notes for future Peridot art, since I’m going in a slightly less cartoony direction at the moment - step by step on how I believe her hair would ‘grow’ if she regenerated with longer/shorter hair. It basically stands on end naturally, unless it gets too long to support itself, in which case it tilts, but still tries to keep the basic triangle shape. I imagine it’s really thick and coarse, like a hair brush or a zebra’s mane, so it can be cut into whichever shape it needs and the tips will look like a flat, even surface.

on an unrelated note, I’m going to have to draw her with short hair more often like woa h


if anyone told 8-year-old me that she’d still be producing shitty wannabe anime bs 11 years later, she would’ve been morally offended

I’m trying to get better at more “pretty” stylized art and the Puella Magi Madoka Magica art style is beautiful, so I thought I’d try to emulate it. I probably won’t finish these ever, but they were really fun to experiment with. Pearl’s face will never look right to me without her big nose.

Oishi purchased two moleskine notebooks, but she only needed one, so she gave me one of them, which was very generous of her. The problem is, I am not very good with notebooks. Whenever I get a new notebook, I tend to be super careful with them. I don’t want to ruin anything. Which sometimes leads to me not even wanting to use them because I’m so afraid that I might draw something really ugly and then the whole notebook will be ruined for me. Yeah, I don’t know, I have crazy thoughts.

Anyways, I thought I should try and get over it, so what I did was that I started doodling on the first page (Which you can’t rip off with out ruining the whole notebook). I’ve doodled a bit on and off at different occasions, and now the first page is filled up. I don’t really like the results, but I don’t hate it either. It’s OK, and OK is good enough for me not wanting to rip the page off. So there we go. One page filled up. :)


badtrip na araw toh +__+ bastos!.. pakamatay na :)).. gnda gnda ng umaga ko knina sira n agd… iwan b nmn ako tpos ayw ako papasukin ng ama ko.. anu b un, nagtaxi tuloy ako.. buti sinamahan ako ng mabait kong ina… tpos aun nga ung anu.. :)) ung aun… tpos ngaun nagaway nnmn kme ng ama ako.. ayw ako papasukin bukas.. enebeyen… kaylngan ko p nmn ipasa ung sa theme at sa filipino.. tpos may rebyu pa s english.. buyset… anu ba meron ngaun at puno ng kamalasn :)).. buti n lng may 2 mgndang bagay na nangyare khet papano: inde natuloy report nmin sa economics at chaka natapos ko ung art ko sa mapeh (slmat ke hannah at kelly na tinulungan ako e2 heart oh [ ♥ ] :*)…. 

-sna makapas0k ako T___T

-srap magmura ng sunod-sunod +__+