draw your ocs trying to jump over a fence

Burning Beard’s Dankness Visible IPA on tap at North Park Beer in SD. A 3 of 4. Lots of really great tropical notes up front and some nice fruity sweetness. Drinks with relatively aggressive bitterness and some fruit juice qualities in the body, and finishes dry. Nice and bright in hop character with some more resinous and herbal qualities to back it up in the body. A good, relatively big, IPA.

i feel like… i need to start a list of all the things i’ve accidentally and/or intentionally called in MHA

tho honestly i doubt that anything will beat Baby-Faced Bakugou actually being A Thing (b/c Bakumom’s glycerin quirk makes her look really youthful and Bakugou has her quirk in combo with his dad’s explodey hands)

like. the fuck are the odds of that

vagabondized  asked:

DO YOU LOVE KATSUKI TOO because katsuki if my favorite bnha character

*looks at the literally thousands of words i’ve written about Bakugou, defending his character*

i would have to say yes, my friend