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how have you never had a relationship you're such a cutie patootie like for reals

// The girl I cared about played hard to get for the longest time and when I openly asked her out she made a complete fool out of me in front of everybody from my semester. I grew a little spiteful of relationships after that because being made fun in front of everybody wasnt the best of feelings so like a smart rational human being that I was I steered clear of relationships and such. Because you cant get hurt if you dont let anyone close :/

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Compliments to the chef! they are super cute and handsome!

Lance: Hunk here is the best thing since sliced bread!

Pidge: A true gift from the gods of which we do not deserve.

Lance: Praise him.

Pidge: Glaze him.

Lance: Bun him.

Pidge: Love him.

Hunk: What are you guys even talking about!?

Keith: …

A.N. let’s be honest… Hunk really is the leg of the show. So I’m back! Online with proper posting again!  Trying to get through the ‘asks’ in order. Had to give this one special attention!

Like I know Neil loves exy more than life itself and almost more than Andrew but I can’t help but think he gets caught up in the stick ball jokes simply because it makes Kevin shit himself. So imagine Neil getting drafted onto his pro-team and saying: “I’m just so thankful for this opportunity. I used to think I wouldn’t make it this far but Stick Ball has given me a reason to live.” And Kevin, who’s in the audience, legit lets out a horrified yelp and the camera pans to him and he’s sobbing.

Neil is majoring in mathematical sciences so imagine him calculating the trajectory of Exy balls being rebounded at different angles and being able to help Kevin make a supposedly impossible shot and Andrew is unsure of whether he wants to bang Neil or kill him.