,by night

This was good story telling

First the fact that Corey knew the entire time is such good story telling. Its no joke that he doesn’t like enzo, he even said “I cant wait to shake the hand of Enzos attacker” and the next week he shakes Cass’ hand. So that must have had Corey thinking and he did some digging and when he heard that Kurt was gonna get to the bottom of this he probably thought “i should expose him now” and he did. for Enzo’s sake whether he likes him or not.

Then we have Cass “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID” that says it for itself. Cass just couldn’t take it anymore. He knew teaming with Ezno wasn’t getting him anywhere. They didnt win the titles in NXT, and they haven’t won the titles on Raw when they had a good amount of opportunities. Cass simply said “Im done” and made it more powerful. He knew Ezno was holding him down, he knew all that came out of Enzos mouth was trash, but he backed him up, because thats what brothers do. Cass is like a big brother to enzo. And what happens Between Big brother and his Little brother, they fight. The big brother wants to become the best. And Cass is doing that by getting rid of the dead weight.

And then there is Enzo, just a crying mess that his friend, someone who he called Family betrayed him.  Enzo trusted this man with every. fiber. in. his. body. And what did Cass do to him? Cass just threw enzo (more or less kicked) to the curb. We all can see that he was crying and we all felt the real raw emotion.

Honestly this will hurt a lot, but it will be such good story telling between Enzo and Cass