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I’m trying real hard to not get tired of SHIPTEMBER but I’m getting sloppy 

Here’s day 20 through 26

Aayla Secura/Kit Fisto, Madoka/Homura, Sakura/Tomoyo, Touya/Yukito, Shinji/Kaworu, Bulma/Vegeta and Victor/Yuuri


I wanted to make a third card in time for a con, but I didn’t get to. These 2 took over 17 ½ hours (of what I recorded) :’D I will have a video uploaded to my youtube later of some of the process.

As soon as I saw episode 70 of Dragonball Super, I knew I had to make these. I love Dragonball and loved playing baseball with my brothers when we were young. I wanted to make these very special. I definitely want to make a few more, including Piccolo and Cabba. I hope you guys enjoy this!

I also couldn’t get “Old School Hollywood” by System of a Down out of my head while making this.

friku8706  asked:

Aww, your tags on that last reblog with amnesia Frost... it made me imagine everyone still pretty much being really uncertain and even untrusting of him. But poor Frost doesn't understand and is just... "What? What's wrong comrads? Was it something I said?" As he has this innocent/ almost sad look on his face. But then Hit, despite not being remembered, stands close to him and expresses his trust in the pirate as a sign of friendly recognition. "Don't listen to them Frost. The punch got spiked."

He lied too many times no one freaking believes him anymore.

The faces on everyone when Hit is the only one to stand up for him would be priceless. At that moment, Hit would be the only Frost feels comfortable with because everyone else tries to avoid him.

Like he would try to go to Bulma for example with her baby Bra and would try to legitamately be nice and shake her hand like “A pleasure to meet you, Earth woman, and might I say, what an adorable offspring you have.” And Vegeta comes in super Saiyan mode knocking Frost back. “Was it something I said?? D: Are hand greetings not polite in this planet?”

Or Marron would go up to him like “Lizard man! :D” and Krillin immediately goes to pick her up and flees.

I’m interested in this AU so far