16 year old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry already has a masters degree and is now going for her doctorate. She was home schooled and started college at 11. This fall, she’s starting a Ph.D. program in aviation psychology.

“I feel honored for the opportunity to help others at an early age. I feel very glad to enter college and help people,” Arzu-Embry said.

Arzu-Embry has already written three books.

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i don’t think a lotta people realize how much being abused fucks you up for the rest of ur life. like, all of ur relationships and interactions with literally anyone are tinged with fear and anger and guilt, like, trauma is fucking rough, and i don’t fault any fellow survivors dealin with it however they know how but like. if u haven’t gone thru it and ur romanticizing it, then i’m not gonna trust u

most relatable lyrics from blurryface

“no i didn’t understand the thing you said”

“i’m not good with directions”

“no no no no no no”

“i’m thinking, ‘wow, i probably should’ve stayed inside my house’”

“claw away at the system”

“Don’t you test me, no/ Just because I play the piano/ Doesn’t mean I, I’m not willing to take you down……i’m sorry”

“Buh buh bah, buh buh bah/ Bah bah bah bah bah, bah bah bah bah bah/ Buh buh bah, buh buh bah“