trust them because they are important to you and you don’t blame them when they let it fall or rot or dust in the shelves. They still have it after all, they still do and that’s more important than polishing your internal organs or washing your skin with their blood after all. It’s more important but then they leave and they take it away, they don’t give it back even when you shout and scream as loud as you can. They don’t give in, people are selfish that way. Then after a few days, maybe a few weeks, or a few months they start looking for reasons, searching for an out, an escape route, an exit. They start picking on your manners, on your drinking, on your past. They keep saying that they want you to open up but why? Why do they ask for so much more when you’re giving them everything you’ve got. Why do they always search for things you cannot give, maybe someday, maybe a little later you will, but not yet, you keep saying. And they keep asking you to give it now. Then they say you’re too broken to fix and you want to say please don’t give up on me while they’re picking up the loose clothes on the floor and taking another piece of you away from your own body, from your own soul. The lock will leave a soft click but it’ll ring in your ears and it feels like forever.