“i’m down for whatever” friends (aries, sag, taurus)

don’t actually care what you do, will end up doing their own thing. best people to party with because they’re exorbitant and take no sh*t, will get you out of your shell and be able to come to your defense 

“always have the lowdown” friends (gemini, libra, scorpio)

you probably think they’re too cool for you, and they probably think so too. not really sure of their intentions because they have several but they will be the most entertaining friend you’ve ever had 

“appealing and surprising” friends (cancer, leo, pisces)

you’ll catch them giggling constantly. everyone wants to know them, definitely always idealized to be something they are not. are actually the feistiest people you’ll ever meet and love to be caught up in something 

“the onlooking” friends (virgo, capricorn, aquarius)

seem more reserved than they are. amicable when approached. value their space and prefer to stay considerably aloof. will take you under their wing, highly supportive and composing to be around 

nct dream on halloween


-vvv excited for halloween but also vvvvv tired and just wants to sleep

-he probably hypes himself up so much, he tires himself up even more and falls asleep in his costume before he can go trick or treating

-but that’s ok, the dream team gets extra candy for him <3

-or they wake him up and drag him outside

-the ducklings need their mom man

-and mark wouldnt let them go outside oN THEIR OWN!!1!111!11 SCANDALOUS!!1!!1111!!

-”c’mon kiddos we should go home soon” “BUT M O M”

-ends up staying outside for like 5 hours

-mark passes out as soon as he gets home

-jisung probably sneaks him a lil extra candy as a ‘sorry’ gift lmaO


-done with everyone

-will not get scared by ANYTHING

-oh, some kid popped up and tried to jumpscare him? they can fuCK OFF TO THEIR GRAVE

-”dont fuckin test me hoe”

-”can we go home yet?”

-shuts up because he gets a compliment on his costume and gets extra candy

-probably steals candy out of chenle’s bag when no one’s watching

-just wants to go home

-jisung has to hold his hand and drag him everywhere

-”hyung this is fun!!111!11″ “fun my ass smh”

-secretly loves halloween but just hates walking

-accidentally wanders off into a cemetery

-no regrets


-more excited than he should be tbh 

-will not stop smiling

-is practically vibrating from excitement

-almost gets hit by a car

-”CHENLE WHAT THE HECK I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL” “i dont know the definition of careful on haLLOWEEN!!!1!!111!!1″ “im going to strangle you”

-probably has matching costumes with jisung

-screams at every scary thing but nobody knows if it’s out of true fear or if he’s just screaming for fun

-he’s probably screaming for fun

-eats most of his candy on the way home

-when he gets home he trades candy with the members

-”i’ll give you my snickers bar for your skittles” “how many??” “3 packs” “BUT THAT’S SO MANY” “do you want my KING SIZE DELICIOUS C H E W Y snicker bars or not man”

-ruthless dealer u better watch out

-makes the dream team watch scary movies with him



-i just had to ok

-he gets tired halfway through and ends up complaining with hyuck to go home

-mark has to give him words of encouragement

-”i know ur tired bud but we just have a few more houses to go!!11!1″ “I WANT TO GO HOME”

-gets extra candy when he smiles r e a l big

-gets into a smile contest with jaemin to see who gets more candy

-they probably end up fighting over it


-ends up following donghyuck into the cemetery

-has like 1 and a half regrets


-only excited bc jaemin is excited

-he probably ends up with the most candy without trying

-he shares his candy with jaemin but shhhh dont tell anyonE

-doesnt even like candy that much

-he just goes to make sure no one dies

-holds chenle’s hands for the entire duration

-lets go for a second and chenle almost dIES

-legends say his internal screaming hasnt stopped to this day

-he just wants to go home and make cookies 

-screams at every scary thing out of fear

-laughs it off

-protect him


-probably dresses as an angel

-most playboy-like angel ever smh

-gets invited to every halloween party

-turns them all down for jeno the dream team <3

-doesnt really care about the candy either until he has a smile competition with ren

-laughs at jumpscares

-everybody hides behind him during scary things

-”c’mon guys, the house looks fine!! we should go in!!” “na jaemin you are going to die tonight and i am going to let you”

-is ready to fight anyone who tries to scare them

-pretends not to be scared but is secretly terrified

-”if u see a clown just run at them i have a knife”

-literally has a knife in his pocket

-clowns are probably scared of him tbh



-he also almost gets hit by a car with chenle

-is so shook afterwards he lowkey wants to go home and just eat the candy he has

-lbr, mark probably stuck on 5998483294 pieces of reflective tape on his costume to make sure he’s seeable

-hides in bushes and scares the shit out of jeno

-becomes demon maknae only on this day

-tbh he almost gets hit by a car twice but only chenle saw

-he bolted to get to the other side of the street and a car zoomed passed him

-his smol life flashed before his eyes

-also probably got invited to a lot of parties

-scared of people, runs away before anybody else can invite him

-only eats the chocolate candy, gives the rest away to his friends

-screams are 10 octaves higher than his usual voice

-probably cries at the end of scary movies

-cant sleep for a month afterwards

-paranoid of EVERYTHING

-prays that aliens wont kidnap him in his sleep

The S.S. Brittana will never sink.

Even as the oceans of Glee continue to collapse on itself, we will adapt and sail through the celestial skies in search of a more peaceful realm and if we should perish may our ghost ship sail on.


God, I really love that ending. And this story, and these two characters, and the other characters too, and. I’m really glad I got into this series, even though I’ve shed gallons of tears over it. And I will continue my mission of getting all my friends into it too.

el psy congroo◞✧

anonymous asked:

For the ship ask: Carol/Therese :D

who’s the cuddler: kinda feel like maybe carol more so but, i mean, therese as well

who makes the bed: hmmmm therese, i’m not sure why really i just feel like she’s more used to doing stuff for herself whereas like………we know that carol had a maid + i’m not saying she was completely dependent on her maid or whatever bc she obvs wasn’t but i feel like she’s maybe more in the habit of perhaps not thinking to make the bed or things like that (alternatively, i may be overthinking this all lol)

who wakes up first: carol, i could kinda imagine that the first few times they sleep together once they’re back together therese wakes up + panics for a split-second when carol’s not next to her bc she can’t help thinking that maybe she’s gone again but it always turns out she’s just having a bath or making breakfast or something

who has the weird taste in music: hmmmmmm i’d say therese probably + she rly likes buying vinyls for carol when she can + at first carol mainly listens to them out of politeness + because she finds getting a new vinyl from therese every week or so super endearing but as time goes on therese’s weird music taste actually really ends up growing on her 

who is more protective: both of them are equally protective of the other imo

who sings in the shower: ooooooo boy i love the idea of carol singing in the shower???

who cries during movies: mmmmmm both of them, therese more often tho maybe??

who spends the most while out shopping: carol 

who kisses more roughly: therese maybe more so?? + it still sometimes surprises carol (in a gd way though ofc)

who is more dominate: lmao this question makes me kinda aaagh bc of all those str8 reviewers who got into the habit of describing carol as ‘predatory’ which she isn’t but i’m not getting into that, i’m not sure i’d say either of them were necessarily dominant idk ?? if i had to say one, i’d probs say therese 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10, i love love loooove them