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This is somehow amusing to me. Lol

This video is NOT mine

Think about this, if they casted Eliza Taylor as The DCEU’s Supergirl, it’s like killing two problematic birds with one stone. The 1oo would die without Eliza and we can dropkick Melissa Benoist’s Mayonnaise loving self out a window



it has been a while since i’ve been on here and i’ve been pretty bored so i though it would be nice to do one of these again


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if this doesn’t get notes we’ll pretend this never happened

anonymous asked:

tbh the "you only like himher because they're white!!" arguments annoy me especially when it's about a book series because half the time I'm not even paying attention to every detail about a character's appearance, like i'll know vaguely about some central character's hair/eyes, and maybe if someone's v weird like daario and his blue hair but a lot of the time when i'm talking to someone i'll be like-wait she's blonde? i always thought she was a redhead o.O like i couldn't care less

same no but like I don’t give a rat’s ass about a character’s skin color either way (OH HEY FINN WAS THE SECOND-BEST THING ABOUT TFA AFTER POE <333) and I’ve loved plenty nonwhite characters and uhm I’m currently the main contributor to at least two tags on ao3 where the ship is interracial and one of them is *poc* (AMONG WHICH SOMEONE PLAYED BY JESSICA HENWICK OPS) but naaaah I just hate the sand snakes bc they’re poc pls bite me the book sand snakes are fine and the show sand snakes are atrocious same with ellaria and it’s objective