Artwork by ダイシュキ.

Sev: I’ve special gift for you. Harry
Harry: Wow~! How can you do that Sev. It’s beautiful. Is that really for me?
Sev: Magic. And yes, that’s my gift for you my Harry.
Harry: Will you teach me magic thing?
Sev: Yes, little one. Always.
Harry: I love you so much Sev.


James: Noooooo!!! How can Snivellus get near my son.
Lily: Come on, James. Don’t you see they’re quite lovely together like that.
James: Wahhh!!! But that’s my son, oh poor little Harry.
Lily: I know, he’s my son too. Let me assure you. Severus will look after Harry, give him love the way he want for the rest of his life. There’s no need to be worry. They belong to each other.

  • Tetsu:You sure have some extreme anger issues, Chibi-chan.
  • Misono:Don't call me that! And I don't have anger issues! Lily! Do I have anger issues??
  • Lily:I don't know, Misono.. An issue is something you can fix.
Presenters for 2015 Golden Globe Awards Announced

The list of presenters include: Amy Adams, Adrien Brody, Robert Downey Jr., Anna Faris, Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum, Lily Tomlin, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Things lost in translation
  • The Ore List: Hak, Yun, Shin-Ah, Zeno, Tae-Woo, Tae-Yeon, Han-Dae, Kum-Ji, Geun-Tae, Ju-doh, Yu-Hon, Hazara, Guen, Shuten, Abi.
  • The Boku List: Jae-Ha, Ik-Su.
  • The Watashi List: Yona, Lili, Ayura, Tetora, Yun-Ho, Gi-gan, Kaya, King Hiryuu, Il, Suwon, Kija, Tae-Jun, Kyo-Ga, Su-Jin, Jun-Gi, Ju-doh (in the novel), Heuk-Chi, Min-Su, Hiyou.
  • The Washi List: Mundok
  • Honorifics and titles: Jae-Ha and Suwon are big users of honorifics. Jae-Ha: Yona-chan, Yun-kun, Kija-kun, Shin-ah-kun, Zeno-kun, Lili-chan, Ayura-chan, Tetora-chan. Suwon does that and observes the titles of his subordinates: Keishuk-san & Keishuk Sanpou, Ju-doh-san & Ju-doh Shougun, any of the generals+Shougun, Lili-san & Lili-sama, Yona Hime (during Il assassination, otherwise he doesn’t use any for her)
  • “Hime-san”: Rather than being a formal designated title, it is more of a nickname designated to Yona by Hak. Formal addresses would be “Hime-sama” and “Yona Hime(-sama)”.
  • Shinkan priest: The type of priest Ik-Su is. A shrine priest. 
  • Ou vs. Heika: Ou is a title of a certain rank (sovereign) while Heika acts as an honorific for a sovereign, whether they are a king or queen. Suwon is not often called Suwon-Ou but Suwon-Heika. During his coronation, he was called Suwon Shinou Heika, which means His Majesty The New King Suwon. However, “King Hiryuu” came from his official title “Hiryuu-Ou” and was referred to as Ou or Ou-sama by the four dragons. I suspect that it’s because the entire name is actually a title and perhaps in a sweet background twist, King Hiryuu actually adopted a human name for himself for private use. 
  • Shiryuu: “Four Dragons”. It’s used to refer to any of the four dragons. It doesn’t matter if there is only one or three present.