Wood market

Right-winger: Good luck ever getting society beyond the profit motive, cucks. Rational self-interest through market exchange has been the guiding principle of all societys’ distribution of resources. It just makes intuitive sense!

Socialist: Actually there are plenty of examples of societies that have distributed resources without the profit motive.

Right-winger: No

The overwhelming majority of human history, from classless hunter-gatherer bands to stratified feudal fiefdoms, from pastoral villages to technologically-sophisticated empires, from modern communes in both politically socialist and hippie lifestyle manifestations, from city-states that utilized markets but didn’t base their primary mode of resource distribution upon a historically-specific capitalist imperative to compete and reinvest capital: Yes

You know what the world needs? Lawyers who understand immigration and institutional barriers. Lawyers who understand feminism. Lawyers who have a background in business and marketing and can revamp the legal business model.

In short, go to be Elle Woods. Study what you love, and make yourself a better lawyer than all those political science majors who never thought there was an option outside the box.

A list of plausible names for new English towns, as generated by a neural network trained on the real thing:

  • Gateshall
  • Buckfidge
  • St Mersey
  • Surby-on-Te-Shame
  • Wood Edmon Amps
  • Market Trey
  • Faxmouth
  • Harrorstampe and Haunton
  • HighClasey
  • Minehampton
  • Burking Neotrin
  • Darkenhall
  • St Cowes
  • Cawndrood
  • Gridston
  • Woldington
  • Bookeardan Terbury
  • Helpston Cortfoe-Zoure
  • Easingwick
  • Lowestool
  • Ripingamer Trey

Hey @sixpenceee! A while ago, I made you a post about an all-white temple with pretty scary design from Thailand. Well, it seems like my home country has a thing for creepy temple, because they also built an all-black temple. Actually, it’s more of a museum, also known as the “baandam museum” or “Black House Museum”. I’m not a 100% sure, but I think this is it’s story: once an illegal wood black market was caught. The wood they sold was Teck or some very expensive wood. The governement didn’t know what to do with the wood and the citizens didn’t want the governement to sell the wood and use money for corruption, so an artist asked for the wood in exchange, he’d build something for the population. The result in shown in the images and look quite satanic. The huge skeleton you see on one of the picture is from an elephant. All skins and skulls and bones are real. Hope you enjoy! 

(all pictures by my brother and I).

Bruises- Pt. 2 (A Peter Pevensie Fanfiction)

(A/N) Here is the second chapter! Warning: Although there is no graphic description, there is definitely heavily implied rape and abuse (from an antagonist).ย 

Also, these gifs belong to @omginutilidades who is an awesome gif maker!

If youโ€™d like to read the first chapter, here it is. And the next chapters:ย ย Part 3ย Part 4

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The day was a quiet enough one.

The head cook, Mrs. Dolie, had taken a liking to me, and she would sometimes steal me away to run errands for her. Getting out and about was a rare specialty for us maids, so I always jumped at the opportunity.

That particular day, she needed some extra flour, yeast, and produce, so she sent me to the market. Normally, such baking necessities were delivered directly to the castle, but when last minute run-outs happened, trips to the market were in due.

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Woodcarver in Budapest (Meet me on Tumblr & Instagram)

At the Christmas Bazar in Budapest, there were many different stands where artisans offered carvings of many kinds: bone, horn, stone. However, this man’s beautiful wooden carvings and stylish look surpassed all the rest that day.

(soo uhhhh how much money do i gotta give to bighit for them to include a jikook partner dance for a comeback?)

No one has a โ€œrightโ€ to a particular job. Put another way, no one has a right to demand that society continue to compensate him for performing a task they no longer require, whether he is a wage earner or a shop owner. An economy based on the division of labor does not tolerate such a self-centered, antisocial attitude. Instead, it encourages us to satisfy the needs of our fellows.
—  Thomas E. Woods, Jr. The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy (2015) p.166

the weekend.

friday evening dog walk with mariana. joining my roommate’s game night. a date with my sister early saturday morning for a walk to the farmers market + coffee outside at looking glass cafe. a tasty produce haul + fresh flowers. hammock swinging in the backyard. long riley walks. cooking. a sunday morning trail run. reading. sleeping [a lot]. it was a quiet, reflective one, which was very much needed.