i canoodled up a sheet for the different “regular” halo shapes for angels in celestial sphere more for my own reference than anyone else’s

anyways the shape of halo is changed according to what Order an angel is in, and the color is changed to match the color of their Rank. i’m going to go more in-depth with the different Orders of angels later on buuuuut i wanted to get something done today

The Return

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Emma stood at the window of their house, staring out onto the street. Her heart was breaking by the moment, and she sniffled slightly, as she felt the pang of realization that maybe Killian wasn’t going to be coming home tonight. Maybe he had decided that he needed to leave her, for some stupid noble reason or the other.

Why couldn’t he see that she knew he wasn’t that man he had been all those years ago? Why couldn’t he see that she had forgiven who he was, and accepted him for who he was now? Why couldn’t he see that she loved him? That his bravery and unconditional love for her was all she needed? That she didn’t need him to be anything more than he already was?

She stepped away from the window, turning off the light as she walked back into the house, heart dropping. She hugged herself and a sob emerged from her chest, as tears began to flow down her face.

“I’m sorry,” she heard a voice echo through the hall, and she turned to see Killian standing there, soaking wet, and full of remorse, “I’m so sorry, Emma.”

“Why did you leave?” she asked, as he approached her, wiping away her tears as he looked into her eyes.

“I thought I needed to find myself. To be a man worthy of your affection,” he said softly, “I was going to leave with Nemo to give you some time while I worked hard to redeem myself.”

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Brotp: Bees headcanons

-zack obviously being the captain of the trini x kimberly ship, even before either of them realize they like each other
-zack trying to be trini’s wingman, without her knowing
-trini acts like she’s mad, but she can’t help but feel so happy about how accepting he, and everyone, are
-trini always drops by zack’s trailer, making sure he’s fed and taken care for, because he’s always preoccupied with his mom
-them always trying to one up each other, which causes them lots of cuts and bruises, and trini gets a lot of scolding from kimberly (she doesn’t mind, she always gets a kiss out of it, which earns her teasing from zack)
-they see who can jump the farthest, who can sprint the fastest, who can last the longest sparring in the pit, etc.
-zack constantly teases trini about her height, which always earns him a punch in the arm
-the entire team calls them the bees, or the bees knees

Feel free to add on because I love these two

i def think they’ll be separated for two episodes.

i think next episode will be a lot of killian and a little of emma. it will be him trying to get back to her and it will end with her finding out what gideon did.

then the next episode will be them actively working to get him back. working across realms again. i think 17 is where this whole thing will end, with an in studio second proposal happening and a ring back on the finger at the end of seventeen and/or the start of episode 18.